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Gifts for Dog Lovers

37 Best Dog Books of All-Time (For Gifts or Feel Good Reading)

Readers of all ages will delight in these beautiful dog books, especially if they are dog lovers as the pages are filled with canine-related content which will enchant, entertain, enlighten, and educate fur families the world over. With several books to suit all ages, readers can lose themselves in tales of heroism and heartache, funny […]

26 Wiggle Butt-worthy Boxer Dog Gifts

Boxers are renowned for their sassy stride, and this selection of wiggle butt-worthy boxer gifts will put a smile on any dog lover’s face. They can wear them, watch them, or even wine and dine with them, and each one is as adorable as the last, which presents you with a bit of a conundrum […]

17 OMG-funny (And Cute) Shih Tzu Gifts for Shih Tzu Lovers

Buying for dog owners is easy, because anything with their favorite breed on is a great gift in their eyes. But if you want something to really thrill the Shih-Tzu lover, choose one of the OMG funny and cute Shih-Tzu gifts in this hand-selected list. There are cute tees and funny tees, toys to snuggle […]

20 Pomeranian Gifts for Fluff Ball Obsessed Moms and Dads

If you know a pet mom or dad who is absolutely obsessed with their fluff ball dog, this list has some amazing ideas for birthdays, Christmas, or even just because. There are Pomeranian gifts to wear, cuddle, and even eat (relax, it’s a cookie cutter!), or maybe they would prefer something for the kitchen or […]

22 Border Collie Gifts All Owners and Trainers Will Want

Whether you’re buying for an owner or a trainer (or anyone who just loves this intelligent breed), this list of border collie gifts will suit every occasion. From t-shirts that are ideal for dog walking, to slippers that soothe tired feet when they get home, these gifts will delight anyone who’s enamoured with these stunning […]

24 Must-Have Rottweiler Gifts and Shirts for People Who Love Their Rotties

When someone on your gift list has a dog, it makes it so much easier to choose items for them when it comes to birthdays and Christmas. But choosing awesome items is another matter. That’s why we have selected the best must-have Rottweiler gifts and shirts available today. Whether you’re looking for a tiny pendant […]