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Gifts for Dog Lovers

31 Fun Golden Retriever Gifts for People Obsessed with Thier Dog

It’s no wonder people are obsessed with their golden retrievers – they’re cute, loyal, loving, and very very smart, so it follows that if you’re looking for golden retriever gifts, you’ll need something extra special. This selection is full of fun gifts like jewelry, clothes, and items for the home (both inside and out) that […]

29 French Bulldog Gifts for the Frenchie Lover In Your Life

Frenchie lovers will never get tired of seeing their favorite breed, whether that’s in the flesh, on the TV, or as a gift. This collection includes 29 of the best French Bulldog gifts around, from t-shirts for her to hoodies for hounds, along with brilliant home décor ideas and some truly special jewelry from the […]

41 ERMAHGERD-worthy Corgi Gifts, Shirts and Stuffed Animals

Faithful companions to the Queen of England for almost 70 years, corgis are renowned for their cheerful dispositions, faithful natures, and cute fluffy butts. So difficult to choose from, this collection of ‘ermahgerd-worthy’ corgi gifts will inspire and delight you as you browse through the shirts, stuffed animals, and ugly Christmas sweaters which all feature […]

17 Pet Memorial Gifts to Remember Our Furry Family Members

Losing a furry family member can be as hard as losing a human one, and it can be a comfort to have something physical to remember them by. Whether you choose a tiny vial to hold their ashes, or a pendant with their unique nose print engraved on it, this list contains some of the […]

38 Unusual Christmas Gifts All Freaky Dogs (And Owners) Will Love

Your dog is your best friend, right? And how do we show our friends that we appreciate them? We buy them gifts, of course! Take a look at this list and choose some unusual gifts for your dog this holiday season which will be nothing like any other gift you’ve ever bought them before.

19 Coolest Gadgets & Gizmos for Dogs

These are some of the coolest dog gadgets on the planet, and any one of them is sure to improve your dog’s lifestyle and give them a taste of the doggie good life. There have been many advances in high-tech dog products, linking up your smartphone to many of your dog’s daily routines. Choose any […]