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57 Geeky Gifts Every Nerd Will Geek Out Over

Everyone loves at least one nerd or geek. You might be one yourself. Shopping for nerds and geeks is a lot of fun, especially when you have access to a variety of geek- and nerd-approved items. This list of gifts includes techie trinkets, science fiction fun, and bizarre oddities that will appeal to the geekiest […]

25 Polarity Reversing Doctor Who Gifts

Fans of Dr. Who will love to receive a hand-picked gift related to the show. Give them what they really want, from TARDIS themed gifts to obscure references, it’s all here. Even if you’re not familiar with the series you can still make a confident gift selection.

24 Cool DnD Gifts for Every Type of Dungeons and Dragons Player

Whether they prefer the more organizational role of Dungeon Master or like to get stuck into the action as a player, there are gifts featured here that will perfectly suit their needs. If they need new dice, how about a steampunk set or one with rubber ducks encased inside? Or maybe the DM needs a […]

32 Valentine’s Day Gifts Worth Geeking Out Over

Make sure you get your nerdy spouse the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day by checking out the items we’ve included in this list. From mugs to binary watches, we’re confident that there’s something in here for every geek, no matter what they’re interested in.

24 Super Nerdy Gifts for Geeky Moms

If your mom loves to geek out, we’ve got some of the greatest gifts for her. It takes a special mom to become one with her nerdiness, and if your mom is more comfortable at home watching The Big Bang Theory then she is Martha Stewart, you may have a geeky mom on your hands. […]