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13 Great Gag Gifts to Give Your Wife

If you want to give something silly and maybe slightly obnoxious to your wife, read on. Some of the gifts are good for a laugh before you give her your real present, and others are surprisingly likeable – and likely to be enjoyed after the unwrapping.

14 Gag Food Gifts That Are Surprisingly Tasty

Gag gifts are sure to get a laugh from whoever you give them to. Whether you’re buying for a kid or a grown adult (but who behaves like a kid), this list of edible food gag gifts promises to contain that perfect present.

20 Affordable Office Gag Gifts Your Coworkers Will Love

Giving and receiving gifts should always be fun; after all, what greater gift can there be than laughter? Make sure there’s a smile on their faces by choosing an appropriate (or inappropriate) office gag gift for all your co-workers.

24 Funny Gag Gifts for Older People

Some of the best gifts for old people are the ones that make them laugh and poke fun at just how old they are. Living long is an accomplishment, and this is a way to celebrate it while also having fun with some of the things that come along with old age.

50 Funny (and Clever) Gag Gifts for Women

Take one sense of humor, and a touch of imagination, and you will come up with the perfect gag gifts for women who enjoy a laugh. But, if you’re a little short of imagination, we’ve come up with an awesome list for you, instead.

32 Funny Prank Gift Boxes for the Most Hilarious Gag Gift Ever

Whether you’re the joker of the pack or you want to turn the tables on the prankster who always catches you out, these funny prank gift boxes will raise a few eyebrows (and possibly break a few friendships). From thinking they’ve got an automatic butt cleaner, to wondering what to do with a DIY vasectomy […]

32 Timeless Golf Gag Gifts to Give to Your Golf Buddies

When shopping for golf gag gifts, you may struggle if you don’t know enough about the sport. Rest assured, this collection of gifts for golfers will be right up their fairway and will make you the hole in one gift buyer this year.

23 Meme Gifts for a Good Belly Laugh

Almost everybody uses the internet these days, and with the internet comes memes – they’re everywhere. Give into the craze with one or more of these LMAO-worthy meme gifts that draw on the most popular WWW icons in new and novel ways. Test their smuttiness with a NSFW game, light up their life with a […]

37 Hilarious Gag Easter Gifts for a Good Laugh

Easter is a time for love, families, candy and pranks. Yes, you read that right, this list of hilariously funny Easter gifts is the perfect compilation of gag gifts, pranks and other funny basket fillers that will be well received.

21 Epic 50th Anniversary Gag Gifts Worth Every Penny

When you’re looking for a 50th anniversary gag gift, try injecting a little humor into your choice. There are some fantastic gifts in this selection which will make a change from the usual offerings, and laughter is always welcome, no matter what the occasion.