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40 Cookie Gifts for Cookie Lovers and Bakers

You just can’t go wrong when you pick the right cookie gift. The only real question becomes what sort of cookies are their favorite. Choose from a large assortment of cookie gifts and you’re sure to pick a winner.

58 Decadent Chocolate Gifts for Chocoholics

Just about everyone loves chocolate, so the perfect chocolate gift is just a click away. From chocolate-covered goodies to different ways to enhance their chocolate experience, there’s something here for every level of chocoholic.

26 Popcorn Gifts That Don’t Taste Like Cardboard

Finding the best popcorn gift is a matter of lining up their individual tastes to what’s available. Do they like sweet or savory popcorn? Are they more of a gourmet or gourmand? Peruse our list and pick the best one here.

18 Gifts for Foodies & Adventurous Eaters

Getting the perfect gifts for foodies is easy, just think like a foodie! Think about delicious foods, wine pairings, and all that gourmet dining has to offer, and then give gifts that put food and eating on a pedestal and you’ve got it.

31 Awesome Gifts for Drinkers, Drunks & Boozehounds

It’s easy enough to buy for the alcohol lover in your life because they will pretty much be happy with anything alcohol-related. Of course you can get them a specialty item based on what kind of alcohol they drink whether that be beer, whisky, or wine, and they’ll appreciate it even more. Here is our […]

57 Buzzworthy Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Going gaga for coffee is understandable, as caffeine is a drug and something that can be very addictive. For the gift-giver a coffee-related gift is sure to be well-received, and there are plenty of thoughtful gifts that will support them in their habit. We’ve assembled some of the best around that are sure to help […]