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33 Good Birthday Gifts for Your ‘Impossible to Shop For’ Brother

Brothers – love ‘em or loathe ‘em, once a year their birthdays come around and you have to go shopping. If you’re blindly searching for the birthday gift for brothers who are utterly impossible to buy for (up until now) take a look at these ideas, and you’ll be spoilt for choice – heck, you […]

33 Best 1st Birthday Ideas – Outfits, Gifts and Party Invitations

What do you get for a 1 year old who has everything? If you’re stuck for 1st birthday gift ideas, think a little outside the box and pick out a cute outfit instead. Whether you want it personalized, or just with that magical number one on the front, this list is jam packed with delightful […]

23 Awesome Birthday Gifts for Guy Friends (Gifts He’ll Use)

Buying birthday gifts for guys – especially if he’s your best friend – is a lot harder than it is for girls, but with a little thought and preparation you can choose him something unique and interesting that he’ll treasure. Whether he’s into the big game or big beards, you’ll be able to find him […]

16 Personalized Birthday Books Your Kids Will Love

Personalized books make thoughtful and unique birthday gifts for any child because they just love seeing themselves within the pages of a story. Some of these books include names, while others can be customized to include photos, friends and family, and even the child’s home town, for a truly personalized experience. These beautifully illustrated versions […]

32 Heartwarming Personalized Birthday Gifts for Grandma

She’s always there for you, and is the glue that holds each family together, so take the opportunity to spoil her with an extra special surprise. Birthday gifts for Grandma come in all shapes and sizes, but what all of the ones featured here have in common is that they are unique, thoughtful, and will […]

24 Funny Birthday Pun Cards and Shirts That Will Make Them Pee a Little

Most people go for the little envelope on top of their parcel long before they open their birthday gifts, so make sure it’s not a disappointment by choosing a card which is so funny – or punny – that it might just make them wet themselves from laughing. Either that or age-related incontinence has set […]

35 Cool and Unique Birthday Gifts for Dads From Daughters

Fathers and their little girls have a special bond, even when those little girls are all grown up. Choosing the right birthday gift for Dad from his daughter takes time – you want to put as much care into that as he has put into looking after you – and whether you want silly or […]

44 Best Birthday Balloons for Every Kind of Birthday Party

The best birthday party requires the best balloons too, and the ones included here really surpass that! You can ‘invite’ their favorite characters, send birthday messages, put together a zoo, or even create your own balloon arches to complement the theme – it’s easy when you know how! So whether they’re really young or really […]

22 Unique 18th Birthday Gift Ideas Worthy to Give to Your Best Friend

Of all the birthday milestones, the 18th is probably the most significant as it marks the beginning of adulthood and all that comes with it. Show your best friend how much they mean to you with one of these 18th birthday gift ideas that are both inspired and unusual, and will guarantee that neither you, […]

30 Coolest Birthday Decorations of 2019 – Fun Birthday Party Ideas

The coolest people deserve the coolest birthday decorations, and we’ve searched high and low for the best you can buy in 2019. Whether you want giant balloons, photo props, a tropical paradise, a movie premiere party, or more than a touch of Parisian chic to go with their birthday gifts, you’ll find everything you need […]

24 Birthday Gifts for Teenage Girls They Will Actually Love and Use

They’re growing up fast, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t spend as much time and thought on their gifts as we used to when they were small. Birthday gifts for teenage girls can be as exciting, fun, pretty, and unusual as you want them to, and this selection contains some gorgeous ideas to please […]

31 Most Unique Birthday Cake Toppers and Candles of All-Time

Whether you’re baking your own cake or buying one, make it totally unique to the birthday boy or girl by adding one of these super unusual cake toppers and candles which will take their birthday from mundane to magnificent before you can say ‘blow out the candles’! No matter what they’re into, you’ll find a […]

38 Creative Diy Birthday Gifts for Every Family Member and Friend

Far from being a ‘cheap’ option, DIY birthday gifts are unique, thoughtful, and always a labor of love. Suitable for every level of maker, from beginner to expert, these ideas will result in some superb gifts that will truly touch the hearts of those who receive them. From bath gifts and art gifts, to pretty […]

21 Hilarious and Classic Birthday Girl Shirts for 2019

T-shirts make fabulous birthday gifts, and this collection has been put together with that one special day in mind. Always classic and sometimes hilarious, these tees will have any birthday girl sparkling and dazzling her way through the day, leaving no-one in doubt as to what date it is! From ‘in your face’ designs to […]

37 Cool Birthday Gifts They’ll Never See Coming (From $1 to $1,000)

Cool people deserve cool birthday gifts, so forget the usual offerings found in the stores and go for something different, unique, homemade, or downright wacky! Ranging from cheap and cheerful to expensive and exclusive, every gift on this list has been hand-selected for its originality and thoughtfulness, to make their birthday even better.

22 Creative Non-Traditional Birthday Flower Gifts (Love these!)

So you want to give flowers as a birthday gift, but you don’t want to give actual traditional flowers? These creative floral ideas will show you loads of ways to give blooms and blossoms without fear of them wilting – think real flowers encased in resin, suncatchers, jewelry, and more, and you’ll soon be choosing […]

20 ROFL-worthy Cards for the Happiest Birthday Wishes Ever

When you’re searching for a birthday gift, don’t forget to spend some time finding the perfect birthday card to go with it, too. Full of sentimental value, cards can be kept for years and are often looked back on with a smile; this selection of ROFL-worthy greetings will make them chuckle both on their big […]

22 Birthday Gift Subscription Boxes for Girls Ages 1 to 17

When you’re searching for birthday gifts for girls, why limit yourself to one item when you can choose 12? Think inside the box and choose a subscription service which delivers carefully curated collections of themed items every single month, and is geared towards her age, stage, or particular interests – such as science, makeup, art, […]

25 Ridiculous Birthday Gifts for Friends They’ll Never See Coming

When you’re buying for family, you often have to exercise a little restraint, but when you’re buying birthday gifts for friends, all sense and sensibility is off! Play to their fun side with a present which combines smiles with sentimentality – or is just plain silly – because laughter is the most precious gift you […]

20 Thoughtful and Reflective 70th Birthday Gifts

Getting older is such a privilege, and it should be celebrated as such, not just by the birthday girl or boy, but by their nearest and dearest, too. Choose a 70th birthday gift that they would never buy for themselves (so not socks, flowers, chocolates…you get the idea), and get something meaningful that they can […]