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37 Most Unique and Heartfelt Personalized Anniversary Gifts

Any gift will be well received, but for something truly unique and heartfelt, personalized anniversary gifts are definitely the way to go, not just because you’ve gone to the trouble and effort of ordering them, but because nobody else will have one exactly the same. So whether you’re thinking small (how about a leather bracelet […]

40 Once in a Lifetime Travel Gifts for Your 31st Anniversary

By the time you’ve been married for 31 years, your family has probably flown the nest, so it’s time to embark on that once in a lifetime trip to celebrate. Turn your attention to travel when looking for 31st anniversary gifts, and choose one or more of these suggestions which will take your next vacation […]

26 Handy Traditional Tool 29th Anniversary Gifts and DIY Ideas

If you’re wondering what 29th anniversary gift to buy for your spouse, or a couple who are one year shy of 30, why not give them one of these tool kits or DIY items? After all, even after almost 3 decades, you (or they) are still building a life together, so give them the means […]

24 Unique Traditional Coral Gifts for Your 35th Anniversary

Thought to heal and protect against harm, coral is the traditional theme for 35th anniversary gifts, because it shares the same qualities as a good marriage. Bear that in mind when looking for a gift – this list contains some truly unique and unusual offerings, from pretty in pink items to wear, to stunning jewelry, […]

37 Gourmet Traditional Wine and Spirit 17th Anniversary Gift Ideas

What’s a celebration without alcohol? Get the party started with one or more of the 17th anniversary gifts on this list, which are all based around wines and spirits. From traditional glasses to unconventional wine-infused soaps, there is even a guide on making delicious flavored vodkas in your own kitchen. Bottoms up!

39 Yummy Traditional Coffee and Tea 16 Year Anniversary Gifts

Move over to the dark side when choosing 16th anniversary gifts – we’re talking, of course, about coffee, chocolate, and (depending on how strong they like it…tea). Make a brew, take a seat, and have a browse through this long list of yummy coffee and tea inspired gifts, including samplers, hampers, and even a few […]

34 Unique First Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate Year One

The first anniversary is traditionally called “The Paper Anniversary”. Maybe that’s because the ink is barely dry on the marriage certificate, and maybe it’s because year one of marriage is so young that it’s not solid enough to warrant a medal—or a metal. This list of first anniversary gifts has lots of the traditional paper […]

20 Cozy Traditional Linen Gifts to Celebrate Your 28th Anniversary

After 28 years, a marriage has proved to be strong and durable, but will also have softened with time – 28th anniversary gifts should reflect those qualities. Linen has the same properties, so why not incorporate the 2 with some traditional gifts from this list which all use linen as their theme? Home décor, clothing, […]

33 Groove-worthy Traditional Music 27th Anniversary Gifts

As Shakespeare once said ‘If music be the food of love, play on’, and play on you will with one of the traditional music-themed 27th anniversary gifts included in our carefully curated list. From wall art to jewelry, and Christmas tree ornaments which you can make yourself, these groovy gifts will make his or her […]

20 Epic Traditional Diamond Gifts for Your 60th Anniversary

As Marilyn Monroe once famously sang, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but with the suggestions in this list of 60th anniversary gifts, they can be his best friend, too. From watches to bracelets and even some ideas to make at home, these epic diamond-themed gifts will be sure to wow. A little trivia: diamond […]

39 Traditional Gold Jewelry Gifts for Your 14 Year Anniversary

If you’re looking for traditional 14 year anniversary gifts with a modern twist, go for gold jewelry. The present day alternative to ivory, gold doesn’t tarnish (much like a happy marriage), which makes it perfect for every day wear, so take a look at these wonderful ideas which use gold or a golden theme to […]

22 Super Soft and Traditional Silk and Linen 12 Year Anniversary Gifts

12 year anniversary gifts should, traditionally, be made of silk or linen – silk for the luxury of married life, and linen for the comfort that marriage brings. We’ve covered both bases here with a selection of beautiful gifts, from soft linen robes and 100% silk kimonos, to monogrammed handkerchiefs, and scarves which are made […]

25 Traditional Pearl 30th Anniversary Gifts for All Budgets

Pearls are said to represent the hidden beauty within a marriage which comes from longevity and maturity, but the beauty in these gorgeous gifts is definitely not hidden, and neither should it be! From classic pearl necklaces to delicate ornaments, these 30th anniversary gifts all shimmer with the glow of a happy marriage.

32 Heartfelt and Traditional Art 26th Anniversary Gifts for Your Love

All anniversaries have themes, and traditionally, 26th anniversary gifts should be all about art. How you interpret that is up to you – photo frames, portraits, collages, and even sculptures and caricatures can all come under that umbrella. Whether you have someone make it for you, or have a go at making the gift yourself, […]

39 Heartwarming Pottery and Bronze 8 Year Anniversary Gifts

Just like a marriage, bronze is made from merging 2 strong elements, and pottery is made from clay which represents the solidity and strength of an 8 year union. Choose a traditional 8 year anniversary gift around either theme and you’ll be giving a gift that will look beautiful and will last throughout the decades […]

26 Good Traditional Lace 13th Anniversary Gifts She’ll Love

The number 13 may be unlucky for some, but not for the couple who is celebrating more than a dozen years of marriage. Traditionally, 13th anniversary gifts are made from, or represent, lace because like marriage, it is made from interwoven aspects. Far from being old fashioned, however, these gifts show that lace comes in […]

32 Good Traditional Candy and Iron 6 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Iron and candy are the traditional 6 year anniversary gifts, but did you know why? Well, candy represents the sweetness of a marriage, while iron symbolizes the durability. Whichever trait you want to celebrate, do it in style by choosing one of the gifts from this list, which are all unusual, thoughtful, and long-lasting. Apart […]

26 Incredible Traditional Stone-Themed 24th Anniversary Gift Ideas

To have survived 24 years, a marriage has to be rock solid, which is perhaps one of the reasons why the theme for 24th anniversary gifts is stone! The ideas featured here go to show that, far from being boring, stone is a vibrant medium which can be used in a myriad of ways to […]

30 Most Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts for Parents – Unique and Hearfelt

Celebrate your mom and dad’s special day in style, because without them, you wouldn’t be here! There are some truly gorgeous ideas around for anniversary gifts for parents, and we think we’ve captured some of the best and most thoughtful and heartfelt presents that will probably bring a tear or two to their eyes (which […]