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37 Thoughtful Sympathy Gifts – Uplifting and Comforting Memorial Ideas

Losing a loved one can bring some of the darkest days we’ve ever faced; we need all the support we can get. Be that support for someone you know as they experience grief with these sympathy gifts. Not only are they thoughtful, but they’re also practical and a wonderful way to remember who they’ve lost.

Thoughtful memorial and sympathy gifts to show your family and friends you are here for them.

KindNotes Glass Keepsake Gift Jar with Sympathy Messages

It’s hard knowing how to support someone through their grief, but this keepsake jar is filled with motivational messages for them to read when they need it most.

Prices Vary

Personalized Memorial Wind Chime

They can place this wherever they feel most at peace; they’ll think of their missed love one every time the wind blows and they hear the calming tinkle.


Until We Meet Again Morse Code Memorial Bracelet

Such a simple piece of jewelry but the message is beautiful – this memorial bracelet spells out “until we meet again” in Morse code, helping them remember their loved one.


Peace Lily

Peace lilies are often given as sympathy gifts and it’s not difficult to see why. Easy to care for and long lasting, this gorgeous plant will offer some much needed distraction.

Prices vary

Our Condolences Gourmet Gift Basket

They might not feel like eating proper meals just yet, but this gift basket will provide them with some delicious treats which they can tuck into whenever they feel like it.


Personalized Sympathy Candle Holder

Lighting a candle is a lovely way to remember a loved one who we’ve lost, and this personalized cherry wood tealight holder adds a lovely unique touch.


Amazing Grace Sonnet Windchime

This wind chime is perfect for remembering a lost loved one. Each tube is printed with lyrics from the hymn “Amazing Grace” and it will look beautiful hanging above a memorial.


Comfort Candle

While this candle holder won’t take away their pain, it’ll help them remember the good times they shared, as they light a tealight and think of them as the flame flickers.


Cherished Moments Candle

Cherished moments are one of life’s greatest joys, especially when someone we loved dearly has passed. This candle holder will remind them of this, easing their pain and grief.


Lantern with Message and Flameless LED Candle

Send them a sympathy gift they can cherish with this inscribed lantern. Arriving with an LED tealight and a meaningful poem, they’ll know you’re thinking of them in these hard times.

Prices Vary

Seeds of Life Oak Tree Kit

Is there anything more special than planting something in memory of someone? This oak tree seed kit will be a living memorial of someone they’ve lost forever.


Sending a Hug Box

When someone is in the midst of grief, self-care is bottom of their list. Remind them that it’s OK to look after themselves too with this pampering gift box.


Resin Stone Garden Chime Figurine

Whether they place this at their graveside or at a little memorial they have at their home, this stone ornament with a mini windchime will be a lasting reminder of them.

Prices Vary

Perhaps They are not Stars in The Sky Garden Stone

It can be comforting, wondering if a loved one is looking down on us. This memorial stone has a meaningful message on it, offering them some reassurance that they’re happy.


Memorial Candle Gift Set

Not only can you add their name and date to this memorial candle, you can also choose their favorite scent so it’ll bring them some comfort when they light it.


A Beautiful Soul Is Never Forgotten Gift Box

You can truly make this condolences box unique to them for their moment of need. Choose a beautiful necklace as well as any add on items which you know they’ll love.


Sympathy Gift Blanket

One of the biggest things we can miss from a lost loved one is a hug from them. Send this plush memorial blanket and they’ll always have something to snuggle up in.


Amazing Grace Memorial Wind Chimes

When the wind blows, this windchime will play the first 6 notes of the hymn “Amazing Grace. The bamboo wind catcher can also be engraved with their name and date.

Prices vary

When You Believe Wall Art

This memorial picture will be given pride of place in their home so they can always remember what they have lost. It makes a perfect sympathy gift – something other than flowers.

Prices Vary

Always in My Heart Thin Brass Bangle Hook Mantra Bracelet

By having this bracelet on their wrist, they can always be reminded that even though they’ve lost someone special to them, they’ll always be with them in their heart.


Desktop Picture Frame

One of the best ways of remembering someone is by having their photo up. This frame is a perfect way of saying the words they’re thinking every day.

Prices Vary

Memorial Stone

By placing this memorial stone beside their resting place, they can read the words every time they visit to bring them comfort, reminding them that they’re never really gone.


Thinking of You Gift Basket

Let them know that they need to take care of themselves while they’re grieving, with this gift box which is ideal for them to take a few moments to unwind and relax.


Pavilion-Stars in the Sky Angel Holding Star

Isn’t it a comforting thought that our loved ones are now stars in the sky, looking down on us every day? This angel would make an ideal sympathy gift.


Sympathy Blanket Tapestry

Curling up in this blanket will be like being in the arms of the person they so dearly miss, and the heartfelt poem on it will console them in their hardest moments.

Prices Vary

Blankiegram Hugs Blanket

Available in 5 colors, this super soft blanket will be the thing they need while they’re in the midst of their grief. If anything can bring them comfort, this blanket will.


Sending You an Angel Candle Holder

If you’re wondering what to gift someone who is experiencing grief, this candle holder in the shape of an angel might be exactly what you’re looking for.


In Loving Memory Butterfly Stained Glass Suncatcher

They can hang this from a tree or porch and watch the light dance through the glass wings. The colors will remind them of the person they so dearly miss.


Dawn Redwood Tree-to-Be

The Dawn Redwood tree was almost extinct, but now it’s staging a comeback, making it a perfect living memorial for the person they loved and lost. This kit contains everything they'll need.


Fond Memories Ornamental Glass Globe

No two of these hand-blown glass orbs are the same, making each one unique, so they can use it to remind themselves of how special their lost friend or family member was.


Custom Stone Memorial Candle Holder

This stone candle holder looks simple but it’s a lovely way to remember who they’ve lost. Customize it by adding their name, and they’ll think of them every time they light a candle.


Comfort Bowl of Hope and Healing

Remembering that their friends are there for them when they’re grieving gets them through. Each stone in this bowl has a meaningful message on, designed to offer comfort.


Personalized Sympathy Angel

Add the name of their missed friend or family member to the right wing of this memorial angel, and they’ll remember them every time they look at this beautiful ornament.


Infinity Cross Angel Necklace

They’ll always have them close to them when they wear this necklace – a simple cross, an infinity symbol, and an angel wing are beautiful symbols of love and death.


Those We Love Don't Go Away Lantern

Losing someone close to us seems so final, but they can remember that they’re still around with this lantern, even if they’re not physically here. It’ll bring them comfort when they’re suffering.


5 Diy Sympathy and Memorial Gift Ideas

Diy Hug In A Mug-gifts To Cheer Someone Up

Show them you’re thinking of them by sending them a hug in a mug. Use this tutorial as inspiration and create something truly unique to them when they need it the most.

Grief Gift Basket And Pedestal Frame

Receiving something from your friends is important when you’re grieving. This DIY gift basket along with a photo stand is a perfect sympathy gift to send to someone who has recently experienced loss.

Diy Sympathy Gift Basket Idea

When you’re in the midst of grief, remembering the basics isn’t easy. Fill this basket with essentials, such as tissues, so they don’t have to worry for a few days.

Diy Box Of Sunshine

Bring some sunshine into their dark days with this DIY gift basket. Follow this tutorial and get some inspiration, then head to the store to create your own.

Easy Homemade Photo Gifts: Glowing Photo Luminaries

You’ll never forget the one you lost, but having photos up around your home is a lovely touch. Make these DIY light up photo gifts and give them some comfort.

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