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30 Thoughtful Sympathy Gift Baskets to Show Them You Care

Losing a loved one is never easy and supporting a friend or family member who is suffering from grief is equally difficult. Selecting appropriate and beautiful sympathy gift baskets requires empathy, discretion, and a sense of humility. Whether the recipient desires celebration or solitude, select your option with care and compassion.

Sympathy Gift Baskets

With Sympathy Fruit and Gourmet Basket

It’s never easy when your dear friend or loved one loses someone near and dear to their heart. Expressions of grief are equally difficult, and, thus sympathy gift baskets offer temporary relief for your beloved compatriots so they can rest easily at home with fresh fruit and gourmet foods and focus on matters at hand.


Sympathy Spa Gift Basket

The passing of a loved one is a difficult time, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Express your heartfelt condolences with one or more thoughtful pampering gift baskets, replete with Spa treatments that are meant to relax, replenish, and calm sore, aching souls and muscles. Complete with soothing oils, lavender, and Shea butter, temporary relief is assured.

Price varies

Compassionate Thoughts Gift Basket

While some endure difficult times, comfort remains a critical need. Gift baskets filled with comfort foods like cheese, fine meats, tea, almonds, and truffles will be welcomed by older relatives who shy away from strong flavors and repeated offers of assistance. Add a keepsake wicker basket and gratitude for empathy will not go unnoticed.


In Loving Memory Sympathy Gift Basket

Sweet loving memories call for delights that help soothe, heal, and brighten otherwise sad times. Duly named, the “In Loving Memory” gift basket is bordered with red silk roses and ivy, filled with luscious treats, cookies of all sorts, cheese straws, Dutch chocolate premium cocoa, and a wonderful book destined to heal wounds and uplift spirits.


With Sympathy Gourmet Gift Basket

There is no simple way to deal with grief, so offer condolences with an upscale, gourmet selection of luxury chocolate, premium fare, and sweet treats, all carefully assembled and stored in a keepsake leather serving tray. Yes, a bit extravagant, yet, memorable and deserved. The best-of-the-best is what is necessary when selecting thoughtful gift baskets.


Sympathy Basket Select

The definition of “generosity” doesn’t seem to make sense when seeking something to ease pain after a loved one’s passing. This incredible selection of fresh orchard fruits and delicious gourmet snacks, all tucked within a beautiful basket, will speak volumes to those who receive it. And they will know and feel your love.


Golden State Fruit Sympathy Fruit Basket

It’s never easy to send condolences after a friend loses a loved one. These considerate gift baskets offer organic pleasures for your dear friend with orchard fruits that include pears, apples, oranges, mandarins, and a fruit in season, as well as seasonal fare. Presented in a woven basket, memories of your kind gesture remain sweet.


With Heartfelt Sympathy Gourmet Food Gift Basket

Celebrate the life and times of a dearly departed friend with a gourmet food basket that your Pal-in-the-Beyond would appreciate. Themed in black and gold, replete with epicurean delights that are both sweet and salty, and begging for a bottle of bubbly, toast to fond memories of your sorely-missed, utterly fabulous, what-will-I-do-without-him/her compatriot.

Prices Vary

Heartfelt Thoughts Sympathy Gift Basket

Handmade in California, this beautiful gift expresses condolences in wonderfully simple and elegant ways. Overflowing with cranberry harvest medleys, cheeses, biscuits, and dark chocolates, the hand-woven basket also features a guardian angel keepsake. Oft-stated, an angel will help guide a friend or family member through difficult times and to have one is regarded as a blessing.

Prices Vary

Expressions of Sympathy Wine Basket

During trying times, choosing the best sympathy gift baskets can be equally trying for those hoping to help the grieving. With an elegant two-bottle wine basket, the message is clear for the recipient: relax and toast to your beloved loved one, as they understand and appreciate your grief from Wherever-They-Are, because they will love you always.


Gift Basket Village with Deepest Sympathy

Beautiful, thoughtful, and caring are mere words to describe this gracious kindly gift basket. Carefully packed with comforting foods like handmade chocolate chip cookies, a large ceramic coffee mug with a serenity prayer, and surrounded by life-like silk flowers and ivy, the heart and soul of the gift is the book which promises healing and serenity.


With Deepest Sympathy Gift Basket

When in doubt, send your sincere condolences in the form of a basket. This delicious assortment is stored within a golden weave and features chocolate toffee, French truffles, salty snacks, creamy vegetable dip, and more, all wrapped by a beautiful handmade bow. Please rest assured that the recipients will appreciate your kind gesture with abundant gratitude.

Prices Vary

Sympathy Gift Basket Select

Selecting compassionate gift baskets is not a joyous occasion. Order your dear friend this basket and know that she may take comfort in the quietude of her home while she treats herself to a wide assortment of sweet and salty goodies and celebrates the life of her dearly departed loved one on her own terms.


With Heartfelt Sympathy Gourmet Food Gift Basket

A thoughtful sympathy gift is this beautiful basket, themed in classic black and gold. Hand-crafted, elegant, and shrink-wrapped and tied with a bow, the presentation is bar none. The contents include superb cheeses, dark chocolates, crispy crackers, and more. Ice packaging is an option and personalized cards are standard. Grief does not escape anyone.

Prices Vary

Golden State Fruit Gourmet Abundance Gift Basket

While grieving, some of us have no appetite. This filled woven basket gently reminds your loved ones that eating is a must-do. Overflowing with orchard-favorite fruits like pears, apples, mangoes, and mandarins, as well as cheese, sausage, nuts, and pecans, your dear friends will march on with physical energy, thanks to your love and devotion.


Our Sincere Condolences Sympathy Gift Basket

This upscale condolence gift basket is filled with gourmet foods that include smoked salmon, gourmet cheeses, premier chocolates, coffees, and more. And while the combination of these gourmandize treats will not serve to bring a beloved back to this dimension, the gesture itself attempts to speak to the depth of sympathy and empathy for the loss.

Prices Vary

Wine Country Gift Baskets Sympathy Basket

People are different and thus deal with grief differently. For those who take comfort in bingeing on sweet goods, express your empathy for their loss with condolence gift baskets complete with Italian treats like biscotti, candy, and chocolate as well as salty cheese, olives, and crackers. Also includes tea; please raise a cup in memory.


Broadway Basketeers With Sympathy Gift Basket

As a 17-inch tall gift tower, this sympathy gift basket speaks to the depths to which you care. With sweet and savory snack mixes, cookies, brownie brittle, and popcorn, the Kosher certified goods make this tower gift basket appropriate for both condolences and shiva, ensuring all recipients can enjoy and partake in the gift.


Sympathy Gift Box

For those of us who like to document what we’re feeling, these sympathy gift boxes take thoughtfulness to another level. Comforts include relaxing lavender bath salts and creams, eye mask, and a 192-page lined, hardback hope journal with closure band. Grieving is both a public and personal experience; thanks to those who recognize this distinction.


Hope in Times of Grief Sympathy Gift Basket

When seeking appropriate condolences for a colleague’s loss, this natural kraft box is filled with sentiments that are broad and comforting. There are soothing Tazo teas, dried fruit snacks, and chocolate squares, and an angel figurine inscribed with a reassuring sentiment. A book of hope offers comfort during times of grief; love and optimism conquer all.


Village Wings of Comfort Gift Basket

A funeral is not a memory worth saving. And yet, there are heartfelt gift baskets that remain beautiful and symbolic. This decorative metal planter speaks to memories as it’s durable, everlasting, and wonderful – like memories. And, so, in the short term, it’s fillable with snacks, but think of this basket/planter in the long-term.


Forever Remembered Sympathy Gift Basket

It is never easy to lose a parent. Gifts seem meaningless. And yet, when you light a vanilla candle, indulge in a piece of chocolate, and decide to read a book – Forever Remembered – you begin to take small comfort in messages of hope from those who have experienced what you have. Small steps. (Gorgeous basket.)

Prices Vary

Peace and Prayer Sympathy Gift Basket

Healing can be a lengthy process, especially after the loss of someone particularly close. For those who believe in divinity, this exquisite basket sends peace and prayers to those seeking serenity, healing, and harmony of spirit. Awash with healthy, tasteful snacks and blessed with a keepsake prayer angel, the hopes are for tranquil mending.

Prices Vary

Needed Comforts Sympathy Basket

During times of sorrow, people need food and moral support. Send them a mix of Good-For-You-Stuff – mangoes, apples, grapes – and Salty-Treats – crackers, nuts, cheeses – and have them arranged in a beautiful wicker basket. Then, add a lovely, heartfelt note that elucidates your unwavering support, love, sympathy, and devotion to them during their time of grief.


With Heartfelt Sympathy Gourmet Food Gift Basket

It is difficult to believe the notion that sending a gourmet gift basket will help ease the pain of having lost a loved one. The beauty of this gourmet food gift basket is that it’s elegant and filled with gourmand pleasures: short-term gratification. This will absolutely suffice and your friend or family member will thank you.

Prices Vary

Gift Basket Village Grief and Healing Basket

Grief is a long-lasting, ever-changing emotion and tucking away a beloved’s treasures is difficult. When you bestow condolences and sympathies upon a dear friend, the essence of this gift basket is within the book, A Time to Grieve, and the wooden trunk with bronze accents, which is the perfect keepsake for beloved and never-forgotten memories.


Golden State Fruit Orchard Sympathy Gift Basket

While always a sad occasion, some cultures mark a passing with celebration. The bright colors of the fruit symbolize many things to many people: health, happiness, prosperity, and sunshine, among others. The gift speaks volumes about your sincerity and your desire to offer sincere condolences on the recipient’s loss. That, dear reader, is a beautiful message.


Our Sincere Condolences Sympathy Gift Basket

Grief is a complex set of emotions. This particular basket mirrors the complexity with boundless gourmet delights: Sweet and dark chocolate, soft cheeses and salty crackers, ultra-dark coffee and butter cookies for dunking, and so on. The point: if you know your beloved well, give them what they need. This too, shall pass, some day.

Prices Vary

Sympathy Gift by GriefGifts

Soothing lavender and a Grief Survivor guided journal are two enlightening and inspiring details in this sympathy gift. The 28-chapter journal uncovers topics like navigating the holiday season, releasing regrets, and becoming “unstuck.” For those desiring and needing to read/learn/write about the process of grief, this experience is a must for your friend or loved one.


Sympathy Fruit Basket

The passing of a loved one is difficult indeed and the focus falls on priorities other than eating. This incredible sympathy gift basket bursts with fresh fruit, cheeses, salted snacks, and sweet treats that include candy and dried fruit. When things settle – though never quite the same – your friend will be ever-thankful for your kind gesture.


3 Thoughtful Diy Sympathy Baskets

Diy Sympathy Gift Basket Idea

This heartwarming, super-practical insight involves those who have experienced a loss and thus, welcome guests. While the ever-grateful recipient of fruit, spa, and food baskets, the hostess remarked that it’s a busy time; a dear, thoughtful friend brought her a basket jammed with paper plates, napkins, towels, plastic cutlery, and more. Time of need: Great friends.

Diy Helpful Gift Basket Ideas

Ah, brilliance in a moment of need. This blog outlines ideas for helpful gift baskets by category: Helpful – journals; Practical – tissues, thank you notes, throw blanket; Soothing – linen spray, body wash, lavender candle; Snacks/Comfort Food – dark chocolate, pistachios, green tea; Pampering – foot warmer, lavender body lotion; Memories – scrapbook. Please check this out. Gratitude bar none.

Diy Bereavement Gift

This site is definitely worth a visit. The host has so many ideas for bereavement gifts and gift baskets, including different teas, wine and cheese, coffees, a weekend getaway, floral arrangements, keepsakes, and more. He/she is so delightfully earnest and genuine; please visit and check out some of the great, heartfelt ideas.

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