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34 Surprising, One of a Kind Christmas Gifts They Won’t Expect

No matter who you’re buying for, be it your mom, grandma, partner or friend, you’re bound to find them a gift that makes them smile, right here. We have something for everyone, from handmade stacking rings to personalized cutting boards, custom cross stitches and even needle felted dogs.

surprising christmas gifts

Custom Needle Felted Dog

Immortalize their beloved pet with a wonderful needle-felted dog. Simply send GourmetFelted a photo, and they will make an incredibly lifelike miniature version of the special pet, that’s small enough to sit in the palm of your hand. And because of the painstaking work involved, there are only a limited number made every year.


Personalized Heirloom Cross Stitch

Celebrate a wedding anniversary, a new child, or even Valentine’s Day with a custom family cross stitch. These lovely cross stitches can be completely customized, so you can have your family and pets included, as well as specific outfits, such as a wedding dress, or flowers, surfboards, etc. You can even include dates and names.


Soundwave Personalised Ring

Whether it’s saying “I do”, the sound of your baby’s heartbeat, or perhaps a favorite song you and a loved one share, you can capture it forever with this gorgeous soundwave personalized ring. Have the soundwave, which is created by your voice, engraved into the jewelry – you can also have the actual words engraved, too.


Personalized Family Canoe Art

The whole family is sure to love a sweet personalized family art piece. This artist paints your family paddling away in a canoe on a lake/stretch of water of your choice. She can personalize what your family members look like, and can even include Fido the dog and Daisy the cat.

Prices vary

Personalized Family Growth Chart

Watch just how quick the kiddies catch up with you parents using this 2 to 6 feet family growth chart. This fun canvas growth chart is custom made using the family name, making it extra special. From toddlers to teenagers, everyone enjoys seeing how fast they grow.


Personalized Pet Portrait

To some, pets are their children, so of course, they deserve to be treated as such. Have their pet feel like the master of the house with their very own custom portrait sketch hung up in the hallway. These magnificent sketches look just like the photos but better, with insane detail and personal touches.


Personalized Socks

Sock it to them with this set of 5 pairs of socks. These are not your usual socks though, these are custom knitted with a phrase of your choosing; initials, a name, or even a company. These make a fitting gift for the suit-wearing workaholic in your life.


Custom Bourbon Barrel Lazy Susan

Add a spin to the dinner table with a bourbon barrel lazy Susan. These unique items are crafted from reclaimed white oak bourbon barrels, giving them a classy rustic look. Each one is customized with a name and special date, making it the perfect one-of-a-kind Christmas gift that they will keep for ‘cheers’.


Genuine Leather Bible/Book Bag

Fellow bible followers are sure to appreciate this gorgeous leather bible bag. Made to fit any-sized bible, this genuine leather bag can also have a set of initials included, while the handle makes it easy to safely carry their bible or book around with them.


Custom Portrait From Photo

Celebrate a friend’s birthday with one of these awesome custom portraits. The artist takes your photo and recreates it using mixed media; what makes these portraits extra wonderful is her addition of flowers, mandalas, and stunning colorful patterns. Everyone needs one of these to hang on their wall!


14k Solid Gold Tiny Disc Necklace

Spoil that special someone with a stunning 14k gold disk necklace. These solid gold pieces certainly make for one magnificent gift, no matter your recipient; be it your mother, a friend, or partner, and the tiny disk is engraved with an initial monogram, making it all the more precious.


Hand-Stamped Personalized Spinner Ring

Whether it’s the names of your children, siblings, grandchildren, or mom and dad, keep them close by with these hand-stamped sterling silver spinner rings. The ring can be made with up to 4 spinning bands, so 4 names can be used, making it the perfect Christmas gift from the whole family.

Prices vary

Personalized Family Hobby Art

We’re sure you don’t have a family portrait quite like this one on your wall. This art piece consists of the whole family, only this time it focuses on each members’ hobbies, their style, and personalities. You can also further customize it with skin tones, hair colors, and names.

Prices vary

Personalized Beach Family Art

For families that adore the beach, you won’t find a gift better fitting than this ‘sand-tastic’ beach art piece. This fabulous picture consists of the whole family in a beach scene sitting in deckchairs and soaking up the sun, while surrounded with sandcastles, while written in the sand is the family name.

Prices vary

Personalized Family Math Cutting Board

Add a heartwarming touch to the kitchen with this personalized family math cutting board. Etched into cherry wood are hearts or circles with up to 4 names inside, ‘equalling’ the family name, love, or a sweet message. It’s a perfect gift for families who are always baking, cooking, and eating together.


Personalized Family Cameo Portrait

A modern take on the Victorian cameo, here we have these whimsical family portraits created by Mary and Shelly Klein. Everyone can be represented in this portrait from Grandma to the grandkids and even the family pets. It’s finished off nicely with a border, the family name, and year established.

Prices vary

Soundwave Print

In remembrance of a lost one or in celebration of wedding vows, keep them close to home with this custom soundwave metal wall art. To create this, the artist takes your audio recording and prints the soundwave made from it onto the metal frame, which comes in a selection of metals and colors to choose from.


Picture Your Pet President

Pets for president? We think that’s a pretty darn good idea. There’ll be free bones for all of our doggy companions! Honor your pawed pals by offering them up for the captain’s seat. As artist Patricia Carlin adds the photo of your darling pet into her drawing of the Oval Office in this funny Picture Your Pet.

Prices vary

Name Necklace

Keep your precious people close to your chest with this lovely named necklace. This piece is made from solid 14k rose, yellow, or white gold, and can be personalized with up to 3 names that are special to you or your recipient. The necklace comes packaged in a gift box ready for any occasion.


Engraved Ship Bourbon Decanter

Go overboard with this absolutely spectacular handmade bourbon decanter. Inside this thick glass bottle is a mouth-blown ship, ready to set sail in your liquor of choice. Have it engraved with a special message and you’ll have the ultimate one-of-a-kind Christmas gift worth keeping for years to come.


Stackable Name Ring

Surprise her with these stunning stackable name rings. Available in 14k gold or white gold, these jewelry pieces make a heartfelt gift for any special lady in your life. Any name can be hand-engraved into the rings with black letters, ensuring they stand out against the metal for all to see.


Custom Coordinates Necklace

Whether it’s where your child was born, where you met your partner, or a special vacation spot, everyone has a place they hold dear to their hearts, and now you can wear it with this unique necklace. The disc is stamped with the city name and the bar is stamped with the coordinates of the location.


Personalized Couple Print

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the cute couple in your life? Then look no further, because this adorable print is sure to make them smile. This charming picture showcases the couple, personalized with skin tones, hair color, and clothing, and made extra sweet by including their pets.

Prices vary

Custom Watch Box

It’s only fair that avid watch collectors have something beautiful to showcase them, don’t you think? This classy yet rustic watch box couldn’t be more perfect. It has 8 sections to store their watches in, as well as a hidden compartment for keeping their bits and bobs safely away from little hands.


Personalized Family & State Art

Show your visitors the family’s fun side with this wacky Family and State Art. It features your family name, as well as pictures of what makes your state special, resident animals, flowers, what it’s famous for and more. Super neat for looking back on should you ever move.


Personalized All Heart Bangle Set

From Canela Lemoine we have this darling All Heart bangle set. This jewelry piece consists of a number of bangles (chosen by you) held together with a golden heart. Each of the silver bangles are hand stamped by Canela in California, with a name, special word, or date.

Prices vary

Stackable Mothers Name Ring Set

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to spoil a mom or grandma with this Christmas, she’s sure to fall in love with this wonderful stackable name ring set. Each sterling silver ring is hand stamped with a name or date, so she can always have her children nearby.


Personalized Hobby Tumblers

There certainly won’t be any bickering over ‘whose is whose’ with these awesome hobby tumblers. Each glass has a personalized picture on it, featuring that person’s style and favorite hobby, as well as their name and the family name on the back of it. How refreshing!

Prices vary

Personalized Family Tandem Bike Art

For sporty families who are always on the go together, you won’t find a gift better suited than this lovely family tandem bike art. Everyone is drawn riding the tandem bike together, with their names next to them. Pets can also be added to this fun portrait, sitting on the back of the bike.

Prices vary

Personalized Family Mugs

If the outdoors isn’t really your family’s kind of thing, perhaps sitting in front of the fire with a hot cocoa is. There are no mugs out there better for drinking your hot beverage out of than these ultra cute personalized family mugs. Each one has a custom picture and name of a family member/friend.

Prices vary

Mothers Necklace

Mamas deserve to be treated like the superwomen they are, and we think this gorgeous Mother’s Necklace will do just the job. The necklace has two large 14k gold pendants, each one being hand stamped with a name, initial, monogram or date. You can also decide on the length of the chain from 16” to 20”.


Personalized Family Print

Nothing says ‘we’re a cool family’ quite like this nifty family print. Customized with clothing, skin colors, hair types and more, it’s safe to say these wicked portraits are much trendier than just a boring photograph. The picture is finished off with the family name titling it, and can even include your pets.

Prices vary

Personalized Library Card Pillow

Make the bookworm of the family smile with this unique pillow. Designed to look just like a library card, this custom pillow has the parents as the author, family name as the title, and the children as books that are ‘overdue’, with their dates of birth being the time the ‘books’ are due back.

Prices vary

3 Very Unique Diy Gifts

Diy Book Planter

We’ve all got a few old books laying around, so instead of sending them to the thrift store, make use of them with these amazing DIY book planters. They’re sure to make wonderful decorations for the office, bedroom, or anywhere around the home. Plus, succulents are super easy to look after.

Diy Map Coasters

Whether you have a specific location in mind or you’re just looking to spruce up the living room, these DIY map coasters add a cool touch. They’re nice and easy to make and don’t take too long at all, so you could even make your friends and family a matching set, too.

Diy Door Mat

From settlinginsawdust.com we have this DIY ‘come back with tacos’ doormat. Follow the steps to learn how to make your own funky doormat; you can use any phrase you like, -something funny, perhaps, or maybe even a polite reminder to take their shoes off or try not to wake the baby.

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