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25 Unexpected Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

Guys, we know every year it’s a scramble to come up with an original Valentine’s Day gift idea for the woman in your life. That’s especially true if you’ve been together a long time. How many new things can you come up with? Check out the list below, and you’re sure to find a good—and unexpected—Valentine’s Day gift for her.

Catch her off guard with one of these unexpected Valentine’s gifts. I’d be surprised by any of the items on this list, in a good way.

Rainbow Hearts

Nail it this year with this Valentine’s Day gift, guys. You cover all the bases: love, hearts, eco-friendly, artsy-craftsy, handmade, and one-of-a-kind. This piece can stand alone as decorative art or it can be used as a fancy coat rack—it’s up to her.


Upcycled Newspaper Handbag

Ways to her heart: chocolate, flowers, romantic candlelit dinners—and totally cool handmade handbags. This is a great Valentine’s Day gift idea: it’s a funky bag made from upcycled newspaper wound through with canvas-style trim. It’s got rope handles so she can throw it over her shoulder.


Recycled Glass Tree Globes

Eco-Valentine’s Day gift shoppers, stop right here. If she’s a nature lover, this one scores on multiple levels. It’s made from recycled glass with a colorful tree motif painted outside. Contact the artist to choose the motif that best suits your sweetheart.


New York Love

The State of Our Union is stronger than ever! The example is New York, but you can get this Valentine’s Day gift made in the shape of any state in the U.S. Let the artist know where you’re from, and he’ll craft your home state with a heart in the middle.

Prices Vary

Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag

This cool glass sculpture is like nothing we’ve ever seen. It’s a hand blown glass jar in the shape of an opened Ziploc baggie. Fill it with candy and it makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. It’s kind of disconcerting though—it looks like it’s going to spill at any second!


Two Hearts in a Pod

Two peas in a pod—or better yet, for Valentine’s Day—two hearts in a pod. This gift will make her smile. It’s two red hearts sitting in a bed of green moss, placed delicately in a clay sculpted bean pod. It can hang anywhere as a romantic decorative ornament.

Prices Vary

I’ll Be There Necklace

Through thick and thin, good times and bad—you’ll be there for her. This Valentine’s Day gift says it in plain English, worked into a silver pendant back by a brass cutout. Guys, if you have a sentimental woman on your hands, get the hanky ready: tears will follow.


Magical Fairy Door Bookmark

Intellectual gals can be hard to please—but we’ve got a Valentine’s Day gift idea that will cater to her bookish side, especially if she delves into the fantasy fiction at times. We’re talking elves and fairies, here. This bookmark is a red ribbon with a fairy door on the end.

Prices Vary

Inspirational Paperweight

Just because she’s at work doesn’t mean she can dream. It doesn’t mean she can’t be inspired every time she looks away from the computer screen. This Valentine’s Day gift will keep her imagination soaring and remind her of how much you love her—all day every day.


Hand of Buddha Jewelry Stand

Valentine’s Day Nirvana: peace, love, compassion, an open heart—they’re all contained in this simple wood carving of Buddha’s hand. His fingers are shown in meditation mode, but there’s plenty of room to hang her bracelets and necklaces. The bases doubles as ring or earring holder.


Wine Tasting Flight

Soar into her good graces with this handmade Valentine’s Day gift. This traditional, arched wine tasting board comes with four carafes so she can host a wine tasting party with her girlfriends—and brag about her awesome sweetheart who bought her such a cool gift.


Key To My Heart

Unchain your heart this Valentine’s Day—free yourself from everything holding you back. That woman you’re thinking about already has the figurative key to your heart. With this Valentine’s Day gift idea, you can give her the actual key to your heart.

Prices Vary

Library Card Tote Bag

Dewey Does the Decimal System! Here’s a Valentine’s Day gift for her that’s a little bit nerdy. It’s a tote bag that’s designed to look like an old-school checkout card from a library book. Your smart girl can use this bag to tote books around, or as a grocery bag at the local co-op.


Bead Woven Red Rose Brooch

Whoah! She fancy huh? Step up your game if you’re like Billy Joel: in love with an Uptown Girl. This Valentine’s Day gift idea for her has got to make her happy, or you don’t stand a chance: it’s a bead-woven rose made from Mozambique garnets set in beaded calyxes.

Prices Vary

Pressed Flower Suncatcher

Let the sun shine into her heart. This Valentine’s Day gift combines two things the ladies love: pretty decorative art to hang in the kitchen window, and dried, pressed flowers. It’s shaped like a crescent moon and has a heart shaped pendant that reads “I Love You to the Moon and Back”.

Prices Vary

Shiatsu Foot and Calf Massager

Bring the spa home! We all know that the best thing about getting a pedicure is really the massage that comes along with it. Buy your Valentine this home massager, and they’ll have the foot massage and more—this one massages all the way up the calves as well.


Birth Month Flower Earrings

This Valentine’s Day gift for her requires that you do a little bit of research, fellas. You have to find out what her birth month flower is. You do know her birth month, right? Once you know, you contact the artist and have her make a pair of flower earring for your sweetheart.


Copper Hair Pin

Super funky chicks like super funky stuff, right? This Valentine’s gift will have you playing that funky music right. It’s a heart shaped brass hairpin with three Swaroski crystal beads worked in. Recommended for hippie girls with wild, fly-away hair.


Sheet Music Scarf

If your sweetheart is a musician, this gift is Valentine’s Day gold. You’ll warm her heart and her neck at the same time with this infinity scarf. The scores are handwritten and then silk-screened on the fabric. Does she have a favorite? Contact the artists and they’ll sing—or write—her song.


Cat Portrait

Are you dating the cat lady? Then you’re lucky—it means she’s used to cleaning up after wild animals who prefer to lay around all day and maybe occasionally eat something and take a nap. This Valentine’s Day gift is a portrait of a cute cat named Cousin Louisa Gentlepaw.


We Found Each Other

You fit together like pieces of a puzzle. One complements the other, and together, the big picture comes into focus. Here’s a great way to make this a reality—send the manufacturer a digital image of the city where you and your sweetheart met, and they’ll make a puzzle out of it.


Love Tokens

In the amusement park of love, you need a token to go for a ride! Stock her up with tokens this year with this cute and funny Valentine’s Day gift. They’re handcrafted from pewter and redeemable for things like “breakfast in bed” or better yet “a roll in the hay”. Woo hooo!


Chakra Bath Salts

If your girl is into yoga and the alternative healing arts, this Valentine’s Day gift will have her going “Ommmmmmm.” It’s a set of bath salts, and each one is designed to stimulate the energy of a particular chakra. Run her a bath and start with the one on the bottom—right?


Zen Journal

Get it write this Valentine’s Day, guys. Get her a totally unique, handcrafted, leather-bound journal so she can make notes about what an awesome and thoughtful boyfriend you are. This Valentine’s Day gift is made from recycled letter and displays the “Om” symbol on the front.

Prices Vary

Heart In Hand

Your sweetheart holds your heart in the palm of your hand. Go ahead and admit it. You may have already told her, but with this Valentine’s Day gift you can show her for real. Because after all is said and done, actions always speak louder than words.


7 Surprising DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Up-cycled Chalkboard Tin

You’re going to get your sweetheart a boatload of candy this Valentine’s Day anyway, so this gift idea is a perfect complement to you well-laid plans. You’ll need to find an old heart-shape tin, some chalkboard spray paint, and a chalk marker. In twenty minutes you’ll have a personalized Valentine’s gift for her.

Geometric Rose

Pablo Picasso was never called an a-hole—and neither will you, when you follow this inventive tutorial that yields a red rose that’s totally geometric—Cubist, even, just like Pablo. When you’re done with this one, she won’t resist your stare.

Lego Hearts

She’s never gonna “Leggo” your heart, not in a million years—not when you take the time to use glittery nail polish on Lego corner pieces to make these sweet little hearts for her this Valentine’s Day. Why would she, with a guy like you?

Copper Wire Photo Holders

Two for one! You get to make her a special Valentine’s Day gift and put your favorite couple’s pictures in it when you give it to her. She’ll double-swoon, and you’ll get double sweetheart points for finding this special Valentine’s Day gift idea for her.

Mosaic Tile Table

Calling all working men: time to put your real-man skills to good use. If you’ve ever refinished a bathroom or laid tile floor in a kitchen, you’re ahead of the game. This tutorial shows you how to use your tiling experience to make heart-shaped mosaic on a tabletop.

Romantic Bookends

Why did you take the time to make these romantic bookends? Because you felt like it. This DIY Valentine’s Day gift idea teaches you how to make felt bookends with supplies you can easily find at any craft store. She’ll put them on the bookcase in the living room, and read the sweet messages on them every day.

Antiqued Mercury Glass

You’d be mad as a hatter not to do this mercury vase Valentine’s gift for her—but we promise, there’s no real mercury involved, so you won’t get poisoned and slowly go insane. You will, however, need to take the time to find silver spray paint and follow the directions in this tutorial closely. The result: a classic, antique looking Valentine’s Day vase.

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