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50 Cool Surprise Eggs to Add to Their Easter Basket

Every Easter morning, children and adults alike wake up expecting mountains of chocolate and candy. Mix it up this year with this huge list of surprise eggs that all contain something a little different. From toys, to stickers, to slime; this list has everything you could ever need.

Disney’s Tsum Tsum Egg Filler Idea

Mochi Squishy Prefilled Easter Eggs

Share the surprise with these awesome Easter eggs. With 12 individual eggs included, these bright and colorful eggs can be used as part of an Easter hunt or in a gift basket. Once opened, the recipient will discover a cool little squishy toy to play with and squeeze to their heart’s content.

Prices Vary

DC Comics Batman Toy-Filled Easter Eggs

Batman! Easter needs you. Check out this cool DC comics inspired bucket that features pictures of one of our favorite caped crusaders printed on the side. Inside the bucket, you can find a whole host of surprise eggs, all individually filled with a ton of cool toys and other awesome stuff.

Prices Vary

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Toy-Filled Easter Eggs

Go on the hunt this Easter for something other than chocolate, and keep on the look out for the Paw Patrols gang with this highly decorated, exciting bag of eggs. These bright blue plastic eggs all contain a Paw Patrols themed treat, such as tattoos, bubbles, stickers and a lot more.

Prices Vary

Toy Filled Easter Egg With Thomas The Train Figures

Give the Thomas the Tank Engine lover in your life an Easter to remember with this epic, jumbo sized surprise egg. Your little one will be chugging along with excitement when they come to the realization that this egg is filled with not one, but 12 train figurines from their favorite show.

Prices Vary

Squirt Guns Toy Filled Glitter Easter Eggs

Check out these awesome glitter Easter eggs. With 6 included, you can set up a cool and exciting Easter egg hunt that will leave participants with more than just chocolate. These particular eggs have been filled with epic water pistols, for some spring time yard fun.

Prices Vary

Joyin Toy Easter Eggs with Natural World Animal Figures

Are you throwing a big Easter party this year? If so, you need to get your hands on this. With 48 pieces included, this bulk buy of fun plastic eggs is absolutely ideal for egg hunts in and around the house. The best part is, once opened, little ones will find their very own animal figurine hidden inside.

Prices Vary

CCINEE Printed Plastic Easter Eggs with Toys Inside

These prefilled eggs are your special weapon against boredom this Easter. For the best egg hunt they will ever have, hide these eggs around your property and watch as their excitement grows. Once the eggs have been found, kids will discover colorful and creative toys, just waiting inside. Awesome.

Prices Vary

Toy Filled Easter Eggs With Miniature Stuffed Bunnies

Go on a fun and exciting Easter hunt to land yourself your very own Easter bunny with these cool surprise eggs. 12 colorful plastic eggs are included in this bulk buy, so you can spread them far and wide this spring. Once opened, the recipient will find their own cute and cuddly stuffed bunny inside.

Prices Vary

My Little Pony Prefilled Easter Egg with Figures Inside

This Easter, opt for something other than chocolate with this stunning jumbo egg. Plastic in design, and bright in color, this egg is hiding a treat that you can’t eat. Sitting inside are 12 adorable My Little Pony figurines, just waiting to be played with.

Prices Vary

Toy Filled Easter Eggs With Adorable Zootopia Figurines

Host the biggest and best party this spring, and throw an Easter egg hunt that your guests will never forget. These 12 toy filled plastic eggs are durable enough to be hidden around the house, but are still easy to open for little hands. The toys inside are from the hit film: Zootopia.

Prices Vary

Easter Eggs Filled with Shopkins

Get your hands on a dozen pre filled and ready to go Easter eggs for your hunt. Each and every one of the 12 eggs is supplied with a Shopkins mini figure, that kids will love to receive. Make this Easter the most exciting with these colorful, Crazy Leaf surprise eggs.

Prices Vary

Glitter Sticky Hand Filled Easter Eggs

Don’t stick to the norm this spring, and liven up your Easter party with these epic and egg-citing pre filled plastic eggs. With a fun sticky hands toy in each one, kids can throw them around to their hearts content; sticking to anything that gets in their way, even chocolate.

Prices Vary

Colorful Easter Eggs With Pikachu Figurines Inside

Lay out your egg hunt, and tell the participants that they ‘gotta catch ‘em all’ with these Pokemon Easter surprise eggs. The colorful, fun and decorated plastic eggs will keep kids motivated as they hunt far and wide to find them. Once inside, they will all receive their own Pikachu figurine, awesome.

Prices Vary

Marvel Avengers and Spiderman Filled Easter Eggs

Marvel at the awesomeness of these eggs, and spring into action with The Avengers and Spiderman. These protectors of Earth have been printed onto 6 epic Easter eggs that are perfect for gift baskets, or even egg hunts. Inside, the recipient will find candy, stickers and even a cool plastic toy.

Prices Vary

Palace Pets Toy Filled Easter Eggs

Spring is all about new life, so bring some life to your Easter party when you stock up on pre-filled Easter eggs like these here. In a variety of cool colors, these durable plastic eggs have been stocked with a Palace Pets toy in every one to ensure the fun will last well into summer.

Prices Vary

Prextex Easter Eggs Filled with Mini Pull back Vehicles

Get involved in some racing action this Easter with these surprise eggs. Plastic and pre filled, these colorful eggs will help to crack open the fun at your spring time festivities as they each have an exciting pull back toy inside. With 12 eggs included, the fun might never stop.


Toy Filled Easter Eggs With Disney Moana Figurines

Straight from one of everybody’s favorite film comes these Moana plastic eggs. Hide them around your house or yard, and set off one of the most exciting egg hunts in history. Once children have discovered their colorful egg, they will love to learn that is has been filled with a Moana toy for them to keep.

Prices Vary

Prextex Easter Eggs Filled with Pull-Back Construction Vehicles

Roll up, roll up to this year’s epic Easter egg hunt hosted by whoever is reading this. The following 12 pretty and plastic Easter eggs have been pre filled with exciting pull back construction vehicles for everyone’s racing enjoyment, to ensure the fun lasts a lot longer than the hunt itself.

Prices Vary

Easter Egg With Figurines Inside Assorted Fun Characters

The troops have been gathered for this Easter egg, as it has been filled with a ton of terrific toys from every child’s favorite animated films and games. Durable and plastic in design, this colorful surprise egg can be given alongside chocolate this spring, to make sure that the fun lasts well beyond the holiday itself.

Prices Vary

Toy Filled Easter Eggs With Trolls Figurines

Does your little one and their friends simply adore the film Trolls? If so, make their Easter extra special with these ready to go plastic eggs. Hide these colorful shells around your house and watch as the children scramble to find them. Once opened, they will discover a Trolls toy in each and every one.

Prices Vary

Kangaroo’s Easter Eggs with Toys Inside

Are you throwing a pretty big Easter party this year? If so, you will need an egg hunt that can keep the masses happy. These 100 plastic surprise eggs are the perfect companion to your springtime festivities. Each egg contains a fun toy that kids will love to discover.

Prices Vary

Dinosaur Grow Eggs 2 Inch

Give the gift that keeps on giving, literally, with these fun dinosaur eggs. Perfect for Easter egg hunts, these highly decorated and awesome to look at eggs can be placed into water to allow the little dino inside to hatch and grow. Spring is the time for lambs, chicks AND baby dinosaurs.

Prices Vary

Emoji Toy Filled Easter Eggs

Lay out these 30 plastic surprise eggs around your house and watch as everything descends into controlled chaos as the hunt begins. The excitement will only grow when the participants realize that these colorful and cool eggs are filled with fun and simply silly emoji toys! Easter isn’t just about the chocolate.

Prices Vary

Soft Easter Eggs Slime

Do things differently this spring and mix up the fun with this 5 pack of fun Easter eggs. Perfect as Easter gift basket fillers, these eggs have a little surprise as they have been filled with stretchy, gooey, squishy slime. Colorful and even scented, it’s a fun treat to enjoy this spring.

Prices Vary

Easter Egg With Troll Figurines Inside

This 6 inch, colorful plastic Easter egg is absolutely bursting with surprises. Slip this into someone’s Easter gift this year and watch as their face lights up upon opening, as this cool egg is full to the brim with Dreamwork’s Trolls toys and figurines. Kids will love it!

Prices Vary

Nickelodeon “Shimmer and Shine” Toy-Filled Easter Eggs

Shimmer and Shine this Easter with these loveable pre filled Easter eggs, inspired by the popular children’s television show on Nickelodeon. Inside each of the 12 pink surprise eggs, kids will discover a fun themed toy that will definitely make their wishes come true. Playful, pink, perfect.

Prices Vary

Joyin Toy Easter Eggs Prefilled with Assorted Wind-up Toys

Send them home with something that will make them always remember your Easter party. These crazy and colorful surprise eggs are the bright way to give a gift this Easter without breaking the bank. These fun eggs have been filled with assorted wind up toys for some fun racing action.

Prices Vary

Easter Eggs Filled Eggs with 24 kinds of Popular Toys

Organize the biggest and best Easter egg hunt there ever was with these 48 Easter eggs. Due to their plastic design they are durable enough to hide practically anywhere, but are bright and colorful enough that they will still be found. Each one contains a brilliantly exciting toy that kids will simply love.


Mario Kart Racer Toy Filled Easter Eggs

Bring the whole family together this Easter with these cool pre filled plastic eggs. With awesome colors and designs on each egg, and a Mario Kart wind up toy inside, they really are eggcellent. Sit around the table on Easter Sunday and get some high speed racing on the go.

Prices Vary

Toy Filled Easter Eggs With Peanuts Cartoon Figurines

When spring comes around, everyone starts to get excited about Easter. Make it even more exciting this year, and use these eggs in your Easter hunt. Watch as everyone rummages for these highly colorful, plastic eggs. Once cracked open, they will reveal an awesome Peanuts figurine as the surprise eggs contain Charlie Brown and the gang.

Prices Vary

Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toy-Filled Easter Eggs

Give your little one the best Easter egg hunt ever with these Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse plastic eggs, all containing awesome toys such as tattoos, hand clappers, balls and more. Your child will even get a loot bag for the hunt to make things even more entertaining.

Prices Vary

Bubble Guppy Figurines In Toy Filled Easter Egg

Say Happy Easter to the Bubble Guppy gang with these surprise eggs. With 12 plastic, easy to open eggs included, you will be able to stuff them in every nook and cranny for the ultimate Easter egg hunt. Kids will be especially excited to find a toy figurine in each and every one of them.

Prices Vary

Hello Kitty Easter Basket Fillers Bundle

Your Hello Kitty fan will be over the moon this Easter to receive this epic bundle of gifts with their chocolate eggs. With 3 activity books included, 5 awesome pre filled Easter eggs containing cool and exciting toys, and even a Ty Hello Kitty beanie toy, the fun will continue all the way to next spring.

Prices Vary

Disney Minnie Mouse Toy-Filled Easter Eggs

Make the Minnie Mouse fan that you know and love as happy as can be this Easter with this set of fun filled (literally) Easter eggs. With a dozen plastic eggs included, each one contains an exciting themed toy to play with. There is even a Minnie Mouse loot bag, and a holographic holiday pin! Wow.

Prices Vary

Dreamworks Trolls Toy-Filled Easter Eggs Bundle

Get to work setting an exhilarating Easter Egg hunt with this job lot of Dreamwork’s Trolls plastic surprise eggs. These pink eggs have been pre filled with a fun toy in each, all coming from a huge variety of cool stuff. You will even get a trendy Trolls bag and even a holographic pin to wear.

Prices Vary

Ready To Hide and Hunt Toy Filled Easter Eggs

The start of spring time means it is almost time for the biggest hunt of the calendar, the Easter egg hunt. Spice things up this year and have the kids looking for something other than candy. These 48 colorful plastic surprise eggs have been filled with an assortment of toys for an exciting hunt.

Prices Vary

Toy Filled Easter Eggs With 4 Poke Balls and Pokemon Figures

Imagine their face when they crack open their Easter egg to find a real looking Poke ball laying inside! Luckily for you that won’t be where the fun ends, as inside the Poke ball will be an awesome Pokemon figure for kids to play with. With 4 in a pack, you can spread the love further.

Prices Vary

Shopkins Toy-Filled Easter Eggs

With the included Shopkins loot bag in hand, you can send your little ones on the Easter egg hunt that they will love. In each of these pink and plastic eggs, hides a themed toy for them to play with. With a huge variety of toys, they are bound to have the best Easter ever.

Prices Vary

Disney’s Frozen Candy-filled Plastic Easter Eggs

If you’re talking about fun, let it flow with these awesome Disney’s Frozen Easter eggs. With 16 eggs in a bag, each and every one comes with a tasty and cool looking character candy nestled inside. The perfect size surprise eggs for this springs egg hunt.

Prices Vary

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood Toy-Filled Easter Eggs

Set up the Easter egg hunt that will have them searching in their neighborhood, with these Daniel Tigers Neighborhood plastic eggs. Children will search high and low for these epic eggs that have been pre filled with fun toys. There is even a themed loot bucket included to make things easier.

Prices Vary

Prefilled Easter Eggs With Dinosaur Toys

What came first? The chicken, the egg or…the dinosaur? These 12 plastic Easter eggs are the perfect tools for you to start an Easter egg hunt for your mini paleontologist. They will love digging around looking for their eggs, and will be more excited to discover there are dinosaur toys in each and every one!

Prices Vary

Fun Express Dinosaur Dino Finger Puppet Filled Easter Eggs

If you’re in a rush this Easter, get yourself some pre-filled surprise eggs that you know the kids will adore. These particular eggs are simply awesome; with 12 plastic eggs in a pack, kids will be surprised and excited to find that each one contains an adorable dinosaur finger puppet for them to play with.


Easter Eggs Filled With Ultra Beast GX Pokemon Cards

If you know and love someone that simply adores Pokemon, then this is the Easter egg set for them. With 6 bright and colorful plastic eggs included, you can add them to their Easter gift basket and wait for the excitement as each one contains Ultra Beast GX rare and uncommon Pokemon cards.

Prices Vary

Easter Eggs Prefilled with Toys for Your Egg Hunt

If you’re throwing a big Easter party, you definitely won’t have time to fill your own eggs for the Easter egg hunt. These 100 pre filled Easter eggs are your saving grace this spring. Each one is bright and colorful and even houses a cool and fun toy for kids to play with.

Prices Vary

Blaze and the Monster Machine Kids Toy-Filled Easter Eggs

Send them on the egg hunt and see if they have what it takes to be crowned the Egg Hunting Champion with this Blaze and the Monster Machine egg set. With a themed loot bag included, you can set your little on the hunt for 12 toy filled surprise eggs before awarding them with their sticker.

Prices Vary

Pokemon Toy Filled Easter Eggs

For the lover of all things Pokemon comes this awesome Easter egg set. Forget candy and chocolate, this set contains plastic Easter eggs that contain high quality Pokemon toy figurines that can be played with or collected. It’s bound to be the best egg hunt ever.

Prices Vary

Disney Pixar Finding Dory Kids Toy-Filled Easter Eggs

We’ve found Nemo, and we’ve found Dory, now it’s time to find the Easter eggs with these themed plastic eggs from the hit movie! With 12 bright and blue eggs included, you can hide the eggs anywhere you want. Once found and opened, kids will discover toys in each one.

Prices Vary

Toy Filled Easter Eggs With Mario Figures

When Princess Peach has been found and rescued, all there is left to do is find the eggs. This set of 18 plastic and awesome looking Easter eggs have each been filled with a different Mario character toy for the finder to play with. Prepare for an epic egg hunt this year.

Prices Vary

Care Bear Figurines Inside Easter Egg

When kids are expecting chocolate and candy, shock them with this surprise egg that will leave them bouncing around with excitement. This jumbo plastic Easter egg contains not candy, but Rainbow Bears. With 12 figurines included, the joy will last a lot longer than just spring.

Prices Vary

Toy Filled Easter Eggs With Assorted Figurines

Crack into these 12 epic plastic Easter eggs to discover your wildest animated dreams coming true. Inside each colorful egg lies a toy figurine from a variety of different animated games, films and television shows. Set up an Easter egg hunt to see who will get who.

Prices Vary

9 Diy Easter Egg Surprise Ideas

Diy Easter Egg Hunt Clues

Are you a bit lost when it comes to thinking up some great clues for an even more interesting egg hunt at Easter? If so, this website is here to help. With free printable clues available, you will have them scratching their heads as they follow each one to the prize.

Fun Energy Burning Easter Egg Hunt

With all that sugar racing around our bodies at Easter, it would be nice if we had some way of releasing all of that energy. Well now we do; the following article has a ton of fun energy burning activities to keep the family moving and laughing this spring.

Easter Story Snack Mix

Teach children about the origin of Easter with this fun and tasty snack mix recipe that tells the story of Easter. Each ingredient represents an important part of the story and is a great and interesting way to teach kids about this holiday. The best part is it tastes great!

Fill Your Easter Basket with Legos

Everyone loves candy and chocolate, but sometimes there is so much of it at Easter that it is nice to mix it up with something not edible. This cool DIY tutorial shows you how to fill your own plastic eggs with LEGO sets; suddenly the egg hunt became a lot more fun.

Easter Egg Shape Hunt Tutorial

Use this spring holiday to teach your children such an exciting game that they will not even realize they are learning. With just some plastic Easter eggs and some craft foam, you can make a fun activity that will gets kids using their egg hunt to look for shapes instead of candy.

Fairy Garden Easter Egg Filler Idea

Follow the link to discover the perfect Easter egg filler. This tutorial will show you how to exchange the chocolate for fairy garden items whilst filling your own eggs, and will allow kids to create a magical garden when the eggs are opened. Perfect for your spring garden.

How to Have a Glow in The Dark Egg Hunt

Mix up the Easter egg hunt this year and do it in the dark. This cool DIY craft guide will teach you how to make glow in the dark Easter eggs. All you need are some battery operated tealights (the flameless ones) and some plastic Easter eggs to light up your family’s life.

Diy Goop Easter Plastic Egg Filler

Get messy this spring with this DIY goop Easter plastic egg filler. This website will teach you just how to make this fun alternative to the classic Easter egg. Once opened, the recipient will be met with a sticky, gloopy, messy egg that even has a bouncy ball for the yolk.

Disney’s Tsum Tsum Egg Filler Idea

Disney’s Tsum Tsums are adorable little soft toys, inspired by Disney characters. They exist to be played as part of a game and are great collectible items. The following article shows you how you can fill your Easter eggs with these cool little guys and send your children on the best Easter egg hunt ever.

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