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31 Sunflower Gifts to Brighten Their Life

Flowers in general make wonderful gifts, but when you’re looking for something to really brighten their lives, you can’t beat a vibrant, yellow sunflower. Delicate rings and household things all make beautiful sunflower gifts; you could even go for cheerful yoga pants, or have a go at making your own offerings, including a delicious sunflower butter or infused hand balm for silky soft hands.

Bright and cheerful gifts for sunflower lovers.

Sunflower Garden Grow Kit

With 6 different varieties included, this growing kit contains everything needed to start and nurture a sunflower patch, including seeds, peat, and a carton for starting them off indoors.


You Are My Sunshine Sunflower Ring

If she lights up your life with her sunny disposition, give her a wearable reminder with this beautiful and unusual ring, which features a golden sunflower, CZ-encrusted leaf, and song lyric inscription.


Sunflower Duct Tape

If she’s into her homemade arts and crafts, add to her collection with a roll of sunflower Duck Tape which displays huge yellow blooms to infuse the feel of summertime.


Sunflower Engagement Ring

Ask for her hand in marriage with this stunning sterling silver ring. Far from the usual solitaire, this ring uses a yellow cubic zirconia as the centerpiece of four stunning silver sunflowers.


The Sunflower: On the Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness

The Sunflower is a thought-provoking and moving account of one Jewish man’s refusal to accept the apologies of an SS officer, and responses by 53 notable figures, including the Dalai Lama.


Sunflower House Book

Children are drawn to sunflowers for their sunny appearance and often-grand stature, and this book about little ones and their planting adventures celebrates that with beautiful rhyming text and colorful illustrations.


Sunflower PopSocket

PopSockets are the clever way to hold a mobile devices safely and securely, and even act as a stand for hands-free viewing; this sunflower design is ideal for lovers of this beautiful bloom.


Sunflower 3D Card

The earthy color of this card’s front and back cover hides the vibrant sunflower which pops up inside as soon as the card is opened, and also conceals a lovely hidden surprise.


Sunflower Non Slip Shoes

Just like the flower which graces the canvas, these shoes – which feature a skid-resistant sole – are sturdy and resilient, and will make walking, shopping, or playing a bright and cheerful experience.

Prices Vary

Swarovski Sunflower Crystal

Breathtakingly stunning, this Swarovski crystal sunflower is as delicate as it is beautiful inside its own clear crystal vase, and sparkles vibrantly when placed so it catches the sun’s rays.


Enamel Sunflower Ring

Perfect for summer, this pretty little ring is made from rhodium plated brass and enamel, and would make a wonderful sunflower gift for any fan of this vibrant yellow bloom.


Plant the Packaging Floral Candles

This gift gives twice the pleasure – not only can they enjoy the wonderful scents of the candle, but the packaging is infused with sunflower seeds which can be planted outside in the garden.


Real Dry Pressed Mini Sunflower Necklace

There’s nothing quite as sad as seeing a sunflower starting to fade, but this pendant keeps one forever fresh as it contains a real sunflower head encased in a glass cabochon.


Sunflower Sunshine Angel Figure

Fans of Willow Tree will adore this addition to their collection – the sweet innocence of an angel holding sunflowers in the folds of her skirt is what makes Willow Trees such sought after figurines.


Sunflower Charm

Even when it’s gray and dull outside, this little enamel charm will bring a touch of sunshine to the day when they wear it on the included simple string band.


Sunflower Crew Socks

Put a spring (or rather summer) in their step with a cute pair of sunflower socks which come in packs of two, and are available in six different color options.


The Sun and Her Flowers

The second collection of poetry by Rapi Kaur, The Sun and Her Flowers is a remarkable journey through the twists and turns of life, which wilts and blossoms like a beautiful bloom.


Sol Shine Sunflower Mini Backpack

Give her the feeling of sunshine on her back with this pretty mini backpack, which is covered in delicately colored sunflowers and includes a faux suede O’Neill logo and main zippered compartment.

Prices Vary

Comfy Stretch Sunflower Print Drawstring Pants

Super comfy and funky, these casual pants are made from polyester and can be worn for lounging, yoga, or even as pajamas for when they need a little bit of cheer.

Prices Vary

12 Diy Sunflower Gift Ideas

Sunflower Crown

This step by step guide shows you how to create a beautiful crown made of fresh sunflowers which is perfect for wearing throughout the festival season or for a touch of boho chic.

Diy Sunflower Petal Hand Balm

Help them get their hands summer-ready after a long, harsh winter by making a batch of this beautifully-scented hand balm that’s full of nutritious oils and infused with real sunflower petals.

Diy Sunflower Wreath

Burlap has such a homey feel, which is why this pretty wreath would make such a beautiful sunflower gift for anyone who would love to have this happy flower around all year long.

Felt Flower Pillows

Make these surprisingly easy pillows in bright, vibrant shades of yellow and green, and you’ll be giving someone the gift of sunshine for their couch, bed, or favorite comfy chair.

Diy Paper Sunflowers

Become a member of this online craft group and you will have instant access to dozens of arty templates, including this one which allows you to make these spectacular paper sunflowers.

Super Seedy Sunflower Butter

Whether they’re allergic to nuts or they just fancy an alternative, this recipe will show you how to make your own sunflower butter, which is not only delicious, but highly nutritious, too.

Sunflower Painted Mason Jar

This DIY jar makes a fabulous vase or pen holder, and displays a cheerful sunflower on the front which is surprisingly easy to recreate using acrylic paints and the right shape brushes.

Diy Hanging Sunflower Pendants

A summer’s alternative to mistletoe at Christmas, these kissing balls can be hung all over the house to add a happy vibe, because who can be down when sunflowers are around?

Homemade Roasted Sunflower Seeds

Full of vitamin E and healthy fatty acids, sunflower seeds make a great alternative to snacking on fried chips, and this recipe shows you how to roast your own once summer’s over.

Lemon Sunflower Cupcakes

Look how cheerful these little cupcakes are! Just the thing to cheer up a friend who’s feeling down, the flowers on top are made using mini Oreos, which is another added bonus!

Sunflower Quilt

Create a quilt which is made up of all things autumnal by following the instructions given, and use the pretty sunflower square as its centerpiece for a beautifully themed gift.

Diy Sunflower Wall Art

Although sunflowers are vibrant by nature, using muted colors lends a beautifully different appearance to them, and this set of 4 wall art squares is the perfect example of that.

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