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12 “Girly Scream” Worthy Subscription Boxes for Women

Subscription boxes are a great way to try out a little of a lot of products, so you can see what’s new, what’s trending, and take some of the guesswork out of things. It’s also a way to get personalized recommendations, as in many cases you fill out a questionnaire, quiz, or profile so they can tailor the box contents to your style and likes. Here are some of the best boxes for women.

12 “Girly Scream” Worthy Subscription Boxes for Women- I am so addicted to these! It’s like Christmas morning every time I get one in the mail.


Birchbox has been winning fans with its subscription service, and there’s a bit of a wait to get in. At $10 it ends up being a pretty good deal, since much of what they send you is stuff you’ll actually like. You may end up liking the samples they send so much you’ll end up buying full sized versions, which isn’t a bad thing since you already know you like it.


Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix has really thought of everything when it comes to shopping for clothes online. They’ll send you items that have been picked out based on your style, you try on what you like at home and then send back the things you didn’t like for free. They even learn from your feedback as time goes on and send more accurate outfits.


Nature Box

Snacks can make or break a diet plan, and it’s the times in between meals that will have you reaching for the nearest sweet or salty treat. Nature Box is designed to fill those gaps with nutritious snacks that won’t weigh you down and will satisfy you long enough to get to the next meal.


Julep Maven

Julep has some pretty incredible polishes, and when you’re a part of their Maven club they’ll send you new styles every month based on your answers to their quiz questions. It’s a way to keep your nails up-to-date and coordinating with your personal style without having to put a lot of thought into it.



If you have trouble keeping up with the latest trends, let Wantable keep up with them for you. They’ve got their finger on the pulse of what’s how and what’s not and they tip you off by sending you monthly picks for a reasonable cost per month. You can choose between makeup, accessories, or intimate wear, and let them handle the rest.



GlossyBox is earning top ratings by those that are receiving the boxes, and it’s not surprising since they seem to have a strong desire to pack the boxes full of things you’ll want to use. With creams, lotions, perfumes, and gels to help with all sorts of problems this is like a monthly pampering session in a box.


Beauty Box 5

When it comes to cosmetics it’s often a matter of trial and error. But the Beauty Box system is trying to cut down on the amount of error, and increase the amount of trials. They’ll send you a wide and varying assortment of products that are sure to help you look your best, all at a price you can live with.


Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

It’s hard to find vegan products, because so many of the most popular items use animal byproducts of some sort, or get tested on animals. But Vegan Cuts brings you the best beauty products that haven’t been tested on animals, and don’t include any ingredients that use animals in any way, shape, or form. Finally feel good about the products you’re using.



They’re making it pretty easy to at least try out the Klutch Club membership. They guarantee that you’re getting at least $50 worth of healthy items in each box, which makes this a pretty good deal, even when you factor in the cost of shipping to your door.


Whimsey Box

The folks at Whimseybox say they’ll get you making again with their monthly boxes. They’ll send you all of the supplies you need for a Do-It-Yourself project. You make the creation and then have a chance to interact with other members through the site to compare how yours turned out and get tips and creative ideas. Fun!


Beauty Army

Maybe it doesn’t take an army to make you beautiful, but it’s nice to have one behind you when it comes to picking out the best products to get the job done. You basically end up with 6 different samples sent each month, so you can try out what works, and see what doesn’t work, all for a nominal fee.


Green Grab Bag

The interactive way you assemble your Green Grab Bag is something you’ll want to check out. They let you choose items that are most interesting to you, and everything ships free inside the box. They also don’t require any sort of monthly commitment, which is nice. They offer 3 different levels, and show you just how much can fit in each box.



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