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11 Fun & Educational Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

It can be hard coming up with fun things that both you and your child will enjoy, and learn from. By the time you find something to do online, and then go out and buy the supplies, complete the activity, and clean up, it can be quite the task. These subscription boxes help you take the guesswork and grunt work out of the equation and allow you to just focus on the fun.

11 Fun & Educational Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids- monthly educational activities and crafts delivered to you every month. Love these!

Kiwi Crate

Kiwi Crate brings fun activities to complete with your child right to your front door. Take the stress of trying to come up with fun and creative things to do. The box contains all of the supplies you’ll need to get it done, and detailed instructions to make sure that it comes out just right.



The BabbaCo company not only supplies monthly boxes with great things that kids will enjoy doing, they also have a daily newsletter filled with tips, advice, and pick-me-ups for parents. Some of the boxes they have available are art projects, and even a project designed to build an appreciation for astronomy. Truly unique projects and crafts.


Little Passports

The concept behind Little Passports is a big one. It’s designed to blend the online and offline worlds so that your child has a multimedia experience, and also spends time off the computer learning and exploring the world around them, and the greater globe as well. You can choose a USA edition or a global one.


Citrus Lane

Citrus Lane is all about sending you the sort of children’s items that you’d buy on your own if you had the time and wherewithal to find such great products. Everyone loves finding a deal, but with these subscription packages they find the deal and then send it to you without you having to worry about anything. The items are matched to your child’s stage of development.


Stork Stack

They haven’t forgotten anyone when it comes to the Stork Stack shipments, they include gifts for baby, as well as something for you too. The best part is you can sign up even before you’ve had your baby and they’ll start sending you boxes full of things they know you’ll need, even if you don’t know you need them yet.


Crafters Crate

The craft kits sent by Crafters Crate will be fun to open, both for you and your child. They’ll be excited that they get to do something new and fun, and you’ll be happy that you don’t have to come up with something for them to do. The kits can be educational, fun, and in many instances both.


Fab Kids

Here’s a way to make sure your kid always looks fabulous, without driving around town trying to find clothes that look right. You start by establishing a style profile for them, and then sit back and relax as new outfits arrive monthly. Each outfit comes complete with three pieces.


The Crowded Tub

The Crowded Tub is all about making bath time more fun. You end up getting a steady supply of bath items that are sure to get your child to establish good hygiene habits and look forward to tub time, rather than trying to avoid it. The items are all designed to be non-toxic and eco-friendly so you can feel good about what you receive.


Little Pnuts

Here’s a way to keep the toys coming, without having to go toy shopping on a regular basis. The toys are not the kind you’d typically find at a big brand toy store, and they are tailored to your child’s age and stage of development, so you can be sure that they’ll enjoy playing with them from day one.


The Happy Trunk

The Happy Trunk sends themed boxes so your child will have plenty to choose from with each package, all related to one key category. For example, they may learn about butterflies, make a butterfly net and take part in butterfly-themed activities. Or they might take part in a Sun and Sand themed box making sand art. Each month is different, but sure to be great.


Green Kid Crafts

The great thing about the boxes sent by Green Kids Crafts is that they send you multiple activities. This helps you ration them out through the month so you don’t find yourself twiddling your thumbs with your kids for weeks after completing an activity. With this you can do a weekly activity with them and you’ll be set for the month.



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