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39 Dad-Approved Subscription Boxes – From the Geeky to Hipster

Subscription boxes for Dad are an excellent idea for Father’s Day. With so many different themes available, there is bound to be a subscription box that will tick all of his boxes. Check out the collection here and see exactly what you can find! You won’t be sorry.

Subscription Boxes For Dad

Beard Care Club

The number one way to keep a beard luscious, healthy and full of life is with the regular use of beard oil. If your dad sports a beard that the Greek Gods would be jealous of, you should help him out this Father’s Day and sign him up to the Beard Care Club subscription box.

Price varies

Monthly Watch Club

It’s time for a great Father’s Day gift thanks to this awesome subscription box. The Monthly Watch Club is just that, a subscription box that will have a brand new, custom timepiece delivered to the door of your choice every calendar month; it’s the perfect way to make a statement.

Price varies

Forma Supply Co.

Subscription boxes for Dad are a fantastic idea when it comes to doing this year’s Father’s Day shopping as they really are the gift that keeps on giving. Forma Supply Co. is the box that will keep their fashion sense on point by delivering them with 3 premium t shirts each and every month.

Price varies

Magic Room Brand

Magic Room Brand exist to supply the world with eco friendly musician’s accessories, such as guitar plectrums and drum sticks. If your old man loves to make music, this box could be the one for him this Father’s Day. Simply choose your subscription option and away you go.

Price varies

Knife Subscription Club

Knifes are a great collection to start; with so many different styles, brands and purposes, they truly are an awesome piece of equipment. With this subscription box, you can get high quality knives from well known brands delivered on a monthly basis, the perfect way to build/start your knife collection.

Price varies

Knife Pack

Knife collecting is a fun hobby that is backed up by many enthusiasts. This Father’s Day, treat your dad to this exciting monthly subscription box and help him on his way to having the best knife collection around. With unique, quality knives being delivered to his door, he’ll be happier than ever.

Price varies


The concept behind this subscription box is utterly astonishing; it’s awesome! Every month you will receive a stunning t shirt with a paranormal theme, and an information card relating to the printed design – both will contain clues that will help you on an internet scavenger hunt as you try to win prizes. Sign up here.

Price varies

Wrestle Crate

It’s time for a little TLC, tables, ladders and chairs! The following subscription box is for the person that loves the glamorous world of wrestling. Ideal as a Father’s Day gift, this box will ensure that the recipient receives collectibles, merch and all kinds of wrestling related accessories.

Price varies

Pub Shirt Club

Ireland is known around the world for its legendary pubs. These drinking holes are part of the local culture; bring that culture to your dad on Father’s Day and sign him up to the pub shirt club. This awesome subscription box delivers an Irish pub t shirt on a monthly basis. Stylish and convenient.

Price varies

Never-Ending Coin Club

If you grew up hearing Dad say that money doesn’t grow on trees, think about buying him a subscription to the Never Ending Coin Club! With gold and silver bullion, as well as various other collectible coins being delivered each month, he’ll never be able to tell you he has no coinage on him again.

Price varies

Hopebox Men

Does your Dad need a little hope in his life? If so, get it delivered to his door on a monthly basis thanks to the Hopebox Men. This delightful subscription box will allow your dad to receive handmade products that all come with an inspiring message of hope. Check it out here to find out more.

Price varies

First Sip Brew Box

That first sip is always the most refreshing. Enjoy it more often with the awesome First Sip Brew Box; designed by craft beer enthusiasts for craft beer enthusiasts, the box will allow you to receive craft beer accessories along with valuable information and connections to breweries. Perfect for dads.

Price varies

The BJJ Box

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a stunning, yet dangerous form of martial arts that is arguably one of the most effective fighting styles in mixed martial arts. The BJJ box is the subscription box for the martial arts fan as it ensures that you receive grappling gear along with BJJ accessories and even training tips and guides.

Price varies

Robb Vices Membership

Subscription boxes for Dad don’t get much better than Robb Vices Membership. This exciting and discerning subscription box features a different surprise theme each month, but always gives you a taste of the good life. From wines and spirits, to technology and tools, this box will have the recipient waiting up for the mailman.

Price varies

B4 Shirts

Is your Dad a sporting man? He is? If so, this is definitely a subscription box suitable for him. Sign up and watch his excitement as he opens the front door every 3 months to discover a vintage style, high quality t shirt that features one of his favorite sports.

Price varies

MoshBoxx Heavy Rock Music Box

Rock on with the MoshBoxx. This heavy rock music subscription box appeals to the metal head inside and is ideal for the mosh lover in your life. Full to the very brim with a wide array of different merchandise, you can help someone indulge in some real rockin’ fun every month.

Price varies

The Nomadik Subscription Box

Subscription boxes for fathers shouldn’t be hard to find this Father’s Day; if your dad is an adventurer at heart then this is the box for him. The Nomadik subscription box is absolutely ideal for anyone that lives life on the edge. Expect to receive tested and approved adventuring gear each month.

Price varies

Men’s Accessories Box

Accessories can change anyone’s look from mediocre, to 10 out of 10. The discerning man should definitely take a look at the following subscription box that has accessories delivered to the address of your choice each month. From watches to cufflinks to ties, they really do have it all.

Price varies

Swinger Box®

There is no point teeing off without all of the right equipment. Thanks to the Swinger Box, you will never be caught short on the fairway again. With the box contents personally tailored to the recipient, it would make a great gift this Father’s Day. For a breakdown of the contents, follow the link.

Price varies

Hero T-Shirt Club

The United States of America has many different heroes spanning across a multitude of different forces; from the DEA to the Fire Dept. The hero t shirt club is the perfect subscription box to show your love and admiration of those heroes with a different themed t shirt being delivered every month. Awesome.

Price varies

Urban Dapper Club

Show your dad that you have noticed his good fashion sense when you sign him up to this clothing box. Designed for men with taste, you can expect to receive a multitude of different clothing and accessories every time the box is delivered. A great gift idea.

Price varies

Range Junkie

When looking for subscription boxes for Dad, you should start by exploring his interests. If your dad loves nothing more than his gun collection, this box is the one for him. Range Junkie offers, on a monthly basis, a selection of gun related gear, accessories, and other cool items that any gun loving American would want.

Price varies


Accessories make the world go around, well…not quite, but they certainly help make it look better. With this exciting subscription, you can make one man very happy as he eagerly awaits a box full of delightful and high quality clothing accessories to keep him dapper at all times. Check it out right here.

Price varies


Welcome to the age of technology, where you can get the latest tech gadgets delivered right to your very door on a rolling monthly basis. That’s right, with TekCrates you will know that you have access to all of the best gadgets around, hand selected and delivered to your property once ever calendar month. Pretty cool.

Price varies

Comma Vintage

New doesn’t automatically mean better; if your dad loves to don some old school, vintage clothing as opposed to the modern style, fear not as you can make his Father’s Day the best one yet with this gift that keeps on giving. Simply sign up and receive vintage clothing every month, delightfully packaged in a box.

Price varies

Monthly Automotive Subscription Box

From Japanese Domestic Market to the best and beefiest muscle cars around, this subscription box caters to all kinds of petrol heads. With different apparel being delivered each month based on a different theme; you can also expect to receive a whole load of other car related cool stuff.

Price varies

The Soccer Society

Soccer is a great game: simple, elegant and extremely exciting. This Father’s Day, treat your dad to something a little different and get him started with The Soccer Society. This subscription box for soccer fans ensures that you receive all kinds of merchandise related to the great game, every single month.

Price varies

The Shave Room

Shaving is a lost art – with the invention of disposable razors and the increasing pace of the world, people don’t shave how they used to. Bring it back to your dad’s life in time for Father’s Day thanks to The Shave Room who deliver wet shave products to your door step on a monthly basis.

Price varies

King x Portland

Socks are soooo underrated. Even though they are technically an undergarment, they are a great way to show individual style. King x Portland understand the importance of socks, and as such supply a monthly subscription box that delivers 1 pair of seasonal socks every month to your chosen address.

Price varies

Cooler Can Monthly

If your dad wants to do nothing more this Father’s Day than crack open a cold one, let him do it in style and sign him up to Cooler Can Monthly. This subscription box tracks down some of the coolest koozies from around the US, allowing your old man to enjoy his frothy friend in style.

Price varies

HMD Sporting Gear

Knives are cool. Sleek, stunning and also deadly, they are a great product to collect. Check out this subscription box and watch as your knife collection gets a million times better thanks to a monthly delivery of high quality, hand made and original knives. Check them out here, you won’t be sorry.

Price varies

Southern Cigar Co

Cigars are arguably the best way to smoke; they smell great, look great and smoke great. If the father figure in your life loves to enjoy a smooth cigar, you now know what to get him for Father’s Day as the Southern Cigar Co. ensure that you receive 4 premium cigars every single month.

Price varies

Nakd Wrist

Nakd Wrist exists to make sure that you never do have a naked wrist again. Delivered on a monthly basis, this exciting subscription box for dads posts a new watch each time allowing you to build your watch collection every time you turn over your calendar. A great gift idea for stylish men.

Price varies

Spiffster Club

They say that a tie is one of the things people notice when making a first impression; that is why you should make sure that your tie is always up to standard. If your dad wears a tie for work, or leisure, this subscription box will make sure that he always has a wide selection available.

Price varies

SaloonBox DIY Cocktail Kit

Don’t you wish that you could mix up an old fashioned or a martini without having to load up the internet and print off a recipe? Use this subscription box to learn how to make beautiful cocktails all year round, delivering ingredients, recipes and more to ensure you can produce delicious drinks all the time.

Root Bizzle: Menswear on Autopilot

Root Bizzle is THE way for men to keep stylish goods in their wardrobe at all times, with less of the hassle. As it’s a subscription box, it is delivered on a monthly basis and includes a variety of different menswear that has been hand selected, giving you the confidence to look good, all the time.

Price varies

Southern Scholar Socks

Men deserve to keep their feet well dressed, but we’re not talking about shoes here! Southern Scholar exists to introduce men to some of the finer dress socks in life and deliver them to their door once a month; if you are looking for something to get your dad this Father’s Day, this could be it.

Price varies

Surf Shop Box

Surf style is good style and Surf Shop Box know that. As such, they have produced a great subscription box for men who love to keep things comfortable, relaxed and stylish. Check it out on the following page to see what you can expect; it truly is a great gift idea.

Price varies

Comic Mystery Box

Get your geek on, it’s subscription box time. This particular box is any comic book lover’s dream and will have them counting down the days each month till the next edition! With 15 assorted comic books delivered each month, both new and classic, there is plenty to enjoy between deliveries.

Price varies

3 Diy Home Gifts for Dad

Diy Family Tree

This Father’s Day, show your dad how much he means to you and the rest of the family by creating this beautiful homemade family tree. With all of the instructions included in the following article, you will be able to whip it up in no time and add to it as the family grows and grows.

Diy Photo Bookmark

Check out this fun project if your dad is the type of man that loves nothing more than sitting down with a good book. With just a few materials, you can create a stunning photograph bookmark using the photo of your choice, so that his favorite faces can save the page he is on.

Diy Vintage Photo Pillow

What’s better than cuddling up to your loved ones for a little comfort? If your Dad does not have access to cuddles at all times, you should have a read of the following guide that shows you how to make DIY photograph pillows in no time at all; allowing him to keep his loved ones close.

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