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17 Stress Relief Christmas Gifts for Mom (Help Her Relax)

What better way to show Mom that you love her than to get her a great gift for Christmas? We all know Moms do so much for everyone during the holidays. To help keep that stress under control, we have compiled a list of the most relaxing gifts that will keep her glowing and giver her back that holiday cheer.

Finally, I have found the perfect gift list for my mom during the holidays! Moms are notoriously hard to shop for and this list takes the guessing out of stress-relieving gift giving.

Bath & Body Gift Set with 5 Relaxing & Care Tools in Wooden Basket

For those at-home Spa days, this basket includes 5 relaxing accessories to help Mom ease her tension. This wooden basket built to hold all 5 products neatly includes
Prices Vary

Bath Pillow – Inflatable with Feathers

This isn’t just an ordinary bath pillow it is filled with colorful pink feathers! It is a long rectangular shape for added support and inflatable to provide just the right amount of pressure. The suction cups on the back help attach the pillow where Mom needs it and can be safely used for a regular bath tub, Jacuzzi, hot tub or spa.
Prices Vary

Lavender Spa Bath And Body Gift Set

Lavender is the ultimate relaxation scent and Mom is going to be sure to love this 5-piece lavender themed gift set. This at-home spa set includes a lavender scented eye pillow, artisan lavender soap, lavender soy candle, lavender essential oil, a lavender bath bomb, and lavender vanilla lotion. It all comes packaged in a clear bag and includes a shower poof.
Prices Vary

Zen Breeze, Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Give Mom some relaxing aromatherapy with this luxurious essential oil diffuser. Oils have been used for years to induce relaxation and ease stress. This diffuser allows essential oils of any fragrance to be safely dispersed into the air with water vapor. The Zen diffuser also has 7 LED light shade colors for an ultimate ambient glow and can emit a calming wave sound.
Prices Vary

Mom Coloring Book

Adult coloring books have been more popular than ever this past year but this book is designed especially for Moms! The full page artistic designs are meditative, relaxing and can bring back the coloring talent that Mom had when she was younger. The back of the designs is left blank so they can be removed and framed for more enjoyment after she is finished coloring.

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

These lamps have been coming out as a way to relax and purify the air. Handmade in the Himalayas, this salt lamp gives off negative ions and scientifically neutralizes pollutants with warm glow that creates a soothing, calming effect on the desk, table or nightstand. The lamp is shipped in an attractive box for easy gift giving, elevate her mood with this gorgeous natural air purifier.
Prices Vary

3D Sleep Mask with Ear Plugs and Travel Case

The Pretty Care sleep mask is engineered for ultimate relaxation and comfort. This mask is made out of lightweight memory foam and the materials are antibacterial and won’t fade. With a Velcro strap it can be adjusted to any size and the mask has eye spaces contoured into it, so eye makeup will never smudge. The travel kit also includes a silk carrying case and ear plugs plus an additional eye mask, so you get two for the price of one!
Prices Vary

Hot Boots – Pink

Super adorable and comfy, these boots can be heated to warm up Mom’s frozen feet! Made from fuzzy pink material, these booties are microwavable and unlike other warm packs these have the sacks built right into them. This makes them easier to heat and they have an added lavender scent for ultimate relaxation.
Prices Vary

Facial Mask – Hydrating Face Clay Treatment Natural & Organic

Give Mom a relaxing. luxurious facial mask that will be sure to clean, tone and hydrate her skin. This mask is made in the USA out of all organic and natural ingredients safe for all skin types and is cruelty-free. The clay will remove dirt deep in pores and leave her skin feeling soft and healthy.

Clinique: All About Eyes

This affordable deluxe eye cream is perfect for Mom’s tired eyes and sensitive skin. Clinique has engineered this cream/moisturizer to be worn under makeup while it softens wrinkles and reduces dark eye circles. Once applied, the lotion provides a cooling, relaxing effect that reduces puffiness and is great for everyday use.

Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter

This lotion is a great way for Mom to wrap up her at-home spa treatments. It is great for feet, hands, elbows and other dry skin areas that need that extra moisture and pampering. It feels so silky going on and leaves skin feeling hydrated all day long. The simple ingredients make it great for sensitive skin and it is buttery rich, giving Mom deep, soothing comfort and softness any time she needs it!

Relaxing Tea Bags

An easy way to give Mom some relaxation time, this three-leaf brew will be her go-to soothing tea during the harsh winter months. The bags are caffeine free and contain a mix of powerful herbs like chamomile and passionflower that are tasty and beneficial for relaxation and peaceful sleep.

Microwave Heating Pad Neck Wrap and Rice Pack

This awesome handmade microwavable neck wrap and rick pack will have Mom relaxing in no time! The neck wrap (20” x 5”) can be heated and then wrapped around a tense neck and the rice pack (8” x 12”) can be used for any other stiff area. Perfect for the winter months, these fleece packs are filled with rice and flax seed that can be reheated over and over again.

Foot Soak with Tea Tree Oil and Epsom Salt

After those long days of holiday shopping and family gatherings, Mom’s feet could use a break! This detoxifying foot soak is a perfect way for her to pamper those tired toes. With tea tree and peppermint oils, this scented soak is holiday themed with Epsom and dead sea salts soothe achiness and prevent swelling.

Relaxing Fireplace Sounds

Bath bombs are the ultimate way to add luxury to any normal bath but some can be expensive. Use these DIY instructions to make your own affordable bath bombs and customize it to your Mom’s favorite colors and fragrances. By combining just a few simple ingredients, you can easily create bath bombs and wrap them up in tissue paper just in time for Christmas.

The Republic of Tea, Cardamon Cinnamon Tea, 36-Count

This is the perfect gift for Mom and you can choose to use Christmas themed vintage teacups for the holiday season. The link includes DIY instructions for how to melt candles and put the wax into the tea cups. These candles will be sure to add a Christmas feel to any room and you can choose the candle colors and scents that Mom will love.

7 DIY Christmas Gifts to Help Mom Relax

Perfect Bath Bomb

There’s no better way to relax than to cozy up in front of the fire but starting one can be such a hassle. Not with these fire starter pine cones! They are easy to make and customize for the holidays and will get that cozy fire started in no time. You can print out cute tags and messages that Mom can read each time she lights one.

Hot Chocolate Jar

With herbs that remind Mom of the holiday season, these herbal teas are sure to relax her. The caffeine free teas contain cinnamon and cardamom (traditional Indian herbs) that will have the house smelling like a charming winter day. The Republic of Teas pride themselves on making beautifully blended teas and this tin includes 36 spicy, sweet tea bags.

Lavender Green Tea Foot Soak

An inexpensive way to make a custom foot soak instead of buying one. All you need to make it is Epsom salts, tea, and essential oil, combined into a glass jar for easy gift giving. To kick the relaxation up the next level, add a foot soaking tub in addition to the homemade soak.

DIY Vintage Teacup Candles

These DIY instructions make it easy to create a gorgeous mint green sugary scrub. This scrub is meant to soften those rough patches of skin like the heels, knees and elbows. Made with simple ingredients, you can choose the jar and decorations to use on your inexpensive DIY gift.

DIY Pinecone Fire Starter Favors

These super cute DIY hand warmers are a great way to customize a practical gift for Mom during the winter months. You can buy fabric or use just some leftover (if you’re already a crafter), sew two pieces together, fill with rice and close them up. To add a decorative edge you can choose different edged shears for extra flair. These DIY instructions will have you making these stocking stuffers in a jiff!

DIY Mint Sugar Scrub

If your Mom has a sweet tooth, this is the perfect gift-in-a-jar to satisfy it and help her relax after those long, cold days. These DIY Hot Chocolate Jars are a way to give Mom a homemade cup of cocoa that she doesn’t have to make herself. The ingredients are all added to the jar and all that she needs to do is hot water.

DIY Handwarmer

So maybe your Mom doesn’t have a fireplace or simply doesn’t want to build a fire after a long day, with this mp3 she won’t have to! These relaxing sounds of a roaring fire will have her imagining those warm flames as she enjoys a glass of wine or cocoa. This album is an hour and 22 minutes of a relaxing crackling fire for only $0.89!

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