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121 Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men, Women and Kids

Traditionally, stocking stuffers are smaller gifts that tend to be secondary to the main gifts under the Christmas tree. But with any number of fun, useful and unique stocking stuffer ideas for all ages, don’t be surprised if your humble little gifts turn out to be a big hit when it’s time to open presents.

121 Unique Stocking Stuffers. THE holy grail for stocking stuffer ideas.

Magnetic Thinking Putty

Bounce it, bend it, stretch it, tear it- magnetic thinking putty is there whenever It’s needed. Use it for arts and crafts, do-it-yourself projects, and much more.

Q-Man Magnets

Decorate the fridge, filing cabinets, and bulletin boards with quirky Q-Man Magnets. These bendable magnets combine fun with function, with poseable rubber bodies and scary-strong magnets to hold lists, notes, files, and photosin place.

Pick Punch

Guitar and bass players know how easy it is to go through a handful of guitar picks. A pick punch lets them make their own unique picks out of old credit cards, hotel room keys, ID cards, plastic sheets, and more.
Prices Vary


Tired of clogged drains filled with hair and guck! TubShrooms fits neatly inside your drain collecting tangled messes. You’ll no longer need harsh chemicals. This stocking stuffer is available in five fun colours: Clean white, Marine Blue, Neutral Grey, Organic Green, and Autumn Orange. Fits any standard 1.5″ tub or bathroom sink drain.


Scrappy’s Bitters Exotic Bitters Mini Set

Add a tingle to someone’s taste buds with this stocking stuffer of Exotic Bitters. Scrappy’s Bitters’ mini set of 4 (0.5 oz) bottles comes in exotic flavors of lavender, Chocolate, Cardamom, and Grapefruit. Nestled in elegant packaging reminiscent of a bygone era, these bitters make excellent digestifs or cocktail flavorings.

Prices Vary

Copper Pineapple Mug

This solid copper mug with a nickel-plated interior is elegantly crafted in the shape of a pineapple. The mug that holds 16 oz is food safe, and is ideal for any cold drinks to serve your guests. Makes for an interesting conversation piece.

Prices Vary

Zippo Hand Warmer

Zippo is famous for its lighters, and now recipients can turn up the heat with a sleek metal hand warmer. It stays toasty for up to 12 hours, and it’s completely refillable.It’s a perfect fit for the Christmas stockings, as well as jacket pockets during caroling, camping, and sledding.
Prices Vary

Garlic Rocker

A must-have for the kitchen also makes a perfect stocking stuffer. A garlic rocker makes it easy (and fun!) to crush and mince garlic; simply rock the clever kitchen tool back and forth over a garlic clove. It’s also dishwasher safe, so it’s a no-hassle gift any kitchen connoisseur will love.
Prices Vary

Paper Watch Design Your Own Watch

It’s difficult to find the perfect watch for the perfect occasion. Don?t leave it up to chance; instead, let the recipient design the watch of his dreams. A paper ‘design your own’ watch is a blank canvas for doodles, paint, stencils, and any decorations the recipient can think of to express himself.
Prices Vary

Tabasco Spicy Chocolate

Combine the spicy heat of Tabasco sauce with the classic decadence of dark chocolate, and you get the most unique and delicious treat for the holidays.
Prices Vary


A perfect gift for students, artists, and kids-at-heart, Smencils features gourmet-scented pencils that keep their delicious aroma for up to two years.
Prices Vary

Solio Bolt Solar Charger

Make it a green Christmas with a mini solar-powered charger for thousands of USB gadgets, including smart phones, cameras, MP3 players, and much more.
Prices Vary

Origami Sticky Notes

Sticky notes don?t have to be so boring. A pack of origami sticky notes includes instructions for 10 different origami projects including a crane, penguin, flower, water bomb, and more. It’s an easy way to fill the Christmas stockings, and a perfect addition to the home or office.

Echo Spot

Enjoy hands-free entertainment with the Echo Spot designed for any place in your home. Stream music, read the news, find information, and control your smart home (lights, thermostats, or sprinklers) with this device. Connect through Bluetooth or use the built-in speaker to access thousands of commands to help organize your life. Available in black.

Prices Vary

Bag of Unicorn Toots

Oh to be a unicorn, when everything you do is magical…even your toots! Proving that a unicorn can’t put a golden hoof wrong, these colorful candy nuggets taste absolutely divine.

Prices Vary

Lost Kitties

These Lost Kitties will make a purrfect stocking stuffer for the crazy cat lady (or lad) in your life, as each pack contains not one but FIVE feline figures.

Prices Vary

Reusable Silicone Baking Cups

Help them cook up a storm with this set of 12 reusable silicone baking cups, which come in beautiful rainbow colors for making cupcakes, muffins, and more. Freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher-safe.

Prices Vary

F Bomb Paperweight

This paperweight will say it best when they say nothing at all. If you know someone who gets into trouble for dropping the F Bomb at work, this is perfect.


BAGGU Reusable Shopping Bag

Going shopping needn’t cost the earth with one or more of these reusable shopping bags, which are made of recycled fabric and available in a huge range of colors and pattern options.

Prices Vary

Tiny Name Necklace

Name necklaces never go out of fashion, and this one is particularly pretty as it features delicate writing (up to 9 characters) and comes in a choice of lengths and colors.


Custom Face Socks

Putting new meaning into the phrase ‘from head to toe’, these socks can be printed with the recipient’s (or anyone else’s) face for a fun yet practical Christmas gift idea.


Money Soap

A fab way to get kids to wash their hands, each bar contains a real bill hidden in the middle, but they’ll have to keep washing until they get to it.

Prices Vary

Hair Rings

Help her keep her hair tangle free and off her face with this 3 pack of Invisibobbles. Made from clear plastic, they hold hair up without breaking, creasing, or snagging.

Prices Vary

Bike Chain Bottle Opener

This fun stocking stuffer is a fun idea for the cyclist in your life who loves to crack open a cold one at the end of a long, hot ride.



Keep their Airpods case nice and clean with one of these Podskinz, which are available in 11 different colors and include a charging port dust cover and full LED visibility.

Prices Vary

Birthstone Mineral Soap

These soaps are just too gorgeous to use! Made from glycerine and vitamin E, each set of three is modelled on the recipient’s birthstone and really looks like the real thing.



The perfect stocking stuffers for lovers of all things Kawaii (or even just cuteness), this set of 10 squishies have a glorious creamy scent and come in a selection of random shapes.

Prices Vary

Beer Layering Tool

Give him a touch of the Olde English with this handy little gadget which allows for layering of drinks, such as stout and bitter ale for the classic Black and Tan.


Personalized Mini Nutella

These teeny jars of Nutella are so cute – firstly, they’re filled with delicious nutty chocolate spread, and secondly, they come with the recipient’s name on the iconic and instantly recognizable label.


InstaNatural Rose Water Facial Toner

This organic toner can be used to spritz the face, body, and hair and contains only natural rose water from Rosa Damascena flower petals, with no nasty chemicals, fragrances, or colors.

Prices Vary

Reusable Drinking Straws

Everyone knows by now that plastic straws are a big no-no for our planet, so solve that problem by slipping one of these telescopic aluminum drinking straws into everyone’s Christmas stocking.

Prices Vary

Relative Insanity Party Game About Crazy Relatives

Relative Insanity is a hilarious card game that has one player reading out a scenario while the others pick a suitably unsuitable response. Perfect for Christmas night gatherings and family game nights.

Prices Vary

Inspirational ‘Always Sparkle’ Spoon

This vintage spoon could well be the reason she smiles every day, thanks to you. Hand stamped with a positive message, she’ll think of you every time she uses it.


Lazy Glasses

This is THE ideal gift for the couch potato in your life! Prism glasses mean that they can watch TV or read while lying down, without having to lift their head.

Prices Vary

Campfire Mug

For some people, Christmas is a year-round event. Help them celebrate all their Christmas Eves with this simple but effective ‘Merry and Bright’ mug which is reminiscent of long winter nights.


Nite Ize Reusable Gear Ties

Everyone has someone in their life who loves to be organized. Help them feed their addiction with this set of gear ties which can be used and re-used over and over again.

Prices Vary

Climbing Rope Camera Strap

Made from climbing rope, this camera strap will hold even the heaviest of photographic equipment safely and securely, and comes in a range of lengths. Suitable for all camera types.


Chop Sabers

You won’t have to ‘Force’ any Star Wars fan to use chopsticks when you slip these into their stocking. Based on the iconic light saber, they’re available in a variety of light-up colors.

Prices Vary

Whiskey Soy Candle

The rich scent of this candle makes it a perfect accessory for any man cave, office, or den, thanks to the delicious waft of whiskey it gives off when it is lit.


Ridged Glass Guitar Picks

If you could ‘pick’ one stocking stuffer for the guitarist in your life, this would be it. Made from ridged glass, it is suitable for all string types and playing styles.


Tweexy – The Original Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder

There’ll be no more spilled nail polishes when they use the Tweexy wearable nail polish holder. Slip it onto any finger like a ring and it’ll keep the bottle safe and upright.


Succulent Mug

Available in 12oz and 20oz sizes, this cactus mug will be handmade to order, meaning every single one is unique, and comes decorated with a pretty coral flower.


Dumbbell Baby Rattle

The photo opportunities with this fun rattle are endless, and should make for some truly perfect insta-worthy moments as baby lifts his or her ‘dumbbell’ high in the air.

Prices Vary

Plantable Wish Cards

The wish cards in this pack are seriously sweet, and will result in a garden full of flowers and a universe of wishes as they plant their dreams and watch them grow.


Bob Ross The Joy of Painting Sticky Notes Booklet

Bring some of the late, great Bob Ross’ inspiration into the home or office with this set of sticky notes which come in a variety of shapes, presented in a hardcover pad.

Prices Vary

Badger Healing Hand Balm

Free from all artificial ingredients and USD certified organic, Badger Balm is the perfect antidote to rough, chapped hands as it soothes and softens with the scent of wintergreen.

Prices Vary

Mechanical Music Box Set

Musicians and music lovers alike will be thrilled with this old fashioned mechanical music box set, which comes with a hand cranked machine, 3 blank strips, and one with ‘happy birthday’.

$6.50- $22.00

Cereal Killer Spoon

For fans of CSI and Criminal Minds, this stainless steel spoon will make them smile every morning as they eat their Lucky Charms. A fun play on words for the amateur sleuth.


Rub-a-Way Stainless Steel Odor Absorber

This intriguing gift will make an unusual stocking stuffer for anyone who works with strong smells, such as chefs. Simply rub the stainless steel bar between the hands and the smell disappears.

Prices Vary

MakeUp Eraser

Save her money and her skin by cutting out chemical makeup removers (not to mention landfill for the wipes) with the MakeUp Eraser, which removes even waterproof makeup with just water.

Prices Vary

Succulent Tealight Candles

This set of 6 little candles will make the perfect addition to any succulent-lover’s bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom as each one has been created to look just like a real plant.

Prices Vary

Custom Carved Pet Portrait Mug

Put their pet’s mug on a mug with a hand-carved portrait which has been created from your own photograph. A touching gift for any fur mom or dad.


Upcycled Record Coasters

Nothing beats the sound of a vinyl record, and this set of drinks coasters, which are made from the labels of actual vinyl discs, will make a superb nostalgic gift.


Punderdome: A Card Game for Pun Lovers

Get ready for Dad jokes galore when the family sits down to play Punderdome, as players are given two words which they need to link in the most groan-worthy way possible.


Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner Brush And Solution

Shine your shoes with this premium shoe cleaner brush and solution. Keep it in your drawer at work to polish up for that important meeting. It’s also the perfect stocking stuffer for someone who travels extensively.

Prices Vary

What Do You Meme? Adult Party Game

You’ll have loads of fun with this adult party game. Using 435 cards (360 captions and 75 photo cards), pair them to create the best memes and compete with friends and family for the funniest combinations. Printed with a premium gloss finish; includes an easel and bonus rules. Not for children.


Wemo Mini Smart Plug

Create a smart home with the Wemo Mini Smart Plug. Control lights and appliances with your voice through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Its “Away mode” uses random timing to turn your lights on and off making it look like you’re home. Uses Wi-fi; hub or subscription not required.

Prices Vary

FOREO LUNA Mini 2 Facial Cleansing Brush

This revolutionary facial cleansing skincare device makes a great stocking stuffer. Fits snuggly in the palm of your hand for a gentle and ultra-hygienic cleanse. The T-Sonic pulsations exfoliate and unclog pores with 8 adjustable intensities and 3 zones of varying bristles. Suitable for all skin types. Hypoallergenic and 100% waterproof.

Prices Vary

Mimbots Usb Flash Drives

With quirky character designs, Mimbots USB flash drives hold 4 to 8 gigs of memory, and come preloaded with digital ‘Mimory.’ This may include exclusive wallpapers, icons, avatars, screensavers, and MimoZineTM digital magazine content.
Prices Vary

Magic Wand Remote Control

The holidays are a time for magic, but why not extend it throughout the year? The magic wand remote control is a fun gift for kids and adults alike; the user can ‘control’ most home electronics such as televisions, DVD players, and more with just a wave of the wand.

Toasta Bags

Versatile and reusable Toastabags help make perfectly toasted treats including sandwiches, bagels, leftover pizza, and anything that can fit in the toaster. It’s a great gift that makes for a clean and hassle-free snack time anytime.
Prices Vary

Vinturi Wine Aerator

In order to really enjoy a red wine, it needs time to breathe and release its delicate aromas. A wine aerator speeds up the process?it’s as easy and convenient as pouring oneself a glass. Wine lovers will experience a new appreciation for the flavor, bouquet, and finish of his or her favorite wine.
Prices Vary

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones are a perfect complement to any cocktail on the rocks; they chill the user’s drink of choice without watering it down. It’s a perfect stocking stuffer, and the recipient will be excited to use it year round.
Prices Vary

Aerolatte Milk Frother

Colder holiday weather calls for hot chocolate and flavored coffees. Many drinks, both hot and cold, can be improved with delicate frothed milk, and the Aerolatte milk frother makes it fun and easy to whip up your own frothed milk.
Prices Vary

Eva Solo Tea Bag

Unlike traditional tea bags, a stainless steel tea bag can be used to brew the perfect cup of tea again and again using loose tea leaves.
Prices Vary

Shower Squids

Need a hand? The Shower Squid has several, all of which are ready and available to help you organize your shower supplies. Nine adjustable ‘tentacles’ hold shampoo bottles, soap, and other shower staples to keep things fun and organized.

Deep Tea Diver

A classic diving suit design adds an element of fun to every batch of tea. This playful tea strainer holds loose tea and, unlike wasteful individual tea bags, can be used again and again.
Prices Vary

Table Topics

Give the gift of great conversation for families, cocktail hour, and dinner parties. Table Topics feature engaging questions and inspired topics that encourage deep and fun discussions for any setting.
Prices Vary

Hexbug Nano

The Hexbug Nano is a fascinating robotic toy that moves and behavesjust like a real bug. With 12 little legs and a brightly colored body, the toy runs around on smooth surfaces, correcting and adjusting its path when necessary. It provides hours of fun for kids and adults alike.
Prices Vary


For families, parties, travel, and game nights, Bananagrams pits players against each other to create a crossword grid using their letter tiles. It’s a fast and fun word game that sets up in moments and cleans up just as quickly and easily.

Wine Wipes

Another practical accessory that makes a great stocking stuffer. Are there times you wished you had a towelette to clean your hands or face? This convenient designer compact case holds 15 wipes, and has a mirror inside. Contains natural ingredients. Perfect for traveling.


Old Books – Book Lovers’ Soy Candle

Ask any booklover; the best part about opening a book is the smell of the pages. They almost smell sweet, and it can bring comfort to many. Pop this candle into a bookworm’s stocking and they’ll light it every time they start a new book, just to remind them of the scent of those old pages.

Prices Vary

Date Night Bucket List

Whether you’ve been together for a long time or you’re trying to remember who you were before you had children, this date night bucket list kit is perfect. It contains a collection of birch wood sticks, all with different date night ideas. You’ll never be stuck on what to do as a couple again.


OPI Nail Lacquer Nail polish

Having nicely manicured nails is a luxury that not everyone can afford. Put this into her Christmas stocking this year and she’ll be able to have that salon experience at home. Why not add a nail file and some fancy hand cream to make sure she has the full package?

Prices Vary

Garmin vívosmart HR Activity Tracker

In this day and age, it’s more important than ever to keep track of your fitness levels. It’s much easier to see your progress if you’re wearing an activity tracker. This one will let you see how many steps you’ve taken and your heart rate, as well as letting you receive call, text, and email alerts.


CrystalTears Set of Natural Fluorite Crystals

Some people think that crystal power is something which is a load of hocus pocus, but there is some truth in it and even if you don’t believe in it, they certainly look nice on a shelf. This set of three vary in size and are a beautiful purple color to brighten up any room.

Prices Vary

You Think You Know Me Game

This would be the perfect game to play on Christmas Day after you’ve all eaten the massive feast. See how well you really know your friends or family with these cards. They all have questions on which aren’t too intrusive, but are also in depth enough for you to learn everything you can.


Apple AirPods Wireless Bluetooth Headset

One of life’s greatest annoyances is how tangled headphones can get, especially when you want to listen to your favorite tunes. Connect them to your iPhone via Siri without even having to take it out of your pocket, and with one single charge, you’ll get 5 hours of clear listening time.


Unicorn Squishy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you’ll know just how popular unicorns have become. This cute squishy would make a great stocking filler and the best part about it is it’s scented, so while you’re relieving your stress, you’ll be met with a delicious creamy smell.



Dropping your phone in the bath or even the toilet is so annoying! Making sure you have a good grip on it is essential, and that’s what this PopSocket is for. It’ll stick to most phones or devices and it’s available in a wide range of styles so you can choose one which is truly you.

Prices Vary

Decision Paperweight

Everyone has seen a Magic 8 Ball, but this Decision Paperweight is even better. Not only will it look great on your desk (as well as hold all of your papers together) but you can also use it to make some really important decisions if you can’t make your mind up either way.


eTape16 Digital Tape Measure

When doing DIY, a lot of the mistakes which are made are through human error. This digital tape measure will make it so much easier to read measurements so there’ll be no misreadings happening anymore, and everything will be accurate, making this the perfect gift for that DIY enthusiast (and their long-suffering spouse!)

Prices Vary

Great Civilizations

Perfect for keeping both restless minds and hands busy, this set of five puzzles will test even the best brains. If you love a brainteaser, these are inspired by the inventions of five global civilizations, including the mystery of Chinese tea and unlocking the Roman keys.


Special Edition Cryptex USB Flash Drive

Keep your files a secret with this USB flash drive. With 16GB of space, only those who know the password will be able to access what’s saved on it. It’s also pocket sized, so you can pop it into your bag without anyone seeing, adding an extra element of mystery.

Prices Vary

Zing Thumb Chucks

Twirl your time away with these highly addictive Zing Thumb Chucks. The high-bounce balls connected by a belt contain an LED light that pulses with each rotation. Play them at any time, and improve your skills with tutorials on the downloadable free app. They come in assorted colors of green, orange, blue, and red.

Prices Vary

Anker Astro Portable Charger

You no longer need to panic if your phone battery is dying and nowhere near a wall plug. The Anker Astro pocket-sized charger offers high-speed charging powerIQ technology, and will add up to two full charges on most smart phones. Available in blue, black, or white.

Prices Vary

Magic Food Banana Hand Milk

The moisturizing cream that comes in a banana-shaped bottle! If your skin needs intense hydration, the TonyMoly Magic Food Banana Hand Milk lotion soothes and moisturizes while smelling as delicious as freshly baked banana bread. A sweet stocking stuffer!

Prices Vary

North Face E-Tip Gloves

E-Tip gloves are the perfect solution for cold-weather activities that include the occasional use of touchscreen devices.The wearer doesn’t need to remove thesewarm gloves in order to use touch-sensitive smart phones, tablets, and other devices. Grippers on the gloves also ensure that slippery devices are secure in the wearer’s grasp.
Prices Vary

The Oona Stand

A sleek yet solid stand for the iPhone (and most other multimedia phones) makes video and conference calling a breeze. It allows for full access to smart phone features while in use, and it’s completely adjustable for any surface or setting.
Prices Vary

Sushi Go! Pick and Pass Card Game

A perfect stocking stuffer for her, this Sushi Go! Card game is a fast-paced strategic game where you rush to create the best combination of sushi. Score points for making the most California rolls or even triple your score by dipping your nigiri in wasabi. The person with the most points wins!

Prices Vary

Chocolate Christmas Coal

We’ve all heard that you get coal in your stocking if you’ve been naughty. If you know a woman who you think may be on the naughty list, give her this “bag of coal” as a stocking stuffer. Smooth chocolate is covered with hard candy to give them a realistic, coal like appearance.


Record Coasters

Is the woman in your life a lover of vinyl records? Made from the labels of old vinyl’s, these coasters are sealed so moisture won’t get in and ruin the vinyl label within. They come in a set of 6 so they can even be used when guests come around.


Squirrel Tea Infuser by Decodyne

This little squirrel tea infuser is the ideal addition to her stocking this Christmas. Perfect for any tea lover, this infuser is so easy to use. Fill its tail with tea leaves and sit the squirrel on the side of the cup while the leaves infuse. It’s cute as well as practical.

Prices Vary

Build-On Brick Mug Coffee Cup

You’re always guaranteed to receive a mug at Christmas. Put this in her stocking this festive season and she can have a different design on her mug every time she uses it. She can create various pictures and scenes on her new mug using most brand-named bricks.


Super Magnetic Putty

Do you know a super geeky or nerdy woman? This magnetic silly putty will “attract” her just like it does to anything magnetic. Put it near the magnet included and the putty will move towards the magnet and engulf it, almost as if it’s alive!


PyroPet Candles Kisa Candle

With a burn time of roughly 20 hours, this cute cat candle has a hidden surprise. Light the wick and watch her melt away to reveal a grinning metallic skeleton within. This is definitely a stocking filler you need for the woman in your life this Christmas.


Pineapple USB Flash Drive

Perfect for any age, this pineapple USB stick will make a great stocking stuffer for her. The compact design will mean it’ll fit in her purse without taking up much room. It can store up to 16GB of her photos, music and documents and is supported on all modern computers.

Prices Vary

Diptyque Candle

There’s no substitute for a truly high-quality candle like the ones from Baies. The Diptyque scent emits hints of lusciousblack-currant leaves and exotic Bulgarian roses, combining for a magnificent scent that will last for hours.
Prices Vary

Firestash Keyring

A unique stocking stuffer with many uses, the FireStash Keyring is a non-imposing, refillable waterproof lighter. With a sleek look and a keyring to boot, it’s easy to carry around for those routine and unexpected moments when it’s needed the most.
Prices Vary

Waboba Balls

A Waboba ball is a great gift for both kids and adults. Ideal for beach trips, vacations, and outdoor play time, the easy-to-spot Waboba ball floats in water, bounces on flat surfaces, and features an extra protective layer for hours of play.

Ocarina From Legend Of Zelda

Whether for kids who are new to Nintendo or adults who grew up with it, this ocarina from the Legend of Zelda seriesis a beautiful piece that will be treasured for generations. It includes an instructional booklet and a Zelda songbook, as well as a comfortable neck strap and protective bag.
Prices Vary


For trivia fans, the play-it-anywhere Kwizniac game puts a new twist on trivia. Players must get as many points as possible by answering trivia questions with as few clues as they can. It’s easy to learn and a blast for game nights with friends and family.
Prices Vary

Momiji Poppet Message Doll

These darling resin dolls are beautifully handpainted, and each one features a tiny folded card on which you can write your own personal message to the recipient. Dolls are about three inches tall, making them a perfect stocking stuffer and a wonderful gift she’s sure to cherish.
Prices Vary

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Track your activities with this stocking stuffer! The Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker can record how many steps you take, the number of calories you burn, your sleep patterns, and the time you remain active. It syncs to your computer or your phone, provides you with notifications, and is water resistant.

Prices Vary

What I Know For Sure

What I know For Sure is a beautiful cloth bound hardcover novel by Oprah Winfrey, that includes a collection of personal insights and experiences from her popular column in O, The Oprah Magazine. An inspiring stocking stuffer!

Prices Vary

Funko Stranger Things Figures

Get into the action and start collecting the Funko Action Figures from Stranger Things. Eleven, Lucas, and Mike stand 3-3/4″ tall and are designed in elaborate costume details. These collectibles come in 3-packs.

Prices Vary

Ruffwear Beacon Safety Light

Love going outdoors for long walks at night with your favorite companion? The Ruffwear Beacon Safety Light is designed for dogs, small enough to hang off his or her collar. The beacon is lightweight, waterproof, and designed for outdoor wear-and-tear and easy to clip on. Runs on a rechargeable battery.

Prices Vary

3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

Everyone needs an Avocado Slicer! This All-in-one tool splits, pits, and slices avocados without the mess. With one quick twist, the stainless steel pitter removes the pit, then with another swoop the slicer lifts the fruit from the peel in seven perfect pieces. Green with a comfortable non-slip grip handle. Dishwasher safe.


LuMee Duo

Looking for a fancy protective selfie case for your iPhone? The LuMee Duo fits your iPhone perfectly inside with cushioned protective corners to allow for easy removal of the phone. For a premium look, the case comes in a soft matte or glossy finish. Its LED lighting provides soft and beautiful lighting for every occasion.

Prices Vary

Areaware Liquid Body Flask

The Areaware Liquid Body Flask is a classy accessory to add to your repertoire. With a 6 ounce capacity and measuring only 6.5″ x 3/4″ x 0.8″, you can carry it inconspicuously. Made with stainless steel in a sleek and elegant design.

Prices Vary

YETI Rambler Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Colster

For those long summer afternoons! The YETI Colster is a stainless steel holder for your cold drinks. The load-and-lock gasket secures your drink while the double-wall vacuum insulation keeps your beer or soda colder for longer. There is no condensation with the no-sweat design. Fits in standard sized cup holders.


Sleepover Party Mad Libs

With the Sleepover Party Mad Libs, girls can play their favorite word game at their next sleepover party. The book has 21 stories that will keep them giggling all night long. A wonderful stocking stuffer for young girls!


Chia Emoji Smiley Handmade Decorative Planter

Remember when you grew your first chia pet? Now with this handmade decorative planter, you can grow your own Chia Emoji Smiley Planter. It’s easy to set up and fun to watch grow. Contains seed packet for 3 plantings. Full growth is reached in one to two weeks.


Exploding Kittens

Are you ready for an Adult Only party game that involves kittens, explosions, boob wizards, and butts? This Not Safe for Work Edition is good for 2-5 players, and up to 9 players if combined with other decks. Includes 56 cards with illustrations by The Oatmeal. Contains explicit content.


TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum

This 1fl oz bottle of TruSkin naturals is a wrinkle-free stocking stuffer. You’ll notice the difference with this facial serum made with high quality natural and organic ingredients for firmer skin, boosting collagen, and brightening age spots. Wrinkles will magically disappear for a smoother, revitalized youthful complexion! Works or our money back!

Prices Vary

Schwings Shoe Wings

For the modern-day Hermes, or for anyone on your gift list with an eye for fun and quirky style, a pair of silver foil shoe wings (or ‘Schwings’)adds instant flair to any pair of shoes. It’s as easy as incorporating each piece when re-lacing a favorite pair of sneakers or high-tops.
Prices Vary


For outdoor adventures and indoor emergencies, the LifeStraw allows for easy and safe access to clean drinking water. It removes 99.9% of all waterborne bacteria and other microscopic critters, all with no batteries and no moving parts. A must-have for all adventurers and travelers.
Prices Vary

Awkward Moment Card Game

We all remember the awkward moments we suffered as teenagers. And while those toe curling cringe moments aren’t restricted just to our teen years, that’s when we don’t know how to deal with it. This game encourages its players to face these “awks” moments by choosing the best reaction.


Ecstacy Soaps Soap Box

Every woman loves a bit of “me time”. That usually involves some sort of pampering so why not put these all-natural soaps in her stocking this year? With no parabens and not tested on animals, she can treat herself to a soak in the bath without feeling guilty.

Prices Vary

Oh! For Fox Sake Ceramic Coffee Mug

Whether you’re a lover of silly puns or even just foxes, this mug is sure to bring a smile to your face. It can hold 11oz of your favorite hot beverage and has “Oh for Fox sake” written on both sides of the mug, with a cute painted fox too.


JBL Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

She’ll now be able to listen to her music wherever she is in the house with this portable Bluetooth speaker. It wirelessly connects to up to 2 tablets or smartphones and plays your chosen music in clear surround sound. It’s even waterproof so perfect for when she’s having a soak.

Prices Vary

Paint by Sticker: Re-create 12 Vintage Posters

The perfect stocking stuffer for her if she’s creative, crafty or loves all things vintage. Paint by Sticker is the next step in the coloring book trend that swept over the world recently. Each template is divided into numbered spaces and the corresponding sticker must be stuck there to complete the picture.

Prices Vary

Poetry Match Striker

This cute matchstick holder is the perfect size for you to slip into her stocking this Christmas. Ideal for keeping all the little matchsticks in one place for when you need them and there’s a nifty striking flint on the side, this match bottle will look at home wherever you put it.


Multi-Tool Box of Wonders

Give her this animal themed mini tool set in her stocking this year and she’ll never need your help to open beers or ask to borrow your screwdrivers again. It all comes nicely presented in a birch plywood box so they’ll always be together when she needs them.


Anseahawk Reusable Shopping Tote Bag

Cut back on the plastic consumption and take these reusable shopping bags to the grocery store next time you go. Choose from 8 fruit or vegetable designs, such as watermelon or carrot. Their bright colors are sure to be eye catching and when you’re done with your shopping, they fold down into the attached pod for easy storage.

Prices Vary

Herbivore Botanicals Detox Dead Sea Bath Salts

This body scrub is ideal to draw out dirt and impurities from the skin, making it clearer and moisturized. It contains a combination of 26 essential minerals to detoxify your body. The gentle lavender smell will make you feel calm and relaxed and it’s 100% vegan so suitable for everyone.

Prices Vary

Cute Drift Glass Bottle USB Flash Drive

Uniquely designed, this USB stick is attached to a cork and comes with a glass jar for it to be stored in. It can store up to 8GB of your documents, photos and music and is durable enough to withstand being tossed around in a bag or plugged in and out of computers throughout the day.

Prices Vary

Bright Ideas Productivity Journal

Do you know a woman who is full of creative ideas but has nowhere to put them? This productivity journal will be a great stocking stuffer for her then. It has pages of dotted sheets, blank tables and colorful inspiration to help her jot down her best ideas.

Prices Vary

Cocktail Inspired Herb Garden By Modern Sprout

This seed starter kit is excellent for anyone with green fingers. Because of their size, they could be placed in a garden or even in small pots on a windowsill or shelf. Included in this cocktail inspired kit there is lemon balm, cinnamon basil and mint which would be perfect added to any cocktail.

Prices Vary

Hair Tie Bracelet

Are you fed up of finding her hair ties everywhere? And then listening to her complain when she can’t find one? Put this hair tie bracelet in her stocking and she’ll never be without one again. It has a channel running down the middle which is the perfect size to keep hair ties in.



Help them tell their stories (over six gazillion of them!) with the unique Storymatic game. Players simply pick a few cards, and then discuss, draw, act out, or write about the story that unfolds. It’s a great activity for kids and families. No electronics or batteries are required-just imagination, creativity, and fun!
Prices Vary

Bacon Candy Canes

On Christmas morning, combine your family’s favorite breakfast food with their favorite holiday candy; bacon candy canes make an excellent stocking stuffer that will have everyone grinning.
Prices Vary

Cubebot Puzzle

With the talents of an award-winning designer, a lovely cherry wood construction, and tons of personality, the cubebot is a puzzle, action figure, and transformable robot all in one.


With imaginative illustrations, whimsical characters, and fantastic worlds to explore, Gubs is a clever and richly creative card game for kids and families. Players are pitted against each other to build the mightiest colony while avoiding traps and navigating mysterious territory in the exciting world around them.
Prices Vary

Bacon Bandages

Bacon makes everything better?even boo-boos! Each novelty tin contains fifteen bacon-backed adhesive bandages, plus a fun bonus trinket.
Prices Vary

Lego Mini Storage Boxes

Lunchboxes aren’t just for kids, but these LEGO storage boxes will make anyone feel like a kid again. Lucky recipients of this fun gift can use it to store office lunches, school supplies, toys, trinkets, and anything else they can imagine.
Prices Vary

Butt Station

It started out as a gag gift, but this holiday season, the ‘Butt Station’ has everyone talking! This quirky, contemporary desk accessory includes a pen holder, tape dispenser, and holders for various cards, clips, and cubicle necessities. Choose from a variety of colors to fit the recipient’s style.

Canned Unicorn Meat

Novelty gifts like this canned unicorn meat make perfect stocking stuffers that will have everyone smiling. The tin features horrifyingly funny imagery, and inside is a tiny stuffed unicorn that’s been sliced into the various meat cuts. It’s a hilarious gift for the jokesters on your gift list

Emergency Underpants

At first glance it appears to be just another gag gift, but you never know when these emergency underpants may come in handy!

Misto Olive Oil Sprayer

Olive oil is a healthy alternative to butter, and It’s a delicious addition to salads, breads, veggies, and more. The Misto Olive Oil Sprayer helps spread tasty olive oil evenly over food, and it’s a great kitchen tool for spraying pans with vegetable oil. It looks great on display, too!

Vacu Vin Wine Saver

Simply put, the Wine Saver is a nifty vacuum pump that extracts air from an open wine bottle and then promptly reseals it with a reusable stopper. This effectively slows down the oxidation process, which keeps wine fresher and smoother for up to 10 days.

Pocket Pal Sharpener

With a sleek and slim design, the multifunctional Pocket Pal features a fold-out, diamond coated rod that sharpens serrated and standard edges to a razor-sharp finish. Weighing it at just one ounce, this knife sharpener is perfect for campers, hunters, fisherman, and more.

Hydro Flask

A high-quality stainless steel bottle keeps both hot and cold beverages at their ideal temperatures for hours. It’s durable yet lightweight, making it a great companion for the gym, beach, office, and activities. Choose between several colors and sizes.
Prices Vary

Snark Instrument Tuner

Whether for the novice or the professional player, the Snark instrument tuner is an effective yet inexpensive find. With a faster response, a brighter display, a tighter frequency, and a simple yet sturdy clip, this quick and accurate tuner can be used with any instrument.

Jelly Belly Bean Boozled

Fill your next stocking with the Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Spinner game. Spin the wheel and take the dare! Pick the jelly bean with the color it lands on: if you get a booger- or stinky socks-flavored bean instead of a juicy pear bean, you’ve been bamboozled! Prepare yourself to taste some crazy flavours!

Prices Vary

Fred STUCK UP Bubble Gum Refrigerator Magnets

Trick someone with Bubble Gum Refrigerator Magnets. These magnets are dead-ringers of chewed-up gum pieces. They come in a variety of colours: authentic bubble gum, spearmint, peppermint, and tutti fruity. FRED design makes quality products that turn your home or office into a fun environment.

Prices Vary

DYNAPRO Resistance Bands

Exercise your way to a new body with the Dynapro Resistance Bands. Perfect for fitness at home: perform chest presses, bicep curls, and overhead triceps extensions using the light, medium, heavy, and X-heavy loops and a workout guide. Versatile and snap-resistant, this eco-friendly product is compact and portable. Money-back guarantee!

Prices Vary

Bamboo Mouse

Looking for a wireless optical mouse that’s different and eco-friendly? This sweat-resistant, anti-radiation, bamboo mouse will be right up your alley. Made with bamboo material and a solid construction, it is both durable and recyclable. Surprise someone with this unique stocking stuffer! Compatible with Windows 98 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8.

Prices Vary


Feel like a nerd when your glasses slip down your nose, you can now use Nerdwax. Apply to your glasses and they can stay in place all day long depending on the application. It’s made with 100% all-natural ingredients and is great for your skin too! Know someone who could use this stocking stuffer?

Prices Vary

Pac-Man Connect and Play

Do you remember playing Pac-Man? It’s celebrating its 35th Anniversary by bringing back this classic video game to your television. The game case comes in the original Pac-Man design including a joystick controller with improved functionality. Comes with 12 classic games, including the iconic Pac-Man game. Connect and Play!


Story Bowl: The Party Game for Groups

The party game for a group of all sizes and ages! Guess each other’s amazing stories through hilarious clues by speaking, acting out, and puppet shows. Goofy, lighthearted, and a great game for after dinner, holiday, or family night gatherings. A great stocking stuffer to learn fun tidbits about your friends and family.

Prices Vary

CardNinja Ultra-slim Self Adhesive Credit Card Wallet

Need a new credit card wallet? The CardNinja Ultra-slim can store up to 8 cards. Made with a durable elastic fabric, it carries your credit/debit card, your driver’s licence, gym card, or train pass. It adheres securely and is compatible with most smartphones and phone cases. This stocking stuffer comes in all colors!

Prices Vary

Corgi Socks

One size fits most! Women’s Corgi Socks come in snazzy designs, and are comfy and soft! This stretchy stocking stuffer has fiber content (66% cotton, 32% nylon, and 2% spandex) that is designed to fit most women’s feet for comfort and a soft feel. If you love Corgis, you’ll love these!


WILLTOO Slow Rising Squishies

Need a squishy toy to knead and squeeze? The WILLTOO slow rising squishies are a fun toy for everyone. With a soft touch, they are a full hand size. When squished, it releases a delicious, creamy scent. A fun stocking stuffer for everyone!


On The Rocks Set

For those who enjoy the finer things, the On the Rocks Set chills fine liquors and other drinks to their ideal temperatures, ensuring the smoothest and finest flavor that’s not watered down by regular ice cubes.
Prices Vary

Emergency Clown Nose

Laughter is the best medicine, so make sure everyone on your Christmas list has all the tools they need when comedy is the cure. The emergency clown nose is a cute gift for kids and adults; each red nose is bottled in its ’emergency’ container for easy access whenever It’s needed.

String Swing Guitar Hanger

Guitar players can’t just toss their instruments anywhere; with a cool back plate and a sleek industrial style, a guitar hanger is the perfect solution for the home or music studio.
Prices Vary

A&W Soda Can Hidden Safe

Help your friends and family keep their valuables safe with a clever soda can safe. It looks just like the real thing, but users can store money and valuable inside; potential burglars and shady roommates are likely to ignore the soda can when snooping, leaving valuables untouched inside.
Prices Vary

Pickle Lip Balm

When you just don’t have access to a pickle, this pickle flavored lip balm can ease the craving while soothing chapped lips. It makes a great stocking stuffer, and a perfect novelty gift for pickle fans.
Prices Vary

Pocket Ref Guide

For great all-around knowledge and skills, the Pocket Ref 4th Edition is a handy reference book filled with mountains of information. Recipients will have instant access to maps, tables, formulas, conversions, and information on a variety of subjects.


The smooth, melt-in-your-mouth taste of milk chocolate with honey and almond can’t be beat. Whether for a chocolate connoisseur or for someone who’s experiencing a Toblerone for the first time, these fine Swiss candy bars are a must for the holidays.
Prices Vary

Zyliss Zester

As colorful as the fruit It’s made for, the Zyliss zester allows for quick and easy use with lemons, limes, and oranges. A stainless steel blade and ergonomic handle make it a must-have for the kitchen.
Prices Vary

Sweater Pill Brush

Help them save their favorite Christmas sweaters with the Sweater Pill Brush. It gently removes lint and pet hair from natural fiber. And with a sleek and portable design, it’s easily concealed in purses, cars, and dresser drawers.
Prices Vary

Superhero Knee Socks

Has anyone on your Christmas list ever wanted to be a superhero? Now you can give her that opportunity. Theseknee high superhero socks for adults feature her favorite superhero’s signature design and cape.
Prices Vary

Go Girl

Women who regularly enjoy camping, hiking, kayaking, sports?you name it!?will wonder how they lived without this handy device that’s specially design for ladies. When bathrooms are not readily available (or sanitary), the Go Girl device is easy to use and clean whenever she needs it.

Magnogrip Magnetic Wristband

A great stocking stuffer for guys and to-do-list gurus, a magnetic wristband lets them keep track of screws, washers, and other small metallic tools when they’re doing a project and can’t spare an extra hand.

Swiss Army Marble Knife

Everyone should have a Swiss Army knife in their possession. But who said they have to be boring? The Marbles 3D classic design showcases a beautiful hand crafted marble design, the colors are so eye-catching and its small enough to fit inside a purse or pocket.

Prices Vary

Dremel Flex Shaft Attachment

Compatible with all corded rotary tools and some cordless, this flex shaft attachment has a quick connect attach system so it’s super easy to attach and go. Perfect for doing fine work, the comfort hand piece will mean you’re always comfortable while working.

Prices Vary

Overnight Foot Care Kit

Pop this overnight foot care kit into her stocking and her feet will be well rested and soft come the morning. Massage all-natural rosemary and mint cream into your feet, pop on the fluffy socks and go to sleep, letting the cream do its job.


Soft Jersey Garden Gloves

Women can rarely find pretty gardening gloves. They’re usually just plain or standard green with no pattern at all. Put these gorgeous colorful and floral gloves in her stocking this Christmas and she will feel as pretty as the flowers she’ll be tending to.


Yoga Joes

Yoga is very fashionable at the moment, it’s a great way to keep your mind and body healthy. But the moves can be difficult to master, especially the more complex ones. These Yoga Joes will be a great reminder of how to perfect moves such as the downward dog or the tree pose.


Fidget Blocks

The perfect addition to any workspace, these fidget blocks have been inspired by Tangrams, a geometric puzzle from ancient China. The wooden segments are joined together by elastic to provide hours of distraction for fidgety hands. A snake or even a sphere are among the many creations that are possible with these blocks.


Wonder Woman Through the Years Coffee Mug

Do you have your very own Wonder Woman? Show her just how wonderful she is with this comic strip mug, showing the evolution of the popular Amazonian female superhero. This mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, making it just as indestructible as Diana herself.

Prices Vary

iPhone Charger Sticker Faces Set

Apple products are great, but their accessories are just a little…white. Jazz them up with these colorful vinyl labels. Each pack has four characters which can be used to brighten up a charger, both ends of a USB cable and headphones. They’re easy to apply and to remove too if you fancy switching it up occasionally.


GULICX Rose Gold Earrings

Rose gold is super elegant, and these gorgeous earrings are no exception. Presented in a beautiful jewelery box, these 7mm round stud earrings will be the perfect stocking filler for the woman you love, to show her just how much you care about and for her.

Prices Vary

Ayurvedic Daily Super Spice Shot

Spice up her stocking this year by slipping in these daily spice shots. They can be added to literally anything like toast, smoothies and yogurt to invigorate her. This ancient practice of using foods to improve health is growing more popular so help your lady be ahead of the crowd by giving her these this Christmas.


Lewo Wooden Stacking Board Games

These colorful blocks make up a super fun game that the whole family can enjoy. Stack them, roll the dice and see which color you get. Remove a block of that color carefully and hope the tower doesn’t fall! These blocks are multi-purpose and can also be used to play dominoes or just to make different shapes.


Orbits Eye Stones

Does your woman work long hours staring at a computer or have painful allergies that make her eyes sore and irritated? Then these Finnish eye stones will be a perfect stocking stuffer for her. Pop them in the refrigerator and then place them on or under the eyes for instant cooling relief.


AMIR Phone Camera Lens

If your lady loves taking good quality pictures, put this phone camera lens into her stocking this Christmas. This high-quality lens minimizes glare and reflection with a 12.5x macro lens. The universal clip works on most popular brands of phone or tablet and the rubber clip won’t damage your device.

Prices Vary

Wine Soaps

Drinking a glass of your favorite wine first thing in the morning is frowned upon. But what about taking a shower in wine? Not literally of course but using these wine soaps! All natural and vegan, they contain the key notes of popular red and white wines and also have many benefits for your skin.


Rainbow Multi-Tool Set

Most tool kits are plain and boring, easily lost among the other tools in your kit. Bring a bit of rainbow color to your box with this rainbow multi tool kit. Featuring allen keys and a screwdriver among other tools, you’ll never pick up another boring tool ever again.


5 in 1 Tool Pen

Keep all of the necessary tools together in one place with this 5 in 1 tool pen. This awesome stocking stuffer features a screwdriver, ruler, bubble level, stylus for touch screens and a pen with a clip to stop you from losing it. Perfect for a Jill of all trades.


Sock It To Me Constellations Knee High Socks

Who said you need a telescope to look up at the stars? You can learn all about constellations just by looking at these super cool knee-high socks. Made from cotton and polyester, if she finds these in her stocking this year, she really will have stars in her eyes (and on her socks!)

Prices Vary

Ectogasm Feminist Enamel Pin Banner with Flowers

 Feminism was recently named as word of the year. Show your support for equal rights for women with this cute pin. The word “feminist” is in a tattoo style banner and it’s surrounded by pink flowers. The two pins on the back will ensure it stays put, no matter where you put it.

Prices Vary

Citrus Saw

The citrus saw-a dual purpose fruit slicer and bottle opener-is an excellent stocking stuffer and afun tool for the kitchen and bar.
Prices Vary

The Fault In Our Stars

Author John Green’s New York Times Bestseller is a bold and heartfelt story that explores heavy topics with a masterful balance of spirit and raw emotion. It’s a must-read for young adults and readers of all ages.
Prices Vary

The End Of Your Life Book Club

This inspiring memoir is both a tribute to the power of books and a bittersweet true story of a life well-lived.It’s truly a must-have for the book lovers on your gift list.
Prices Vary

Emergency Fire Starter

An emergency fire starter is the ultimate tool for campers, hikers, and outdoorsman of all varieties. Weighing just over half an ounce and measuring less than three inches in length, the sleek magnesium fire starter fits easily in pockets, packs, and kits(as well as Christmas stockings).

Chain-Mate Survival Pocket Chain Saw

To the untrained eye it may appear ominous, but a pocket chain saw is a versatile tool in the outdoorsman’s pack. Its carbon steel teeth easily cut through wood and branches, making the firewood-gathering process a breeze. It includes a pouch for easy and compact carrying.
Prices Vary

Norpro Cheese Slicer

Heavy duty materials and a sleek design make this cheese slicer a highly recommended favorite. Cheeses are evenly cut every time, with quick and easy adjustments for different thicknesses. Slip it into the wine and cheese lover?s stocking, and she’ll be enjoyingit for years to come.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a hilarious and eye-opening game for adults. You’ll have them laughing (and sometimes scowling) with this provocative card game that’s not for the easily offended.

Genius’ Periodic Table T-Shirt

Another classic Genius’ Periodic Table novelty T-shirt from Tee Luv! Soft touch fabric that comes in Adult Regular size. Machine washable and tumble dry.

Prices Vary

Minipresso NS

Need a Nespresso fix? This handheld Minipresso machine will come to your rescue. Light and compact, makes a rich and bold espresso on-the-go without leaving a mess. Efficient and hand operated, you can prepare your coffee on the run. Easy to clean after use! Compatible with Nespresso capsules.

Prices Vary

Bath Bombs Spa Gift Box

Need some tender loving care? Each bath bomb is good for one bath, but you can mix and match, and add bath tea for a luxurious soak in the tub! Contains Epsom salts to draw out toxins, relax, or soothe muscles, and Kaolin clay to soften your skin! A sudsy stocking stuffer!

Prices Vary

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

The perfect stocking stuffer for whiskey lovers and aficionados! The Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge provides a Silicone Ice Form for freezing a wedge of ice in your glass. Simply place the silicone ice form into the glass, pour water, freeze, then remove the form. Pour your whiskey or favorite spirit, and enjoy an ice-cold drink.

Prices Vary

Pearl Compact Mirror USB Rechargeable Battery Pack

Need to freshen up on the go? This Pearl Compact opens and lights up with a bright LED ring around the magnified mirror. You can apply your make up in the dark! Uses a USB port to recharge with an LED battery level indicator. This convenient stocking stuffer comes with a matching Pearl carry case!

Prices Vary

Roku Express

Roku Express is an HD streaming player. With no monthly rental fees, it’s an affordable way to make every TV in your home into a smart TV. Comes with easy-to-use remote with simple navigation features. Access HD streaming at an incredible price with this smart stocking stuffer!

Prices Vary

Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser

Jack Black’s authentic and original two-in-one cleanser and toner removes dirt and oil, while gently cleansing without over-drying your face and neck. Contains oat and coconut surfactants to cleanse the skin. Includes Witch hazel that acts as an astringent and antioxidant. Your skin will feel hydrated and fresh!


Tile Style

Lost your keys or your phone? Find them with this helpful stocking stuffer. The Tile Style will find your phone or your keys by simply double tapping the button. Your phone will even ring on silent. The Tile app remembers where you’ve left something and shows it to you on a map! Waterproof and resilient.

Prices Vary

Polaroid Cube HD 1080p Lifestyle Action Video Camera

In one tiny cubic package you’ll find the world’s cutest lifestyle action camera. Take vibrant panoramic photos with this 124-degree wide-angle lens. 6MP CMOS Sensor captures crisp images. Its rechargeable battery allows 90 minutes of use. Mounts magnetically or with a clip. An exciting stocking stuffer for the adventurous traveler or photographer!

Prices Vary

Fire TV Streaming Media Player

Another great stocking stuffer for everyone! The Fire TV Stick is one of the most powerful streaming media sticks on the market for its value. Use Alexa Voice Remote to access multiple channels like Netflix, YouTube, and WatchESPN. You can even travel with the stick. Uses Wi-fi or HDMI port.

Prices Vary

70 Unique DIY Stocking Stuffers

Earbud Pouch

They’ll always have a convenient place to store their earbuds when you make them this circular earbud pouch. It keeps them from getting tangled up in their pocket and protects them from getting smashed against other items.

Christmas Chai Tea Bags

Make Christmas even more merry with these Christmas Chai tea bags. They’ll bring the wonderful smell and taste of chai tea, with a few extra additions to make it specifically a Christmas time drink.

Emergency Purse Kit

Give them the gift of preparedness when you put together this emergency kit that fits nicely and neatly into a purse. It’s loaded up with common necessities, as well as great items to have in the event of an emergency.

Glitter Globe

Bring even more holiday spirit to the air with this glitter globe that you make yourself. Unlike a snow globe it uses glitter for snow so the whole thing sparkles and shines, especially under the glow of the Christmas tree.

Fleece Bear Stuffies

Stuff their stockings with these fleece bear stuffies and they’ll have a cute bear staring up at them from inside the stocking. They’ll love cuddling up with their new friend as they go through the rest of their stocking goodies.

Data Cable Organizer Keychain

For those that never leave home without it, this data cable organizer keychain keeps the cable nice and wound up, and always at arm’s reach. Great for the techy in your life that always seems to be linking up to transfer files.

Nail Polish Kit

Make them this nail polish kit and she’ll have tons of fun painting her nails in an array of colors. It has all of the supplies she’ll need, and you can pick out the colors you know she likes, or ones you think would look good.

Cross Stitch iPhone Case

This cross stitch iPhone case is definitely a unique stocking stuffer that no one else will be getting. You can choose from a large selection of different patterns, and the case will be custom fit for their phone.

Gingerbread Men Snow Globe Soaps

These soaps are sure to be a hit because they look like gingerbread men snow globes. They’re easy to make and you just drop one in each stocking. The scent from the soap should get everyone in the Christmas spirit even more.

Hipster Koozie

Give these hipster koozies and they’ll be able to hold a hot cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa without burning their hand. Made from a thick fabric these sleeves will last for years and years, and you can customize them to each family member.

Sewing Kit in a Jar

They’ll be able to sew small jobs with this sewing kit in a jar. The real magic with this stocking stuffer is the tag that you put on it that reads “You’re sew special.” It’s little touches like these that make Christmas such a heartfelt time of year.

Diy Felt Heart Hand Warmers

Surprise your family with these adorable hand warmers! They are so simple to make, you’ll wish you had thought of these before. Made with felt, rice and lavender grains, and a needle, you are ready to sew your love into these heart-shaped messages of warmth and love!

Tiny Pastry Erasers

If you love pastries, you’ll go gaga over these mini pastry erasers. These are fun gifts to make and the instructions are easy to follow. They’ll look so delicious, you’ll have to stop yourself from eating them. These will become a favorite stocking stuffer!

Diy Mango Shimmer Tinted Lip Balm Recipe

Learn to make your own unique brand of lip balm. They are ridiculously easy to make and are the sweetest stocking stuffers! Follow the recipe using these ingredients: cocoa, mango, and shea butter, beeswax, flavor oil, and your own choice of color. Decorate the lip balm pot and wow your friends with this personal gift!

Polka Dot Pencils

For your next stocking stuffer, decorate pencils with fancy colors and catchy polka dot designs. With No.2 pencils, spray paint, sharpie pens, a bit of string and some tissue wrapping, you’ll create these unique pencil sets for your friends. You might even keep some for yourself.

Solid Lotion bars

Create a lotion bar with your own unique scents! All you’ll need is beeswax, oil, the fragrance of your choice, and a candle warmer. You can make these for yourself, or they make a great stocking stuffer. Warning: Do not hang near the fireplace.

Diy Clay Statement Neon Ring

Will neon rings be the new craze? Using neon colored clay, a ring base, and some glue, you’ll start a new trend in costume jewellery. You’ll catch people’s attention with these rings. Makes a fun and zany stocking stuffer for your young friends.

Peppermint Bark

Celebrate the holidays with some homemade peppermint bark! Follow the step-by-step recipe and create an unforgettable holiday treat for everyone! These delights are sprinkled with magical candy cane dust. Wrap the pieces in fancy packaging using cellophane bags, ribbons, and holiday scrapbook paper. Surprise your family and friends with this delicious gift!

Vintage Feedsack Chalkboard Lockets

Makes a wonderful holiday stocking stuffer! Learn how to make these mini vintage lockets following the DIY instructions. You can make them as unique and customized with different cloth patterns, bead colors, photos, and chalkboard paint (on the inside). Leave heartfelt messages for your family and friends to discover!

Pie Chart Paper Pendants

All you need to make these pie chart pendants is paper, glue, thread, a jump ring, and some glaze. Cut the pie sections using all kinds of color combinations. Come up with unique designs of your own. Makes a cute personal gift or stocking stuffer for anyone! Warning: Don’t wear these pendants in the shower!

Diy Pumpkin Spice Homemade Lip Gloss

Start your own line of pumpkin spice lip gloss and lip balm! You’ll be able to protect your lips with your favorite flavor following this simple recipe. If pumpkin spice isn’t your flavor, use lavender or peppermint essential oils. Transfer to a small container and decorate with your own special brand name.

Gold Honey Bear Vase

Design your own “his & hers” gold leaf bear vases! It’s a fun starter project to do with friends or your kids. They’ll wow your guests with “cuteness” overload and make great conversation pieces!

Tea With A Twist

Afternoon tea with charm! Enjoy tea with your friends and make it extra special by adding charms to their tea bags. Each tea bag will have a unique charm to create a memorable occasion. You can gift the charms or snip them off for another tea party! An elegant stocking stuffer gift for tea lovers.

Ombre Kumihimo Yarn Bracelets

If you’ve never heard of the Ombre Kumihimo yarn bracelets, you’ve been missing out! With this tutorial you’ll learn the traditional Japanese art of braid making. Once you learn the basics, you’ll be on your way to creating bracelets with a variety of intricate designs. Warning: you’ll become addicted to making these unique bracelets.

Map Pendants

These eye-catching map pendants will garner everyone’s attention! This magical stocking stuffer is sure to spark wonderful travel conversations. Create a pendant for each place you’ve visited, or create unique map pendants for your friends. The construction of these pendants is simple and components can be found in local arts and craft stores.

DIY Perfume

Travel with the scent of your perfume in a pocket watch locket? Now you can by following these instructions. You’ll create a perfume that you can take everywhere with you. Solid perfumes keep it subtle and will scent only you. Carry it inside a sweet pocket watch locket that will become a treasure in time.

Diy Pantone Chip Magnets

For the designer at heart! Create magnets with pantone color chips. You’ll love the variety of colors adorning your fridge or white magnetic board. Use a different color for reminders or special notices. Decorate your home with these fun magnets!

Diy Map Iphone Case

Design your own iPhone case with map and never get lost! Follow the easy-to-follow instructions and you’ll feel like you have a brand new case. Create as many of these and you can interchange them whenever needed. Make some for your family and friends and they will make a perfect stocking stuffers!


Discover your creativity using simple every day objects! Check out the link on how to make your own earrings using paper clips and yarn. These small gifts make extraordinary stocking stuffers and offer a unique way of expressing yourself. Family and friends will be touched to receive something that comes from your heart!

Design-a-robot Tin

For a last minute stocking stuffer, choose the robot-in-a-tin magnet puzzle. The instructions are easy-to-follow and all you need is printable magnet paper, a tin box, scissors, a hobby knife, and the Design-a-robot printable PDF. If you’ve run out of gift ideas, this is a fun one!

Gold Leaf Pendants

Shiny baubles are making a comeback! Get out your gold leaf, clay, and cutting tools, and follow the instructions to making some sparkling new jewellery. Package them in fancy boxes and wrapping paper, and this stocking stuffer will make someone very happy!

Yarn Ball Bookmark

Know anyone who loves to read? This yarn ball bookmark is the perfect book lovers stocking stuffer! These bookmarks are so simple to create, you’ll become addicted to making them. A quick-and-easy gift for everyone. You’re a ball of yarn and pair of scissors away from a set of colourful yarn ball bookmarks.

Make Origami Mini Paper Books

Create little origami paper books for your daughters, granddaughters, and nieces! Add a unique pencil to go with the mini books and they will ooh and aah at your little creations. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for young girls.

Kinitted Coffee Cozies

These knitted coffee cozies will be an instant success with coffee and tea drinkers alike! These knitted sleeves that fit snuggly around your mugs will keep your hands from burning and your hot drink from cooling too quickly. Machine washable. These will be the most popular stocking stuffers under the tree!

A Year Of Sugar Scrubs

Looking for a recipe book for making sugar scrubs? Look no further because A Year of Sugar Scrubs includes 24 unique and original recipes for hand and foot scrubs. Keep it and learn to make them yourself, or the recipe book will make the best stocking stuffer ever for someone who likes to pamper themselves.

Diy Poured Glitter Tin Candles

Buy the kit and create glitter tin candles for the holiday season. Surround your home with these sparkling glitter candles or wrap them up in a set and they’ll make an awesome stocking stuffer. The candle-making kit components come with labels to put your own personal stamp on them.

Hot pepper Sauce

Ready to spice up your life? Here is a recipe for a red hot pepper sauce that will titillate your tongue. Made with easy-to-find ingredients: jalapeño and red peppers, white wine vinegar, granulated sugar, salt, canola oil, and corn starch. Yields up to 6 1/3-cup small bottles. Make this a hot stocking stuffer!

Diy Garden Markers

Do you like to grow your own herbs? Now you can make your own garden markers to remember your herbs. With tools including polymer clay and a rubber letter stamp, you’ll create little markers that you can place in your potted plants. These also make excellent stocking stuffers for your friends with green thumbs!

Diy Pumpkin Spice Homemade Lip Gloss

Pumpkin spice is THE flavor of fall. When Starbucks bring back their pumpkin spice latte, you know the countdown to Christmas is on. Follow this DIY tutorial and you can enjoy the delicious smell of spiced pumpkin with this lip gloss and pretend it’s fall all year round.

Diy Tapestry iPhone Case

Finding a cute and unique phone case can be difficult. And when your phone is basically an extension of you, you want it to reflect your personality. This DIY tutorial will show you how to make a tapestry iPhone case, you just choose the colors and pattern.

10 Minute Photo Keepsake Ornaments

A picture can say a thousand words, especially when they’re photographs of special family memories. Why keep photos in a frame high on the wall when you can use this DIY tutorial to make them into ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree? The perfect personal touch to your decorations.

Diy Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts

The cocktail gifts you see in stores this time of year just seem so impersonal. Why not make one yourself and you can cater it to the person you’re gifting it to? Complete with a mason jar for them to drink their cocktail from, this is an ideal stocking stuffer.

Diy Mini Wooden Christmas Trees

If you’re one for quirky décor, these DIY Christmas trees are perfect for you. Decorate wooden blocks with your choice of colors and you’ll have a unique decoration for your home, no matter the time of year. Place them on shelves or a fireplace and they’ll add a finishing touch to that room.

3-ingredient Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Many of the store-bought body scrubs are full of extra ingredients that really don’t need to be there. This DIY peppermint scrub uses only 3 ingredients. Relax those aching muscles and give your skin a treat with this all natural and vegan scrub. It’s a great stocking stuffer for anyone!

Diy Solid Perfume Pocket Watch Locket

Treat your lady to her very own bespoke scent this Christmas. Create a smell just for her and then turn it into solid perfume, encased in a locket. She’ll be able to take it with her anywhere and make herself smell beautiful whenever she likes.

Meaningful Stocking Stuffers

Finding the perfect stocking stuffer for her can be tricky. If you can’t decide what to fill her stocking with this year, this smorgasbord of ideas will definitely have something for you. From striped soaps to bath fizzes, she’ll love whatever you decide to put in it this Christmas.

Paperclip String Earrings

If you’re struggling to choose some cute earrings for her stocking this year, then follow this DIY tutorial to make your own. Made from paperclips and string, this is a super simple way to create some very charming earrings. Thread the string anyway you like and tailor it just for your lady.

Diy Garden Markers

A super easy and practical stocking stuffer for her this year. If she likes gardening and growing her own produce, make her these DIY garden markers. Made from bake-able clay and rubber stamps, they’re a cute touch to any vegetable patch or herb garden.

Tea With A Twist

A simple stocking stuffer or a cute gift for your child’s teacher, these DIY teabags tags will bring a smile to your morning cup of tea. Follow this tutorial and get some great ideas on how to replace the ordinary tags with something a bit more personal.

Diy Leather Bookmark

Sometimes, the simplest of gifts is the one they remember the most. Make this leather bookmark and use it as a stocking stuffer for her this year. This tutorial will walk you through how to make this bookmark and your lady will always think of you when she’s putting down her latest read.

Diy Ombre Kitchen Utensils

Add a personal touch to your cookware with these DIY ombre kitchen utensils. This tutorial will show you how to turn simple wooden cooking utensils into colorful kitchen equipment. All you have to do is choose the color to match your current kitchen color scheme.

Make Origami Mini Paper Books

Ideal for having in your purse or a back pocket, these little origami books are perfect for jotting down small ideas. Follow the steps in this DIY tutorial and you could make a whole heap of these for anyone and everyone, they’re super cute and will be well received by all.

Make A Knotted Belt

Adding a belt to an outfit can really change the way it looks. Instead of heading to the store to buy one, have a go at making one yourself by following this tutorial. It’s easy enough to do and all you need are two cords in your color of choice.

DIY Camera Strap

When you take your camera out and about, you need something which is going to ensure it doesn’t get lost or stolen. Add your own touches to this DIY personalized camera strap and you’ll have a way of keeping it safe as you snap photos of anything which catches your eye.

Homemade Bath Fizzies

Bath fizzies are a great way of turning an ordinary bath into a luxurious one, but buying them can cost you a lot more than if you were to make them yourself. The best part about homemade ones is that you can choose the scent you use based on the person you’re gifting it to.

Diy Printable Gift Certificates For Men

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones which don’t cost any money; a movie night at home or a candlelit dinner. Inside this blog post are free printable gift certificates which have the space for you to write anything you want to give to the man in your life.

Diy Chalkboard Necklace

A personalized gift is the best kind but they can cost a lot of money. Take a look at this adorable DIY chalkboard necklace which allows you to write anything you want on it and even change it every day, depending on your mood or what you’re up to.

Pop Up Photo Box

Having photos on display is a way to turn a house into a home; looking at a family’s memories is heart-warming. Give someone this cute DIY pop-up photo box in their stocking this year and fill it with some of their favorite pictures from the past year.

Diy Roll Up Tool Organizer

Read this blog post and then make this roll-up tool organizer. Never again will the DIY expert in your home have to search for his tools, they’ll all be in size order inside this holder. There’s even instructions to add embroided size labels so he won’t have to second guess which one he needs.

Diy Alphabet Blocks

Create this set of wooden alphabet blocks and gift them to anyone who loves to leave little notes around the house – they make a great alternative to cinema light boxes.

Diy Bath Fizzies

Nothing tempts a child into the bath more than a tub full of fizzing water. Coax them in with these simple but so-cute bath fizzies which look and smell fabulous.

Felt Flower Hairpins

While wearing fresh flowers in her hair every day might not be practical, she can wear these felt flowers, which are easy to create and fun to wear.

Merry And Bright Vinyl Mug

This homemade Merry and Bright mug is super Christmassy without being over the top, and can even be packaged with a wood slice coaster and some festive candy inside.

Homemade Foaming Vanilla Honey Bath

This foaming vanilla honey bath is ridiculously easy to make, but, once decanted into a sweet or decorative bottle, it becomes a useful and thoughtful gift.

Diy Leather Cord Keeper

Tangled cords are the bane of pretty much everyone’s life, but now you can make a quick and simple gift at home to solve the problem for good; the leather cord keeper.

Homemade Cranberry Orange Soap

These cranberry orange soap cubes will make great stocking stuffers for both friends and family as they fill the home with the scent of winter. Why not make some for yourself, too?

Diy Peppermint Soap

Ho ho ho…these soaps will look amazing over the festive season, so rustle up a few bars for friends by following the easy steps in this guide, before wrapping with Christmassy ribbon.

Homemade Gingerbread Playdough

Play dough is a perennial favorite when it comes to stocking stuffers for kids, so make up a batch of this delicious-smelling gingerbread dough to keep them occupied after Santa has gone.

Diy Felt Leaves Coffee Sleeve

If coffee is the thing that holds their day together, this DIY felt leaves coffee sleeve will keep their hands burn free, and keep disposable holders out of the trash can.

Rainbow & Gold Lustre Bath Bombs

Bath bombs find their way into many a stocking, but they can be expensive. Make these rainbow gold lustre versions at home and everyone can enjoy them at a fraction of the price.

Diy Backpack Tags

If little ones are heading off to school after Christmas, slip a few of these homemade backpack labels under the tree so they don’t panic about getting them lost. Free Printables included.

Diy Pantone Chip Magnets

These fridge magnets would make a great gift for decorators, or anyone who loves colors, and, if you have a Pantone chip book lying around, they cost next to nothing to make.

Gold Leaf Pendant Stocking Stuffers

Make jewelry that will add even more sparkle to the holidays by working with polymer clay. This tutorial shows you how to create two very different pendants for the party season.

Diy Pie Chart Paper Pendants

Get your geek on this year with these pie chart pendants which can be made in any color combination you like, before being set in a shiny glaze.

Diy Candy Stripe Ornaments

Make sure everyone has a new ornament to hang on the tree this year with one of these easy-to-make hanging ornaments, which can be created in any color scheme they like.

Geo Wood Magnets

Wooden blocks can be used for so many DIY projects, and these geometric fridge magnets are just one example. Simply decorate with acrylic paints and stick a magnet on the back.

Diy Felt Scrap Bracelets

These colorful felt bracelets make great use of old felt scraps and are the ideal accessory for the current boho trend, while the hand stitching adds to the higgledy-piggledy vibe.

Diy LEGO Soap

LEGO lovers will be made up when they open their stocking on Christmas morning and find these soaps hiding in there. Make both bricks and figures for a ‘soap-er’ surprise.

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