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31 Star Wars Gifts All Fans Will Love

Capture the essence of Star Wars with any of these great gifts. The Star Wars craze is only set to continue with more sequels on the way, sure to be record-breakers upon their release. If the Force is strong with someone you love, honor their nerd-based passion with a gift that they’ll cherish for yours, and maybe even keep as a collector’s item.

You won’t need to ‘Use the Force’ to find an awesome Star Wars gift. This list has everything that both the dark side and light side will love.

Star Wars R2-D2 Lunch Bag with Sound

This lunch bag IS the droid you are looking for. Officially licensed by Lucasfilm, made by Thermos; this little droid will keep your food fresh for hours in food safe, BPA free, foam insulated coolness. Perfect for work or school, this bag is affordable, durable, and the authentic beeps and lights are awesome in any galaxy.


Vintage Leia Glamour Tie Back Tank

Bring out your inner Rebel Princess with this chic black tie back tank. The stark contrast of black, white and red of Leia lounging under her name in neon; combined with the knotted back and deep slit armholes makes this top great for those summer days on Earth or Endor.


Star Wars Pancake Molds

Begin your day epically with these pancake molds, and serve up some deliciousness. Your family will devour these edible vehicles, and can choose from an X-Wing, Vader’s Tie Fighter, or the Millennium Falcon. You get the glory of being the coolest cook in your home, and stacks of fluffy flapjacks at the same time with these molds, while being affordable to buy several to share with friends and loved ones.

Prices Vary

His and Hers Star Wars Ring Set

Some love are so epic they span galaxies, but need little discussion. Declare your love and your diehard geek status with this stunning wedding band set. Her band is set with 2 rubies inlaid in the Death Star and the Imperial Cog, and engraved with “I love you.” His band is set with a sapphire in a Death Star and is engraved with the classic reply, “I know.”


Star Wars Family Car Stickers

If your child’s first words were “Use the Force”, these are the family car decals for you. These officially licensed Lucasfilm Collectible stickers offer 50 total decals with 19 distinct characters, come in 2 sizes, and are available in a variety of Star Wars Universe family packs. There’s a decal for every member of the family; Jedi or Sith, droid or alien.

Prices Vary

Millenium Falcon Windshield Sunshade

Keep your car as cool as Han with this foldable sunshade. Who better to defend your vehicle against heat than Luke, Obi Wan, Han Solo, and everyone’s favorite Wookie, Chewbacca? Whether your ride is as big as the Death Star, or as small as a Tie Fighter, this shade will fit most windshields, folds flat and secures with elastic straps for safe storage.


Death Star Light Up Inflatable Ball

Take your geeky love to the beach with this nifty officially licensed ball. Impact activated, lights flash within the inflated Death Star, lighting up the night. Batteries are included, and this Imperial space station can be inflated by pump or mouth. The Death Start beach ball is less than ten bucks, so you can buy several, because you never know when and inflatable, light up Death Star might be exactly what you need.


Luke Skywalker Light Up Chopsticks

After a hard day of Jedi training, you’ll want to refuel, and now you can do that with Luke’s Lightsaber as chop sticks. They even light up with the push of a button on the hilt. Don’t use the fork; Use the Force to master your next meal. Available in multiple colors/characters these officially licensed chopsticks are sure to be instant conversation starters, so be sure to carry them when you go to the Cantina.


Princess Leia Apron

Cosplay for less every day with this fantastic Leia Slave Costume apron. Indulge your oldest Star Wars fantasies every time you cook, or gift someone who has a soft spot for the Rebel Princess. This affordable apron is emblazoned with Leia’s iconic slave costume she wore as Jabba the Hut’s servant.

Prices Vary

R2-D2 USB Car Charger

This officially licensed thinkgeek.com exclusive is the epitome of today’s sci-fi reality. Now, R2 can be YOUR hero with 2 USB ports to keep your devices charged as you traverse your neck of the universe. Comfortably nestled in your cup holder, he’ll charge 2 high power devices simultaneously when you connect him to your car’s 12v power supply.

Prices Vary

Star Wars Millenium Falcon Cat Teaser

There is something extra awesome about nerd pets; they love what we love, and often endure what we love even when they could care less. Say thanks with this adorable dangling plush Millennium Falcon accented with 7 blue ribbons. Playing with your pets creates bonds and keeps them healthy, so they can continue to share your geeky love for years to come.

Prices Vary

Miniature Metal DIY Model Kits

Droids, Tie Fighters, and AT-ATs, OH MY! Star Wars fans everywhere will love these kits. Recommended for 14 years and up due to sharp edges; pre-labeled laser cut parts sheets create a full mini model. Simply follow the instructions, and build your own 14 inch miniature of one of four of your favorite Star Wars metal marvels. The low price makes this kit a great gift for the mechanically inclined geeks in your life.

Prices Vary

A New Hope Flip-Straw Travel Cup

This is a must have functional piece of Star Wars collectible memorabilia. Once again, LEGO and LucasFilms have teamed up to bring the awesome straight to your home. At 8 inches, this Stormtrooper lends a commanding presence, and if you push his head down, his chest lights up with the current time/day. You can program him from a panel on his back, and runs on 2 included AAA batteries.

Prices Vary

LEGO Stormtrooper Minifigure Clock

This handy travel cup will keep you as cool as Han Solo with imagery from the original Star Wars: A New Hope film. Sixteen oz will help you stay hydrated on Tatooine, your car, and your home. This travel cup has a flip-straw function, and is insulated to keep liquids hot or cold. Pre-order now for August delivery, and buy a few more to share at Christmas.

Prices Vary

Star Wars Death Star Dog Toy

Your pup will learn to use the Force to get the treat from this miniature Death Star toy. Promotes bonding, and is a favorite for playing fetch. This Lucasfilm officially license Imperial Space Station will quickly become your pup’s go-to toy, when you fill it with their favorite treat. Ideal for bonding with your best friend, and you can afford to keep extras on hand for later.


Star Wars Darth Vader Force Gloves

Are you a training to be a Jedi, or does the Dark Side beckon? You don’t have to choose to enjoy these gloves. Proving once again that learning is fun, thinkgeek.com turns simple magnets into hours of entertainment. The enclosed guide teaches you how to use the Force of magnetism, and the low price makes these gloves the coolest gift for any fan of science or science fiction.


Star Wars Jawa Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head

Funko does it again with this 3 ¾ inch Vinyl Pop! Bobble head Jawa. You don’t even have to hide your valuables from this Tatooine scavenger; you can proudly show him to the world in his very own window display box. Sure, Jawas are shy, but rest easy knowing that at least someone in your home will know where all the missing socks went.

Prices Vary

Star Wars Potato Heads

Always the best dressed spuds, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head can fly their geek flags proudly. These Lucasfilm officially licensed classic tuber toys can still mix and match outfits with the rest of their home fries, with a Star Wars flair. Dress your favorite carbohydrate as Vader, R2, or Yoda for some old school imaginative play.

Prices Vary

The Old Republic Encyclopedia

The Star Wars Universe has a rich and often explosive history. Before you venture into your next session of The Old Republic MMORPG, arm yourself with this beautifully illustrated 352 page encyclopedia. Through collaboration with LucasArts, this incredible volume will please even the most discerning fan with entries covering characters, weapons, vehicles, history, and planetary information.


I Am Bobba Fett Hooded Tank

Sexy has a new name in the Star Wars universe. Perfect for everyday or for the occasional bounty hunt, this hooded tank will show off your nerd cred throughout the galaxy. The olive green “armor” is highlighted with slashes of yellow, tool belt, insignia, and is cut to flatter a feminine figure, and adds an air of mystery with the attached cowl hood.


Star Wars Tin Darth Vader Wind Ups

Children of any age will love this revamped classic toy. Standing 7 inches tall, Lord Vader makes an impressive entrance (Imperial March background music not included) in any room by simply winding the key. Geeks young and old will enjoy endless fun no batteries required! Not recommended for children under the age of 3.

Prices Vary

Star Wars Beach Towels

There was a time when being a nerd on the beach only meant one thing, sand in the face. Nowadays, geeky girls and guys can show off their love of all things Star Wars proudly with these awesome towels. Choose from Chewie, Han in Carbonite, R2, or Vader and add some fun in the sun to your summer plans. These 100% cotton beach towels are affordable enough to buy one in every style.

Prices Vary

Vinyl Clock – Star Wars

One of the coolest things about geeks is our love of giving new life to old items. These incredible clocks are upcycled unplayable vinyl records; the top of the record features three iconic characters from the Star Wars universe (Yoda, Darth Vader, and an AT-AT). The lower portion is emblazoned with the Star Wars logo and includes a quartz mechanism, and comes ready to hang.


Star Wars Ice Trays Master Collection

Few items exude coolness the way these ice cube trays do. 34 molds in 6 trays and two Death Star Spheres can be used to create multiple foods and beverages. Heat resistant to 446⁰ F and cold resistant to -40⁰, these silicone trays feature two sizes for greater adaptability. Great for craft projects as well as a kitchen utensil.

Prices Vary

R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

A Thinkgeek.com exclusive creation, officially licensed by Lucasfilm, this incredible little astromech is actually a complete measuring cup set in disguise! R2 completely disassembles to help you whip up the most delicious food this side of the galaxy. Each food-grade (BPA-Free) piece is clearly marked with measurements on the back side to retain the aesthetics of this spunky little droid.


Dad, Yoda Best Mug

Luke and Leia may have a few daddy issues, but you can show your dad how much you dig him with this clever mug. These handmade mugs feature a cartoon Yoda sporting a smile, his trademark cane, and of course the green Lightsaber. Perfect gifts for young fans to bestow upon their paternal members, these mugs are reasonably priced, so you can go ahead and get him one for the office as well.


Star Wars Princess Leia Beach Towel

Bask in the twin suns of Tatooine, catch some rays on the beach, or hang on your wall as an accent piece; this 100% cotton beach towel is stunningly designed in the art nouveaux style by Adam Hughes. A thinkgeek.com exclusive, Leia lounges in her slave costume above a “show poster” for Jabba the Hut’s “Last Daughter of Alderaan”. Clever and comfortable, this towel is inexpensive, as well, so go ahead and grab a few to share.


Star Wars Dagobah Shower Curtain

Nestled in a swamp on Dagobah, Yoda teaches Luke that there is no trying, only doing, as the X-Wing slowly sinks from view. That iconic scene is now immortalized in your bathroom with this beautiful 72 inch shower curtain. Officially licensed, this shower curtain will transform your lavatory into a hauntingly beautiful swamp (minus the soggy floor) in a snap with the included clear curtain rings.

Prices Vary

Princess Leia T-Shirt

Every little girl needs a hero she can relate to. Start your princess off right with this adorable T-shirt or Onesie. She can show off her love of Leia, and score a win for geekgirls everywhere at the same time. Handmade, these cotton Tees and Onesies are comfortable and one of a kind. Simple, stylish, and tasteful, the personalization of each item is complete when you add a name to your order.


Star Wars Cross Stitch Pattern

If you love to Star Wars and you love to sew, this item is perfect for you. Buy one, get one free; instantly download 2 patters for the price of one. The PDF includes an image of the finished design, a full color stitch diagram, and material list. Very affordably priced, with a bonus BOGO, this pattern features Yoda’s classic quote, and can be paired with another pattern to create one of a kind cross stitch pictures.


MAD About Star Wars

What do you get when you cross Mad Magazine and an epic sci-fi film classic? You get an author who has written for both, and that, my geeky friends, is called a WIN. 160 pages filled with hilarity, and bound in a hard cover will make this book one you’ll need to keep an eye on, or it might get “borrowed”. Presented by Mad, officially licensed by Lucasfilm, with a foreword by George Lucas, you can’t get much closer to Nerd Nirvana, until you see the price, then you’ll be buying one for everyone you know.


10 DIY Star Wars Gifts

Pool Noodle Lightsabers

Parents dream of giving their offspring the birthday party they’ve always wished for, but sometimes those childhood wishes can become expensive. These nifty Pool Noodle Lightsabers are guaranteed to be the biggest hit at the party for less than a dollar and a half a piece! It’s no secret, kids love to sword fight, and while themed for Star Wars this “excruciatingly detailed step by step guide” can easily be converted to reflect the guest of honor’s personal tastes with a few items from a dollar store.

Star Wars Pinata

What’s not to love about a piñata? You get to smash it to pieces, AND get treats. Step up your piñata game with this detailed pictorial, and delight the Star Wars fankid in your galaxy! Using recycled newspapers, a dollar store punch balloon, and a little paint, you’ll have your very own Death Star to destroy. While you won’t be able to bring down the Dark Side completely, your child will love the rain of candy when the Rebels decimate the Imperial Space Station.

May the 4th… Star Wars Blanket

Celebrate the geekiest holiday of the year with this May the 4th DIY crocheted blanket tutorial. This stunning blanket is created in a step by step pictorial that not only allows you to show of your skills as a crochet expert, but tells the tale of the Star Wars Saga in blocks covering the 6 Episodes currently available, but can be altered to allow for future episodes (Dec 2015 y’all!!!). This project can be adjusted for size and time allowed, enabling you to gift those who share your love of all things Star Wars.

Cutest Little Death Star

Who says the Death Star has to be all imposing and ominous? With this Cutest Little Death Star DIY craft you’ll be able to put a cute spin on the Dark Side. It’s a great gift for future Jedi, and anyone who is a fan of the Star Wars franchise in general.

Wall-Mounted Wampa Head

Only true Star Wars fans will appreciate this wall-mounted Wampa head. It’s the abominable snow beast that attacks Luke and Han and looks as if it ran into the wrong end of a lightsaber. A pure conversation starter if ever there was one.

Wookie Birdhouse

Make a birdhouse that looks like a Wookie, or a Wookie that acts as a birdhouse. With simple materials you probably have lying around the house you can make this super cute birdhouse that makes it look as though the birds are in a Wookie’s mouth.

DIY Star Wars Jewelry

Show off your Star Wars fandom with a piece of detailed Star Wars jewelry. This is a tutorial on how to make an x-wing fighter right from the classic trilogy into a wearable piece of art. It’s not as hard as you might think, and if you follow the directions it’s sure to come out great.

Star Wars Spelling

Teaching children to love words and reading is the cheapest way to enrich their lives. Using dollar store items, this step by step tutorial uses Star Wars characters to aid in letter recognition, sentence structure, and phonetics. For less than the price of a fast food combo meal, you can give kids a jump start on their future. The crafter here used her child’s favorite theme, but you can easily substitute any theme for personalized learning that will ensure that reading is FUNdamental.

Star Wars Light Switch

Go from the Dark Side to the Light Side with the flip of a switch when you make this Star Wars light switch. It shows characters from both sides in their respective places, and shows that light always triumphs over darkness.

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