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24 Unique Christmas Gifts for the Ultimate Sports Fan

Before you add the clichéd pair of socks to your cart for the special man in your life, check out these gifts for sports fans; from whiskey chillers in the shape of golf balls to cufflinks made out of seats from football stadiums, look no further for one-of -a-kind gifts.

sports christmas gifts

College Football Stadium Art

Because you never get to see your team play enough, bring the stadium to your front room with these 3D tributes of college sporting grounds. Made from laser-cut plywood, these scale model reliefs make the perfect gift for a sports mad son, grandson or nephew (or keep it for yourself).


Candlestick Park Goal Post Bottle Opener

This isn’t just a bottle opener – it opens bottles, yes, but it’s also a piece of history. The handle is made from part of the goal post from the original Candlestick Park, Home of the San Francisco 49ers, and fans will be transported back to game day as they sip on a cold beer.


New York Times Custom Baseball Book

Baseball fans will go mad for this personalized gift featuring their favorite Major League Baseball team. As they flick through the pages, they’ll be reminded of newsworthy moments that happened both on and off the field, brought to life through The New York Times’ archives.


GolfGiftsPro Subscription Box

Get the golfer in your life one of these gift boxes to help them improve their handicap. Whether you go for the Essentials box with 2 pairs of premium leather gloves, or the Golf Improvement box with training aids, balls and tees, you’re sure to score a hole in one with either of these gifts.

Prices vary

Kentucky Derby Churchill Downs Cufflinks

Dress to impress on Derby day with these one-of-a-kind cufflinks. Made from wood sourced from Churchill Downs, one of the most recognized sites of the Kentucky Derby, fans can proudly wear a piece of history on their sleeve – along with their heart – as they watch from the stands.


Baseball Coasters

Baseball fans can rest a cold beer on one of these fun coasters as they sit back and watch the game. Crafted from sandstone with a cork base, each of the 4 coasters in the pack is illustrated with an image that encapsulates the All American Dream.


Authentic NFL Stadium Seat Cufflinks

These cufflinks have witnessed unforgettable wins, as well as defeats that fans have tried hard to forget. Made from materials salvaged from the seats of famous football stadiums, get the guy in your life a pair to wear instead of his team’s jersey to take him from boardroom to bar.


Collectible FIFA World Cup Glass Set

The buzz surrounding the 2018 Russia World Cup may have passed, but soccer fans can relive the unmissable moments as they knock back a beer with this set of 4 t-glass collectibles. Inspired by the iconic gold trophy, each one is embossed with the official FIFA 2018 World Cup logo.

Prices Vary

New York Times Custom Football Book

NFL fans can relive their team’s glory days through The New York Times’ extensive archives in this custom-made book. From sports trivia to photographs, with each page they’ll be immersed in headlines from days gone by, as moments from the past are brought to life in full-color.


Gary’s Unique Collectibles Subscription Box

Get a sport card collector a gift that keeps on giving with this monthly subscription to Gary’s Unique Collectibles. They’ll start off with a box that includes an autograph from a NASCAR driver and 2 packs of cards, and they can look forward to receiving more through their letterbox every month.

Prices vary

NHL Game Used Uniform Wallet

Hockey fans can carry their team in their pocket with this wallet – lined with jersey from the NHL team of your choice, you can even see the wear from a regular season game. Your chosen team’s name will also be embossed on the front of the wallet, which comes gift-boxed with an authentication card.


Baseball Stadium Screen Print Map

If you know somebody who has been doing the rounds of ballparks across America, give them this screen print map so they can proudly show off the stops on their pilgrimage – every time they visit a stadium, they can mark it on the map with a sticker showing the colors of that team.


Real Baseball Bottle Opener

A fun stocking filler, this bottle opener is made from a genuine leather baseball. It’s magnetic too, to attach to the fridge when it’s not in use, and the magnets also catch bottle tops to prevent them being stepped on during a post-match victory lap of the front room.


Baseball Signature Tie

Not one to wear if you’re looking to blend in to the background, there’ll be no mistaking your love of the game with this themed tie. Printed with worn baseballs, each one features the signature of a famous player, from Babe Ruth to Ty Cobb.


Baseball Stadium Blueprints

If they can’t get to the game, baseball fans will still feel like they’re there soaking up the atmosphere with this framed stadium blueprint. Printed in their team’s colors on museum-grade, archival paper, this is a collector’s item that super fans will cherish for years to come.


Baseball Dartboard

Combine 2 of a sport lover’s favorite pastimes with this baseball themed dartboard, which has been handcrafted by Jay Stoltz. They can rewrite the rules of the classic bar game, and ‘pitch’ darts at the board to achieve a home run with the stadium-inspired play.


Hockey Stick Snow Brush

Fans can clear away the ice using a snow brush made from recycled hockey sticks before going to watch their favorite team play; they’ll hold history in their hands whilst ensuring that the weather doesn’t stop them from seeing it made once more in the rink.


Elk Pendant In A Hockey Motif

Brighten up a games room with this novelty light fixture – crafted from handblown glass, the pendant incorporates a replica ice rink and scoreboard to create a contemporary, layered style that includes 2 incandescent lights, making it perfect for lighting up the big game on TV.


Ticket Stub Diary

If you know a hoarder who keeps the stubs from every game they go to, this diary is just the ticket. No longer will they have ticket stubs overflowing from drawers or stashed in boxes under the bed, they’ll be able to keep them organized, so they can look back and remember each game.


Classic Boxing Bell

Don’t think about where you would put this classic boxing bell or even what you would use it for, just imagine how much enjoyment you would get out of hearing its iconic ring. It also makes an alternative gift for a boxing lover, whether they’re an amateur fighter or just a regular spectator.


Football Stadium Art

They go to every game and, win or lose, they’re always there cheering their team on. If this sounds like someone you know, get them this mounted 3D tribute to the stadium that’s become their home away from home. Created from layers of laser-cut plywood, the reliefs are accompanied by stadium facts and figures.


Game Used Base Stools

For the ultimate bachelor pad, check out this bar stool made from a game-used base. Whether your team is the Red Sox or the Yankees, you can deck out your kitchen with this authentic memorabilia. And if your better half won’t have it, buy it for your single mate.


Golf Coffee Mug Set

For the colleague who’d rather be on the golf course, this mug and pen set makes the perfect Christmas gift. They can practice their swing before making a cup of coffee… and then when they’ve procrastinated enough, they can use the pen to write their ‘to do’ list for the day.


Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

Keep whiskey chilled without watering it down with this set of 2 golf ball-inspired chillers. Packaged in a handcrafted wooden box, it makes an ideal gift for a golfer who likes to enjoy a stiff drink after a day out on the green… either to toast to their success or to drown their sorrows.


3 Unique Diy Sports Gifts

Diy Crochet Football Blanket

If you know a little one who’s mad about football, dust off your sewing machine and have a go at this football blanket. This article includes the chart you need to get the pattern just right, as well as a tutorial for tapestry stitch if you need a quick reminder before you start.

Diy Golf Towel

After working up a sweat out on the course, golf fans will be grateful to have this customized towel – there’s even a carabiner hook so it can be attached to their golf buggy. Check out this post to find out how to make it and get Hubby’s or Dad’s Christmas present wrapped up.

Diy Football Soap

If your boys are going through the phase when washing seems even worse to them than doing their homework, encourage them to lather up with this football-shaped soap. Read this article to see what you’ll need to make it at home to get them smelling fresh when they come off of the sports field.

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