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50 Spa Gift Baskets for Pampering and Relaxation

When you need to buy a gift for someone, spa gift baskets are ideal. Not only are you giving them some beautiful and amazing smelling products and pamper tools, you’re also giving them the gift of some me time. We’ve gathered together some brilliant baskets of goodies which are bursting with everything they’ll need to have an at home spa experience.

Island Spa Escape Bath & Beauty Gift Basket

Spa gift baskets are the best way to help someone unwind, and this one will make them feel like they’re on a desert island. With the tropical scent of coconut, this basket contains a sugar scrub, salt scrub, loofah and more which will de-stress and unwind you after a long hard day.


Vanilla Therapy Bath and Body Spa Basket

Presented in a lovely wicker basket, this vanilla themed spa basket has everything you need to pamper yourself and have some “me time”. Included inside this gift basket is a body lotion, body scrub, chocolates, loofahs, a candle and a towel as well as loads of other luxurious products.


PURE Spa Gift Basket

Lavender is widely recognized as being used to help us relax and sleep; there’s just something about that scent that makes us feel sleepy. That’s why lavender essential oil, alongside coconut milk, have been used in the products included in this basket, to help us unwind and make our skin super soft.

Prices Vary

Beach Spa Crate

There is nothing more relaxing than being at the beach. The sound of the waves lapping, and feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin…there’s nothing like it. While we can’t treat you to a day at the beach, we can bring you a taste of the sun and sea with this spa basket.


Classic Spa Gift Basket

Inside this gorgeous Classic Spa basket you’ll find some body wash and a soap, as well as some great accessories like a loofah, wooden soap holder and slippers. Why pay those expensive spa prices when you can have the same experience in your own bathroom?


Aromatherapy Spa Gift Basket

Beautifully presented in a basket and finished with a purple polka dot ribbon, these products will help you feel completely relaxed and pampered whenever you feel like it. As well as everything you need to have an at home spa session, there’s also some cookies included as a little bath time treat.

Prices Vary

Wooden Massage and Reflexology Kit for Women

Whether you’re buying indulgent gift baskets for yourself or a loved one, this massage and reflexology kit is guaranteed to make them feel refreshed. It has all the products needed for a relaxing massage and some reflexology, as well as bubble bath and shower gel so they can fully immerse themselves into the experience.


Seaside Getaway Spa Bath and Body Gift Basket Set

If you love being on the beach, this gift basket will bring you a feel of the ocean which will make you feel as though you’re beachside! With the scent of “Ocean Mist”, these products are all designed to make you feel relaxed as well as bring a touch of the sea into your home.

Prices Vary

Men’s Luxury Spa Tote

These days, men want to feel pampered as women do and why shouldn’t they? Show the men in your life how good it feels to have some relaxation with this men’s luxury spa tote. Inside they’ll find products such as shave cream and beard balm which will slowly introduce them to the world of pampering.


Brubaker Wooden Spa Bath Gift Basket

This would make a perfect gift for a woman in your life who is in need of some pampering. It has all the products she’ll need to give herself an at home spa treatment, which are presented in a stylish wooden basket which can be reused when the products are all gone.

Prices Vary

Farm Spa Gift Basket

Pamper yourself in homemade products, safe in the knowledge that they’re free from chemicals. The main ingredients in these are beeswax and honey which are known to be so good for your skin. Lip balm, bath bombs, soap and lotion are all you need to create a spa experience at home.


Luxurious Lavender Delight Spa Gift Basket

If you or someone you know loves the smell of lavender, this spa gift basket is ideal for them. It contains everything you need, and more, to have a pamper session after a stressful day. As well as body products, there’s also a bath pillow, candles and a room diffuser to really relax you.

Prices Vary

Gourmet Spa Gift Basket with Essential Oils

Chilling out after a hard day at work is a must. There’s nothing more relaxing than running a hot bath, locking the bathroom door and sinking into the bubbles. This gift basket contains everything you’ll need to leave your worries and stresses behind, all with a soothing lavender scent.


Calming Waters Relaxation Set

Beautifully presented in a wooden box filled with dried flowers, this Calming Waters Relaxation box is absolutely perfect when you need some R & R. A bath tea, bath soak, bath bomb and a soy wax candle all contain essential oils which will help to calm and de-stress you.


Gifts For Her Spa Gifts Basket

Choose from lavender, chamomile or coffee bean and make this aromatic spa basket perfect for someone you know. And because they’ll all smell of their favorite scent, they’ll love using the products included inside this wicker basket when they want a little pamper session.


An Afternoon At the Spa Perfect Spa Gift Basket

Pretty in pink, you’ll find all the necessary items you need for a pamper evening inside this wicker basket. Terry cloth slippers and a bath pillow are also included, as well as bath products and some chocolatey treats which you’re not allowed to share with anyone.

Prices Vary

Yellow Beauty Spa Gift Basket

The perfect way to bring some sunshine into your life, which is just what you need when things are a little dull. Included in this yellow and orange themed basket are products which will help you unwind and de stress after a particularly difficult day.


Spa Life All Natural Luxury Spa Gift Set Basket

All packed neatly into this little suitcase is this 7-piece set of SpaLife products, each one designed specifically to make you feel as pampered as you would if you’d been to the spa. As well as a sisal sponge, you’ll find great products which will leave your mind, body and soul feeling relaxed.


Bath and Body Invigoration

Burt’s Bees products are all natural, meaning you’ll know exactly what is going onto your skin. With this gift basket, you’ll get travel size products, a loofah and a pumice stone, giving you all the tools you need to create an at home spa experience in your bathroom.


Spa Gift Basket With Lovely Pomegranate Fragrance

One of the annoying things about gift baskets is not knowing where to put it while you use the amazing products. This item has solved that by presenting their amazing pomegranate scented products inside a wooden cabinet which has a hook on the back. Genius.

Prices Vary

Premium Spa Gift Basket

As well as three amazing products, you’ll also get some terry cloth slippers, 4 points massager, pumice sponge and a foam sea sponge as well as other tools which will enable you to enjoy a spa day in the comfort of your own home. And you won’t have to pay spa prices either.


Hang In There… Spa Gift Basket

Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a working woman or just someone who needs some time out, this Hang In There spa gift basket contains all the essentials so you can enjoy a couple of hours peace. Lock the door, lay back in the bubbles and let all your troubles wash away.

Price varies

Spa Gift Box

You can truly personalize this box to suit whoever you’re giving it to so you can be safe in the knowledge that they’ll love what you’ve given them. Not only can you choose the color of the box but you can also choose the scent of 5/6 of the products included.


Sandalwood Vanilla Aromatherapy Spa Basket

Whether you need to buy a present for a man or a woman, this unisex gift basket is ideal. All of the products included in this large spa basket smell of vanilla and sandalwood, both of which are known for their relaxing and calming effects.

Prices Vary

Relaxing Retreat Spa Gift

Nicely presented inside the wooden box, this gift basket wouldn’t look out of place in a spa so it’s perfect for an at home spa experience. Smelling of sage and tangerine, the luxurious products are designed to help you unwind and relax when you’re feeling particularly stressed.


Verdugo Gift Co Warm Vanilla Spa Basket

Drop one of the bath fizzers into the tub and get lost in its swirling fizzing bubbles. Then slide into the bath and relax with the products also included in this basket, all of which have a sweet yet spicy vanilla scent which will help de-stress your mind and body.

Prices Vary

Hydro® Luxury Spa Experience

Whether you choose to buy this for someone else or as a treat for yourself, you’re guaranteed a relaxing spa session in your own bathroom when using this spa basket. The products inside have been specifically designed to unwind and rejuvenate so you’re ready to take on the world.


Natural Spa Basket

We all want what’s best for our skin, and if you’ve got particularly sensitive skin, you need to be careful with the products you use. Well, worry no more because this gift set is full of organic and dye-free products, which are beautifully presented inside a cute wooden basket.


Birthday Spa Gift Set

This would make a perfect gift for someone’s birthday who needs some self-care and me time. Inside the box, they’ll find bath salts, lip balm, soap, body polish and hand balm as well as a gift tag, and it’ll all be finished nicely with a ribbon.


Spa Bath Bomb Birthday Theme Gift Basket Box

There is nothing nicer than a spa session, but if your gift budget won’t stretch that far, give them the spa experience but in their own home. As well as the spa products which are included in this box, they’ll also get a birthday cake scented candle and some treats to truly indulge with.


Amazing Spa and Chocolates for Her

Making a perfect gift for your wife, mother or sister, this spa set contains enough products to give her a truly relaxing experience, in the comfort of her own home and surrounded by her own things. She’ll also get some chocolates included just to add to the luxury.


The Man Can

Treat the man in your life with The Man Can and show him that men can also enjoy some pampering and relaxation. Inside the stylish reusable black can is an array of products, all of which have strong manly scents, which he can use to indulge in some me time.


Luxury Zen Spa Gift Basket

Zen is a form of Buddhism and is a relaxed state where you’re not worrying about things you cannot change. Use this luxury spa basket to achieve this state of mind. Run yourself a warm bubble bath, light a candle and use the products included to get rid of all your worries.


Organic Spa Gift Basket Heavenly Coconut Scent

As well as being known for its amazing benefits to the skin and body, coconut also has a gorgeous tropical scent which can transport you to a desert island. Stay on that island with the products included inside this spa gift basket and indulge in some pampering.


Spa Gift Basket

With scents like peppermint and lavender, this spa basket would make a perfect treat for yourself, or a gift for a friend or loved one. Not only do you get spa products, you also get a candle, towel, hair wrap, sleep mask and travel pillow. Everything you need for a spa session.


PURE Spa Gift Basket

Pears are delicious to eat but did you know that they also have amazing benefits for your skin? They’re full of vitamin C and fiber which helps maintain collagen. Because of this, it makes sense that this spa basket uses this fruit in its luxurious products.

Prices Vary

Wine Country Gift Basket Spa Experience

Inside this gorgeous wooden box, you’ll find all the things you need for a lovely at home spa session. Bubble bath and bath salts will make the perfect bath, and when you’ve used all the other lovely products, slide between the sheets which have been sprayed in the delicious scent of lavender vanilla.

Prices Vary

Essence of Luxury Warm Vanilla Spa Basket Set

There is nothing better than finishing a spa treatment and going for some tasty goodies. Treat yourself to this at home with the gorgeous products and delicious treats included inside this basket. We all need some luxury in our lives, why not start here?

Prices Vary

Opulent Spa Basket

Open up this gift basket and you’ll see luxurious products, all of which have been designed to treat your mind and body to a relaxing pamper session. Body scrubs, soaps, spa tools and a candle as well as much more are just waiting to spoil you with some R & R.


Spa Booties with Lavender Aromatherapy

We use our feet every day yet they’re usually the last thing we think to relax, even though they literally hold us up. Give them a break with these purple lavender booties. Like slipping your feet into clouds, they’re microwaveable and have lavender inserts, so the warming scent will sooth those tired soles.


Spa Luxuries Bath and Body Gift Basket

No spa treatment is complete without soothing music and this gift basket comes with a tranquillity sounds CD to totally relax and calm you. Light the candle, pamper yourself with the refreshing products and then indulge with the toffees and cookies which are also included.


Savannah Bee Royal Treatment Gift Set

Beeswax is great for our skin. It contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which can ward off breakouts and stop our pores from becoming clogged. Inside this vegan leather case you’ll find three beeswax products, all of which have different scents and will do wonders for your skin.


Tranquility Spa Collection

Packaged nicely and finished with a duck egg blue ribbon, this spa gift basket would make the perfect present for that person you know who might need a little looking after. Bath salts and bubble bath as well as a towel, citrus basil candle and other tools essential for pampering.


Caramel Indulgence Bath & Body Spa Gift Basket

When you think of caramel, you think of luxury and indulgence. These products are full to the brim with shower gel, lotion and hand cream as well as edible goodies like cookies and candy. It’s a full luxurious spa experience for you to enjoy at home.


Lily Body & Earth Spa Gift Baskets

Kept inside a lovely wicker basket which can be reused, you’ll find some gorgeous white bottles which are full of beautifully floral scented bath products. Potpourri, body mist, soap and bubble bath as well as others are guaranteed to give you that spa feeling in the comfort of your own bathroom.


Total Spa Day Spa Gift Basket

Let someone pamper themselves from head to toe using this spa gift basket. Beautifully presented in a lovely pink, they’ll find everything they need to enjoy a full spa day without having to step foot in one. There are even some gourmet goodies to indulge in while in the bath.

Prices Vary

Seaside Relaxation Spa Gift Basket

In the colors of the seaside, this gift basket is a spa experience all contained in one box. The products included will make you feel relaxed and looked after, all while reminding you of being near the sea. Grab yourself some seaside snacks and your spa day will be complete.

Prices Vary

Refreshing Rose & Jasmine Spa Gift Basket

Lose yourself in the floral notes of rose and jasmine with this gorgeous gift basket. The sweet scent can help calm your mind as well as relax your body. All the products come inside a wooden box with a mirror which you can use as a jewelry box after the pampering has been done.

Prices Vary

Ultimate Lavender Bath & Body Spa Gift Basket

Lavender has long been used to help us with our sleep, so it’s no wonder it’s also used in products which help us to destress and unwind. As well as bath and body products, you’ll also find a purple pillow and potpourri inside the lovely little basket.

Prices Vary

Ultimate Relaxation Spa Gift Basket

We’ve all seen pictures of slices of cucumber placed over the eyes when in a spa. Instead of doing that, why not use these products which have the smell of cucumber and melon? The luxurious products will make you feel rested and rejuvenated when you’ve finished your pampering session.


5 Relaxing Diy Spa Gift Baskets

Create a Gift Basket of Spa Essentials

If you like the idea of putting together a spa gift basket but have no idea where to start, this tutorial is your saviour. It’ll talk you through what to put inside, starting with the basics right through to how you finish it off and make it look as though a professional did it.

Put Together a Spa Gift Basket

Spa baskets make great gufts but sometimes the best ones can cost just as much as a day at the spa. Cut the cost by putting together a DIY version, filled with products you can buy at the drug store. You can get some amazingly luxurious products for more than half the cost of branded ones.

18 Bath and Beauty Home Made Gifts

Use this tutorial to make your own spa products, using your favorite scents and all-natural ingredients. It’ll show you how to make 18 different ones, from bath bombs to bath salt. Try them out on yourself and then give them to friends and family as gifts.

Make Your Own Spa Gift Baskets

When you’re making your own gift basket to give to someone, you want to make sure it looks as good as a professional one. This easy to follow guide will make sure that you’ve covered all the bases and included everything that needs to go inside a pamper basket.

Diy Spa Gift Basket and Printable Gift Tag

By following this tutorial, not only will you make a top end spa basket filled with all the necessary products and tools needed for an at home spa treatment, but it also comes with a free printable gift tag which you can use to finish off your gift basket.

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