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39 Snuggly Christmas Gifts for People That Love to Always Be Cozy

Perfect gifts can be hard to find, so if you have been racking your brain trying to think of a way that you can keep someone in your life not only happy this Christmas, but warm as well, read on. With so many items on the following list of gift ideas, you can’t go wrong!

snuggly christmas gifts

Create Your Own Pom Pom Slippers

Do you know someone that would love to learn how to knit? Awesome, then check this out and consider grabbing it for them for Christmas. Perfect for beginners, the set will guide them through the process of knitting their very own festive pom pom slippers that will keep their feet warm and cozy.

Prices vary

Duofold Mid Weight Double-Layer Thermal Union Suit

With the winter months on the way, everyone needs to find that perfect way of staying warm. This wonderfully cozy union suit from Duofold is thermal in design and will definitely lock out the cold weather. With a pure cotton inner layer, it will keep the wearer comfortable and content.


Chunky Knitted Throw

Seriously, what could be better than wrapping up in a giant, chunky woolen blanket? If you have been trying to think of the perfect way to make someone feel loved this holiday season, this could be it! Made by hand from 100% Merino wool and available in a choice of colors.


Jack & Mary Designs Handmade Wool Mittens

Mittens make a terrific gift, just ask anyone that has received a pair! If you would like to make someone happy (and extremely warm), all you need to do is invest in a stunning pair of Jack & Mary Designs handmade mittens, crafted from recycled sweaters.

Prices Vary

Great Lakes Throw

Looking for a new throw? Brilliant, then take a look at this. If you know someone with a fondness for the Great Lakes, they will love nothing more than to snuggle up warm and dry under this Great Lakes throw that has been hand quilted using high quality materials.


MLB Game-Used Baseball Beanie

Inside each and every MLB baseball you will find wool yarn. If you have a big baseball fan in your life, you can order them a wonderfully unique beanie made from the yarn recovered from game-used MLB baseball games! Simply pick their team and watch them smile.


Shaggy Striped Fingerless Mittens

How cool are these? Pick up a pair of these vibrant and colorful mittens and watch how happy you make someone in your life this winter. Extremely comfortable and warm, the mittens have been hand made in Peru, and as such are ready to brace even the coldest of weathers. Super stylish.


Legendary Whitetails Silent Hide Button Up

Great to look at and even greater to wear, this button up sweater fleece is ideal if you are looking for something that will keep a loved one at a comfortable temperature in the coming winter months. 100% polyester in design, it is a cuddly way to take the chill off.

Prices Vary

Leisureland Plush Fleece Lined Cozy Slippers

When lounging around the house, there is no better feeling than slipping your feet into a pair of fuzzy slippers. Fleece lined and available in a range of different designs, this particular pair from Leisureland will turn your icy blocks into 2 fluffy radiators for the duration of the cold weather.

Prices Vary

World’s Softest Women’s Cozy Crew Socks

When the weather outside is frightful, these socks are all you need to make the woman in your life’s feet feel delightful. Decide from a vast selection of patterns and colors and pick her out a pair; super soft and made from polyester, they are a guaranteed hit for the holiday period.

Prices Vary

Cozy Season Sweatshirt

Some people love the long hot summer months, and some love the cooler, cozy ones. If you know someone that definitely fits into the latter category, this is the sweater for them. Extremely comfortable and warm, it reads ‘COZY Season’ and will be their go-to sweater when the chills hit them.


Under Armour Men’s Specialist Storm Sweater

Under Armour are well known for their high quality base layer clothing. This particular specialist storm sweater is a great way to keep comfortable when the temperature outside drops. Available in a choice of awesome colors, you will be able to find one for the recipient that you have in mind.


Norwegian Hygge Kit

Know someone that would love to be cozy? Content? Comfortable? Great, then this hygge kit will make the ultimate gift just for them. Hygge kits are designed to provide people with the ingredients needed to create the ideal cozy state; especially perfect when the temperature has dropped outside.


Cable Knit Cotton Throw

Throw blankets really are an underrated gift; the comfort, secureness and warmth that they can provide is unparalleled. If you are on the lookout for a blanket throw for a loved one in your family, take a look at these cable knit pure cotton throws that even come with a wash bag for safe cleaning.


Personalized Couple Hobby Blanket

Couples are wonderful, the bond that they share is awesome. If there is a couple that you are shopping for this Christmas, get them one of these personalized hobby blankets that will lovingly feature a depiction of them both enjoying their preferred hobbies. How cute!


Love Your Melon Pom Beanie

Keep their ears and head safe from the elements with one of these Love Your Melon pom pom beanies. Unisex in design, it has been made using 100% cotton yarn and features a wonderfully bobbly and detachable pom! 50% of all profits go straight to helping the fight to beat cancer.

Prices Vary

Bibb Home Weave Thermal Blanket

Providing someone with the means to keep themselves warm is a truly special gift. If that is your main goal, you should definitely follow the link to take a look at one of these thermal blankets. Spun from premium quality Indian cotton, you can be confident in the fact it will be unbelievably soft.

Prices Vary

Rainy Day Blanket

If breathable warmth and comfort is what you are hunting for, do not fear as this blanket is here. Made from a brilliant material that is as soft as cashmere, the blanket not only feels great but dons the colors and patterns of the sky, making it look great too. A remarkable gift to receive.


Personalized Tree Throw

Remember the days when couples would declare their love for each other by carving their initials into the bark of a tree? This stunning blanket features an image of a tree and can be personalized with the initials of your choosing, a pretty cool present idea for the coziest of couples.


Pop of Purple Slouchy Hat

Handmade in Lima, Peru, this slouch knit hat is a unique and stylish way to keep someone’s head toasty during the holidays. No matter which way the breeze is blowing, this purple and blue patterned knit will make someone extremely happy and keep the cold away.

Prices vary

Lazy One Kids Critter Hooded Blanket

Keep the kid in your life happy with one of these critter hooded blankets from Lazy One. Available in tons of different designs, the hooded blanket will make them look just like one of their favorite animals with some designs even coming supplied with a tail! Take a look and see which one they would love.


Linear All-Weather Scarf

Suitable for not only the winter, but also the summer, this excellent and all-weather scarf simply looks amazing. Created using a fun felting technique, it offers a unique and extremely exciting pattern that looks cool and is super soft to the touch. It has to be seen to be believed.


Fashare Fuzzy Fleece Pajama Pants

Do you know someone that loves their fleece blanket? What about their fleece jacket? If so, they are in need of a pair of these pajama pants. Extremely soft, stretchy and comfortable, they are available in a range of colors and will make lounging at home 100% better.

Prices Vary

Yeokou Winter Fleece Sherpa Lined Zipper Hoodie

From Yeokou comes this delightful jacket. Lined with a thick fleece interior, this windbreaker hoodie is heavy in weight and has been specifically designed to keep the man in your life warm and protected from the elements. No matter their favorite color, there is a jacket for them.

Prices Vary

Greenland Home Bella Ruffle Throw

Brought to us by Greenland Home, this Bella ruffle throw is ready and able to make someone extremely happy this Christmas. Prewashed and preshrunk, it is simple to care for and has been created from 100% cotton! It will look (and feel) great in any room.


Reversible Oversized Blanket Scarf

Reversible, oversized, and oozing coziness, this super soft scarf is the gift that you need to buy for the stylish, fashionable, and cold person in your life! No matter the weather, it will protect their neck and keep it warm. When not being used as a scarf, it can be utilized as a warm blanket!


Autumn Sky Mismatched Socks

These autumn sky mismatched socks are absolutely brilliant during the colder months and have the potential to make someone very very happy! With a range of different colors and patterns hand knitted into the socks using recycled cotton yarn, you really can’t go wrong. A great gift idea.


Winter Fleece Lined Cable Knitted Pom Pom Beanie Hat

From Angela & William comes this beanie hat. Ready to brace the cold, this fleece lined hat boasts everything that is desired from a winter hat, including a pom pom! Extremely warm and great to look at thanks to the high quality cable knit, it will definitely make a welcome gift.


Legendary Whitetails Maplewood Hooded Shirt Jacket

Do you know someone that would love to stay as warm as a lumberjack? Wonderful, they will definitely look the part when they zip up this hooded shirt jacket. Quilted, comfortable and insulated, it will lock in the heat whilst looking awesome from the outside!


The North Face Denali Jacket

Want to keep the woman in your life safe from the cold weather this winter? Straight from The North Face comes this exciting Denali jacket that will make a truly special gift for the loved one who feels the cold. Available in a stunning range of colors and designs, there is a Denali jacket for everyone.

Prices Vary

Custom Cozy Reading Socks

Cuddly, snuggly and toasty are all words that describe fluffy socks. When the sun is on its way out and the snow is on its way in, warmth becomes a priority. Treat someone’s feet to a pair of these hand crocheted socks that not only look cool but feel beautifully soft and delightful.


Richie House Plush Soft Warm Fleece Bathrobe Robe

Made using 100% polyester fleece, you can be confident in the fact that this bathrobe will help the recipient to melt with comfort. With 2 front pockets and a shawl collar, all you need to do is select the color that the woman you love would like, and wrap her up in time for winter.


Intelex Cozy Body Boots

Filled with specially treated millet grains and dried lavender flower, these cozy, fluffy booties are ready to be placed in the microwave and brought to a warming temperature. That’s right, the filling itself will become a delightful, lavender scented radiator for someone in your life’s feet.


Do Good Cotton Hammock

Do you know someone that wants to feel warm on the inside? Helping others is a great way to achieve this. If you pick them up one of these comfortable and awesome looking hammocks, you will be helping them to help the Mlabri people of Thailand. Relaxing and suitable for 2 people!


Fuzzy Fleece-lined Grippers Slipper Socks

Check out these socks if you are looking for something super cute to give someone this Christmas. With 11 colors to choose from, slip resistance soles and a fleece lining, they are the perfect way to achieve toasty toes this time of year. You may even end up getting a pair for yourself.


ACORN Slouch Boot Slipper

There are tons of winter booties available in women’s sizes, but what about the man in your life? If you have been searching high and low for the perfect pair of slippers for him, take a look at these. Made from an array of soft materials, these slouch boot slippers will make him feel cozier than ever.


Chanasya Super Soft Shaggy Throw Blanket Set

Do you wish you could buy comfort? You can, with this Chanasya 3 piece set. Soft, shaggy and undeniably comfortable, the set includes a wonderful throw, along with 2 throw pillow covers. With loads of colors available to you, you really will be spoilt for choice.


Cozy Global Gift Basket

Sometimes, giving someone the gift of a feeling is a brilliant way to make them feel loved. If you would like them to feel cozy, this gift basket is the ultimate way to do so. Not only is the basket itself handwoven, you will also find inside a handwoven scarf, Ghanaian cocoa, and a stunning mug, too.


Chic Home Shady Snuggle Hoodie Blanket

Extremely useful, this ingeniously simple blanket is unlike any other. Beautiful to look at, available in a range of different colors and Sherpa lined, this blanket is fully wearable and has a built in hood. Perfectly ideal for staying warm, cuddly and comfortable this Christmas.


3 Cozy Diy Gifts to Warm the Coldest Day

Diy Kitten Mittens From Upcycled Sweaters

Giving someone the tools to keep their hands warm is a great gift, right? Instead of spending a ton of money, all you need to do is upcycle some of your old sweaters into mittens! With the following article you will find every piece of information needed to learn how to do so.

Diy No Sew Sweater Wrap

Thinking of making a Christmas gift this year as opposed to buying one? Brilliant, you will be surprised at how much the recipient will appreciate the effort. Find an old blanket and have a flick through the following list of instructions that will teach you how to turn it into a no-sew sweater.

Diy Boot Cuffs

Boot cuffs are brilliant, especially when the colder months come around. If you know someone that has a fancy pair of boots that they absolutely adore, enhance them thanks to the following blog. Using only the information you find here, you will be able to turn a sweater into cozy DIY boot cuffs.

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