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47 Cute Sloth Gifts to Cherish – Sloth Stuffed Animals, Shirts and Toys

It’s not difficult to see why the sloth is loved by so many people; they take life at their own pace, sleep most of the day, and always seem to have a smile on their faces! That’s why this list has been created, to gather together some of the most adorable sloth gifts which are perfect for lovers of this animal, no matter their age or gender.

Cute sloth gifts, stuffed animals and clothing.

Sloth Ugly Christmas Sweater

Is it really the festive season without wearing a Christmas sweater? Wear this not-so ugly one, complete with an adorable tree hugging sloth, to really get into the holiday spirit.


Plant Hanging Animals

Houseplants are great additions to a home but how are they made better? By adding adorable wooden animals, such as a sloth and a chameleon to the branches, of course!


Slow Farts: A Hilarious Sloth Coloring Book

Whether this coloring book is for a child or adult, it’s guaranteed to get a laugh. What’s more hilarious than coloring in a picture of a sloth breaking wind?!


Just A Girl Who Loves Sloths Shirt

It’s not difficult to see what there is to love about sloths. This tee will make the perfect gift for a girl who has fallen head over heels for these adorable animals.


Winsterch Giant Sloth Stuffed Animal

With a length of 70”, this snuggly animal will make the perfect companion for anyone who loves sloths; it could be used as a pillow or even a cuddle buddy.


A Little Book of Sloth

Fall in love with the adorable sloths within the pages of this book. They might be lazy, but they’re one of the cutest animals on the planet.


Cuddlekin Three Toed Sloth Stuffed Animal

Cuddle up with an adorable 12” three-toed sloth plush. It makes the perfect gift for someone who loves these South American natives – it’s almost like having the real thing as a pet.


Tiny Sloth Necklace

This will quickly become her most prized possession; with the simple outline of a sloth hanging on a chain length of choice, it couldn’t be easier to show her love of these creatures.


Hug a Sloth Kit

There’s nothing better in life than hugging a sloth, but it’s not always possible. Give this book as a gift and let them hug the adorable plush as much as they like.


Sloth Air Plant Holder

These handmade polymer clay sloths hold air plants in their arms, making them the perfect gift for both the home and the office; everyone needs some cuteness in their lives.


Slowly, Slowly, Slowly, said the Sloth

Written by the same author as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Eric Carle brings us the story of the slow sloth; it’ll show that it’s ok to go through life at a slower pace.


The Little Book of Sloth Philosophy

Mindfulness is something everyone should practice every now and again. Take a leaf out of this sloth philosophy book and learn how to be more “sloth”.


Doing My Best Sloth Shirt

Available in a variety of different colors, this unisex tee comes complete with an illustration of a smiling sloth hanging from a tree and the message “doing my best”.


Sloths: Life in the Slow Lane

Most of the human population only see sloths in captivity, only a lucky few get to see them in the wild. This book is filled with photographs of sloths in their natural habitat.


Slothy Sloth Wearable Hooded Blanket

They can channel their inner sloth as they snuggle up in this adorable hooded blanket; not only is it warm and cozy, it’ll also be the best blanket they’ve ever owned.


Fisher-Price Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth

Interactive toys are the ones toddlers love best, and this sloth from Fisher Price isn’t just adorable, it’ll also teach them the alphabet, numbers, and colors.


Fingerlings Baby Sloth

Fingerlings have quickly become one of the must have toys among children, and Kingsley the baby sloth will soon become their favorite thing to play with.


Sloth Pals Mobile

Take a slower approach to parenting by hanging this sloth mobile above the baby’s crib; it’ll be a constant reminder that parenthood isn’t a race, it’s an individual journey.


Sloth Print Set

It doesn’t matter whether they’re hung on the bedroom wall, the office, or in the living room, these peekaboo sloth prints will finish off a room’s décor nicely.


Sloth Cookie Cutter

There are cookie cutters in all shapes and sizes available these days but there isn’t one that’s cuter than this upside-down sloth, which can be used for biscuits, brownies, or even fondant.



While humans view sloths as adorable and cute, there’s so much more to these creatures as this hardback book explores; it’ll teach the reader all there is to know about the animals.


Sloth Throw Pillow

This navy cushion would look perfect on a bed; the floral pattern adorning the cushion will go with any décor, and the cute sloth will be an animal lover's dream.


Sloth Sneakers

Forget the plain sneakers that are found in stores these days, this pair of sloth patterned ones will be the perfect addition for any fan of these cute animals.


Sloth Felt Necklace

It will be clear to anyone that the person wearing this necklace is a fan of sloths. While it’s not understated, it IS an adorable piece of jewelry.


Sterling Silver Sloth Ring

This 925 sterling silver ring captures the adorable expression on a sloth’s face perfectly; it’ll be a great representation of how sloths hold onto branches in the wild.


A Sloth's Guide to Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a great skill to learn as it teaches us how to slow down and not rush through life; the addition of sloths in this self-help book is absolutely genius.


Tree Sloth Christmas Ornament

Unusual ornaments for the Christmas tree are all the rage at the moment. Give the holidays a wild feel with this hand crafted, blown glass glittery sloth.


Sloth Cosmetic Bag

Every woman needs a toiletry bag, whether it’s to keep makeup in or even beauty products. This waterproof one has an adorable cartoony sloth pattern on, making getting ready even more fun.


Sloth Earrings

Jewelry is a good way of showing off the personality and interests of a person. These small sloth earrings are so cute that any animal lover will wear them with pride.


Smiling Sloth Putty

Squishy putty is the perfect distraction if life gets too much. Take inspiration from a sloth and slow down, keeping busy with this sparkling putty and putting focus on more positive things.


Sloth Straws

Even though these straws are plastic, they’re reusable so drinks will never be boring again. In a gorgeous purple color with a cute sloth holding on, they’re bound to make someone smile.


Sloth Bling Socks

Made from cotton, nylon, and spandex, these blue women’s socks feature a blingy sloth pattern, making them the perfect gift for anyone who loves these slow animals.


Hairy Slother Mug

There are still so many fans of Harry Potter out there. Give them a gift with a difference; an 11oz mug featuring a watercolor illustration of a sloth wearing glasses.


Ravensburger Sloth Selfie Puzzle

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting down with a jigsaw, and this 500 piece one from Ravensburger makes up an adorable picture of a family of smiling sloths.


Sloth Adult Coloring Book

Take some time out and relax with this adult coloring book. With various pictures of sloths to color in, it’s the perfect way to unwind and take some time out.


Silly Sloth Bucket Bib

Every baby needs a bib as they’re introduced to food, and this blue one is ideal; it has a pocket to catch any dropped food and the smiling sloth adds even more cuteness.


Sloth Keyring

This sloth keyring can be personalized with an initial and birthstone if so desired; it gives a simple gift a unique feel and it’ll be very well received.


Sloth Booties

It’s important to keep baby toes warm, especially in the winter, and that’s exactly what these sloth booties will do; they’re not only adorable but they’re snuggly soft, too.


9 DIY Gifts for the Sloth Obsessed

Diy Sock Sloth

Ever wondered what to do with those old socks which look a bit threadbare? Follow this tutorial and make them into adorably soft sloths, perfect for cuddling.

Sock Sloth Plushie

One of the best things about making cuddly toys at home is that they can be any material and color; just like these DIY soft sock sloths.

Sloth Blankie Buddy

When looking for a toy for a newborn, this DIY sloth is ideal. It even comes with an attached blankie, adding to the overall cuteness of this toy.

15 Minute Diy Sloth Sleep Mask

Sleep masks are a brilliant way to block out light and achieve a good night’s sleep; have a go at making this DIY sloth-themed one, which is perfect for all animal lovers.

Sloth Pretzel Snacks

These are fun to make on a wet weekend or for a jungle themed party, but whatever the occasion, both kids and adults alike will love these sloth pretzel snacks.

Sleepy Sloth Crochet Pattern

Crochet is a lost art but one which is coming back into fashion. This cute sleepy sloth can wrap itself around anything, from curtains to shelves, and even human hands.

Diy Sloth Crosstich

A simple embroidery hoop makes a cute room accessory, whatever the décor style. Have a go at making this sloth themed cross-stitch which will look good in any room around the house.

Diy Sloth Ornament

Fed up with the traditional Christmas ornaments? Don’t buy alternative ones from the store, make this DIY sloth themed one to give the holidays a touch of the wild.

Diy Sloth Plush

Get crafty with this free sewing pattern which explains how to make soft and smiling sloths at home; they make adorable gifts or maybe a little present for you.

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