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146 Cool Secret Santa Gifts That Everyone Will Want

The very idea of a Secret Santa gift exchange at your office might be enough to give you a headache. Whether you’ve drawn the name of your favorite water-cooler hangout buddy, or a guy you couldn’t pick out of a line-up who works in some obscure office 6 floors down, these gift ideas will bring a smile to the face of any co-worker, known or not-so-well-known alike!

Love this list! It has the most unique secret santa gift ideas that everyone will love.

Silver Duct Tape Mug Coffee Cup

Perhaps not all ideas are well-received at work, and we can often feel a bit invisible and useless at those weekly “strategy” meetings. That’s where this quite humble genius ideas journal comes in! You know your ideas are pure gold…so might as well put them where they will be appreciated!


Cards Against Humanity

You might have heard the buzz about this delightfully despicable card game lately. Fun for up to 6 adult players, 550 cards to choose from, and any number of outrageous, inappropriate, and awkward questions and answers abound. It’s the perfect gift for your co-worker with the great (if snarky) sense of humor.


Never Have I Ever Game

There is only one rule in this game: no judgement. Other than that, it’s a no-holds-barred romp down memory lane. Each time you play you’ll have a chance to relive some of your life’s most embarrassing and funny moments with your closest friends. But don’t worry…they’ll have to share too!


Magnetic Decision Maker

A new twist on the classic Magic 8 Ball, and a fun new way to make those tricky decisions at the office. This magnetic decision maker is an ideal “desk toy” for those co-workers who never seem to grow up. Let them simply swing the pendulum and let the decision maker determine their fate (or their course of action at the next board meeting).


Habit Rabbit

Did you draw the Secret Santa name of a friend at work who is known for being a tad forgetful? Do you often find them at their desk littered with reminder notes of things to do? Then these adorable little habbit rabbits are perfect. The little pewter one stays with them, and the bigger blue one sits on or near what they’re supposed to remember to do.


Tea Drop Sampler

If you drew the name of a tea-lover at work then this tea drop sampler is ideal for them! These completely dissolvable tea drop shapes are made from finely-sourced tea, sugar, and aromatic spices that blend in perfect harmony to create a delicious and convenient cup of tea anywhere, even on the go.


Ticket Stub Diary

Draw the name of a real music lover in your office? Or maybe they’re a real movie buff? Either way, this unique tick stub diary will surely make them smile! Complete with clear sleeves that fit a variety of ticket sizes and/or memorabilia, there are spaces in the margin to detail memories from the events, and acid-free pages to keep those memories for a lifetime.


Merlot Infused Coffee

You ever really want a glass of wine at work? Of course you have, so have we all. But that’s frowned upon. Coffee, however, is not. And thanks to this amazing merlot infused coffee, you’ll never have to choose again! 100% Arabica beans aged in oak wine barrels provide this completely alcohol-free flavor treat.


Bubble Calendar

Admit it. You can’t not pop bubble wrap if you see it. It’s ok. Nobody is immune to the lure of the bubble wrap! That’s why this unique and oh-so-satisfying bubble wrap calendar is perfect for anyone’s office or cubicle. Such a fun way to keep track of the days!

Prices Vary

Calming Affirmation Stones

Let Santa bring the secret of serenity with this trio of calming affirmation stones, which come with a printed affirmation card and a rustic cotton drawstring bag.


Custom Face Socks

If someone you know is always putting their foot in their mouth, then these socks will ‘celebrate’ that fact in a fun way, with their face plastered all over both of them.


Natural Air Purifying Bag

You don’t have to have argued with someone to want to clear the air, and this little bag will do it beautifully thanks to the bamboo charcoal trapping bad odors for good.

$9.95- $20.00

Bike Chain Bottle Opener

If you’re secret Santa to a cycling enthusiast, slip this bike chain bottle opener into their stocking for a fun gift that’s actually pretty useful.


Prescription Coffee Mug

Does someone in your office only function after their daily dose of caffeine? If so, this hilarious 12 oz. prescription bottle coffee mug will make the perfect Secret Santa gift.

Prices Vary

Heart Shaped Bamboo Spoon

The ideal gift for someone you have a soft spot for, this bamboo spoon is stain, warp, and crack resistant and is shaped into a heart with ‘Made With Love’ printed on the handle.


Crabs Adjust Humidity Game

Add this unofficial expansion pack to someone’s Cards Against Humanity set, and they’ll be playing (and shocking) their friends and family all over the holiday period.


Cardboard Moose Head

It’ll only cost Santa .55c to send this little gift through the post, and when it arrives they can assemble it into a cute and intriguing animal shape.

Prices Vary

Calvin and Hobbes Book Set

Give someone something to keep them amused over the long winter months with this box set of four Calvin and Hobbes books which are presented in a handsome illustrated slipcase.


Llama Mask

This is a gift they’ll never expect! A llama mask, complete with nostril eye holes and a furry mop on top of its head. It’s very cute, but kinda…creepy?


Sloth Shower Curtain

If their idea of heaven is a long, lazy shower, this curtain is perfect as it shows their spirit animal (the sloth) taking the place of King Kong from the iconic movie scene.


Drink More Water Bottle

Keep them hydrated with this fun water bottle which will remind them when it’s time to take a drink, and when it’s time to top it up again.


Collapsible Cup

This cup will save them money as well as protect the planet, as it collapses down to fit their pocket, but can hold 16oz of their favorite hot or cold drink.


How to Be a Person in the World Book

Give that friend or colleague the benefit of some sage wisdom as told by agony aunt Heather Havrilesky, to help them navigate some of life’s more difficult decisions.

Prices Vary

Woodland Pencils

These pencils make such a cute Secret Santa gift that you might want to buy a second set to keep for yourself. Depicting sweet woodland animals, they’ll ‘draw’ many an admiring glance.


All My Friends Are Dead

Designed to make you laugh, All My Friends Are Dead explores what it means to be a dinosaur, a tree, a pirate or more in a darkly amusing way.

Prices Vary

If You Can Read This Socks

Once they put their feet up it can be a pain to realize they’ve left their wine in the kitchen. These socks will ensure it’s brought to them without them having to budge.


Lightsaber Umbrella

May the force (of nature) be with you! These incredibly cool umbrellas incorporate a lightsaber into the handle, as well as a torch into the end, for the best gift, ‘Hans’ down.


Beer Belt

Don’t ‘waist’ the opportunity to carry six cans of their favorite brew around their middle; give them this camo design holster belt to leave them hands free and hydrated.


Pooch Selfie

We all know that puppers don’t play ball when it comes to photos, so put an end to blurry shots with this device which clips onto the phone to keep them focused.


F Bomb Paperweight

We’ve all got one friend who has no filter when it comes to cursing. Give them the gift of saying everything when they say nothing at all with this fab F Bomb Paperweight.


How to Eat in the Woods Book

Whether they like to spend time in the wilderness, or are worried about how to survive a zombie apocalypse, this book will show them how to forage and feed themselves in the woods.


Cat Lady Old Maid

Cat lady, old maid…some might say these titles are interchangeable, which makes this beautifully illustrated card game so perfect for the crazy cat lover in your life.


Avocado Socks

How’s this for a perfect ‘pear’? Decorated in green with delicious-looking ‘cados all over them, these socks will keep their feet avocado toasty warm and stylish.


Principles of Flight Tie

Looking for a Secret Santa gift for a high flyer? This silk tie might be exactly what you’re searching for, as it is covered with intricate drawings of all things aviation.


Wine Wipes

Save her from looking like The Joker with this little compact and mirror which contains 15 red wine wipes which make short work of those vino stains on teeth and lips.


Dino Memo Holder

Who knew dinosaurs were such tidy creatures? This happy chappy will keep all your pens, pencils, and other desk paraphernalia safe, as well as hold reminders on the little notepad included.


Marty McFly Cap Replica

Fans of Back to the Future will surely recognize this uber cool baseball cap in all its vibrant colors from BTTF Part II, and will look super s-Marty in it, too.


Cocktail Kit

Any hour can be cocktail hour with this little box of tricks (which includes bitters and sugars) that can be used to create champagne cocktails anywhere they like.


Shiba Inu Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas sweaters make great Secret Santa gifts, and this one sports a cute Shiba Inu draped in Christmas lights to really complete the look. 4 colors available.

Prices vary

Hand-Puppet Dish Gloves

Put on a fun puppet ‘dishplay’ with this pair of yellow latex gloves, which feature his n hers faces that will look like they’re conversing as each pot is washed.

Prices Vary

Ice Cream Cooling Bowl

Nobody wants melted ice cream, right? Maintain that delicious frozen texture with this bowl which will keep ice cream frozen for hours once it has been cooled in the freezer.


WTF Nifty Note

We all know that life at the office can get a bit…stressful…at times. So, channel your frustrations in a wittier, a bit more snarky way with this WTF notepad. Even if you’re just passing a note to a “brother in arms” suffering with you in the trenches, a laugh can sure break the monotony.


My Therapy Wine Glass

Sometimes the only way to work through, well, work, is with a bit of therapy. Well, what better way to relieve some of the stress from the office than to go for a bit of “therapy” after hours. It can help tremendously! And this “therapy” wine glass is a fun way to work out those work issues in style.

Prices Vary

KONA French Press Coffee Maker

Coffee is sometimes the only answer, especially where work is concerned. And if you’re searching for a fix in that dismal excuse for coffee that many offices try to pass off, you’ll likely be very disappointed. So give the ultimate gift to your coffee-fiend co-worker…this French press coffee, tea, and espresso maker!


Beer Opening Glass

The last thing you want after you sit down to relax is to realize you’ve forgotten the bottle opener. Problem solved with this cool and classy beer opening glass. No matter what your bottle dilemma, this glass can solve it. Two built-in, stainless steel bottle openers, suitable for the pop-tops of domestic beers as well as the twist-tops of imported varieties.


Press and Measure Herb Infuser

Draw the Secret Santa name of a real foodie in the office? Then they will absolutely love this press and measure herb infuser! This sleek and modern glass bottle infuses essences from whichever herbs into your favorite olive oils. Once the flavors are blended, simply press the button and you can measure the proper amount down to the teaspoon.


Banned Books Tote Bag

A sophisticated gift for the free-speech book lover of the office. This chic cotton tote is a cool nod to all-things literary that they will absolutely adore. The inside has a pocket for smaller essentials, while the main compartment can haul a load of beloved books, and the outside is covered with the titles of famously once-banned books.

Prices Vary

Knock Knock Self-Therapy Note Pad

Check in to the self help, notepad therapy clinic. The perfect way to resolve any issues you may have, in a fun and lighthearted way. The notepad will guide you through the steps needed in check box form (because who doesn’t like check boxes?). The ideal secret santa gift for the crazed colleague.


Shark Attack Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

There’s no fin better than adding salt and pepper to your fries. This jawsdropping shaker set is a great gift when you’re wearing the secret santa hat! Get it for the corporate shark in your life and have the whole office hunting for their salt.


Coshine Rose Gold Unique Mermaid Makeup Brush Set

This beautifully adorable set of make-up brushes is a great gift idea for the mermaid obsessed. In stunning rose gold, these brushes bring to life the magic of the ocean, giving you that flawless look every time. You’ll be luring sailors left, right and center.


How to Traumatize Your Children Book

Give this gift to a parent in your life, so they can pass on the gift of lifelong trauma to their children. This version of ‘how to traumatize your children’ has seven easy steps to accomplish this, along with illustrations. A hilarious idea for secret santa this Christmas.


Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

Shake off last years secret santa fail, and flash your way into the gift giving hall of fame with this instant digital camera by Polaroid. With new technology allowing you to print with zero ink, it would be perfect for capturing the important moments in life, instantly.


Cute Marshmallow Shaped Hot Chocolate Mugs

These cute marshmallow mugs are the perfect companion for a hot cup of cocoa on a cold winters night. Just the right size for the beverage in mind, each ceramic mug has its own individual, adorable face. A great secret Santa gift for the appreciator of simple pleasures.

Prices Vary

BigMouth Inc Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug

This hilarious and huge mug from BigMouth Inc would make a great gift this Christmas for the lover of coffee, mugs and toilet humor. Shaped like a big piece of poop, the coffee mug holds 12oz of your favorite hot beverage and is sure to stir up some laughs.

Prices Vary

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

Blow up your taste buds with this Death Star Waffle maker in literally minutes. Easy to use, quick and fun it would definitely make a great gift for the Star Wars enthusiast in your life. This is definitely the waffle maker you are looking for!


Lewo Wooden Stacking Game

Great for adults and kids alike, this colorful stacking game from Lewo would stand tall as a great secret Santa gift this year. Complete with dice, and colorful bricks, it’s an inventive take on similar games. The first player to knock over the tower loses.


Pizza Slice Plates

Grab a pizza the action and serve pizza on pizza. This set of pizza slice plates have been designed to look just like the real thing and would make an ideal gift for the pizza enthusiast that you know. The plates come in a genuine looking pizza box for added touch. Pizza perfect.


KidsFunwares Tricera Taco Holder

The TriceraTACO is back from extinction. Stacko your taco with this amazing product from KidsFunwares, the perfect secret Santa gift for dino loving adults and children alike! Made from completely food safe materials. You can even use it for toast, waffles and much more.


Corkcicle Canteen Water Bottle & Thermos

Regulate the temperature of all your liquids with the Corkcicle Canteen. Have a cool and refreshing drink in the summer months, and a warm and comforting drink in the winter, perfect for all occasions and activities. The ideal secret Santa gift this Christmas.

Prices Vary

Beware of Dog Kisses Sign

Get the perfect secret Santa gift for the home with this adorable ‘Beware of dog kisses’ sign from Primitives by Kathy. The sign has been constructed with high quality wood and has been specifically designed to either sit or hang from a wall.


CKB Ltd Buddha Butter Dish

This stunning Buddha tops a vintage, jade green butter dish. Constructed from ceramic, it would bring peace to anyone’s dinner table, whilst being dishwasher safe! Arriving gift boxed, this butter dish would make a great gift to bring tranquility to someone’s life. Everyone would love to have you as their secret Santa.

Prices Vary

Detox Tea for Better Digestion and Constipation Relief

Give the gift of a healthy body with this detox tea from ‘hey girl’. Drinking just one cup a day can reduce that bloated feeling and cleanse your body of its toxins. Keep things regular with the girls around you and buy as a gift for your loved ones.


Nintendo Entertainment System NES Classic Edition

Keep things classic with the Nintendo Entertainment System: Classic Edition. With a comprehensive list of pre installed games, it’s sure to bring hours upon hours of retro fun. An ideal secret Santa gift for any gamer, be it a throwback or a new discovery.

Prices Vary

Disney Parks Alice in Wonderland Tea Variety Pack

Dive into the rabbit hole with this Alice in Wonderland themed tea set. With 12 different flavors to try, you too could have your own mad hatter tea party. A gift idea that would make you secret Santa of the year, every year! You may even nab a cup of tea yourself.


Floppy Disk Drink Coasters

Give your coffee table an old school feel with these floppy disk coasters. Realistically authentic looking, they would be a great conversation starter for any home or office space. Buy them for your geek loving friend as a thoughtful secret Santa gift so they can reminisce over a disk.


Peach Emoji Embroidered Hat

Don’t give Dad hats a bad rap until you’ve seen this awesome peach emoji hat. With a professionally embroidered design, and adjustable strap, this hat would suit any wearer. Trendy and comfortable it would make a great gift for that fashion conscious friend of the group.


Felt Laptop Sleeve

This sleek and stylish felt laptop sleeve is a must buy gift for the student, or even the banker that you know and love. Complete with Velcro fasteners, suede interior and extra storage compartments and pockets, it would be the perfect addition to any laptop lover’s luggage.


ONEISALL Cute Cat Thermos

Adorable and loveable, this cute cat thermos is the number one secret Santa gift idea for any and every cat lover. Constructed with a stainless steel liner, it is easy to clean and will retain liquid temperatures due to its vacuum insulation. It’s a pawfect product.

Prices Vary

EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

The EcoSphere is a genius product. A completely balanced ecosystem exists within a sealed glass container. Beautiful and educational, the EcoSphere would make a great secret Santa gift. Whether living on a desk or a windowsill, as long as it is kept at a good temperature and given light, the ecosystem will thrive.


Pipe Tea Infuser by Decodyne

This novelty tea infuser is bound to start some conversations whilst being a very useful product. With a whimsical design and silicone rubber construction, it’s a fun way to infuse tea and is designed to perch on the edge of your cup. A great gift idea for any tea drinker!

Prices Vary

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Ceramic Replica

Both unique and beautiful in design, this handcrafted ocarina is a replica from the Legend of Zelda game series. Made from high quality ceramic, it would make a stunning display piece, but can also be played as an instrument. Be the best secret Santa this year.


Socksmith Corgi Socks

Feel like royalty with this pair of corgi socks. Whether you are a corgi owner or admirer, you need a pair. Blue in color, the sock features a multitude of corgis from your toes to your ankles. If the corgi is a core part of someone life, then give them the gift of socks.


LUI SUI French Fries Crossbody Purse

This funky French fry handbag is the ultimate cute way to carry your bits and pieces. Big enough for the essentials, this bag is not too big that it becomes a nuisance. Durable in design, it’ll be a sure fryer way to a French fry fanatic’s heart.


Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera

Capture someone’s heart when they receive this Fujifilm instant camera. With automatic brightness adjustment, macro mode, double exposure mode and more, it’s the perfect instant camera for your budding photographer. Surprise them with it as a gift, labelled ‘with love from your secret Santa’.


CoWorker Gift Desk NamePlate

A completely thoughtful and lovely gift for any office co-worker, this handmade name plate will surely be a hit at the Secret Santa party! Made from poplar wood (stained in several choices of color), frosted acrylic glass, and vinyl lettering, it can be personalized with almost any font, name, title, and even logo.


Personalized Scrabble Ornament with Tile Tray

Ideal for that word puzzle aficionado in the office, this personalized Scrabble ornament will look fantastic hanging from their cubicle bulletin board, or gracing their family Christmas tree! Handmade, topped with festive green moss, burgundy pip berries, and a burgundy satin bow, there’s no way your Secret Santa will be expecting something this charming!


Golf Ball Monogrammer

Does your Secret Santa take every opportunity to hit the links? Do they obsessively talk “dogleg,” “birdie,” “bogies,” and “bunkers” every chance they get? Then this golf ball monogrammer will be the ultimate gift for them! With 2 sets of letters, ink paper, and sealant, they’ll feel like they own the course!


Fifty Cars That Changed the World

Is your Secret Santa a real gear head? Do they have motor oil running through their veins? Lots of model cars, and pictures of cars, gracing their work space? If so, this book is the ideal gift for them. Detailing each entry, from the 1908 Ford Model T, to the Bond classic of the DB5, to the modern day Smart Car, it’s perfect for any car lover!


Verilux HappyLight Portable Therapy Light

This best selling energy lamp provides safe, comfortable natural spectrum light in a highly compact solution. With a UV filtered output of 5,000 Lux, the light therapy can help improve your mood and combat sleep issues whilst being durable and safety tested to the highest compliance standards.


Ello Jane Ceramic Mug with Spill-Resistant Slider Lid

Feel like you are drinking at home with this on-the-go travel mug that has a friction free slider lid, allowing you to drink directly from ceramic. There’s a no-slip silicone boot to protect countertops and the whole mug is top rack dishwasher safe, whilst only the lid needs removing before microwave use.


Nambe Bulbo Mug Stack

This space saving mug rack is designed by Lou Henry from the Gourmet Coffee and Tea Collection and is made of ceramic with a wood base. Hand crafted, so that no 2 pieces are ever the same, you’ll impress guests with this delightful set that is fully hand washable.

Prices Vary

HOMFA Bamboo Bathtub Tray

Are you someone who needs to be doing something in the bath, rather than simply staring at the ceiling? This bath caddy is the perfect solution to your woes as it contains a platform that can secure books, tablets, wine glasses, snacks, telephones and more, but is 100% natural and eco-friendly.


HODOR Door Stop

This handmade door stop is the perfect, most stylish solution to doors that need to be propped open for any length of time. Expertly stained and laser engraved, this classic look, oak door stop makes a great gift and is the item everyone needs but often forgets to think about.


Decorative String Lights with Bluetooth Speakers

What a way to decorate your house as music and sound combine to let you chill in wonder and with your favorite sounds. There’s 4 built in speakers which wirelessly play your music from any Bluetooth device, all without any APP installation, and 80 white incandescent lights on over 26 feet of cord.

Prices Vary

Little Bee Wax Seal Stamp

A wax seal says something about the sender of a letter, and now you can join that high class breed with this starter set that comes with a cute bee design. Containing a seal stamp, 2 pieces of sealing wax sticks and an instruction booklet, you’re all set to give your seal of approval.


Multi-purpose Rfid Blocking Travel Passport Wallet

It’s important to be organized when you travel, and this wallet hits all the right spots for your most precious belongings. Made from eco-friendly leather, the wallet contains a RFID blocking shield to keep cards from being wirelessly stolen, as well as all the pouches for your coins, paper money and passport.


Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Make breakfast your way, first thing in the morning, with this clever sandwich maker that is simple to use. Just choose your bread and then layer on your choices of eggs, cheese, precooked meats or another favorite ingredient, as you start the day with the best inside you.


Acupuncture Pen

The benefits of acupuncture are highlighted but many of us don’t like the idea of needles being stuck into our skin. There’s no needles involved with this acupuncture pen that provides safe and painless acupuncture stimulation, and comes rechargeable and with many levels of adjustment to fit your perfect treatment.


Brain Specimen Coasters

This cheeky set of brain coasters will be a major talking point at parties and become a fun item as they stack up letting you look down on a full brain. Ideal as a secret Santa gift, the coasters are made from glass and have rubber feet to protect surfaces. Not dishwasher or microwave safe.


White Noise Sound Machine

For those struggling to get to sleep at night, this white noise machine may just be the answer to getting some perfect rest. There’s 6 digitally recorded sounds designed to mimic your natural surroundings, and the device is also fully portable, fitting into a bag, purse or suitcase.


Secret Santa Gifts That Give Back

Adopt a Booby

A great secret Santa gift idea for anyone who loves boobies (the feathered kind!), this adoption kit will help fund vital work into the continued conservation of this endangered blue-footed bird.


Give the Gift of a Heifer

Providing milk, nourishment, and a sustainable income to a family in need, a heifer is a wonderful gift to give in someone else’s name, and will change a family’s lives forever.


Tegu Blocks

Made in Honduras, these magnetic building blocks mean a better life for both the employees who make them (thanks to a decent living wage), and the kids who get to enjoy them.

Prices vary

Love Your Melon Beanies

Giving a Love Your Melon beanie isn’t just a gift for a friend, but also for a child battling cancer as 50% of all net profits go towards supporting these children and their families.


Ban.do Strength Necklace

With a portion of the profits going to Girls Inc., which helps girls to overcome many social barriers, this 24K gold-plated necklace will give her strength whenever she needs it.


The 100% Human Woman Tee

Celebrating our similarities and supporting human rights, the ‘100% Human’ t-shirt is a simple way to support a wonderful cause, which donates $5.00 from every sale to the American Civil Liberties Union.



With every item inside a Causebox made ethically and sustainably, this quarterly subscription will deliver artisan items geared towards each season, while helping others live a better and more meaningful life.

Prices vary

Thistle Farms Jet Set Kit

Giving work to women who have survived the atrocities of human trafficking, prostitution, and addiction, Thistle Farms’ Jet Set skin care pack will help the world become a better place for so many.


Hand in Hand Soap

With almost half of all water-related deaths in developing countries being preventable by hand-washing, Hand in Hand will donate one bar of their soap to a community in Haiti for every bar bought by you.

Prices vary

Grounds and Hounds Coffee

Coffee and canines is a match made in heaven, and by giving someone a gift from Grounds & Hounds, you will be helping to save the lives of dogs who are in-between homes.


Bombas Charity Socks

Socks make great secret Santa gift ideas, but these ones come with something more, because for every pair sold, the company will donate another pair to help organizations who support homeless veterans.


Florence Mini Key Bracelet

With every bracelet made and packed by those transitioning out of homelessness in Downtown LA, not only will you be giving a beautiful gift, but one that helps change the lives of others, too.


Pura Vida Bracelets

Employing artisans in Costa Rica, El Salvador, and India among others, Pura Vida bracelets are colorful, bright, and beautifully made, and each sale helps to lift a family out of poverty.


Prismatic Cotton Rope Dog Leash

Turn secret Santa Claus into secret Santa Paws with this beautiful leash. With part of the profits going to animal welfare and rescue organizations, it’s a must-have gift for animal lovers everywhere.


Protect the Earth Mugs

We should be doing everything we can to save the earth while we can, and $5 from each sale of these beautiful mugs goes straight to the Open Space Institute for conservation.


White Elephant PJ Jogger

With over 1.7 million dollars already donated to organizations which work tirelessly to save elephants, these gorgeous PJ joggers from Ivory Ella will make you feel even better about gift giving this Christmas.


Charity Pot Skin Softener

Almost every cent from the sale of Charity Pot will go towards supporting vital areas such as human rights, environmental projects, and animal protection, and it feels and smells absolutely divine.


Sackcloth and Ashes Blankets

We’re all just one step away from homelessness and poverty, which is what inspired Sackcloth and Ashes to donate one blanket to a local homeless shelter for every one you buy.


Confetti Farm Animal Ornaments

The artisan behind these adorable confetti farm animal ornaments fled violence in Quinua in Ayacucho and set up his business in Lima, which your purchase will help to sustain for him and his family.


Personalized Candle

Christmas is a time for giving, and by buying this personalized, scented candle as a secret Santa gift, you will also be giving female refugees the chance of a better life.


Turquoise Awali Bracelet

Help women entrepreneurs in Kenya build and sustain their business through the Sisi fund with this beautiful ‘Awali’ bracelet, which features vibrant turquoise-colored and brass beads for an understated boho vibe.


Rescue Pet Dish Towel

Rescue is the best breed, and this kitchen towel tells you why that is. Even better, $2.00 from every sale goes directly to pet rescue, rehab, and adoption in New York.


Lucky Iron Fish

The Lucky Iron Fish will ensure that they have enough iron in their food, while every sale contributes towards sending fish for free to those who need it the most.


Funny Secret Santa Gifts That Will Make Their Year

Frame Any Tweet

Tweets have become the new affirmations, and if you know someone who likes to collect nuggets of wisdom from Twitter, have their favorite one printed and framed as a unique gift idea.

Prices vary

The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of North America

Bird-lover or hater, this book will make them laugh (as long as they’re not easily offended) as it reels of 50 North American birds alongside their less-than-complimentary alternative monikers and moronic migration habits.


Money Soap

The perfect secret Santa gift idea for the less-than-sanitary co-worker, this soap is crystal clear and holds real money inside, meaning they will have to wash regularly to get to the loot.


Dehydrated Water

Super cool and ROFL-worthy, this can of nothing need only be added to water to produce a thirst-quenching drink of…well…water! A great gag gift for outdoor adventurers or survivalists.


Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

Who wouldn’t want their very own Tube Guy weaving and waving around on their desk? This eternally happy chappie is battery powered and will keep going all day (if they let him).


Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

Mistaken lyrics are part and parcel of music, and what better way to celebrate them with a set of coasters which feature some of the funniest song bloopers ever heard.


Charty Party Game

Nerds and geeks can get their fix with Charty Party, the card game in which the y-axis needs replacing from one of the hilarious cards in their hand.


Everything Is Fcked: A Book about Hope

‘Everything is F*cked’ is possibly the truest book ever written. Filled with observations of how we’ve evolved (or devolved), Mark Manson explores how the trappings of the modern world are also its downfall.

Prices Vary

What Do You Meme Game

‘What do you Meme?’ is the hilarious card game which uses photographs and a selection of captions to complete the funniest meme, as decided by the lucky one judging.


Emergency Underpants

Hilarious as a secret Santa gag gift, nevertheless the recipient might just find that these emergency underpants come in useful one day, especially if they laugh too much or even trust that fart!


Ray Gun Nose Trimmer

While there’s nothing fun about trimming nose hair, this Ray Gun Nose Trimmer will at least lend a little playfulness and boyish excitement to this boring but necessary grooming ritual.


Slang Flashcards

If you have a friend or co-worker on your secret Santa list whose teenagers seem to speak a different language, help them get hip with these flash cards that’ll make their kids cringe.


Water Me Daddy Coffee Mug

This mug will be funny whoever you give it to you, but it’ll be even funnier if you gift it to someone who’s clueless about the sexual innuendo printed on the front!


St. Nicolas Cage Christmas Ornament

Love him or loathe him, Nicolas Cage is rarely off our screens. Pay homage to good ol’ St. Nick with this (slightly creepy) tree ornament which will haunt their holidays forever.


Bluetooth Banana Phone

This banana phone has real a-peel, especially for those late night fruity conversations! Pair with Siri or other voice assistant to make and receive calls in a way they never even dreamed of.


Adult Award Ribbons

These adult award ribbons might have more meaning than you think, because sometimes adulting is hard, so reward someone you know for clearing those hurdles that other people take for granted.


The Coolest Everyday Carry Gear

Guppie Multitool

With a 2” blade and stainless steel handle, this folding knife does so much more than cut. Sporting a wrench, light, bottle opener, and more, it folds neatly into a carabiner housing.


Alluminum Ridge Wallet

Help them travel light with the Ridge wallet. Made from lightweight aluminum, this olive green RFID-blocking card holder can accommodate 12 cards and boasts a money clip to keep cash close.


Christy Knife Company Mariner Knife

Highly polished for a stunning finish, this sliding stainless steel blade is encased in a solid brass housing, and can be locked into three different positions for total versatility.


Vapur Water Bottle

Reduce someone’s carbon footprint with Vapur, the reusable ‘anti-bottle’ drinking pouch which can be rolled, folded, or flattened when empty, meaning there’s no more empty bottles to carry around and dump.


Secrid Cardslide Wallet

Incredibly slim and lightweight, the aluminum Cardslide can hold up to 6 cards in the slide, with space for 2 extras inside along with banknotes, coins, receipts, or business cards.


The Carter Everyday Carry Knife

Small, sleek, but certainly up to the job, the Carter is a superior knife which folds up neatly and opens up for both right and left-handed use thanks to the ambidextrous thumb lock disc.


Tech Secret Santa Gifts That Will Blow Them Away

Wipebook Scan Smart Notebool

With both graph and ruled pages, this clever notebook can be drawn on, and written in, then saved to the cloud before wiping clean to use all over again.


Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

Meat eaters will thank you every time they tuck in when you give them Meater – the Smart meat thermometer which tracks their cooking, even if they’re not there.


GoPro Max

Like a standard GoPro on steroids, Max packs in supercharged features such as horizon-leveling technology, four digital lenses, one-click panoramic shots, and six built-in microphones for 360 audio and wind-noise reduction.


Analogue Pocket Portable Video Game Constole

Compatible with more than 2700 Game Boy games, as well as many other handheld systems, Pocket works as a synthesizer and sequencer too, for both gaming and gigging on the go.


Tile Sticker

They’ll never have to play hide and seek with their belongings again with Tile Stickers, the Bluetooth-enabled finders which can be tracked using their phone, or even a wider community of Tile users.


Tap With Us Air Gesture Device

Any Bluetooth device can be operated using Tap Strap 2, the incredible hand-worn gadget which allows typing on any surface, and even recognizes air gestures, for both work and gaming needs.

Prices vary

Echo Buds

Compatible with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant, the wireless Echo Buds fit snugly in the ears for superior background noise-reduction, and up to 5 hours playback time from one single charge.


Oclu Action Camera

Let them live their best life, and capture it too, with OCLU – the award-winning 4K camera which allows unrivalled recording of even the most extreme of activities, in one discreet little package.


Polaroid Lab

Free phone-trapped photos with the Polaroid Lab. Simply pair up a phone and make the magic happen, as pictures are turned into prints in a matter of seconds.


Humna Headphones

Listening to music just got even better, thanks to Human. These over-ear headphones offer the convenience of earbuds with state of the art intuitive touch and voice control, without a wire in sight.

Prices vary

Beat Box

One hour is all it takes to build Beatbox, the customized MIDI controller drum kit which is made from cardboard, making it as affordable as it is effective.

Prices vary

47 DIY Secret Santa Gifts

Diy Lap Desks

When you need something to lean your laptop on, or hold some food or drinks while you watch TV, this homemade lap desk is ideal. By checking out this blog, you’ll be shown how to construct these useful items which make great Christmas gifts or birthday treats.

Sewing Kit in a Jar

When you require a small gift for either Christmas, a wedding favor, or maybe just to say thank you, then check out this blog for how to put together a sewing kit. Follow the simple instructions to construct your own preferred version of these items that will not stretch your festive budget.

Diy Felt Heart Hand Warmers

For someone special in your life, take a look at this simple blog post that explains how to make some heart shaped hand warmers. Touchingly sentimental, these little gifts have a very practical purpose and can be made without fuss by following the included instructions and helpful photographs.

Diy Mango Shimmer Tinted Lip Balm Recipe

Sometimes the simplest gifts can be the best, especially if they provide relief to an ailment. For those with chapped or cracked lips this handy blog post gives a solution in the form of a lip balm, homemade and ultimately a delight for any sufferers that you may know.

Polka Dot Pencils

The simple gifts detailed in this blog can be constructed with ease by following the instructions provided, and will be ideal as small favors or secret Santa gifts for work colleagues or friends. Stylish yet inexpensive, these pencils are bound to be a hit with both giver and recipient.

Solid Lotion bars

It can be mesmerizing when you see the large range of soaps and lotions available to buy as presents, including the price tag. However, if you follow the instructions in this simple blog, you will be able to make your own lotion bars that can have a very personalized scent for your recipient.

Sriracha Salt

Homemade can sometimes be best and when it comes to Sriracha salt, it can be done quite easily and to your own particular taste. Check the details in this blog that will have you reaching for ingredients in a frenzy to take charge in the kitchen and produce your own salt.

Peppermint Bark

Popular at Christmas time and yet bought for serious cost, peppermint bark makes a great favor or present with its unique taste. Don’t fret about the price, and follow this helpful blog which will teach you how to make this great sweet at a price that wont require a remortgage.

Vintage Feedsack Chalkboard Lockets

For those we cherish, a special gift made at Christmas will touch heart strings that shop bought items can’t reach. Check out this blog for how to make keepsake necklaces that will say so much, with their included photograph of the special person, and their touching verse.

Pie Chart Paper Pendants

These fun and funky necklaces make great cheap, but stylish gifts to fill stockings at any Christmas time. With simple instructions and detailed photographs included in this helpful blog, there will be no stopping you as you lay on the craft for this festive time of the year.

Orange & Espresso Soap Recipe

Sounds like it’s way above your craft level of experience, right? Wrong! Anyone can make this delicious smelling and healthy homemade orange and espresso soap to give as gifts this holiday season! Using some essential oils, powders, a potato peeler (of all things!), and a few weeks to cure, you can have these gorgeous soap bars ready to hand out as bath treats this season. You can find the full instructions here.

Burlap Bulletin Board

Why should your co-worker settle for the same-ol, same-ol blah bulletin board in their cubicle…when they can have this handmade masterpiece? With a bit of burlap, a few decorative nails, a hammer or rubber mallet, and a heavy-duty stapler or staple gun, you can create this rustic piece of practical art! Find the complete instructions here.

Mint Matcha Body Scrub

Bath and body gifts always, always, go over big at the Secret Santa gift exchange. And once people see that their gift is this homemade delicious-smelling mint matcha body scrub (made by you), the office gift exchange will never be the same! Gather some matcha green tea, Epsom salt, and a couple essential oils, then follow the easy instructions here!

Chocolate Peppermint Swizzle Sticks

You rarely go wrong with holiday-themed food as a Secret Santa gift exchange item, and these white chocolate swizzle sticks are a sure hit! You can either make the sticks themselves with wooden dowels and beads, or buy them at the craft store. Or, you can mix it up and use the peppermint sticks as the swizzle sticks. Either way, grab some chocolate chips, vegetable oil, and these instructions as you head off into deliciousness!

Pistachio Cranberry Cookies

These whole wheat pistachio cranberry cookies will be the easiest and most delicious batch of cookies you’ll never have to bake in your life! All you need will be a glass mason jar (you can find at the local dollar store), the ingredients for the cookies, a free printable label, and a bit of decorative trim. Find the full and delectable instructions here.

Diy Easy Coasters

Stir up a gift giving storm with this DIY guide on homemade cork coasters. With very little materials and just as little time, you can make a beautiful set of coasters straight from the heart and not the bank! Give as a gift to loved ones or as a uniquely special secret Santa gift.

Random Acts Of Kindness Elf Arrival Letter

This printable elf arrival letter is a personal touch to the festive season. Encouraging the recipient to give to others, it holds a valuable message to both the young and old. Cute and simple, it would be a great addition to any secret Santa sack.

Diy Washi Tape Notebooks

Benefit from the ever popular washi tape, and create this beautiful homemade gift. By following this guide through, and using very little materials, you can make a DIY notebook. Have fun experimenting with patterns and end up with a very personal gift idea for your loved ones.

Chalkboard Mug Diy Project

Read this DIY guide and you will end up with a very personal and creative addition to your secret Santa arsenal. With next to no money, you can create this chalkboard mug from home and let your arts and crafts skill flow, right into the recipient’s arms.

Diy Gift: Homemade Spice Blends

Bring a bit of spice to someone’s life and give them a batch of these homemade spice blends. With just a few simple instructions to follow, you can create spice blends personal to the gift receiver. The article even offers recipe cards to help with the process. A very unique gift idea.

Diy Secret Santa Gift

This DIY secret Santa gift will be sure to keep you on everybody’s nice list next year. Using just a few materials that are readily available, and a small amount of creative skill, you too could make this stocking in time for Christmas. Don’t break the bank, just break the mold.

Diy Cookie Cutter Candles

Quintessentially Christmassy, these cookie cutter candles would make a great addition to any festive home – fun to make, they would make a perfect gift for anyone and everyone in your life. Armed with a small shopping list and this DIY guide, you’ll soon have a pile of cookie cutter candles.

Stove Top Potpourri Gift

Spread the love and the smells of Christmas with this printable guide on making stove top potpourri. A great gift idea when you’re wearing the secret Santa hat, or for your neighbors and friends. A luxury for both the eyes and the nose, it’s a guaranteed hit!

Diy All Natural Lip Balm

Give a homemade, all natural secret Santa gift and be confident in the fact you are not distributing harmful chemicals, destined for your friends’ lips. This lip balm is easy to make, smells amazing and is beneficial to the lips in so many ways. Follow the guide to find out how to make it!

Diy Wooden Triangle Hair Pins

Simple in both the idea and the construction, these DIY hair pins are an adorable way of showing you care for your loved one’s hair this Christmas. Cheap and fun to make, you can create an individual and personal gift that does not leave a hole in your pocket.

Homemade Holiday Gift: Infused Vodka Recipes

These infused vodkas are the ideal DIY gift this Christmas. Neither time consuming or too expensive, you can gift someone a delicious, heartfelt gift that you know they will enjoy (just hopefully not in one sitting). With different flavors to choose from, you know there will be something suited for everyone.

Two Christmas Crafts

This DIY guide shows you how to make not only one, but two great homemade Christmas presents. Starting with festive tea bags and moving to an embroidered ornament. They would both make a great secret Santa gift together or separately as stocking fillers. What’s great is, they won’t make a dent in your bank balance.

Hot Cocoa Stirrers

Fun to make, delicious and well received, these hot cocoa stirrers will go down a treat at Christmas. Cheap to make, they are a great way to add a bit of luxury to your cocoa. Leaving marshmallows floating in the cup, and a sweet peppermint taste (or whatever flavor you decide) your cocoa just got upgraded.

Diy Cupcake Kits

The smell of freshly baked cupcakes will be filling the home of your Secret Santa recipient this year when you give them this pretty kit which they can make at home.

Diy Solid Perfume

Use your imagination to come up with an even more unusual container than this pocket watch, and fill it with this stunning solid perfume for a scent-sational Christmas gift.

Diy Infused Bath Salt

For a simple but much welcomed gift this Christmas, make a jar of these infused bath salts using one or more of the recipes here, and place in a prettily decorated jar.

Diy Succulent Pots

Give plant pots a new lease of life by following this tutorial which shows you how to transform mundane to marvellous with a few coats of spray paint and some saran wrap.

Diy Gold Dipped Feather Ornament

Be a part of someone special’s Christmas every single year by making them one of these beautiful ornaments – using feathers and gold paint – for them to hang on their tree.

Red Velvet Cream Cheese Thumbprints

Treat someone with a sweet tooth to a box full of these super cute and delicious thumbprints, which combine red velvet cake with melt in the mouth cheesecake.

Diy Gold Flecked Tray

Simple to make but stunning to look at, this gold flecked tray is the perfect addition to any nightstand or bathroom shelf, and is just the right size for holding precious knick knacks.

Origami Mini Paper Books

Lovers of Kawaii and miniature things alike will fall head over heels with these teeny tiny notebooks which use decorative paper for the cover and plain paper within.

Diy Pom Pom Bookmark

Any booklover will tell you they cringe when they see the corners of a page being turned down, so put an end to that heinous behavior with a set of these homemade pompom bookmarks.

Diy Flannel Scarf

Put some warmth back into someone’s winter by making and gifting them one of these gorgeous flannel scarves that definitely look like they’ve been bought in a high-end store.

Diy Tea With A Twist

Any tea-lover will appreciate more tea, but with this tutorial you can make a pack of tea bags so much more exciting, and you can even tailor them to your recipient.

Diy Cookie Gift

If you thought making macarons was beyond you, check out this blog post which not only shows you how to make them, but also includes suggestions on flavors and packaging, too.

Diy Leather Pillow

If you have an old leather couch that you can’t quite bear to part with, this project will help you turn it into a fabulous slouchy pillow that will grace someone else’s home.

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