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17 Educational Science Gifts for Kids

These science gifts for kids are the sort of things that really get their mind fired up about the scientific method. They’ll look at the world around them in a totally new way when you get them a gift from this list.

17 Educational Science Gifts for Kids- open up their world to the wonders of nature and science.

Orbital Ball Toy

Here’s a fun toy that will not only keep them busy for awhile, but will show them how orbits work. Invented by a physicist and played with in space, this toy has science written all over it. Science doesn’t have to be boring, and this proves it.


The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab

For younger kids you can’t go wrong with the Magic School Bus chemistry lab. The suggested ages on this are 5 years to 12 years, and every kid in this age range should get a kick out of mixing things up and watching what happens.


Inventions Kit

Spur on their inventive mind with this inventions kit. It shows the creative process by providing an assortment of parts that they can make various inventions out of. They can follow along and build things or go off on their own and make something new.


Make a Volcano Kit

The classic science experiment! Kids can make a volcano erupt using the properties of science. The kit includes a volcano to use so that they don’t have to make one from paper mache. All other supplies are included as well so it’s easy to do.


HanzMoto Genius Blocks

These blocks are pretty unique, and kids will love making all sorts of contraptions from the pieces they find in it. Free-form construction is the name of the game here, so kids are encouraged to come up with their own ideas.


Beginner Compound Microscope Kit

Every kid needs their first microscope in order to instill an early love of science, and this beginner compound microscope comes with everything they need to get started. Allow them to explore the unseen microscopic world around us.


Weather Station Kit

Help provide an appreciation of the weather and the tools used to predict it with this weather station kit. It even teaches about the greenhouse effect, and provides tools to observe and record the weather over time.


Sci-Fi Slime Science Kit

Adding slime to the mix just makes science a lot more fun, and this sci-fi slime science kit is something they’re sure to love playing with. You’ll want to watch them with this one to make sure it turns out alright and there are no slime mishaps.


Astronaut Ice Cream

Science never tasted so good! This is a yummy treat that will get them thinking about what it’s like up in space in a spaceship, and what sort of conditions there are that would require ice cream to be in this sort of form.


Kitchen Science Kit

Turn your kitchen into a science lab with this kitchen science kit. It uses everyday household items in its experiments, which should unlock a curiosity on how things work, and how they react with other items.


Periodic Table Building Blocks

There’s no better time to start them off on science than when they’re young, and with these building blocks that display the Periodic Table of Elements they’re not going to understand what they mean, at least not until later on.


Edible Chemistry Kit

Chemistry is more fun when you can eat the results of the experiment. That’s the thinking that went into this edible chemistry kit. You get to taste things and eat what’s left over after the experiment has finished. Yum!


Magnet Science Kit

Magnetism is something that today’s scientists are still trying to figure out. An invisible force that plays a part in so much of science. Show them how cool magnets are with this magnet science kit with lots of different magnets and pieces.


Tin Can Robot Maker

They’ll love making this robot out of a tin can. It should show them a few things about robotics and how things work on a mechanical level. It doesn’t hurt that the robot is really cute, and they’ll want to play with him after he’s assembled.


Crystal Mining Kit

This kit allows them to excavate their own crystals, and they can add them to their collection. It imitates the sort of crystal mining that takes place in real life, but on a smaller and more predictable scale.


Geology Game and Rock Collection

Add a bit of fun to geology with Rock On!, a game that is all about rocks and rock collecting. It’s the perfect game to get an avid rock collector, as well as a good starter set for a child that has expressed an interest in rock collecting.


Electricity and Magnetism Kit

Show them the wonder of electricity and magnetism with this kit. It includes an electromagnet, so they’ll be able to see what happens when the two forces combine. They’ll also get a chance to see how a motor works along with magnets.


12 DIY Science Projects for Kids

Make Slime from Household Items

They can make a big batch of slime using household items, so they can see what happens when different substances combine. Ordinary dish detergent becomes slime, and they can make it any color or mix of colors they want.

Grow Your Own Crystals

This one has them growing their own crystals to form a necklace, which makes this part science and part craft. They’ll really like the fact that they made their piece of jewelry from scratch, and might learn something in the process.

Make a Solar System

This is the step by step for how to make their first mockup of the solar system. It’s perhaps best suited for a younger audience, as it isn’t taking into consideration the scale of things. It’s still a fun project that can teach them names and the order.

String Phone Experiment

Here’s a project you can do with them that will show them how sound waves work. They might not be too interested in that part of the experiment, and might just love playing around with a telephone that is super old school.

Potato Sprout People

This is kind of like the potato experiments they do in school, only you’re putting a fun twist on it by turning them into potato sprout people. Show them how potatoes sprout by placing them in water and watching them go.

Magic Foaming Stars

These foaming stars are a lot of fun to make and even more fun to use. They foam up and release their color so you can make artwork with them, and explain why the stars are foaming based on the ingredients used.

Bronze Specimen Art

They can make a mock piece of art with this bronze specimen art tutorial. It uses plastic bugs but if you want to make it more realistic you could use bugs they find around the house. By bronzing it you make it look a little nicer on the wall.

Make an Electric Paper Plane

This is not your grandpa’s paper plane! Make an electric paper plane with them and they’ll think you’re the coolest. It will teach them about aerodynamics as well as how to make a motor for a lightweight plane.

DIY Colored Flowers

This project will show them how flowers suck water up their stems and even all the way into their petals. This is a fun experiment that produces pretty results that you can use to decorate the home.

Elephant Toothpaste

Younger audiences will have a lot of fun with what they’ve dubbed “Elephant Toothpaste”. It’s a project that produces a lot of foamy material that they can play with, and it will show them how different materials go together and produce surprising results.

Milk Art Experiment

Show them that milk can make art and art can be fun and even scientific when the milk fat reacts with the dish soap and turns an ordinary painting into a work of art. They’ll get a real kick out of it, and you’ll have a masterpiece when you finish.

DIY Glowing Flowers

These glowing flowers are fun to make, and incorporate a bit of science in their creation. The flowers soak up the iridescent liquid and then you put a blacklight on them to watch them glow. Kids will be blown away by it!


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