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22 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Flowers

Guys out there, if you don’t know yet that flowers always win on Valentine’s Day, it’s time to learn your lesson once and for all: flowers WIN on Valentine’s Day. Don’t wait until the last minute to find the perfect romantic flower arrangement for your lady, or they’ll be sold out. Use this list. Do it now.

There isn’t a single set of flowers on this list I wouldn’t mind getting this Valentine’s Day, so maybe there’s a way you can subtly pass this list on to my guy.

Red Rose Delivery

We’re gonna kick it off strong here, and go for the overwhelm factor: one hundred red roses delivered right to her door. Have you ever seen her do the jump-squeal thing, then run across the room and throw her arms around your neck? Get ready, cause here it comes.


Waterford Glass Rose

Here’s a Valentine’s Day date idea for you: take her out to her favorite restaurant for dinner, then when desert is served, take out this elegant, classy glass rose from Waterford and set it on the table. See how long it takes her to notice, and watch the look on her face when she does.


Red Satin Spirals

If she’s not a one-hundred percent traditional girl, this bouquet of a dozen paper roses wrapped in deep red satin could be just the ticket. The spiral design gives them a cool, hipsterish, art-deco feel, and the fact that they’re roses grounds them firmly in Valentine’s Day tradition.

Prices Vary

Valentine Wreath

This Valentine’s Day flower arrangement is beautiful, opulent, and bordering on decadent. A bright red hydrangea and a red geranium are complemented by sage ivy and pothos. It’s accented with black and red lace, as well as full and open heart embellishments.

Prices Vary

Passion for Purple

If you know red roses aren’t her thing, then get this arrangement of two dozen medium-stem purple roses. The silver embossed vase will make the deep purple stand out. Purple is the color of royalty, after all—and she deserved to be treated like both queen and princess.


Cookie Flower Pot

Get cute and romantic at the same time with this Valentine’s Day Cookie Flower Pot. You’ll win both her heart and her sweet tooth when you give her this set of edible flowers. It comes in a shiny silver pail she can re-use after she finishes the yummy butter and sugar cookies.


Personalized Rose

Bring her the romance and spirit of the Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy with this personalized silver rose. Decide whether you want it finished in red or pink, and finish it off with a love message or her name on the attached silver hangtag.


Lover’s Gift Set

You can say I love you while keeping it simple, light, and romantic with this couple’s set of Valentine’s Day toy flowers. Sometimes it really is the thought that counts. Guys, she wants to know you think about her during the day—and this gift is cute and thoughtful. We promise.

Prices Vary

Magnificent Rose

On the opposite end of the romance spectrum from cute, funny, and thoughtful is this magnificent rose bouquet. Make her jaw drop when these arrive. They’re a dozen extra-long stem red roses in a sleek black vase. Each rose is four feet tall, and the vase is made to display them with style.


Red Lion Amaryllis

There’s a space between magnificent and cute that includes romantic and thoughtful—and this Valentine’s flower gift fills that space with its own style. Two living, vibrant Amaryllis flowers sit in a bed of moss as a symbol of your love. They’re set in a rustic wood box stained with the word “love.”


24k Gold Rose Foil

She’ll keep this on her dresser for years. It’s a real rose dipped in twenty-four karat gold. It’s twelve inches long and comes in a red box with a certificate of authenticity. This flower will show her how much you care. She’ll think about you every time she sees it.


Love Pup

This is the cutest Valentine’s Day flower arrangement you’ll ever find. Red and white carnations are put together to look like a white poodle puppy holding one red rose out in its paw. She won’t know whether to go “aww” or start kissing you. Be ready for both. It’s that cute.


Valentine Mini-Roses

You don’t always have to go big. Sometimes smaller and lasting says more—like this mini-rose duo. It comes live and planted in a heart-embossed white tin container. The roses can grow inside or outside. If they’re treated correctly, they’ll come back year after year.


Faux Heart Wreath

Take her breath away with this decorative heart shaped wreath. Each one is different, made from a bed of twigs. She can hang it in the bedroom, in the living room, anywhere she likes. It’s a beautiful reminder of the way you make her feel.


Assorted Roses With Vase and Chocolates

Roses are good. Chocolates are good. Roses and chocolates together are an unstoppable romantic combination that will win the day. If you’ve never double up on Valentine’s Day before, with a flower arrangement and chocolates, try it this year.


Showers of Flowers

This Valentine’s Day flower arrangement is for the woman who loves to get out in the garden and grow her own flowers. The colorful bouquet comes in a distressed, rustic green watering can that starts out as a vase for the occasion and becomes a year-round tool. This is a win-win gift.


Handcrafted Wooden Daisies

Take a step outside the box of chocolates and bouquet of roses and consider this: a mason jar filled with nine hand-carved and painted wooden daisies. Each flower has nine white petals set around a dark-stained center. The stems are copper wire and can be arranged to taste, fresh every day.

Prices Vary

Everlasting Love

We gave you the double—roses and chocolate. Now we’re going for the triple—roses, chocolate, and a stuffed doggie. There’s only one problem with getting so romantic all at the same time. She might get suspicious you’re trying to make up for something!


Book Pages Bouquet

Is she a reader, a writer, or an academic? Does she eschew (gesundheit) typical Valentine’s Day Flowery Fare? Then cater to her wishes, desires, and intellectual predilections by giving her this stylish black and white bouquet of paper flowers made from the pages of real books.

Prices Vary

Glass Sunflower

If you’ve listened closely to your Valentine, we guarantee that at some point along the way you’ve heard her say what her favorite flower is. If it’s the sunflower, then this Valentine’s Day, get her this hand crafted, blown glass sunflower. It will show her you’ve been listening—and that counts for a whole lot.

Prices Vary

Mugable Love Birds

This Valentine’s Day flower gift sits right at the intersection of romantic and cute. It’s a beautiful bouquet of assorted flowers presented in a tea/coffee mug. But that’s not what makes it special. The mug has two love birds on it and the saying “if a kiss was a flower, I’d give you a bunch.”


Milk Chocolate Roses

We mentioned that the combination of roses and chocolate was a sure way to win Valentine’s Day this year. But did we mention that there’s such a thing as edible, milk chocolate roses? If you didn’t know before, now you know. Get her a dozen of these yummy flowers now, and thank us later.

Prices Vary

9 DIY Valentine’s Day Flower Gifts

Paper Bouquet

When you spend the time to make a gift, it has more impact. This Valentine’s Day, give her a flower arrangement that you do yourself, and see what kind of impact it has. We might just put everyone out of business, because this is a sure way to her heart.

Mason Jar Bouquet

Guys, this one is so simple and easy you can’t afford not to do it. If you don’t do this, you better hope she doesn’t find out you read about it! All you need is a mason jar, ribbon, scissors, and of course, the flowers. This one will make her swoon.

Floral Wreath

Fake flowers, floral wire, scissors, and about ten simple steps. That’s all you’ll need to be a hero this Valentine’s Day, guys. Sneak this floral wreath onto her front door when she’s not looking, then pretend you don’t know where it came from. Play it our as long as you can—the payoff will be worth it.

Heart Vase

Fellas, you have five minutes to spare, don’t you? Five minutes to lock down your place in Valentine’s Day flower legend? We know you can do it. After you find the supplies, which will be a piece of cake, you can make this vase during just two Super Bowl commercial breaks. Ya just gotta go for it.

Flower Balloons

Down to earth, beautiful and one hundred percent natural. If that describes your better half, gentlemen, then this Valentine’s Day DIY is perfect. You’ll need a balloon, few feet of rustic twine or gold ribbon, her favorite flower, and a bit of greenery for accent. She’ll love this simple gift.

Romantic Hearts

Little touches like this will drive her wild. This decoration is classy, elegant, and remarkably easy to make. With cardstock, lace trim, paper flowers, glue, and Spanish moss, you can make a table or door decoration that will make her catch her breath.

Rosebud Fairy Lights

If you want to go all out this year for Valentine’s Day—really go all out, then make this part of the experience. Make her dinner, get her chocolates, buy her roses, and put it all over the edge by taking the time to make these rosebud fairy lights. You can use them to set the ambience in the dining room, or save them for the grande finale.

Elegant Arrangement

Here’s a DIY Valentine’s Flower Arrangement that’s ridiculously easy to follow. We love it when they keep it simple like this. Your supplies are basic: a vase, floral tape, and flowers. Your mission: follow these five steps and make a beautiful bouquet. Can you handle that?

Flower Chandelier

When she walks in and you have this DIY flower chandelier over the table for Valentine’s Day dinner, she’ll be completely blown away. All you’re going to need is two metal hoops, floral wire, twine, wire cutters, fresh flowers, and these instructions. You’ll be a Valentine’s legend. LEGEND.

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