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25 Romantic Valentine’s Gifts for Him Under $50

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to show your husband or boyfriend that you love him. This list contains some great ideas for you, from artistic prints to food hampers, all for under $50 that we know he’ll just love. Have a browse and see if you can find one which is just perfect for him.


Champagne and Chocolates for Two

Imagine pulling this out on Valentine’s night for you and your husband to share. Inside the beautiful wicker basket, there’s two miniature bottles of sparkling Chandon Brut, Lindt chocolate truffles and some Ghirardelli dark chocolate tablets; everything you need to enjoy a night in.


Keepsake Engraved Red Wine Bottle

Wine always makes a good gift to give to your Valentine, but this one has a difference. You can engrave the bottle with a special message, meaning you can keep the bottle for years after the wine is drunk. You can choose any special date, meaningful message, or name on the bottle.


Endless Love Oil Candle

Candles help to set an atmosphere when you’re going for a romantic night in, and this Love Oil Candle will be the perfect accompaniment to date night. It’s designed with an endless wick, the light from the candle dances through the window, creating pools of color and shadows.


Open-Minded Couple Mugs

Love can take many shapes and forms, every relationship is different to the next. The key is staying open minded, which is what these mugs represent. You can choose a bride and groom, two grooms or two brides, making this mug set inclusive of every type of relationship.


The Classic Wine Duet

Choose which wines feature in this gift hamper so you know they’ll absolutely love this present. You’ll receive two bottles of the finest Californian wine, one red and one white, as well as some premium savoury nuts to eat alongside them. It’s the perfect gift for a wine connoisseur.


Astronaut Love Glasses

Love doesn’t have to be rocket science, it can be as simple as you want. These glasses feature a cute and playful drawing of two astronauts, holding hands as they float through space. This design can be on a pint glass, rocks glass, and a wine glass.


Champagne and Caviar

Nothing says romance and decadence like champagne and caviar, both of which feature in this lovely gift hamper. They come presented in a lovely wicker picnic basket so you can set up your romantic date anywhere you like, whether that’s under the night sky or in your front room.


What I Love About You by Me Book

It can be difficult to find the words to tell someone how you feel. That’s why this book is so great, it contains prompts so you can tell him everything you love about him. It makes a lovely keepsake and it’ll be a lovely thing to look back on when you’re old and gray.


So Happy Together Family Sculpture

From a happy relationship, kids grow, and all of a sudden, you’ve got this perfect little family. This sculpture is a great depiction of the happy family unit as it shows off the unique bond between each member. It’s the perfect gift to give to your husband this Valentine’s Day.

Prices vary

P.S. I Love You Linocut Print

If you’re in a loving relationship, you’ll never get tired of hearing “I Love You”. This print will stop you having to say it every second of the day, though as it’s quite clear how you feel. The letters are cut by hand and then pressed onto cotton rag paper, producing a beautiful piece of art.


How Do I Love Thee From A-Z

Take a look at this adorable book which is filled with 26 prompts, inspired by each letter of the alphabet so you can find the words to tell them everything you love about them. Fill out each page and then watch his face as he reads every word you’ve written; you’ll share a very special moment.


Burning For You

They say home is where the heart is, but what if that’s not true? What if your heart is wherever your love is and if that happens to be your home, so be it. This print is perfect for the house you share with your loved one, showing that your love burns fiercely.


Printable Love and Romance Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are fun to open and read, whether you choose to believe what they say or not. This free download contains printable cookie shapes and fortunes so you can see what’s in your future. There’s even plain ones so you can write down anything you like – it’s a cute way to announce a pregnancy!


February Woods

Taking a walk through the woods, admiring the scenery, and talking is one of the most romantic ways to spend a weekend. This print will remind you of those February strolls while the air is still crisp but you can feel a hint of spring coming through.

Prices vary

California Classic Wine Basket

Whether his favorite wine is red, white or both, this classic wine basket can be made up to contain his favorite type. Choose from a Chardonnay, Californian Red or both and drink them alongside the gourmet chocolate, cookies and nuts. It’s a great way to spend a night in with a movie.


FALLING Linocut Print

This print would be a great gift for your first Valentine’s Day together. It says “So There I Was Falling In Love With You” but it’s a great visual piece, seeing the word “falling” literally falling down the page. And the phrase I love you is there too, in plain red lettering.


Love Language Tumblers

Sign language is amazing, it gives people who can’t speak the opportunity to communicate with their friends and family. These glasses spell out love using the signs from ASL, the illustrations are printed onto the side of each glass and they’ll make a great gift for your husband.


Hand Heart Desktop Sculpture

This pewter sculpture would be a great addition to his workspace so he knows he’s always loved. Two hands are depicted making the perfect heart shape, the classic symbol associated with love and relationships. You could even get a matching one for your own desk.


Personalized Wine Gift

Is there anything better than a bottle of red wine? Yes, when that red one comes in a personalized engraved bottle. Choose any special message or date to feature on his bespoke bottle and he’ll be able to keep it long after you’ve shared the wine inside.


Love Potion Candle

Lighting a candle is an easy way to set a romantic atmosphere. This one is made from eco friendly soy wax and has a blend of fragrant aromas, from jasmine to relaxing lavender. It also has two wicks, one for you and one for your husband, making it a perfect symbol of your relationship.


Sophisticated Gourmet Signature Mailer

Everyone loves to feel spoilt on Valentine’s, but buying for a self-confessed foodie can be the worst. Luckily for you, there’s this gourmet hamper which is filled with some delicious treats and goodies which you can enjoy with your husband whenever and wherever you feel like it.


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