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21 Romantic Chocolate Gifts

These chocolate gifts are so romantic, they’re sure to swoon when they get them, guys included! Let’s be clear here, chocolate works both ways whether you’re a guy or girl that loves the sweet stuff. There’s just something about chocolate, it’s scientifically proven to send massive pleasure signals to the brain. So put science to work for you and get them to fall that much more in love with you with just the right gift of chocolate that’s perfectly in step with a wonderful day or date.

I love these chocolate gift ideas! They are romantic, decadent and perfect for any occasion.

Godiva Chocolate Heart

Get the romance started with a classy and romantic chocolate gift. This Godiva heart is filled with thirty-two pieces of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate caramels, and truffles. It comes in a pink, floral keepsake tin. You can start eating it together as soon as you open it.

A Dozen Chocolate Roses

Only one Valentine’s Day gift could be more romantic than a Godiva heart, and that’s a dozen delicious chocolate covered roses. This chocolate gift simply oozes love and romance. Guys, get this for your girl and you’ll get to find out for yourself whether or not chocolate really is an aphrodisiac.

Just for You Treat Box

You want your special Valentine to know they’re the only one you’re thinking about—this box says it in three simple words: “Just For You”. This chocolate gift box has a tin full of lovey-dovey hearts, and handful of truffles, and two cute chocolate bears.

Sweethearts for My Valentine

Transport your sweetheart to chocolate heaven. This box of a dozen delectable Ghirardelli delights is pure decadence. Your Valentine will go nuts for this one. It’s the complete chocolate gift: each treat is heart shaped, and it’s got dark chocolate, milk chocolate, almond, and hazelnut variations.

Mickey & Minnie

Channel your inner Mickey and Minnie with this absurdly cute chocolate gift featuring the world’s most lovable couple. The pink tin has a picture of Mickey and Minnie smooching on the front, and inside there’s two yummy, big eared, smiling, happy cartoon characters waiting to be devoured.

Truth or Dare Chocolates

Va-va-vooooom your Valentine’s evening night cap this year with this unique chocolate gift. It’s an adult chocolate lover’s version of Spin the Bottle called Truth, Dare, or Chocolate. Sexy, delicious, romantic—play the game to earn points, and cash them in for some unmentionable rewards.

Naughty Nights Gift Basket

If a simple game of chocolate Spin the Bottle isn’t enough, this naught chocolate gift basket raises the game to a level that’s sure to arouse you and your sweetheart. There’s chocolate aplenty, along with an aromatherapy candle, a French tickler, a satin eye mask, and a variety of massage oils.

Sweetheart Bouquet

Move along, nothing to see here—only chocolate gift perfection. Just a bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries full to bursting in a bright red keepsake container. No great shakes—unless of course your special someone likes it old fashioned. Then, it’s like we said: perfection.


Chocolate Smooch

Muuuuuuuahhhh!!! Cover your sweetheart with kisses, ‘cause you know that’s what they want. This chocolate gift is the ultimate combination of Valentine’s Day yumminess and kissy-kissy affection. It’s a bag filled with twenty-one milk chocolate, white chocolate, or dark chocolate smooches. Go crazy and combine all three if you like.

The Luxury Love Box

Love is drug that you’re thinking of on Valentine’s Day. The “Luxury Love Box” caters to the chocolate addicted love-bug in your life. It’s filled with chocolate hearts, chocolate roses, chocolate truffles—they thought of every chocolate gift possible, so you didn’t have to. And it’s wrapped with a red bow that reads “All My Love.”

Milk Chocolate Heart

Keep it classic this Valentine’s Day with a three pound, solid milk chocolate heart. It’s one hundred percent kosher, made in small, artisan-style batches. The fun and romance starts as soon as you open it. Meet your sweetheart in the middle for a sweet chocolate kiss to rememb牥⬮ā

Chocolate Body Paint

Chocolate gifts don’t have to be all little hearts, roses, and cutesy boxes. There’s always something for the “bad” boys and girls our there—like this chocolate body paint. Cover yourself in body icing and let the real games begin. You’ll be absolutely irresistible when you’re covered in chocolate.

2 Person Chocolate Fondue Pot

Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Melted chocolate goes perfectly on anything. Prove it to yourself and your special Valentine this year with this versatile chocolate gift. After dinner, clear the table, heat up the chocolate, and start dipping—if you’ve never had chocolate fondue, you have something awesome in your future.

Ultimate Chocolate Tower

Tower over the completion with this skyscraper of chocolate goodness. If chocolate means “I Love You”, then this chocolate gift beats them all, hands down. It’s got chocolate covered everything: Oreos, Rice Crispies, pretzels, plus all the dark, mile, and white chocolate treats any chocolate lover could ever want.

Endless Love Bouquet

This bouquet has enough love and chocolate to last a lifetime. Or at least until next Valentine’s Day, when you can get your sweetheart another one, because they loved this first one so very much. It’s got strawberries, pineapple, grapes, and gourmet Belgian chocolate pops.


Heart In Hand

Valentine’s Day is the time to let your love show. Some lovers wear their heart on their sleeve, but this chocolate gift puts your hear in your hand—literally. Overwhelm your sweetheart with not one, not two—but ten chocolate hands, each one with a different heart design in the palm. A unique and romantic way to say “I Love You.”


Pail Of Hearts

In the same vein as the Endless Love Bouquet, this bundle of joy belongs in the Valentine’s Day chocolate gift pantheon of greatness. Sixteen heart shaped cookies of various styles of chocolate—fudge buttercream, for instance—come packages in a reusable keepsake pail. It’s delicious and romantic, and everyone wins.


Chocolate Diamond

Diamonds are forever—unless they’re chocolate! Then they’re fleeting, elusive, and gone quicker than you can say, “Baby, I Love You.” Well, this hunka-hunka yummy chocolate might not be gone that fast, because it’s a solid half pound of pure dark chocolate goodness. And yes—it’s perfectly crafted to look just like a diamond.


Valentine Letter Box

My baby, she wrote me a letter—and it was filled with over almost twenty chocolate cookies that melted my chocolate loving heart. This romantic chocolate gift comes in a colorful Valentine’s Day letter box that will have your sweetheart smiling the minute they see it.


Giant Whitman’s Sampler

You have to do it one year, at least. Buy the chocolate gift that for generations has been the standard box o’ Valentine Chocolate: the Whitman’s Sampler. If you’ve never done it before, then this can be the year. You can’t miss with this ginormous selection of eighty-eight yummy chocolates.

Personalized Teddy Bear Pop

There’s no mistaking what this personalized set of six teddy bears pop is: cute, thoughtful, and romantic. Your special someone will get a half dozen pops with a dark chocolate bear bursting from a white chocolate envelope, holding red hearts. Awwwwww, you sweetie. We can hear already.


You Are My Bacon

Make a statement this Valentine’s Day. Don’t hold back—tell your sweetheart they’re so important to you, they’re more than the sun, the moon, and the stars—in fact, they’re so important, they’re your bacon. Are you ready for commitment like that? You better be. No take backs!


8 Romantic DIY Chocolate Gifts

Valentine Fudge

You know when the first ingredient on a recipe list is “three cups of sugar” the result is going to be something sweet and delectable. Add cherries and chocolate chips, and you’re headed into the chocolate gift stratosphere. This recipe is the definition of chocolate fudge love.

Chocolate Bar Wraps

Here’s one for guys who aren’t at all artsy-craftsy: as set of downloadable chocolate bar wraps that you can use to spruce up to go along with the flowers you’re going to buy, and that five-course gourmet dinner you have planned. You do have that planned, right?

Mint Chocolate Scrub

Give your Valentine this unique chocolate gift when the day is done. After the date, after dinner, bust out the mint-chocolate scrub, run a hot bath, and pamper your Valentine with an intimate, romantic, chocolate scrub down. But mint is known to be stimulating, so watch out!

Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Hot chocolate for two on a cold winter’s day—now that’s romantic. This tutorial was made by a mom for her little boys, but ladies (or guys who have the inclination) all you have to do is write a sweet, romantic Valentine’s Day message, and this DIY idea is perfect for the Day of Hearts.

Cookie Bouquet

You’ve seen those chocolate bouquets in the stores and online—and even on this list—and wondered how they do it. This easy step-by-step instructable shows you that it’s not all that tough to make your very own chocolate cookie bouquet. The whole process, baking included, will take less than two hours.

Candy Milkshake

As if a chocolate milkshake isn’t enough, this DIY shows you how to make an old-fashioned milkshake glass into a romantic chocolate gift for your sweet-tooth sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. The writer shows you how to make it look oh-so-pretty, and gives you hints on where to find heart-shaped straws to make it extra romantic.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Tower

Yes, you can really do this awesome looking DIY in very little time. The secret? A Styrofoam cone and toothpicks—the rest is just a matter of dipping your strawberries in chocolate and arranging them on your cone to look perfect. Amaze your special someone with this creative chocolate gift.

Valentine Hearts

Chocolate hearts, made by hand, with love—they’re the ultimate chocolate gift for Valentine’s Day. You’re planning to make a winning dinner and dessert anyway, so you might as well go all the way and make these delectable delights. In just seven steps you have a chocolate gift that looks professionally made.


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