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28 ROFL-funny Retirement Mugs They’ll Use to the End of Their Days

We work towards retirement all of our adult lives – it’s a very big deal. But it’s also a time to embrace humor and even practice growing old disgracefully, which is why a ROFL-funny mug makes a small but significant retirement gift. It’s something they’ll use for the rest of their lives, and the ones we’ve featured here will suit all humor styles, from the gently amusing to the downright NSFW (not that THAT matters anymore!)

Retirement Mugs

The Adventure Begins Mug

Whether he’s planning on going camping or just likes the rustic look, this enamel mug holds a generous 12 fluid ounces, and makes the perfect retirement gift as his next adventure begins.

Prices Vary

You Can't make Me Retirement Mug

They can dig their heels in as much as they like now that they’re retired, just as this fun mug shows; finally, they’re their own boss and they no longer answer to anyone!


Personalized Hobby Mugs

These personalized hobby mugs are both fun and thoughtful as they can be customized to resemble the lucky retiree, along with their favorite thing to do, name, and even retirement date.

$30.00- $160.00

Free At Last Retirement Mug

Naughty but oh so nice, this funny mug features a cartoon lady stripping off her clothes along with her inhibitions as she celebrates finally being free from the corporate world.


Tea Bag Pocket Mug

Tea drinkers will truly appreciate the way this stoneware mug keeps countertops and coffee tables drip-free, thanks to the handy teabag pocket that’s included on the side.


Personalized The One Where Retires Coffee Mug

There couldn’t be a more perfect retirement gift from ‘friends’ than this TV show themed mug, which can be personalized with the lucky retiree’s name along with the ‘episode’ title.


Black Base Colorful Mug

These mugs can be bought separately or as a set of four, and will add a certain rustic charm to all those coffee mornings they’ll have time to indulge in now.


Color Map Mugs

Whether they’ve already travelled or are planning on seeing the world, this mug comes with a USA or world map which can be colored in and ‘baked’ to mark the places already visited.

$18.00- $24.00

Retired Cat Mug

This humorous mug will allow them to ‘paws’ for thought as they contemplate the years of freedom they have ahead of them while drinking their favorite cup of joe.


Protect the Animals Mugs

If animal conservation is important to the person who’s retiring, giving them one of these mugs will be a thoughtful gesture as $5 from each sale goes towards Global Wildlife Conservation.


Wise Woman Retirement Mug

Proving that retirement is just the beginning, and not the beginning of the end, this pretty floral mug comes with a fun saying that promises a happy ever after.


The Man The Myth The Legend Has Retired Mug

A fitting tribute to a man who will be sorely missed at work, this 11oz ceramic mug can be personalized with his name above ‘the man, the myth, the legend has retired’.


You Can't Retire From Being Great Mug

They might be able to retire from the workplace but the one thing they can’t retire from is their personality, and this mug shows that once they’re great, they’ll always be great.


Retirement Weekly Schedule Mug

An organized person might miss the structure of the working week, so make them feel like they’re still part of the rat race with this funny weekly schedule retirement mug.


Morning Mantra Mugs

Our first thoughts in the morning can set the tone for the rest of the day; make sure their day gets off to a wonderful start with one of these inspirational mugs.


I Don't Give a Damn O'Clock Mug

Most workers will be avid clock watchers as they wait for 5 o clock each day, but retirement means time loses its power, as this fun black and white mug shows.


Colorful Retired Mug

At last they can put their feet up, and this colorful mug is just the thing to encourage them to do it with relaxing instructions printed on the front, back, and inside the rim.


Home is Where You Park It Mug

With retirement comes the freedom to up-sticks and move about as far and as frequently as they want – this mug is ideal for those taking a road trip in an RV.


Literary Mugs

If reading the classics is on their list of post-work things to do, these mugs are a great place to start as they feature famous quotes from Carroll, Austen, or Edgar Allen Poe.


Sock F'ing Retired Mug

If an f-bomb-dropping colleague is due to retire soon, how about giving them this mug to enjoy their morning coffee from? It’ll remind them of the office banter they’ve left behind.


Not My Problem Anymore Mug

One of the best thing about retirement has to be leaving the drama behind. This mug will make them smile every time, knowing that it’s nothing to do with them anymore.


Personalized Train Ticket Retirement Mug

Retirement is a one way ticket to freedom and enjoying life, which is why this train ticket mug is such a fun but apt gift to give to someone who’s about to retire.


Retired and Fabulous Mug

Gone are the days of power suits or work uniforms – now she’s retired she can be as flamboyant as she likes, just like the fabulous flamingo on the side of this mug.


Paint with Bob Ross Mug

Bringing art to life – literally – this heat sensitive mug features a smiling Bob Ross against a blank black canvas, which miraculously turns to color when a hot drink is added.


Mark My Words Retirement Mug

The years beyond working are what we have been wage slaves for all our lives – the chance to enjoy the good life. Celebrate that fact with this pretty floral 20oz mug.


I'm Done Mug

Why use 20 words when two will do? This ceramic mug captures a whole host of feelings and thoughts in just six little letters and a couple of punctuation marks.


Adios Bitchachos Mug

Say goodbye fiesta style with this super fun mug which bears the incredibly sentimental phrase ‘Adios Bitchachos’, which could, of course, refer to her or her colleagues – who knows which?


Finger Tracing Meditation Mug

Let them start their day with a spot of contemplation and coffee, with a stoneware mug which features a raised labyrinth to be traced with the finger for a meditative morning.


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