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Survey: America’s Festive Regifting Economy is Worth $17 billion in 2023

In November 2023, we carried out a s​urvey of 3,000 respondents to determine the size of our nation’s re-gifting economy during the holidays.​ The fascinating results are illustrated in the map below.

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Key Findings:

  • National Regifting Economy Value: The study found that the national regifting economy during the holidays is worth an astonishing $17 billion.
  • High Percentage of Regifters: 43% of respondents admitted to having sold or regifted a present they received, with an average value of $123 per gift.
  • State-Specific Trends: California leads in the gift swap market with a $2 billion value, while Rhode Island has the highest percentage of regifters at 83%.
  • Mixed Feelings About Regifting: While 38% of respondents believe it is morally wrong to sell or regift a present, nearly half of those who have done so (47%) felt regret afterward.
  • Financial Motivation and Risks: Nearly half of the participants regift or sell presents for financial reasons, but 44% have accidentally regifted to the original giver, highlighting a risk in this practice.

Top 5 Regifting States:

  1. Rhode Island: 83% of respondents admitted to regifting.
  2. Nevada: 59% of respondents admitted to regifting.
  3. New York: 56% of respondents admitted to regifting.
  4. Arizona: 54% of respondents admitted to regifting.
  5. Utah: 53% of respondents admitted to regifting.

Study Implications

  • Shift in Gift-Giving Culture: The study suggests a possible shift in the traditional gift-giving culture, with a large portion of the population engaging in regifting or selling unwanted gifts.
  • Economic Impact: The trend of selling or regifting unwanted items as a financial strategy indicates how people may be managing current economic pressures during the holidays.
  • Ethical and Social Considerations: The study highlights ethical dilemmas and social faux pas associated with regifting, such as the risk of regifting to the original giver and the perception of such practices as morally questionable.
  • Reflection on Gift Selection: The prevalence of regifting and selling unwanted gifts might encourage more thoughtful gift selection, focusing on the recipient’s preferences and needs.
  • Environmental Implications: Regifting can be seen as an environmentally friendly practice, reducing waste by giving unwanted items a new life instead of discarding them.


Online panel survey of 3,000 adults based on age, gender, and geography. Internal data sources are used to obtain population data sets. We used a two-step process to ensure representativeness through stratified sampling and post-stratification weighting.