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56 Awesome Prefilled Easter Baskets for Boys and Girls

When it comes to the magic Easter gift giving, candy is not always the way forward. This here collection of gift baskets is the perfect way to mix up your spring time festivities with some jam-packed baskets of goodies. You will find toys, games and so much more.

Check out this amazing collection of Easter gift baskets for the best Easter ever!

Prefilled Barbie Easter Gift Basket

Get them the gift basket that will last longer than one sitting. With no candy or treats included, this Barbie gift basket contains cool toys and activities that are far more beneficial to children than just a box of chocolates. Forget about sickly sweet, pretty and pink is the way forward.

Prices Vary

Army Military Themed Easter Basket

Attention! This Army helmet itself is awesome, but kids will get most excited when they see what is inside. With only military themed goodies inside, children will wake up Easter morning and become a commando. Toys, vehicles, costumes and even Army themed treats and candies.

Prices Vary

Shimmer and Shine Themed Basket

Shimmer and shine with this pre filled Easter gift basket bundle. All of your wishes will come true when you open up the reusable themed basket to find a whole hoard of goodies nestled inside. With an activity book, toys, treats and more; it’s the perfect basket.

Prices Vary

Kids Practical Jokes and Gags Themed Basket

Do you know a little prankster that just loves to trick and joke people all day long? Give them the Easter they will always remember with this themed jokes and gags Easter basket. Containing all of the funniest pranks around along with cool treats and goodies that they will love.

Prices Vary

Disney Princess Easter Gift Baskets

We all know a couple of little Princesses that deserve to be spoilt this spring. This Disney Princesses Easter gift basket is the way to do just that; kids will love the highly decorated hamper that is filled with authentic Disney gifts, toys and other awesome stuff. Fit for royalty.

Prices Vary

Paw Patrol Sand Gift Basket

Get ready for some spring time action with this Paw Patrol pre filled Easter gift basket, that kids will absolutely adore. Filled with themed gifts, toys and treats from their favorite television series, children can fill up on fun and excitement, rather than just chocolate and candy!

Prices Vary

Classic Easter Gift Basket

Give them a mix of the tastiest treats around with this classic Easter basket. This big green basket has been re filled to the very brim with some delightful and delicious stuff for Easter Sunday. With toys, a plush rabbit and tons and tons of candy, you can’t go wrong.

Prices Vary

Cars Lightning McQueen Easter Wagon

Check out this cool Lightning McQueen wagon that is overflowing with awesome Disney’s Cars 3 toys and treats. Whether your little one loves McQueen, Cars or simply speed, this Easter basket is just for them. The wagon itself can be kept and reused once emptied. Perfect.

Prices Vary

LEGO Star Wars Gift Basket

The gift giving force will definitely be with you this spring when you hand over this awesome Star Wars themed Easter bucket to the young fan that you know and love. With official Star Wars themed products throughout, you can expect LEGO, toys, activities, candy and treats!

Prices Vary

Ultimate Superhero Fun & Games Basket

Make sure you give them a super Easter with this epic Superhero themed spring gift basket. With a whopping 10 items jammed into one box, kids will be kept occupied long after spring is over. With candy, toys and other cool novelties inspired by the very best Superheroes and characters.

Prices Vary

Soccer Gift Easter Basket

Do you know someone who just loves soccer? Show them you care with this awesome soccer themed Easter basket. The soccer ball shaped basket is full of awesome goodies and gifts related to the great game that will leave them cheering you on for the rest of the year.

Prices Vary

Disney’s Mickey Mouse Filled Easter Basket

Disney’s Mickey Mouse is here and is ready and raring for Easter. Little ones will absolutely love waking up on Easter morning to find a jam packed basket filled with cool toys and gifts inspired by everyone’s favorite mouse. They will even get a cuddly plush Mickey toy.

Prices Vary

Spiderman Theme Assorted Gift Basket

Are your spidey senses tingling? Mine too, and I think I know why! This unbelievably cool Spiderman themed gift box is here just in time for Easter and is perfect for the Spiderman fan that you know and love. Spidey themed gifts and toys are all nestled comfortably inside a Spiderman mask bucket.

Prices Vary

Littlest Pet Shop Gift Basket

This pre packed Easter gift box is entirely inspired by the Littlest Pet Shop. A fun looking basket has been hand filled with goodies, including stickers, toys, activity pads, coloring books and more! Check it out now to discover that perfect spring time gift.

Prices Vary

DC Comics Batman Kids Toy-Filled Easter Basket

Give them a bucketful of Gotham’s favorite hero this Easter with this Batman themed bucket of eggs. The little blue plastic eggs have been pre filled with the coolest Batman inspired toys, tattoos, gifts and a lot more. Ideal for an Easter egg hunt this year.

Prices Vary

Classic Frog Easter Basket

Are you on the hunt for an Easter basket that has a fun mix of everything? Look no further as the classic frog basket has a load of awesome inside. The frog themed basket can be reused once the cool contents have gone. Check it out to see everything that is included – you won’t be disappointed.

Prices Vary

Megatoys Boy’s Basketball Easter Basket

Help them to hit the courts this spring with the Easter basketball gift box. With a basketball included, that conforms to official size and weight, kids can start shooting hoops as soon as they get it. After a hard session on the court they can come home and enjoy the included candy and treats.

Prices Vary

PJ Mask Easter Basket

Gone are the days when you would have to spend hours in the stores looking for stuff to fill up an Easter gift basket. Save your time, and your money, with this pre filled and awesome basket. Full of not only candy and treats, it even houses cool toys and activities that kids will love.

Prices Vary

Minnie Mouse Easter Gift Basket

Give them the best Easter ever when they receive not only candy, but this awesome and exciting Minnie Mouse themed bucket of goodies. Toys, activities and more are all included in the sale and are housed within a cute (and reusable) Minnie Mouse box.

Prices Vary

Harry Potter Easter Basket

Muggle Easters are no fun compared to ones in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Fill this spring with magic and give a gift box that looks like it has come straight from Hogwarts itself. With tons of Harry Potter themed gifts and treats inside, including Bertie Bott’s beans and even a Hedwig plush toy.

Prices Vary

Have a Dino-Mite Day! Jurassic World Themed Easter Basket

If Jurassic World was real, I imagine this is the kind of awesome gift basket you may get from the gift shop. Perfect for Easter, this dino inspired bucket contains a whole load of dinosaur inspired goodies, including official Jurassic World toys. It even comes with candy!

Prices Vary

Paw Patrol Let’s Fire It Up Marshall Inspired Easter Basket

Does your little one absolutely adore Marshall and the rest of the Paw Patrol gang? If you answered yes, this is the Easter gift that is perfect for them. With a 10 inch tall Marshall plush toy, other goodies and even candy, all housed in a themed bucket, you really cannot go wrong.

Prices Vary

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood Easter Basket

Join Daniel Tigers and his entire neighborhood this spring with a themed, pre filled Easter basket that is ideal for toddlers. This little people sized basket is full of plastic eggs containing some of the coolest and very best toys and activities; perfect for this year’s egg hunt.

Prices Vary

Minnie Mouse Themed Easter Basket

Check out this stunning Minnie Mouse themed Easter gift basket, ready and raring for gift giving on the big day. Ideal for little ones that love Disney, this basket comes highly decorated and highly filled. Containing Minnie Mouse toys and even prefilled eggs, it’s the perfect gift.

Prices Vary

My Little Lamb Easter Gift Basket

Spring time is all about the lambs, flowers and lovely sunshine; this Easter basket portrays all of those things and more. Perfect for gift giving, this basket contains toys and treats including: plush toys, cookies, candies and even chocolates, all nestled in a wicker basket.

Prices Vary

Troll Easter Basket

Trolls is the exciting animated film that children simply love. Show them how much you love them, and get them this great gift basket that is full to the brim with awesome Trolls inspired toys and activities that they will be able to use long after Easter is over.

Prices Vary

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Easter Basket

Check out this collEGGtibles spring basket from Hatchimals. With 4 in egg characters included, and two out of egg characters, you can set up your own egg hunt that kids will absolutely love. Once collected, children will have a great addition to their much loved collection.

Prices Vary

My First Easter Basket Baby Gund

Babies can’t enjoy Easter as much as older children, they can’t have all the candy and chocolate so sometimes get a little left out. Ensure that never happens again with this beautiful little ‘My First Easter’ basket. With cute sensory toys included, they are guaranteed to love it.

Prices Vary

Spiderman Easter Gift Basket

For the Spiderman lover in your life comes this epic Easter basket. Pre filled with loads of spidey goodness, it is the perfect gift for any wannabe superhero. Containing 12 different Spiderman themed items in a red and blue basket, kids can benefit long after the festivities have ended.

Prices Vary

Teen Tween Spa with Heart Charm Bracelet Basket

When shopping for teenagers and young adults, it can be difficult to assess just what they might want, especially when it comes to holidays! This Easter gift basket will take all of that stress away as the toys and candies have been replaced by all natural bath products and other cool treats.

Prices Vary

Barbie Themed Gift Easter Basket

Say hello to this gorgeous Barbie themed Easter gift basket that will make your little one very happy this spring. Containing a Barbie doll, along with tons of other cool Barbie inspired gifts, it is sure to be loved long past Easter. Everything is even housed in a pretty and pink basket that can be reused.

Prices Vary

I Hunt Eggs Like A NINJA Easter Gift Basket

We all know someone who gets so excited at Easter that they treat the egg hunt like a ninja course. Treat said person to the coolest gift basket around with this Ninja inspired bucket of goodies. Alongside a Ninja plush toy, you can expect other toys, candies, games and more.

Prices Vary

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Easter Gift Basket

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. This zombie apocalypse survival Easter gift basket is the perfect way to protect yourself from zombies, whilst stocking up on fun treats. Inside the basket you will find a zombie chocolate bunny, a survival paracord bracelet and a ton of other cool stuff.

Prices Vary

4×4 Truck Derby Rocking Easter Basket

Get off the beaten track this spring with an epic Easter basket. Containing a fully working 4×4 remote controlled truck and a ton of candy, recipients will be having fun long after the candy has been eaten. Everything included is nestled in a reusable bamboo basket.

Prices Vary

Peppa Pig Gift Basket

Peppa Pig is ready to celebrate Easter with this deluxe and jam packed Easter gift. Tons of Peppa Pig toys have all been squeezed into a stunning themed pull along wagon that children can play with once empty. The wagon’s handle even doubles up as a spade! Awesome.

Prices Vary

Premade Easter Shopkins Basket

Check out this stunning Shopkins Easter basket set. Pre filled and ready to go, the basket contains 8 different items of Shopkins themed goodies that children will love. Toys and activities are all included, and are supplied in a reusable bright pink bucket.

Prices Vary

Paw Patrol Filled Easter Basket

Show them you care by getting them the Easter basket that has been inspired by their favorite show. This reusable bucket is full to the brim with Paw Patrol goodies. Among those goodies are socks, candies, toys and even a plush doll; all beautifully presented and ready to go.

Prices Vary

Star Wars Easter Gift Basket with a Darth Vader Bunny

If the idea of a Darth Vader bunny excites you, then this is the Easter gift basket you need. With everything inspired by the world of Star Wars, you can expect to receive themed chocolate and candies, along with other toys and treats. Perfect for any and every fan.

Prices Vary

Trolls Themed Activity Gift Bucket Basket Bundle

Trolls, Trolls and more Trolls are included in this epic deluxe gift basket, inspired by the hit children’s film. The big hair basket is fully reusable and is currently home to an assortment of great gifts and treats. Including toys, candies and all kinds of exciting themed items.

Prices Vary

My Little Pony Easter Basket

With the help of My Little Pony, you can ensure they will have an Easter they will never forget. Containing not only candy, they will be excited to discover the fun basket is filled with toys, activity books, stickers and a whole lot more of My Little Pony treats.

Prices Vary

Shopkins Themed Easter Basket

From Shopkins comes this 14 piece Easter gift bundle that children will simply adore. The large reusable bucket comes complete with 7 filled eggs of assorted sizes, candies, a coloring book, a wonderball and too many other treats to name. The perfect collection for the Shopkins fan.

Prices Vary

Minion Prefilled Easter Gift Basket

This Minion themed Easter bucket is the perfect gift for any little one. Pre-filled with a ton of good stuff, children can expect to receive a load of cool toys, a milk chocolate bunny and even 2 Easter eggs! The best part is the bucket is reusable and has lots of potential uses.

Prices Vary

Finding Dory Gift Easter Basket

Finding Dory is one of the best films to ever come out of the Disney Pixar studios. This themed bucket is overflowing with some of the coolest Finding Dory items around including coloring books, bubbles and a ton of other awesome stuff. The bucket is even reusable for added longetivity.

Prices Vary

Easter Gift Basket for Girls and Tweens

Teenagers don’t get as excited about Easter as they used to, tons of candy and chocolate just isn’t as appealing as when they were children. This awesome tween girls Easter basket is full of awesome and fun toys and activities that are far more exciting than just chocolate.

Prices Vary

Minnie Mouse Easter Basket

Check out this officially licensed Minnie Mouse themed Easter gift basket. This awesome looking reusable basket has been lovingly hand filled with 10 cool Minnie Mouse items. Toys, candy, activities and even a Minnie Mouse plush toy are all included, ensuring kids have fun long after Easter is over.

Prices Vary

Disney’s Princess Toy and Candy Filled Easter Basket

Beautifully presented, this Disney Princesses Easter basket is the perfect gift this year for the little Princess in your life. This beautiful themed basket has been filled to the brim with fun and exciting Princess products, including toys, stickers, stationery, activities and even candy!

Prices Vary

Sesame Street Elmo & Friends Easter Basket

Throw the best ever Easter egg hunt with this awesome Sesame Street gift basket. This Elmo and friends themed bucket contains 12 pre filled plastic eggs, that contain some awesome toys and activities that kids will love. Hide them around the house and watch as they chase after them, bucket in hand.

Prices Vary

Beautiful Horse Themed Easter Basket

Saddle up for some spring time fun with this Easter basket, perfect for any and every horse lover/owner. If your little one simply adores ponies, this is the gift for them. The horse themed basket comes complete with candy, an Aurora plush and all kinds of other cool toys and candies.

Prices Vary

Trolls Filled Easter Basket

Check out this Easter basket that has been designed for the Trolls lover in your life. This jam packed basket is absolutely popping with some of the best Trolls gear around. With toys, candies, activity books and a whole lot more, you really can not go wrong.

Prices Vary

Spongebob Candy and Toy Easter Basket

Straight from Bikini Bottom comes this awesome Easter basket, filled with goodies from everyone’s favorite sponge. Full to the absolute brim with more Spongebob related stuff than you could ever need (but still want). Candy, toys, activities and even a plush Spongebob are all included in this epic bundle.

Prices Vary

Babys First Easter Baskets

Let even the littlest of family members join in this Easter with these beautiful and very special Baby’s first Easter baskets. The loveable themed basket has been hand filled with a super soft plush animal, sippy cup, plate and even some baby clothes. Charming and cute.

Prices Vary

No Sugar Just Toys Cars McQueen Easter Gift Basket

No sugar, just toys is definitely the motto for this excitement filled bag of Easter goodies. Containing not a single piece of candy, this gift basket is all about fun! Filled with heaps and heaps of cool Cars toys and activities, all nestled in a reusable bag that can be kept for years. Check it out.

Prices Vary

Disney Frozen Princess Easter Basket

You really can let the winter go with this fun Frozen gift basket that is ideal for this spring’s festivities. Perfect for Easter gift giving, the themed basket has been hand filled with only the very best Frozen toys, activities and even candy! Absolutely awesome.

Prices Vary

Emoji Easter Basket

Give them the Emoji gift basket that will have them feeling all kinds of emotions. Perfect for older children, this fun Easter basket is the ideal way to get them excited about Easter and joining in with the festivities. Everything included is Emoji themed; and there is a lot of it!

Prices Vary

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Easter Basket

Join your favorite crime fighting team this spring with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gift basket, that is full of awesome stuff. All nestled comfortably in a themed basket that can be reused, you can expect to discover toys, candy awesome activities and a whole lot more.

Prices Vary

Hot Wheels Car Themed Easter Basket

Go faster this spring when you receive a Hot Wheels themed Easter gift basket that is almost bursting with fun stuff. As expected you will find tasty candy and treats, as well as a ton of awesome toys and activities including some Hot Wheels cars. Awesome.

Prices Vary

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