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27 Yummy Pre-Filled Food Easter Baskets for Adults

Buying Easter gifts for adults can be hard. We don’t want to get them yet another traditional chocolate egg but we don’t want to turn up empty handed either. Pre-filled Easter baskets is the answer. We’ve compiled a list of the best food baskets around which will be well received by whoever you give them to.

Choose pre-filled Easter baskets for the food lover you know and you won’t go far wrong.

Happy Easter Gift Tower

While the traditional chocolate eggs are still delicious, they’re not “eggsactly” geared towards adults. Treat the grown ups with a pre-filled Easter basket – this one is perfect. With 5 boxes filled with delicious Easter treats such as cookies and jelly beans, there’ll be something in here that everyone will like.


Bountiful Harvest Fruit Gift Basket

When all the indulgent chocolate has been eaten, our bodies start to crave the good stuff. Filled with fresh and juicy orchard fruit as well as gourmet treats, like cheddar and jams, this pre-filled wicker basket is sure to be a hit with the adults this Easter.


Easter Orchard Fruit Basket

Filled with delicious fruit and indulgent treats, this will be a well received gift for the adults this Easter. Included, you’ll find juicy fruit and gourmet goodies such as sea salt caramel sauce and chocolate covered cherries. The perfect balance of healthy and not so healthy.


Spring Delights Fresh Fruit and Chocolates Easter Gift Box

This gorgeous gift box has got a whole range of tasty foods for you and your friends and family to tuck into this Easter, Cheese, crackers, fruit, cookies and chocolatey goodies are all included in this gorgeous Easter basket. Order one for yourself or bring it along to your annual family feast.

Prices Vary

Easter Care Package

We all have those nostalgic treats that reminds us of home, no matter where we are in the world. Bring back those childhood memories of Easter with this care package. Filled with goodies such as lemonade kettle corn and solid chocolate bunnies, this really will be a taste of home.


Happy Easter Cookie & Brownie Gift Box

Freshly baked treats are the best, aren’t they? But if you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the different things you need to do this Easter, there’s no reason why you should miss out on delicious baked goods. With 4 different types of cookies and brownies, you’ll have a hard time deciding on your favorite.


Easter Morning Breakfast Gift Basket

As well as preparing the delicious Easter lunch, you’ll need to cook a yummy breakfast too. Make it easy for you with this morning-munchies Easter basket, packed to the brim with breakfast foods. Pancake and waffle mixes, maple syrup and coffees are just a few of the things you’ll find inside.


Easter Gift An Easter Party Care Package

Are you throwing an Easter party this year? Or are you going along to a party and don’t know what to bring? This party care package is the ideal Easter gift. Filled with chocolate, candies and more, there’s also the option to add a personalized message to the box.

Prices Vary

Gourmet Chocolate Surprise Gift Box

When we think of Easter foods, there’s one thing that springs to mind. Chocolate. This pre-filled Easter basket is jam packed with cocoa goodness. Inside the brown box which has been tied with a red bow, you’ll find various truffles, cookies and tasting squares. This is most certainly Easter chocolate for grown-ups.

Prices Vary

Chocolate Gift Basket Premium

Bring this gourmet chocolate gift basket to the annual Easter gathering and it’ll be the kids who feel like they’re missing out. Among the delicious treats hidden inside the wicker basket, you’ll find caramels, cookies and chocolate covered cherries to name a few. You won’t know what to try first.


Healthy Vegan Snacks Care Package

Veganism is becoming a very popular food trend but a lot of food companies and brands are only just starting to produce vegan food. Easter can be tricky as a lot of chocolate goodies contain milk, so don’t let the vegans miss out, buy them this dairy-free basket this year.


Easter Candy & Toys Basket

If you can’t decide what to get someone for Easter this year, pre-filled Easter baskets might be the answer, and you can’t go far wrong with this one. Inside, you’ll find delicious Easter themed treats, a solid milk chocolate bunny and a selection of games which will make your Easter unforgettable.


Deluxe Easter Basket

The perfect Easter gift for friends and family this year. You’ll not only find chocolate treats and goodies inside the beautiful brown wicker basket, but there’s also snacks, toys and games included which will come in very handy to keep everyone occupied on Easter morning.

Prices Vary

Broadway Basketeers Gourmet Gift Basket

Are you stuck on what to get for your in-laws or maybe your boss? Whoever you give this food basket to, they’re guaranteed to love it. Chocolate covered pretzels, brownie brittle and caramel popcorn are just a small selection of what you’ll find inside this basket.


Ultimate Easter Gift Basket

This is the perfect gift basket for you to bring along to the annual Easter gathering. You’ll find things to keep the kids amused, like sidewalk chalk and Easter bubbles, as well as delicious treats and goodies which will be suitable for both the adults and the children.


Look What The Easter Bunny Brought Me

Not everyone wants pure chocolate for Easter and it’s really tricky to find a gift for them, especially as a lot of the seasonal foods can be chocolate. This pre-filled Easter basket has decadent goodies as well as some games to keep kids amused as they come down from their sugar high.


Easter Champagne & Chocolates Gift Basket

Ready-filled baskets are the ideal Easter gift for adults who don’t want a bog-standard chocolate egg. Inside this one, you’ll find indulgent sweet treats like chocolate truffles and white chocolate cranberry cookies. You can also choose between 3 types of champagne or prosecco to really give this a grown-up feel.

Price varies

Hippity-Hoppity Easter Gift

When we think of springtime and new beginnings, bright colors and happiness come to mind. And hopefully, that’s what this food gift will bring to the person you give it to. Hidden inside this cheery tin, there’s yummy goodies like salt and pepper kettle corn and M&M’s. Scrummy!


Starbucks Daybreak Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket

We all know that caffeine lover, the person who can’t function in the mornings without a cup of steaming coffee. Don’t go with boring chocolate for their Easter gift, go with this Starbucks basket. Full to the brim with coffee, tea and biscuits, this is sure to get them buzzing.

Prices Vary

Easter Bunny Gift Tower

This would make an eggscellent centrepiece for your Easter table. It’s an impressive tower made up of 4 boxes, each one containing a delicious selection of yummy sweet treats. Two types of kettle corn, cookies and jelly beans as well as other goodies are included with this gift tower.


Catered Cravings Sweet and Salty Snacks Gift Basket

Easter doesn’t just have to be about the sweet treats. We can crave that savoury salty goodness too, especially if we’ve had a sugar overload. You’ll find Doritos and pretzels, Laffy Taffy and cereal bars as well as other sweet and salty goodies.


Wine Country The Connoisseur Gift Basket

Filled with delicious and scrummy treats, this gorgeous brown wicker basket is finished with a dark green ribbon. Contained inside, you’ll find sweet treats like sea salt caramels and cookies and savory snacks such as hummus and veggie sticks. It’s definitely a foodie’s heaven.


Classic Easter Basket

The beautiful rainbow basket this gift is presented in will give you the feeling of spring. A fluffy bunny with a blue bow tie, a chocolate rabbit and some delicious candies will make this the perfect food gift for anyone you need to buy an Easter gift for.


Easter Gift Basket

You can choose the color of this gift basket, depending on who is receiving it. Available in either green, pink, purple or yellow, you’ll find a number of tasty Easter chocolates, candies, and even a couple of toys to keep the children entertained while they wait for their chocolate fix!

Prices Vary

Family Easter Basket

Bring along pre-filled Easter baskets to a party and you’ll be the one with the best gift. There’s something for everyone in this basket and it’ll make a great addition to the celebrations. Fudge brownies, chocolate eggs and marshmallow bunnies are just a small selection of what you’ll find inside.

Prices Vary

Easter Sweets & Treats Basket

Easter is almost like another New Year celebration. Knowing that spring is here and summer isn’t far off fills us with joy. Indulge in some sweet treats with this pre-filled Easter food basket before the warmer weather is here and all the chocolate melts.


Double Bunny Easter Basket

Avoid the childish arguments among two adults with this Double Bunny Easter basket. You’ll find two of everything inside, as well as some additional treats, so it can be divided up equally and fairly. There’s even two cuddly bunnies so there won’t be any bickering over who gets the furry toy!


5 Must Try Easter Cocktail Recipes

Diy Easter Cocktails

No party is complete without some alcohol and Easter shouldn’t be an eggsception. Print out this tutorial and you’ll be able to learn how to make these Easter themed cocktails, all of which are guaranteed to be delicious. You’ll need to be the first to try them though, to make sure you’ve made them right.

Diy Buzzed Peeps Easter Cocktails

These drinks might look kid friendly, however they’re anything but. Tasting like delicious marshmallow peeps, these drinks have cherry vodka as well as marshmallow syrup in them with marshmallow fluff, pink sugar and sprinkles decorating the glass. They will be an instant hit with your party guests.

Diy Peep-Tini Easter Martini Recipe

Giggles Gobbles and Gulps has turned the innocent Marshmallow Peep into an alcoholic drink called a Peep-Tini and it looks delicious. Coordinate the color of your chosen peep with the sugar you use on the rim of your glass and you’ll have a selection of fun cocktails to serve.

Diy Cadbury Egg Shooters

We all love a Cadbury Crème Egg, so why not follow this tutorial and you can give them an alcoholic twist? Take out the fondant filling, add the alcohol and pour back into the chocolate shell. And the best part about these isn’t the taste. It’s that you won’t have any washing up!

Diy Easy Cadbury Creme Egg Martini

If you’re looking for some fun Easter themed cocktails to serve at your annual party, look no further. We’ve found it. Follow the instructions in this tutorial and you’ll soon have Crème Egg Martinis, inspired by that delicious chocolate treat which only comes out at Easter.

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