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15 Must-Have Gifts for Pokémon GO Addicts

Nothing’s hotter than Pokémon GO, and you can be the best gift-giver ever with a choice from these Pokémon GO gifts. From just the right smartphone accessories to unique Pokémon team themed items you can’t go wrong!

If they love Pokemon Go, they will be obsessed with these Pokemon gifts!

Pokemon GO Plus

Catch it if you can! The Pokémon GO Plus is one of those hot items that is gone in a flash and ends up on eBay later at a huge markup. Bookmark this page and check back often to see if you can snag it at regular price and they’re sure to love it.


Embroidered Pokemon GO Team Patches

These great-looking team patches help them show allegiance to their Pokémon Team (a team is joined once they reach Level 5). They’re high quality and look great on a backpack, or any piece of clothing that can be ironed. Small enough to be subtle, but bright enough to show off.


RAVPower Portable Charger for Pokemon GO Marathons

When you need a power up while on the go you’ll be glad you have the RAVPower portable charger. It’s got juice for multiple devices, making it a great choice for a group of friends since it has USB ports so it’s perfect for phones of all types.

Prices Vary

Custom Pokemon Name Painting

For times when they’re not playing and just chilling out in their room they’ll love seeing their name spelled out in true Pokémon style with different characters standing in for the letters of their name. It’s the sort of unique gift you just can’t get anywhere else.


Universal VR Headset for Pokemon GO Upgrades

Pokémon GO has some serious upgrades coming, and you can be ready for them with your own virtual reality headset. Take things from augmented reality to the virtual world with a pair of well-reviewed VR goggles that immerse you in the action and make you feel like part of the game.

Prices Vary

Pokemon GO Phone Case

Choose your team, choose your phone, and then get one of these awesome phone cases that show which side you’re on: Valor, Instinct, or Mystic. Each one features a cool design of that team’s mascot, and fits the phone nicely since you specify which one.


Ghostek Recharging Messenger Backpack

One great way to keep things charged up and have a place to store all of your stuff is in a rechargeable backpack like this one from Ghostek. It’s big enough to hold all of the essentials, yet small enough so it won’t slow you down as you find the next Poké stop.

Prices Vary

Premium Vinyl Pokemon GO Team Sticker

These premium vinyl stickers look great no matter where you stick them, either on a laptop, a car, or any other flat surface. They let others know that you’re into Pokémon GO, and it might come in handy when you can start trading and you’ll want to meet new players.


Bluetooth Headphones for Pokemon Audio Alerts

Never miss a notification when you have these Bluetooth headphones for your smartphone. Get an audio alert when you’re near a Poké stop or you’re near a Pokémon you need to collect. Since they’re wireless there’s nothing to get tangled up while you’re on the go.

Prices Vary

Pokeball Shift Knob

If you’re looking for a great way to spruce up the car Pokémon style look no further than this Pokéball shift knob. It replaces your stock shift knob with a neat replica of a Pokéball which will definitely start a conversation with anyone that enters your car.


Crystal Pokemon Ball

Behold, the wonder of the crystal Pokéball! This is one of those items that you can’t fully appreciate until you hold it in your hands. Smooth, with the design of the ball etched right into it, it looks like it’s pretty pricey, but thankfully it’s reasonable and ready to be yours.


Customizable Pokemon Battle Scene Shadowbox

With just the right amount of customization you can watch your dream battle scene unfold before you. The shadowbox effect gives it a 3D look, while keeping it artful and classy enough to hang in the family room as decor.


Custom Pokemon Photo

You send the artist your favorite Pokémon, as well as your favorite thing to do, and you get back a custom photo of the two of you hanging out together. It’s a great way to bring your imagination to life, and also makes a fun piece to hang on your wall.


Pokemon GO Team Paracord Bracelets

With these paracord bracelets you’re adding a bit of survivability to your wardrobe, while also showing which team you’re on. These bracelets not only look great, in an emergency they can be unwound and the paracord can be used in any number of ways. Just Google “paracord uses”.


Pokemon GO Window Decal Sticker

Give ‘em fair warning with this window decal stickers that lets other drivers know you’ll be making frequent stops on account of you being a Pokémon GO addict. Whether it’s a Poké stop or that special Pokémon you’ve been dying to catch, frequent stops are to be expected.


9 DIY Pokemon Gifts

Homemade Pokeballs

Make your own Pokéballs with this awesome DIY project. You can make several of them in all different colors and designs, as well as different sizes. Use them as decoration, to play, or just because it’s a lot of fun to hold in your hand and feel like it’s real.

Babybel Cheese Pokeballs

Next time you’re at the grocery store grab a net full of Babybel cheese circles and make your own Pokéballs that are not only super cute, but super yummy as well. Whoever thought of this was pretty clever, as it doesn’t take much to produce a good looking Pokéball.

Pokeball Christmas Ornament

When Christmas rolls around it’ll be nice to pay homage to all the fun you’ve had playing Pokémon GO with the perfect ornament. It’s this kind of ornament that’s handmade and really special because it draws from something they really like and will never see coming.

Pokemon Character Pinata

The next party you throw will be even more fun with this Pokémon character pinata. Fill it with all sorts of goodies but try not to hit it too hard because if you keep it nice you can keep it as decoration and to help remember all the fun you had at the party.

DIY Pokemon Center

Create the perfect place to store and see all of your different Pokémon plush toys with this DIY Pokémon center. They walk you through it step by step and when you’re done clean up time gets a whole lot faster and easier than before.

DIY Pokemon Cupcakes

What’s yummier than a cupcake? A cupcake that looks like the very recognizable Pokéball. Fans of Pokémon GO would love it if you baked them up a batch of tasty cupcakes with the added touch of decorating them like a Pokéball.

DIY Pokemon Christmas Decorations

These Pokémon Christmas decorations are each very unique, and look amazing. They’ll give your holiday all the extra cheer it needs, and puts that extra personal touch that makes the season so fun.

Custom Pokemon Party Favor Bags

These party favor bags turn out looking great, and the best part is that each person gets their own bag with their name on it, so it looks like you went the extra mile to make it special. With the printable icons the results look like they’re store bought.

DIY Pokemon Card Costume

Wondering what to be for Halloween? How about a Pokémon character that looks like you and has all of your best features? This costume is a throwback to the classic Pokémon card game and is sure to turn heads at your favorite Halloween party.

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