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22 Pickle Gifts the Sauerkraut In Your Life Will Love

Is there anything funnier or tastier than a pickle? That intense vinegar flavor and memorable crunch is more than just filler on a plate at your favorite deli. Pickles are long-lasting, low-calorie, and one of the most humorous foods around. Whether it’s dill or bread and butter, these pickle gifts will jazz up your next special occasion.

22 Gifts for Pickle Lovers. Who doesn't like a crisp Kosher Dill?

Stop That Pickle!

Know a kid who loves pickles? They will love Stop That Pickle! This adventurous tale is the story of Mrs. Elmira deeds and her wayward pick from the deli. The book is appropriate for age kindergarten and older.

Pickle Lip Balm

Love the salty taste of pickles, but not able to dig into a juicy jar? Try pickle lip balm, the perfect way to enjoy the taste of pickles any time night or day. This lip balm is packaged in a traditional tube, but the flavor is anything but traditional.


Pickle-In-A-Pouch is the perfect on-the-go snack for when you are hit with a salty craving. It is convenient, low-calories, and always fresh. Pickle-In-A-Pouch packages contain a dozen individually wrapped dill pickles.

Rick’s Picks Sampler

This sampler contains all the pickled goodness you could want. Jars are filled with preserved meats, beets, corn relish, and pickles. This sampler comes with nine jars of salty treats and makes a perfect gift. It is also great for your emergency stash of food.

Mcclure’s Pickles

Love pickles and all things pickled? Then you will love this selection of a dozen different pickled foods. Jars include spicy pickles or garlic dill pickles. This is perfect for the gourmet pickle lover in your life.

Pickle Candy Canes

Tired of the same old Christmas treats? You will love Pickle Candy Canes. These candies combine the tradition of the Christmas pickle with the exciting fun of candy canes. Packages contain six green and white striped candy canes.

Musical “Pass The Pickle”

In the mood for a game of Pass the Pickle? The Musical “Pass the Pickle” will liven up any game. Kids love the smiling green pickle that makes the game a lot more fun.

Pickle-Puly Launcher

This novelty toy is great for the pickle enthusiasts. The catapult launches toy pickles up to 15 feet.

Yodeling Pickle

What’s better than a singing pickle? Of course it’s a Yodeling Pickle. This plastic toy offers hours of entertainment. It comes with batteries, so you can get your pickle yodeling the moment it arrives.

Dill Pickle Mints

Peppermints just not cutting it for you anymore? Freshen your breath with Dill Pickle Mints. This tin contains approximately 100 salty, delicious mints.

Pickle Toothpaste

Every wishes you could brush your teeth with your favorite sandwich accompaniment? Now you can. Pickle Toothpaste cleans your teeth with the taste of pickles. It might not freshen your breath, but it sure satisfies that craving for a salty snack.

Pickle Stress Toy

Feeling stressed? Grab a pickle! The Pickle Stress Toy is perfect for those days when you feel like punching someone. Take out your frustration on this squishy squeeze toy. It is great for the office or home.

Deluxe Pickle Pincher

Nothing is worse than digging your hand into a giant jar of vinegar in search of that perfect pickle. Now you can keep your hands clean and enjoy the taste of pickles with ease. The Deluxe Pickle Pincher grabs your pickle even out of the most stubborn pickle jar.

Ball Complete Book Of Home Preserving

Wish you could make your own pickles and other preserved foods in a jar? The Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving shows you how. Can your harvest and enjoy it all winter long. Preserving is fun and easy and it saves a ton of money.

The Joy Of Pickling

The Joy of Pickling provides more than 250 pickling recipes for the home canner. Canning and preserving food is a simple process, once you get the hang of it. It saves money on groceries and provides you with great food all throughout the year.

Pickle Bandages

Cover your bumps and bruises with your favorite green snack. Pickle Bandages turn the worst boo-boos into something funny. Fifteen sterile strips are included in the decorative pickle tin.

Pickle Gumballs

What could be better than chewing a pickle that never goes away? You’ll blow up like Violet Beauregard with this delicious chewing gum. Twenty-two pickled flavored gumballs are in each tin.

Pickle Christmas Ornaments

The pickle in the tree is a great Christmas tradition that has been practiced by families for years. Now you can have an entire set of a dozen pickle ornaments for your holiday. These green and gold ornaments add sparkle and fun to any tree.

Harold’s Habanero Pickles

Like your pickles spicy? You’ll love Harold’s Habanero Pickles. This 32 ounce jar contains some of the spiciest pickles you will ever eat.

Original Beer Pickle

What goes better with beer than pickles? This six-pack of The Original Beer Pickles won first place at the 2012 Scovie awards in the pickle products category. Now you can snack on them right from the comfort of your own home.

Pickle Sunflower Seeds

Pickle Sunflower Seeds are just like regular sunflower seeds, but with the sour taste of pickle added. Great for snacking.

Pickle Peanuts

Love peanuts but wish you could have some with an extra kick? Pickle Peanuts are flavored with the taste of dill pickles. They arrive in a ten and a half ounce tin and make a perfect gift.