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17 Pet Memorial Gifts to Remember Our Furry Family Members

Losing a furry family member can be as hard as losing a human one, and it can be a comfort to have something physical to remember them by. Whether you choose a tiny vial to hold their ashes, or a pendant with their unique nose print engraved on it, this list contains some of the most touching pet memorial gifts to mark a fur baby’s journey over the rainbow bridge.

Thoughtful pet memorial gifts for anyone who lost their furry family member.

Custom Pet Nose Print Necklaces

We pet them, we kiss them…and then we miss them. Capture their best friend’s unique nose on a beautiful recycled sterling silver pendant so they can keep them close forever.

$215.00- $299.00

Custom Pet Portraits

All pets have their own funny little quirks and ways, and artist MG Stout will bring out those nuances in a stunning canvas portrait which will be painted directly from a photograph.

$180.00- $260.00

Personalized Pet Memorial Stone

This attractive garden stone can be laser engraved with their pet’s picture, DoB, DoD, and a short verse, and makes a touching pet memorial gift with which to remember their furry best friend.


Pet Remembrance Bracelet

They can keep their pet by their side always with this beautiful bangle, which arrives stamped with a touching line inside, and their pet’s name and a paw print on the outer surface.


Pet Memorial Urn

A sweet way to keep them close, this glass vial can be filled with their pet’s ashes or fur, and comes with a choice of charms featuring paw prints, hearts, or wings.


Custom Pet Illustration

This framed portrait has it all – a drawing of their dear pet in stunning black and white, surrounded by a medley of their favorite things, from tennis balls to tasty treats.


Custom Pet Portrait Mug

When they can no longer hold their pet in their arms, they can at least wrap their hands around a beautiful portrait of them, which has been printed onto a ceramic mug.


Cremation Pet Memorial Pendant

Beautiful and delicate, this tiny stainless steel urn hangs on a chain alongside an angel wing and stamped name charm, so they can keep their beloved pet close to their heart forever.


Always in our Hearts Heart Shaped Bowl

Simple and touching, this small ceramic dish makes a thoughtful memorial for someone who has lost their furry best friend as it comes stamped with a sweet phrase and their pet’s name.


Custom Pet Portrait Cufflinks

Dog dads will be able to keep their beloved pet close with a pair of cufflinks which beautifully display the face of their fur baby, in a discreet and understated way.


Pet Fur and Gold Leaf Flakes Memorial Bead

Small and perfect, these pet memorial beads come in 4 sizes to suit most charm bracelets, including Pandora, and contain strands of their pet’s fur along with pretty gold leaf.


Pet Memorial Rainbow Suncatcher

This stunning fused glass suncatcher comes with optional personalization, and has seven panes of vibrantly colored glass with four paw prints to represent their pet’s journey over the rainbow bridge.


Custom Pet Portrait Pendant

Simple and poignant, this sterling silver pendant will arrive with their pet’s face engraved onto the domed surface, and can be personalized with up to 12 characters on the flat reverse side.

$275.00- $305.00

Pet Memorial Frame

There has never been a truer saying when it comes to our pets, and you can have it printed onto one of these stunning frames, along with a dearly departed furry friend’s name.


3 Diy Pet Memorial Gift Ideas

Diy Pet Memorial Stone

You could make this stone to mark a pet’s final resting place, or just as a reminder of when they were here – it can even be embellished with marbles, glass pieces, or decorative pebbles.

Felted Pet Hair Beads

Shedding can be annoying, but they’ll miss it when it stops. Collect some of that pet hair and use it to make one of these felt ball bracelets as a touching pet memorial gift.

Diy Pet Memorial Planter

This homemade wooden planter will not only be a permanent and beautiful reminder of the precious pet they lost, but also of the love and care you put into making it.

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