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30 Most Romantic Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts of 2019

Whether you’ve just started dating or you’ve been together for years, you’ll want to surprise your loved one with a gift that they’re not expecting this Valentine’s Day. This list includes personalized gifts, from jewelry to glassware, which can be customized with their name or the date you met.

You can do better than flowers. Have a look at this list to find personalized gift ideas for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Love You To The Moon And Back Personalized Candle

Who doesn’t love a Valentine’s Day pun? This candle has the words “You light up my life” printed on the label, and you can finish the sentence with the name of your loved one to make a personalized gift to give to your wife or girlfriend.


Custom Hidden Message Leather Bracelets

With this pair of matching leather cuffs, you can treat yourself as well as your significant other. The unisex design has an adjustable strap that fits most wrists, and you can personalize the bracelets with each other’s initials, the date you met, or a quote.


Personalized Love Birch Cuff

If your other half is in to nature, surprise her with this cuff by Nancy Nelson that’s made from birch bark collected from the shore of Lake Superior. Carved with both of your sets of initials, you’ll feel like naughty schoolchildren again (no trees will have been harmed to make it).


Custom Beach Heart Necklace

If you and your partner share memories of a romantic holiday, turn them in to a keepsake for her with this Beach Heart Necklace. Made from sand from your choice of 1,800 shorelines around the world, you can also send the artist sand that you’ve collected yourself.

Prices vary

Personalized Songbird Vase

Don’t just get your love flowers on Valentine’s Day; give her this vase to display them in, too. Hand decorated by artist Sheree Burlington, the design is adorned with lovebirds to symbolize your romance, plus you can personalize it with 2 sets of initials along with a memorable date.


Custom Soundwave Necklace

If you struggle to tell your partner how you feel, get your thoughts engraved on to a piece of jewelry instead; whether it’s “I love you” or a romantic quote, send him an audio file and artist Jared Rocha will represent your words as sound waves on this sterling silver pendant.


Personalized Pocket Knife

If your man is at one with nature, give him this personalized pocket knife to take with him when he’s camping. You can get the handle as well as the box engraved with both of your sets of initials and the date you met, meaning he’ll never forget you even when he’s out in the wild.


Latitude Longitude Cufflinks

Your husband won’t have an excuse for forgetting your anniversary again with these hand-stamped, sterling silver cuff links. Engraved with the coordinates of where you met along with the date, this personalized pair of medallions will act as a calendar reminder, as well as a special keepsake.


Penny Cufflinks With Personalized Year

It’s said that finding a penny brings good luck; your partner will have double the luck this Valentine’s Day (and not just because he has you as a gift too) with this pair of Penny Cuff Links, which are made using coins from a year that’s special to him.

Prices vary

Personalized Leather Dopp Kit

When he’s going away on a business trip, your man needs a smart toiletry bag to take with him. This Dopp Kit is made from genuine leather, and it can be personalized with his initials, letting him know that you’re thinking of him while he’s traveling.


Personalized Necklace

She may be hoping for diamonds on Valentine’s Day, but this personalized necklace will mean even more to her. Available in gold or silver, the metal-plated pendant can be engraved with whatever message you choose on both sides, including both of your names or the date you met.


Personalized Beer Can Glasses

Couples who drink beer together, stay together. Get your love this set of personalized glasses for Valentine’s Day that each hold a can of beer. Plus, you can customize them with either your initials or a short message, which will be applied in vinyl in the color of your choice.


To Me You Are Perfect

Who can watch the famous scene between Andrew Lincoln and Keira Knightley in Love Actually without shedding a tear? Christmas may be over, but you can recreate it for Valentine’s Day with this personalized candle. With the message “To me, you are perfect” printed on the label, it also includes your girl’s name.


18K Gold Plated Name Necklace

Since Carrie wore one in Sex and the City, every girl wants a necklace with her name. Available in 4 colors, buy this metal-plated necklace for your girlfriend (or treat yourself, ladies) for a personalized keepsake that she won’t want to take off long after Valentine’s Day.


Personalized Whiskey Decanter & Glasses Set

If your guy enjoys a stiff drink in the evening, give him this one-of-a-kind whiskey decanter and glasses set from Wood Present Studio. Displayed in a wooden gift box, both the box and glasses can be engraved with his name or a short message expressing your love.


Custom Garden Sundial

If you’re looking for a unique gift this Valentine’s Day, check out this sundial designed using the longitude and latitude of your location. Perfect for a loved one who brings sunshine in to your life, you can personalize the brass dial with your choice of message too.

Prices Vary

Personalized Compact Mirror

She may be looking at herself, but your girl will be thinking of you when she uses this gift. Opening up to reveal a double mirror, the pretty, floral design can be personalized with her name or a message that’s up to 1,000 characters long.

Prices Vary

I Love You More Personalized Candle

You may love tacos, but not as much as you love your partner; let them know that they’re no.1 with this personalized candle. Customize the label with the item that also has a place in your heart (whether it’s tacos, baseball or your PlayStation), along with your other half’s name.


Personalized Wood Opener

If you and your partner’s idea of a romantic night in is watching Game of Thrones with a beer in hand, look no further for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. The Dierwolf wall-mounted bottle opener can be personalized with your “House” name, plus it’s engraved with the phrase “Drinks are coming”.


Dainty Vertical Hand Stamped Name Gold Bar Necklace

Have your loved one’s name (or a sweet nickname) engraved on this necklace for a Valentine’s Day gift that’s more thoughtful than flowers or chocolates. You can even choose to have the inscription on the metal-plated pendant hand-stamped, rather than machine-engraved, giving it a handwritten touch.


Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Holding more than just a dram, this whiskey barrel will keep your man’s spirits up. The miniature oak barrel ages liquor to give it an intense flavor. And just like the barrels used in professional distilleries, you can personalize it with your loved one’s name.

Prices vary

Leather Bracelet

Let the Bible inspire you when it comes to telling your partner how you feel. With a metal-plated bar that measures 40mm x 10mm available in silver, gold, or rose gold, you can choose a verse to engrave on the bracelet that has meaning for you both.


Customizable Pillow Photo

Watch over your partner wherever you are with this pillow; using ‘direct to garment’ technology, the pillow cover can be personalized with a printed photograph of your face, so your loved one will feel like you’re right there beside them on the couch (but they’ll be in charge of the remote for once).


Personalized Engraved Working Compass

If you’d be lost without your partner, give them this compass so they can find their way back to you wherever they are. You can also personalize the high-quality, brass design with a message of your choice so your love knows how much you miss them.


Leatherette Wallet

Give this brown leatherette wallet to your man on Valentine’s Day to show how much you appreciate him. You can even personalize it with his name, as well as a message on the inside, and don’t forget to put your picture in it before you wrap it up.


I Love You Personalized Guitar Pick Key Chain

Because you’d always ‘pick’ him, give your guy this personalized guitar pick key chain from his biggest fan. Available in 4 different colors with either a brushed or a polished finish, you can customize it with the lyrics of ‘your’ song so he knows it’s his at band practice.


Personalized Pocket Watch

Your man is sure to look dapper with this matte black pocket watch. The design incorporates both of your fingerprints in the shape of a heart, as well as an engraving of your choice, which he can carry in his waistcoat pocket close to his heart.


Locket Necklace

Just wait until you see your girl’s smile when she unwraps this one-of-a-kind gift on Valentine’s Day. Made by hand, the silver or gold-plated locket incorporates an envelope with a love letter inside, which can be personalized with a heartfelt message especially for your love.


Personalized Matching Bracelets

If matching jewelry usually makes you and your partner cringe, you’ll be won over with this pair of bracelets. Get your hands on a polished stainless steel bracelet for her and a genuine leather bracelet for him, which you can personalize with your names or a quote.


Special Date Paper Art Print

Help your partner remember important dates with this wall art. In a chalkboard-style, you can personalize the design with the day you met, the day you got engaged, and the day of your wedding. More than just printed words, it’ll bring back memories every time you catch of glimpse of it.


3 Personalized Diy Valentine’s Gifts

Diy Personalized Romantic Wall Decor

Nothing says “I love you” like a DIY gift. Have a look at this post to see how to make this print featuring the childhood rhyme ‘Two little lovers sitting in a tree’. You’ll feel like children again as you’re reminded of the excitement of a first kiss.

Diy Tile Photo Coasters

With this set of 4 DIY photo coasters, your partner will think of you when they take a sip from their drink… well, until they put their mug over your face anyway. Scroll through Instagram to find your favorite shots, then check out the post to see what you’ll need to make this fun gift.

Diy Photo Pendants

Are you strapped for cash but want to surprise your girl this Valentine’s Day? Head to this post to see how you can make a DIY photo pendant for just $2.50. Plus, the effort you put in to creating it will mean more to her than jewelry bought from the store.

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