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36 Best Personalized Gifts for Women to Show Her Your Romantic Side

Personalized gifts for women equals great gifts for women; that is why you should take advantage of the following list when it comes to buying her something special. No matter what she likes, you will be able to find something romantic here. Check it out.

Personalized Gifts For Women

Past Book Photo Book

In just a few simple steps, you can be ready and waiting for one of these stunning photo books to be delivered to your door. Ideal for your girlfriend or wife, the following website can lovingly upload your photos into the perfect photo book, allowing you to give her the gift of memories.

Price varies

Grafo Personalized Map

Is there a place that holds a dear spot in your special lady’s life? Is it her hometown? Where you met? No matter where, you can turn a map of the spot into a stunning poster that she will love and appreciate thanks to Grafomap. Check it out here and see what you think!

Price varies

23andMe DNA Ancestry and Health Test Kit

23andMe is the personal genetic service that you can complete via the post. An awesome and romantic gift idea, 23andMe will allow the loved one in your life to trace back their ancestry along with other information using just their DNA. A truly cool gift idea.


Paint Your Life Custom Painting

Sitting for an oil painting is heavily outdated. Using the following website, you can upload the picture of your choice and have it copied and recreated by a real artist using actual oil paints and a canvas. Stunning to look at, it could be the ultimate gift for the woman in your life.

Price varies

Personalized Gemstone Eternity Necklace

Make a bold statement with a truly delicate gift when you buy the woman in your life this delightful looking gemstone eternity necklace. With the ability to hold up to 6 gemstones, you can have one for each of her loved one’s birthdays. She is guaranteed to hold it close at all times.

Price varies

Custom Beach Heart Necklace

Does she long to be by the ocean? Does she have a special beach that means the world to her? If so, show her that she means the world to you by getting her one of the following pendants that can be filled with a pinch of sand from the beach of your choice.

Price varies

Personalized Anniversary Pushpin Usa Map

With the ability to be personalized, this vintage looking map of the United States of America is the ideal gift for your beloved sweetheart. Use the included 100 pins to mark spots of interest, special places, or simply where you have travelled together as a couple; a great gift that will keep on giving.


Latitude Longitude Pendant

The premise behind this gift is simple, yet it is the kind of gift that your special lady will absolutely adore for the rest of her life. Stunning to look at, this silver pendant can be personalized with the latitude and longitude of your choice – choose somewhere that holds a special place in her heart.


Anniversary Wine Box

Are you a die hard romantic? If so, you must check out this personalized gift for women. With your choice of text etched onto the box, it contains 3 separate bottles of wine that are to be opened on your first, third and fifth anniversaries. A touching gift that she will love.

Price varies

Custom Map Paperweight

Do you and your partner share a special place that means more to you than anywhere else in the world? Have that spot marked in your lives forever thanks to this map paperweight that you can have personalized to show your favorite place. A truly cool gift that she will adore.


Lover’s Lane Street Sign Art

This beautiful piece of art will be proudly hung on her wall for the rest of her life, guaranteed. Lovers lane street art is just that, a photograph of a sign post that you can have personalized to show yours and your other half’s names along with the date you met.


Personalized Love Birch Cuff

For decades, lovers have etched their names into the trunk of trees to immortalize their love in the bark. Employ that tradition by getting your other half one of these brilliantly cool love Birch cuffs. Made from brass, cast from Birch, and with your choice of initials…she will love it.


Custom Pet Portrait Pendant

Does your lovely lady love her dog just as much as she loves you (if not more)? If that is the case, pluck at her heart strings and get a picture of her favorite little pooch engraved into one of these silver pendants. The kind of gift that she will adore for years and years to come.

Price varies

Love Equation Necklace

Even math can be romantic. Show her how much you love her with this sterling silver plaque that you can have engraved with special dates and initials that mean a lot to your relationship, and create your very own love equation. She will truly appreciate it more than anything.


Latitude Longitude Pendant

If you would like your other half to never forget a particular place or location, you should get them one of these delightful pendants. Have the coordinates of this place engraved onto the sterling silver and give them a constant reminder of a fond memory. A great way to say I love you.


Delicate Coordinate Bracelet

Are you on the hunt for something simply beautiful and beautifully simple for the love of your life? Look no further than this personalized bracelet; simple and understated, you can have the coordinates of a special place to their heart engraved into the silver. She will love it.


Personalized Wine Rack

If your girlfriend or wife loves not only you, but wine as well, you should consider investing in one of these wine boxes for her next gift. Have both your name and her’s etched on to the wood and find yourselves with the perfect place to hang both wine bottle, and glasses.


Personalized Couples Necklace Set

This matching set of lock and key necklaces is perfect if you are looking for personalized gifts for women. Add your initials along with her own and have a constant reminder of your love that you can carry with you at all times; a gift that you know she will love and appreciate.

Prices Vary

Personalized Lucky Copper Penny Key Chain

Ensure that she carries a piece of you with her wherever she goes by getting her one of these personalized pennies. Choose the age of the coin and have your choice of initials and date hand stamped onto the penny; it will arrive on a key chain ready to be attached to her keys (and her heart).


Engraved Sterling Silver Locket

For years, personal lockets have been some of the most sentimental possessions of people everywhere. This particular picture locket can be engraved with the quote of your choice, allowing you to make it more personal than ever; make sure you give it to her with tissues!

Price varies

Roman Numerals Keychain

Simple yet stunning, this keychain is the way to go if you are on the search for a truly personal gift for the woman in your life. Made from stainless steel, the plaque itself can be engraved with the date of your choosing in Roman numerals. A one off present that she will find precious.

Prices Vary

Personalized Anniversary Date Keychains

Arriving in two separate pieces, this set of key chains is just waiting to make your girlfriend/wife giddy with glee. Have your names and your special date engraved into the stainless steel puzzle pieces and attach them to both of your keys. A great way to keep you close.

Prices Vary

Custom Sand Bijoux Bracelets

If your partner holds a coastline in her heart as a special place, have one of these absolutely beautiful sterling silver Bijoux bracelets fitted with a charm containing grains of sand from your choice of 3 coastlines. She may even shed a tear or two (of happiness, of course).

Price varies

Custom Personalized Hand Stamped Initials Keychain

Are you on the hunt for a simple, beautiful and heartwarming gift for the lady in your life? Treat her to a keychain that she will treasure forever. Made using stainless steel, the plaque will be personalized with both of your initials; it’s the small things that make all the difference.


Personalized Soul Mate Heart Mug

Have you found your true love? The apple of your eye? Maybe even your soul mate? Show her just how much she means to you with this mug that will give her a constant reminder. With the words ‘soul mate’ printed within a heart, along with both of your names, it is a gift she will treasure forever.


Love Story Personalized Candle

Candles have been one of the go-to gifts of men everywhere that are looking to make their woman feel special for a long time now. However, these completely hand made candles come personalized with a beautiful quote, along with the words ‘forever yours’ and your name.


Heart Initial Necklace

Take two hearts, hand stamped with your initial and your loved one’s initial, and turn it into the best gift she ever received. Follow the link and check out this stunning silver charm necklace that contains both of the hearts, she will never ever want to take it off. Show her you care and get one now.

Prices Vary

Collage Cylinder Vase

This custom vase is the way to make your woman smile, and you can pair it with a bouquet of flowers for a double whammy gift. Choose fifteen of her favorite photos and have them printed onto this awesome vase in a collage style; you’ll be surprised at how much it means to her.


You’re My Person Candle

Choose the scent that you think she will love and order one of the following hand made and eco friendly candles to make her smile. The best part is, you can have the rustic looking label hand printed with your choice of words included, making it extra special and extra romantic.


Custom Beach Necklaces

Choose from 1 of a whopping 2,800 beaches from around the world and get your other half some custom beach necklaces that have been lovingly hand made using sand from that very beach. Whether that beach is the place you met, or even the place she grew up, she will adore it.

Price varies

Personalized Songbird Vase

If you are searching far and wide for the ultimate personalized gifts for women, you should definitely invest some time into looking at this awesome songbird vase that can easily be personalized upon order by adding the initials and date of your choice amongst the decorative songbirds.


Long Distance Relationship Wall Art

If the woman in your life is stuck miles and miles away from your embrace, you can make her smile and show her how much you love her with this constellation print. Choose both yours and her location and have the same constellation as seen from both places printed and framed.

Price varies

Custom Soundwave Necklace

Record a clip of you saying those special words that the woman you love likes to hear and have the soundwaves produced cast into a sterling silver pendant that can be worn around the neck at all times. The perfect way for her to take your love with her at all times.


Personalized Hashtag Necklace

Does your partner in crime have a nickname or a special phrase that reminds her of you? If so, make her laugh and love by getting her one of these brilliant hashtag necklaces that she will adore wearing. No matter what the occasion, it is the perfect gift idea to make her happier than ever.

Price varies

Custom Pet Nose Print Necklaces

Is she a cat person or a dog person? If the apple of your eye loves nothing more than her puppy or pussy cat, you can have her pet’s nose imprinted on to a sterling silver pendant. With the pet’s name engraved on the back, she can carry a piece of them with her at all times.

Price varies

Soulmate Initial Necklace

Personalize this stunning necklace to include the initials of your choice. Handmade, the silver pendant will be personalized in the style of text that you want, to ensure that the gift comes straight from the heart. Displayed beautifully, it is ready and raring to make your woman feel special.

3 Diy Gifts That Show Her You Care

Diy Galaxy Jewelry Dish

Instead of buying her a gift, why not actually take the time to make one, and show her just how much you care? Using the following page, you will be able to confidently and competently create this marbled Galaxy jewelry dish. Useful and thoughtful.

Diy His and Her Planters

Do you and your other half both strive to have the best green thumb? Use this guide to create your very own set of his and hers planters that you can proudly display around your house. Simple to make and a lot of fun, it will make a great gift that she will appreciate.

Diy Faux Copper Patina Vase Arrangement

Are you looking for a way to show your special lady just how special she is? Don’t go for max cost, go for max effort and make her this DIY faux copper patina vase arrangement that is both beautiful and thoughtful. Easy and cheap to make, it’s the perfect present for her.

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