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10 Coolest Personalized Gifts for Kids

If you’re looking for the best personalized gifts for kids, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the coolest and most useful items to stick their name on so you won’t ever forget if it’s theirs or not.

10 Coolest Personalized Gifts for Kids- because kids LOVE gifts with their name on ‘em.

Lap Desk

They’ll be able to turn their favorite sitting spot into a place to get homework done or play a game with this personalized lap desk. With their name emblazoned right onto it, there won’t be any fighting over whose is whose.


Sports Ornament

No matter which sport their into, chances are there’s a personalized Christmas ornament to represent it. This is an ornament they’ll look forward to putting up year after year, and you can always get them a new ornament if they like a new sport.


Hands Off Wallet

What better item to put their name on than a wallet. You definitely don’t want to get wallets mixed up, and this one will give them a greater sense of ownership and drive home the concept that what’s in the wallet is theirs.


Junior Chef Hat

If they aspire to be a great chef get them started early on with this personalized junior chef hat. It looks a lot like a real chef’s hat, just on a smaller scale, and it will be just the thing they need to feel like they’ve got mad culinary skills.


Fleece Blanket

No more arguing over the blanket when you’ve got their name sewn right into it. This fleece blanket is sure to keep them warm during the colder months, and they’ll feel great snuggled up with a blanket all their own.


Pink Folding Chair

This folding chair is great for taking to sporting events and other gathering where it’s bring your own seat. They also have it in blue so you can color code this to the kid in question. These chairs are comfy and easy to carry with the included bag.


Embroidered Tote Bag

Here’s a personalized gift for kids that lets them carry around all of their miscellaneous stuff, with a bag that will never be mistaken for anyone elses. This bag is extra nice because the name is embroidered on, not just pressed on.


Beach Towel

When it’s time to hit they beach they can do so in style with their very own personalized beach towel. It has their name clearly spelled out on the towel, so they won’t have to worry about accidentally drying off with someone else’s towel.


Beach Chair and Umbrella

Maxing and relaxing at the beach is a lot more fun when you have your very own designated chair and matching umbrella to shade you from the sun. It’s a nice set that is sure to get a lot of use in summer and on vacations.


Snack Bowls

Keep snacks personal with these snack bowls that have their names printed right onto them. Whether it’s a bowl of ice cream or a bowlful of pretzels they’ll love knowing that what’s in the bowl is theirs and not anyone else’s.


8 DIY Personalized Gifts for Kids

Personalized Bedroom Decor

Add a personal touch to their bedroom with this great tutorial that shows you how to make an assortment of different design pieces for their bedroom. Check out the door hanger that let’s everyone know whose room it is.

Library Book Tote

This library book tote takes personalization to the next level by putting a picture of them right on the bag. It’s the perfect size bag to keep track of borrowed books as well as toys and other personal items.

Personalized Coloring Books

These coloring books have a very personal feel to them because you can make the pictures inside of them and their family members. It’s a lot of fun to color in people you know, and even yourself, so they’ll have a blast with this.

Personalized Name Bracelet

Here’s a bracelet they’re sure to wear all of the time once you make it for them. It looks stylish and has that personal touch to it with their name on it. It’s not very showy, but is clear enough to be read from a few feet away.

Personalized Ball Cap

If they’re a fan of baseball they’ll love to have their very own personalized ball cap. It’s like they are rooting for themselves. This is an easy enough project to put together as a last minute gift, or can be put together with other sport items.

Personalized Wall Letters

Help decorate their room with the first letter of their name. The trick to this is that you end up writing out the rest of their name inside of the big letter. It looks great on the wall and is something they won’t quickly outgrow.

Personalized Superhero Cape

Rather than just be Superman or Batman, they can be their own superhero thanks to this cape that features the letter of their first name rather than something generic. They’ll get a big confidence boost by being their own superhero.

Personalized Shrink Plastic Name Tag

This name tag fits great on a keychain and can help them determine which keys are theirs. If you haven’t worked with shrink plastic before don’t worry, as this tutorial walks you through the different steps of the process.


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