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40 Best Personalized Gifts to Make Your Husband Feel Special and Loved

When searching for personalized gifts for husbands, you have to trawl through the bad before you get to the good. Bypass all of that trouble by simply checking out the following list that contains the very best personalized gifts that your man will absolutely adore and cherish forever.

personalized gifts for husband

Personalized Amp Doormat

Is your man a big lover of all things musical? Brilliant, throw away his welcome doormat and replace it with one of these epic amp doormats. Designed to look just like a guitar amplifier, it can even be personalized with their name; or the word of your choice!


Custom Love Is Art Kit

Get him a gift that you can both enjoy together. With this Love is Art kit, you will both absolutely love-making beautiful art that can be hung for years. Designed with non toxic paint and a cotton canvas, the pair of you can create a lasting image of the intimacy that you both share.


Personalized Fishing and Camping Cooler Chair

Does your husband love to spend his time next to a lake or river watching the world go by? Brilliant. This fun fishing stool can be personalized with your hubby’s name; not only will it keep him comfortable, it also doubles up as a cooler that can keep his beers icy cold.


Actual Handwriting Tie Bar

Tie clips are an important accessory for the modern man. If you know that your fella likes to don a tie, you can grab him one of these brilliant and personalized tie clips. Made from your choice of metal, they can be personalized with your very own handwriting and message, making this a very special gift.


Personalized Miniature Steak Branding Iron

Does your other half love to stoke up the grill? Of course he does! Treat him to an awesome gift by getting him one of the following personalized steak branding irons. With your choice of initials included, he can go about branding everything from steak to sausages.

Prices Vary

Personalized Bar Sign

Regardless of whether your man has a pub in the back yard, a wine cellar, or even a man cave, he needs one of these. Stunning to look at, this personalized wooden bar sign would make an awesome gift that he will love, and is hand carved from a quality piece of solid pine.


Personalized 45 Rpm Record

Made from an upcycled 45 rpm vinyl record comes this brilliantly exciting art piece. If you are looking for the best personalized gifts for husbands, this could very well be it as you have free reign over the text that is printed on the label. He will treasure it forever.


Personalized Crystal Globe Keepsake Gift

Crystal globes look awesome; on desks, on mantelpieces…they suit being just about anywhere. If you are searching everywhere for a great gift for your husband, invest in one of these beautiful and personalized crystal globes that will be produced with the text of your choosing, for a truly unique offering.


Nike Embroidered Duffel Bag

Whether he has a lot of work gear, loves going to the gym, or even teaches sports, you know that he needs a quality duffel bag. This particular bag has been created by Nike to their exceptional standards and can even be embroidered with your husband’s name or initials.


Bottle Opener with Cap Catcher

How great would this look in your kitchen? If your husband is a big lover of his beers, a handheld bottle opener is just not good enough! With this personalized rustic looking bottle opener, he can either hang it from the wall or leave it standing on the counter; it even comes with a cap catcher.


Custom Lake Art Cribbage Board

Does your husband love both cribbage, and a special lake? Perfect! If you are looking for a great gift for him, you can buy him one of these unbelievably cool personalized cribbage boards. With a laser etched map of his favorite lake in the center of the board, you really can’t go wrong.


Baseball Stadium Blueprints

Does the love of your life love his life a little bit more when the baseball is on? Any die hard sports fan would be absolutely ecstatic to receive one of these awesome stadium blueprint art prints. Simply find their favorite team, pick the stadium, and they will have an absolute ball (park) looking at it.


23andMe DNA Ancestry and Health Test Kit

Our DNA is the key to finding everything there is to know about ourselves. Treat your hubby to one of these truly awesome DNA kits that will let them know a ton of information about their health and also their ancestry! Simple to use and truly eye opening, it would make a great gift.


Personalized Pocket Knife Survivor Emergency Tool

Everyone should own a pocket knife. They are an exceptionally useful tool to own and can become a highly treasured possession. If you would like your husband to own a very special pocket knife, get him one of these lock back knives that can be personalized with his name and even an important date.


Mens Personalized Spa Robe

Make him feel like the Lord of the manor by investing in one of the following luxurious fleece robes. Stunning to look at and oh so soft to wear, he will never want to put regular clothes on again! You even have the option of having the robe embroidered with his name.


Custom Map Paperweight

Paperweights make great gifts. They are a very useful keepsake that you can guarantee the recipient will never want to part with! This particular paperweight will hold a map image of your husband’s most treasured place (his hometown or where you both met for example), and will also hold a special place in his heart.


Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board

With templated designs and messages, along with the scope to personalize it further, this chopping board is ready for the meat master in your life. Constructed using high quality bamboo, the professional quality board will provide your man with a place to do all of his chopping and carving.


Penny Cufflinks With Personalized Year

Pick the year that is most special to him and give him a pair of these delightful coin cufflinks. The pennies themselves will be encased in a sterling silver bezel and then gold plated. Lucky and extremely sentimental, they will make a great gift for your man no matter what the occasion.

Prices vary

Personalized Leather Coasters

Leather coasters are different, unique, and simply look cool. If you would like to find personalized gifts for your husband, you can pick him up a set of 5 hexagonal leather coasters that are provided in your choice of color and design. Add in a personalized message and he will absolutely adore them.


Personalized Leather Bi Fold Wallet

Wallets make excellent gifts that are often kept and used for decades. Treat your man to one of these simple yet stylish looking leather bi fold wallets and watch as he has fun swapping his cards over to their new home. Take it one step further and get it personalized for a truly unique gift.


Bronze Custom Map Key Ring

Everyone has a special place. Whether it is the place you grew up, the place you studied, or the place you got married, you hold it dearly in your heart. Find out your husband’s special place and get him one of these cool keyrings that houses a map clipping of said location.

Prices vary

Engraved Beer Growler

Home brewing just got a whole lot cooler. With this amber glass beer growler, your man will have the perfect place to store his home creations before drinking. Would you like to know the best bit? You can get it custom engraved with the text of your choice! We’ll drink to that.


Personalized Family Love Cufflinks

Does your family unit mean more to your husband than anything else in this world? If so, it would only make sense for you to get him a gift that is family related. These gorgeous cufflinks come with both his and your initials, surrounded by the names of those dearest to the both of you.


Football Stadium Art

Football stadiums are the place where dreams are made and hopes are crushed. If your man lives for his football team, consider getting him one of these 3D art frames that would look awesome on his wall. Simply follow the link, pick his team, and make him happier than ever before!

Prices vary

Cherry Wood Personalized Cigar Humidor

Every discerning man needs his very own cigar humidor to keep his smoking experience as enjoyable as possible. The following humidor has been created from a stunning looking cherry wood and allows you the opportunity to personalize it with the engraving of your choice! A classy gift that your man will enjoy.


Personalized Map Clock

Take a look at this truly awesome clock if you are looking for something great to buy your husband. Choose your man’s favorite place in the world and have it printed on one of these cool timepieces. With the option to add your own text, it would look truly great upon your mantelpiece or in his office.


Leather 5 Slot Watch Box Timeless Message

Stop your man from leaving his watches all over the place by getting him a personalized leather watch box. With a laser engraved glass top (with your choice of text), and space for 5 watches to be stored comfortably, it is one of the best gifts he will ever receive.


Latitude Longitude Cufflinks

Instead of trawling the internet looking for personalized gifts for husbands, simply look at this listing! These stylish cufflinks have been made from recycled silver and can be engraved with the longitude and latitude of your choice; just make sure you pick somewhere that is extra special to him.


Personalized Toiletry Bag Black Leather

Does your other half travel a lot with work? Are the two of you always on vacation? No matter what the reason, if your man needs a toiletry bag, this is the one for him. Leather in construction and with tons of storage space, this personalized bag will make staying away from home that little bit easier.


Custom Beach Cufflinks

With over one thousand beaches to pick from, these cufflinks are handmade with the sand from the beach of your choosing and are a great gift idea. Whether your husband grew up near the beach or it simply holds a special place in his heart, the thought behind this gift will leave him speechless.

Prices vary

Premium Black Personalized Cigar Humidor

Are you having a look for the perfect cigar humidor for your husband? Awesome. This particular humidor comes in black with a glass top to allow your man to see his cigars from the outside. You can even get his initial and full name etched onto the glass to make it a more personal gift.


Heavy Duty Personalized Garment Bag Luggage

Some items of clothing are just too nice to be stuffed into a suitcase. If your man would make great use of a garment bag, then this would be the perfect gift for him. Delightful in design, you can have the bag personalized by having his initials embroidered onto the front.


Personalized Silver Pocket Watch

Pocket watches have been a staple part of gift giving for a long time, and it is easy to see why. If you like the idea, make sure you pull out all of the stops by getting your other half one of these Herrington silver watches that can be personalized with the text of your choice.


Leather Guitar Pick Holder

Any and every guitarist knows just how hard it can be to keep track of their picks – every single time that they need one, they are nowhere to be found. Your husband will love nothing more than you getting him one of these awesome personalized leather pick holders that conveniently comes on a keyring.


Embroidered Duffel Bag Deluxe Weekender

Duffel bags are great. Whether they are used for the gym, travel or even sports, they are so useful! This particular deluxe duffel bag comes with all of the compartments needed to securely store your belongings during transit. You even have the option to have a name embroidered onto the side of the bag.


Embroidered Brown Leather Dopp Kit Travel Bag

Made from genuine tan leather, this toiletry bag is ideal if you are looking for personalized gifts for husbands. With an air of class about it, this brilliantly compact yet roomy bag would make an ideal gift for the travelling man; take it one step further and ask for it to be personalized!


Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Whiskey barrels can look truly spectacular and serve a very useful purpose. If your hubby is a spirit drinking man, invest in one of these personalized miniature oak whiskey barrels for his next gift and he will love it. You get to decide on the size, and you can even include a rum and whiskey kit, too.

Prices vary

Personalized Four Piece BBQ Grill Apron Set

Every BBQ loving man needs his very own apron to prove that he is the boss. This 4 piece apron set can be personalized with the text of your choice and includes the apron, a bottle opener, an oven mitt, and even a towel. The apron itself even comes with an insulated pocket for keeping beers cool.


Monogram Leather Watch Box

It’s no secret that every man should have a watch box at one point in their life. If your man doesn’t, look at this! Leather in construction and with a glass viewing window, this 2 slot watch box can be personalized with his initials, giving him a personal and special place to store his timepieces.


Personalized Money Clip Credit Card Holder

Brought to us by Zippo, this exciting looking money clip & card case is ready to make a great impression on your husband. The silver plated clip sits atop the genuine leather case and can be customized with the initials of your choosing! It’s the most stylish way to keep their precious items secure.


3 Diy Gifts to Make Him Feel Loved

Diy Homemade Whipped Eucalyptus Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is a necessary part of many a man’s life; he needs it to keep his face soft and stubble free. Instead of buying your man his shaving cream, why not put your skills to the test and use the following article to find out how to make your own DIY eucalyptus version?

Diy Manly Hand Scrub

Does your man spend his days using his hands for work or hobbies? Good on him! However, he may be struggling with dry, cracked, or rough hands. Follow the link and find instructions on how to make your very own manly hand scrub that will keep his paws perfect.

Diy Hand Scrub Gift for Guys

Give your man the gift that will pamper his rough, dry skin and leave them feeling soft and replenished. The following instructional article and video tutorial will guide you through the process of making him a nourishing hand scrub that will care for his hard worked hands.

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