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27 Thoughtful Personalized Gifts for Him

Personalizing a gift for the man in your life is a surefire way to make it special, and something he’ll never forget. It also increases the chances that he’ll actually use it, since it’s specifically labeled or custom crafted for him. So if he’s the man who has everything, get personal and you’ll be all set.

27 Thoughtful Personalized Gifts for Him- a great list of unique personalized gifts for men.

Photo Stamps

Photo stamps are a great gift for the guy who has everything. That’s because he won’t have to run to the post office just to buy some stamps, and he’ll be reminded of your gift throughout the year, every time he sends a piece of mail. You get to put your favorite photo so he’ll see it all the time.


Photo Guitar Picks

These guitar picks are highly customizable because they are double sided, and they let you choose a photo for one side and a message for the other. That’s a lot of space for such a small item. This is a very thoughtful gift because it involves their love of music, so you can’t go wrong. It may even encourage them to play more.


Anniversary Wine Box

Good relationships are like a fine wine, they only get better with time. This wine box helps you remember that by storing your wine away and instructing you when to open the bottles inside. You get to put your initials on it, and can choose which anniversaries you want to open your bottles on.


Barbecue Master Set

If they’re the master of the grill they’ll love to have their own set of BBQ grilling utensils just so everyone knows who’s the boss. This set includes everything they’ll need, and the two main pieces get whatever message you want to put on them, and you can even switch it up so that one piece says one thing and the other says another.


“You Are Here” Map

You can’t get much more personalized than a custom map that’s been laser cut into paper. This allows you to get real creative, or just stick with a map of your neighborhood with your home featured as the centerpiece. They’ll definitely get a kick that it’s an actual map.


Collage Personalized Frame

This frame makes a collage out of your photos and spells out your own custom message. You get to make this out of any 8 characters you want, so you can let you imagination fly on this one, but it has to begin with either I (heart) or We (heart).


Stump Ring

The stump ring replicates a tree trunk that has had initials carved into it in the classic style. You get to have it carved with both of your initials with the plus sign between them and a heart around them, just like you’d carve it into a tree. There’s a ring and a necklace for a his and hers pairing.


iPhone Photo Case

Your iPhone becomes a sort of canvas with these covers, because you can choose whichever photo brings you joy and slap it on the back of your phone. And since the iPhone plays such a central role in your life you’ll see the photo several times per day for happy thoughts and feelings.


Superhero Man Comic Art

Submit your photo or photos and it will be digitally transformed into a cartoon superhero, complete with buff body, costume, and striking that superhero pose. You can choose between individual photos, couple photos, or family photos. They’re great for hanging on an office wall, and are customized with names as well as faces.


Personalized Wall Art from Their Voice

Each voice is unique, and that’s what makes this wall art truly personalized. You upload a voice sample, and they’ll print it out in wave form onto museum quality canvas and frame. They even give you a certificate of authenticity so you’ll know that the soundwave actually came from your voice.


Reserved for You Street Sign

It’s always nice to feel like a VIP and you can feel that way whenever you want with this personalized street sign. The different options on this are pretty impressive, and you not only get to customize what it says, but also what color the background is, and what color the letting is.


Custom 3D Rell and Viewer

This is a great retro item that’s been upgraded to include photos that you’ll actually recognize. You end up getting the view and the reel of photos that are in 3D form, so it’s really like nothing you’ve seen before, and makes a great novelty item. You can use the best pics from the last year and surprise them with a unique gift.


Family Glassware

You’ve seen the family window decals on the backs of cars, and now you can customize your glassware according to your family makeup. They have your standard man and woman, a few different versions of kids, a baby, and the family cat or dog. It’s great to have these for family mealtimes, and it also helps designate whose glass is whose.


Personalized Golf Link Toppers

These golf club toppers make it easy to identify your clubs when you’re out with your golfing buddies. Don’t let a mix-up occur when everyone’s clubs look the same. It also gives your golf club bag a look of refinement and sophistication, something that is sure to get noticed in a good way while out on the links.


Portland Growler

Portland growlers have a distinctive look to them, and a standard of quality that has made them famous. You can now get your own Portland growler with either one letter, or two letters emblazoned on it. This will help you keep track of which beer belongs to which person, and could end up saving a few arguments.


Personalized Frame

There are plenty of personalized frames that you can get for that special man in your life, and there are ones for friends, dads, grandpas, or just ones that have their name carved into a wood frame. Whichever one you choose it will be special because it’s personalized just for them with both the photo and the frame.


Gold LP Record

If they’re a big music fan and always dreamed of making it big, you’ve just got to get them these gold LP record. This record will really cause you to get creative because you not only have to come up with the album name, but also five of the singles that made it to the top of the charts. You’re also in control of what colors are used in the middle.


Personalized Family Tandem Bike Art

This tandem bike ride features the entire family, and even saves room for the pet at the end. You can customize this so it resembles your own family, and they’ll even label the riders so you’ll know for sure who’s in which spot on the bike. You can also choose which rider is where on the bike.


Personalized Wine Cellar Sign

Whether or not you actually have a wine cellar, this personalized sign really classes things up. It resembles an actual barrel top from a barrel that was used to store wine in before being bottled. It’s made of oak so it’s something that can be hung on the wall, and also passed down to the next generation of wine lovers.


Nike Embroidered Duffel Bag

Never get your gym bag confused with someone else’s again with this embroidered duffel bag by Nike. It lets you pick up to three letters to be sewn onto the bag, and you get to pick the color of the thread used to either make your initials stand out, or personalize them with your favorite color.


Locket Cuff Links

These cufflinks not only feature your initial on them, if you open them up they feature your favorite person in them. This is a great take on the traditional old school locket. Form meets function on these stylish cufflinks that have a hidden photo in them that only you’ll know about.


Monogrammed Wood Watch Case

If your man is into watches, he’ll need a way to display them properly, and this wood case is the way to go. It’s sleek and elegant, and the monogramming makes it personalized without being gaudy. This is a great dresser piece for the perfectly dressed man.


Custom Vehicle Art

You tell them the kind of car he drives, and they’ll put it into a painting. You choose the setting and can even give specific instructions to the artist so that they capture the exact look and feel you want. You can even have them include his dog if it applies.


Personalized Golf Ball Markers

Any golfer worth his salt knows that it’s officially a rule to mark your ball, and that’s where these markers come in handy. Don’t just use a coin, as those can affect other golfer’s ball’s paths to the hole. You want ones that lie flush with the green, and these will do the trick with your personal information on them.


Personalized Mugs

The number of mugs you can choose from is pretty impressive, and personalizing them only makes them more accurate. You can tailor the mug to his personality and it’s sure to get him to use it every day. If he’s a coffee or tea drinker, a mug like this is sure to get some mileage.



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