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31 Personalized Gifts Grandpa Will Love – Surprising and One-of-a-Kind

This year, spoil Grandpa with the best gift ever. In this wonderful list, you’ll find plenty of gifts that you’re sure to never have thought of. Best of all, they’re personalized! So whether it’s a keychain with a sweet message or a custom photo frame you’re after, you’re in the right place.

personalized gifts for grandpa

Above Par Golf Ball Set

For the sports fan, get a hole in one with this fantastic personalized golf ball set. You can use any name you like, along with a message of up to two lines. The ball set can even be made extra special with a choice of lovely gift boxes.


New York Times Custom Birthday Book

If you’re wanting a magical gift that stands out from all the rest, then take a look at the New York Times custom birthday book. This special collection features the newspaper’s front pages from all of his previous birthdays. It will be like stepping back in time as he looks at his very own history.


23andMe DNA Ancestry Test Kit

The 23andme DNA testing kit is a thoughtful gift like no other. With just a quick at-home saliva swab, you can find out all about your ancestry, covering over 150 populations from around the world. It even offers a DNA relative finder, so you can choose to talk to others who share the same DNA.


Personalized Unique Real Star Map

Spoil the special man in your life with this gorgeous night sky print. The gorgeous star picture is of the view from the very night of the date he was born. You can even personalize it further with the wording of your choice and the date printed below it.

Prices vary

Personalized Ammo Box

From BackRoadsPZ over on Etsy is this super neat personalized ammo box. It’s a great gift for those who were in the army, collects guns and weapons, or perhaps those that have a passion for hunting. It’s made from sturdy green metal, so you can be sure that your ammo is safe and secure.


Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Openers

Whether he’s ride or die for Tigers or he has followed the Giants ever since he can remember, you won’t be able to find a better fitting gift for the baseball fan than these awesome game-used bat bottle openers. Made from bats that really have been used in actual games, they’re sure to wow.

Prices vary

Hooked on Grandpa Fish Keychain

Have a grandpa that enjoys a spot of fishing? Then ‘tackle’ your gift-finding dilemma with this adorable ‘hooked on’ keychain. This sweet keychain has a hook-shaped pendant saying “hooked on Grandpa’ (or name of choice), and extra little fish that have the names of his dear grandchildren.

Prices vary

New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

Being made with any front page you like, this New York Times puzzle is sure to make him smile. Whether it’s the date of a wedding, birthday or any other special occasion, this unique gift is one he’s sure to treasure forever. Consisting of 500 pieces, he can have it put together in a jiffy.


Past Book Photo Book

With just a few clicks, you can create your very own family picture book with PastBook. Using social media you can have others join in and add special photos, then PastBook does all the hard work for you. You can even send it anywhere you like, which is great for families that share long distances.

Prices vary

To My Loving Grandpa Personalized Frame

When looking for sweet personalized gifts for Grandpa, you can never go wrong with a thoughtful photo frame. Customize this handmade frame however you like; start with the background design and name of the gift giver, and then add any message or poem of your choice.


Wood Personalized Desk Organizer

Give Gramps a little helping hand with this lovely wooden docking station. You know what men can be like, always misplacing or forgetting something – with this they can now keep all of their essentials in one place. It even has a port for them to insert their phone cable and charge it.


Personalized Hand Stamped Great Grandpa Keychain

Celebrate the family generations with this fun hand stamped keychain. It can be completely customized by the creator, so it could also be made for those great grandpas out there, too. Add the due date of the exciting new arrival for a unique pregnancy reveal gift.


Personalized Whiskey Barrel

With luxurious flavor essences, you simply can’t give these stunning oak whiskey barrels a miss. Each one comes personalized with your recipient’s name – you could even go for a special pet name you have for him. The barrel’s small size also hurries the aging process up to 10x faster!

Prices vary

Personalized Family Member Signpost

If your family lives far apart, stay together with this funky family member sign. Each arrow points in the direction they live in and states their names and how many miles away they are. The handmade sign looks great in any garden with its weathered oxidized steel finish.

Prices vary

Custom Map Paperweight

Designed and created by Charlotte Guptill is this heart-warming custom map paperweight. Inside its unique compass design sits a hand cut map of your chosen location, sealed with layers of boater’s resin. Will it be where he was born, where he lives, or the place you hold the fondest memories of together?


Bronze Custom Map Key Ring

Make his day with this custom key ring which has a charming nautical feel, making it the perfect gift for sailors and fishermen. It comes with a map clipping inside of a special destination – a place he holds dear – and there is also the option of having a message engraved into the back.

Prices vary

This Granddad Belongs To Keychain

Remind him just who he belongs to with this light hearted, high grade aluminum keyring, which both the kids and your pops will love. You can add up to 10 extra name tags onto it too, and have him carry every darling grandchild with him wherever he goes.

Prices vary

Coastal and Lake Art Serving Trays

Looking for something to make him smile when he’s locked away in his man-cave? He’s sure to enjoy this unique hardwood coastal lake art tray which has a shoreline or lake of your choosing topographically mapped in 3D using laser, and sealed under a glass layer, making it easy to clean.


Best Grandpa Ever Custom Photo Socks

Not one grandpa can have a birthday and not be given a new pair of socks, it’s a rite of passage! Don’t go for any ordinary, run of the mill socks though, have his funky new socks personalized with photos and the words ‘best grandpa ever’ printed on them too, which is true, of course.


Grandparent Gift Custom Family Illustration

How gorgeous is this extended family portrait? Titled ‘the best family ever’, it’s sure to have even the grumpiest of grandads grinning from ear to ear. Everything can be personalized with this fabulous digitally drawn print, right down to the outfits – even the family pets can be included! You can’t forget Fido now, can you?

Prices vary

Personalized Golf Balls with Personalized Case

Spoil him to this ultra-luxurious golfing set by AmericanMoments; with a beautiful monogrammed box, it makes a fabulous personalized gift for golf-loving grandpas. Inside the box are 12 custom golf balls, tees, and pencils. This is quite simply a set that no avid fan can go without.


New York Times Custom Baseball Book

Covering their very first games through to interviews with top players, you can delve into your favorite major league baseball team’s history with this neat New York Times custom baseball book. The book can be personalized with the recipient’s name, and you can even choose the color of the cover.


The Grandparent Gift Life Story Frame

From being a free young lad himself, to raising his own, and then becoming a grandpa, capture those special moments with this charming life story photo frame. Suitable for wall or table, this frame has 3 sections; young boy, new father, and proud grandpa, ready for you to insert some of his most cherished photographs.


Personalized Gold Lp Record

Made by Jeff Davies, this fabulous gold LP record is a gift that’s sure to top the charts. The record consists of 5 titles that mean the most to your recipient, be it their favorite karaoke tracks, songs that remind them of loved ones, or tunes they’ve jammed to ever since they could remember.


Welcome to Nana and Papa’s Signs

The grandparents and grandkids are sure to adore this super sweet sign. The top sign reads ‘welcome to Nana ‘n’ Papa’s’ (although you can change that to words of choice, instead), while hanging below it are different colored signs that have names of all of the grandchildren on.


Personalized Coasters from Grandchildren

Show Pops just how special he really is with these nifty personalized coasters. They have ‘World’s best Papa’ engraved onto them, so now whenever he has a drink, he will read the charming message and think of you – what could be better than that? Being made from sturdy leatherette, they’re built to last, too.


Custom Grandkid’s Names T-Shirt

No personalized gift goes down quite as well as a comfy shirt, especially one as charming as this by Family Awesome Teez. You can have the t-shirt custom made in a selection of different colors, and further personalize it with the handprints and names of his precious grandchildren.

Prices vary

Personalized Grandpa Picture Frame

With a huge variety of color choices, you can make this gorgeous photo frame truly unique. The frame has ‘I am so lucky to have you as my grandpa’ on it, either in vinyl or painted lettering, though the creator offers to have any wording you like if that’s not to your taste.

Prices vary

Personalized Grandpa Keychain

Presented in a snazzy drawstring bag, this rustic copper keychain is a lovely little gift for the ol’ man. Hand stamped onto it is the very date he became a dad, and then a grandad. If you want something guaranteed to make him smile, this is it!


Long Distance Grandpa Picture Frame

Don’t dwell on the miles apart, now your grandchild can still be close to you with this wonderful long distance picture. The mount consists of your locations, linked up with a photograph of the child(ren) in the middle. It’s presented in a classic black frame, ensuring it’ll look amazing no matter where it’s hung up.


Custom Lure

No fishing trip is complete without your very own lucky lure, and with this one, he’s sure to land the biggest catch, every time. Customize the piece with the name of choice and he’ll have you to give him that extra bit of luck every time he goes out with his rod.


3 Thoughtful Gifts for Grandpa

Diy Photo Collage Hanging Plaque for Grandpa

Feeling crafty? Then instead of buying grandpa’s gift this year, you should totally make it instead. Follow this super cool DIY to find out how you can make your pops his very own plaque. It’s perfect for hanging up in his bedroom, the garage, shed, or any place he calls his own.

Diy Fly Away Bookmarks

If he’s an avid reader then these adorable fly away bookmarks are a brilliant idea. They’re so easy, in fact that the grandkids can get to making them too. Best of all, they get to pose for photos, which we all know they love doing, so this DIY is sure to be a blast for everyone.

Diy Photo Coasters

From The Teacher’s Wife, we have these fabulous DIY photo coasters. If you’ve tried shopping for these before, you will have seen just how expensive these can be, but now you can save those precious pennies and make your own. Grandpa is sure to adore having miniature photos of the family around his dinner table.

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