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27 Personalized Girlfriend Gifts for Serious Boyfriend Brownie Points

If you’re struggling to come up with unique, personal ideas for gifts for your love, have a look at this personalized gifts for girlfriend list – from necklaces to socks, you can add your names or the date you met to make them keepsakes that she’ll cherish for years to come.

personalized gifts for girlfriend

You Are My Person Bracelet

Make it official with this bracelet – the sterling silver bangle is stamped with the words “You’re my person”, and you can personalize it with a charm with your initials on it or a semi-precious stone. Your girl won’t be in any doubt you want her, not anyone else.

Price varies

Stars Align Personalized Wind Sculpture

If you wished upon a star to find your love, you can celebrate the day that you met with this personalized wind sculpture – she can hang it on the porch and watch the planets align around your names as it blows in the breeze.


Personalized Love Birch Cuff

If you’re not ready to give her a ring, this love cuff will show her that’s she still the only one for you. Engraved with both of your initials, it symbolizes the tradition of carving your lover’s name in to the bark of a tree trunk (before you could DM her).


Personalized Wishing Wall

Fill this personalized wishing wall with your hopes for the future before you give it to your love, or wait until after she’s opened your unique gift to add your wishes together. You can read your wishes (and see if they came true) on your anniversary for years to come.


Custom Soundwave Necklace

If you want to tell your girl how you feel but the words don’t seem heartfelt when you say them out loud, get them transcribed on to a necklace – send off a voice-recording of your message and it’ll be represented in soundwaves on a sterling silver pendant.


Etched Champagne

Toast to your future together with these diamond engraved champagne flutes, made using the time-honored method of sandblasting. Each glass has a unique etching of a tree trunk with your initials and the date of your anniversary engraved in the bark, representing how your love has grown.


Personalized Tree Trunk Glassware Duo

A personalized gift for your girlfriend (as well as for you), this glassware set includes hand-etched pilsner and wine glasses. The his ‘n’ her glasses are engraved to look like tree trunks ‘carved’ with your initials and the date you met, so you can celebrate your anniversary with a toast to each other.


Magic Box Candle Holder

Let the words speak for themselves with this magic box – get a personalized message for your girl carved in to the wood, then watch her face light up as your words are projected on to the wall surrounded by hearts when you place a candle inside.


You’re my Person Picture Frame

The 3 words every girl wants to hear are printed on to this photo board: “you’re my person.” OK, so it may not be as big of a commitment as “I love you”, but the promise that she’ll always be the one for you is sure to get her heart beating faster.

Price varies

Latitude Longitude Pendant

Show her you are a romantic with this sterling silver pendant hand-stamped with the coordinates of where you met in latitude and longitude – whether you first laid eyes on each other on vacation or in your local coffee house, she’ll love the thought that has gone in to this gift.


Love Equation Necklace

There’s isn’t a mathematical equation to find love, but this necklace calculates a sum for you and your loved one – your initials plus the date you met equals happiness. The recycled sterling silver pendant also has a compass stamped on the back to remind her you’ll be with her wherever she travels.


Soulmate Initial Necklace

When you’ve found your soulmate, you want to let her know how much she means to you. This silver necklace has both of your initials stamped on the pendant, and it comes displayed on a card with beautiful words from the Song of Solomon 3.4.

Price varies

Paint Your Life Custom Painting

Turn a treasured moment you’ve captured in to a hand-drawn portrait – just send off a photograph of a special memory that you’ve shared together, and a talented artist will create a bespoke painting of the two of you that you can give her to hang on the wall.

Price varies

Sole Mate Socks

These socks will warm her heart as well as her toes – with a play on words across the soles, you can also personalize them with your name and the name of your “sole” mate, along with the year you met, making these a fun gift for her birthday or an anniversary.


23andMe DNA Ancestry Test Kit

See if you’re connected by more than just your love for each other with this ancestry personal genetics service. With an at-home DNA test kit so she can collect her saliva, your girl can then send it off for analysis to receive personalized ancestry reports showing her genetic make-up.


Layered Love Personalized Stackable Necklace

She won’t just be wearing her heart on her sleeve but she’ll also have your name around her neck with this personalized gift for girlfriends. The sterling silver discs can be engraved with both of your names to show your love for each other.


Make Your Life Sparkle Engraved Diamond Keepsake

If you can’t afford a ring, make a promise for the future with this engraved diamond keepsake – choose from 4 heartfelt messages to personalize the crystal, which measures 3” in diameter, along with the name of your love. The gift also comes in a beautiful satin-lined gift box.


All My Love Personalized Heart Pocket Token

Your girl can carry your heart in her pocket with this personalized token – choose 1 of the 3 messages to have etched along with her name on to the 2” pewter token, which has the outline of a heart engraved in to the metal.


I Love You Because Personalized Love Book

Sometimes life can get in the way and you don’t let your girl know you’re thinking about her as often as you should. This personalized book gives you the chance to tell her ‘I love you because…’ not only on her birthday or an anniversary, but every day too.


Past Book Photo Book

Whether you want to put together a photo book of her memories from Facebook or her Instagram photos with hashtags and captions, you can do it in just 1 click with Past Book. She’ll love looking back on the moments you’ve shared, and creating this printed book for her to keep couldn’t be easier.

Price varies

Layered Opal Birthstone Initial Necklace

Once you put it on for her, she won’t want to take off this elegant, layered necklace. Handmade and finished in either gold or silver, each chain can be personalized with a semi-precious stone that symbolizes the month you met, or a charm with her initial.

Price varies

Write Your Own Engraved Hurricane Candle Holder

She brings warmth to every day, so what better gift to give her than this hurricane candle holder? You can even engrave it with a message (that’s up to 5 lines) to let her know how she has been lighting up your life since the day you met.


Embossed Leather Wine Log With Red Wine

If you both enjoy spending the evening relaxing with a bottle of red and your idea of the perfect day out together is to visit a vineyard, give the one you love this handmade, leather journal so she can keep a note of her favorite wines.

Price varies

Custom Love Is Art Kit

What could be more intimate than creating art together… naked? Take this canvas and non-toxic paints in to the bedroom and explore the shapes you can make with your bodies. The finished work of art can be hung above your bed, symbolizing the chemistry between you.


Skinny Cuff Bracelet

If it’s jewelry you’re looking for, don’t go for a predictable gift – whether she likes gold, rose gold or silver jewelry, she can stack these beautiful bangles, and you can personalize each one with up to 60 characters, from your names and the date you met to the lyrics of her favorite song.

Price varies

Personalized Bar Necklace

If you’ve already given her a heart-shape pendant, this necklace can be personalized with both of your initials or the date you met. It can be engraved on both sides, so you can have a message etched on to the back just for her to see.

Price varies

You’re My Person Necklace

This hand-stamped necklace will let others know that your girl is taken – the silver disc is engraved with the words “You’re my person”, and you can choose either her or your initial for the charm in the center. It makes an unexpected, personalized gift for your girlfriend to celebrate an anniversary or ‘just because’.


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Diy Rustic Wall Shelf of Pallets

If she needs a wall shelf to display the keepsakes you’ve given her, check out this article for instructions on how to knock one together. The description is for a “rustic” shelf, so you don’t need to be a carpenter to give it a go (and she’ll appreciate a man with tools).

Diy Scrabble Coasters

If you’re a couple who gets competitive when playing board games, she’ll love the thought behind these DIY Scrabble coasters. Grab your glue and get sticking, following the step-by-step instructions in this post. You’ll also find ideas for themes for your coasters or bring a bit of romance to the table with a heartfelt message.

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