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35 Heart-warming (and Hilarious) Personalized Gifts for Friends

Sometimes we want to say something to that special friend or person in our lives and the things we buy simply don’t say it for us. With this list of personalized gifts for friends, you can say what you want, how you want, and still give them a great gift in the process.

personalized gifts for friends

Personalized Birthday Candle

When looking for personalized gifts for a friend, it’s hard to beat a candle with a charming illustrated label that is custom printed with the name and age of the birthday boy or girl. Hand poured, the candle uses a soy-based wax that is petroleum free and burns longer than paraffin.


23andMe DNA Ancestry and Health Test Kit

One of the best gifts to buy a friend is one that lets them know where they come from and this DNA kit will bring to light previously unknown family history. After sending in the saliva sample, your results about your health, traits and ancestry will be returned in 6-8 weeks.


Custom Map Paperweight

This custom made paperweight lets you place within it a reminder of a special place that you hold dear. The memorable location will be cut from a map and placed into the compass which is mounted in a rose base and sealed under multiple layers of boaters resin.


Dog Blueprints

Pets are very dear to us and what better way to remember them than with a blueprint of the breed of your dog. Created in the style of mid-century blueprints, the print shows “design specs” and documentation about the breed origins and temperament. Finished in a distressed fashion to look like an authentic document.


Baseball Stadium Blueprints

For a friend who is a baseball fan, a gift of these wonderful blueprints of their favorite major league stadium will certainly delight. Printed on museum grade, archival paper and framed in a black BonanzaWood, these prints highlight the major events at each location which may be tied to an event your friend attended.


Personalized Gold Lp Record

This clever gift of an upcycled old LP, that then resembles a golden disc, is one that will make any music lover smile. The LP is personalized as you add words onto the two tone label to commemorate the event you are celebrating with your friend.


Latitude Longitude Pendant

Places hold a special place in our hearts and now you can carry that place around your neck, expressed in latitude and longitude on a special pendant. The pendant is made from recycled sterling silver and hangs from a silver chain to remind you of your special place.


Personalized Cutting Board

For a new home or for a wedding gift, this personalized chopping board with your recipient’s name at the top of the board is simply perfect. Made from richly grained maple, this tasteful keepsake is also a practical and functional chopping board that will stand up to use in the kitchen.

Prices vary

Personalized 45 Rpm Record

For the music loving friend, this gift of an upcycled 45 will send a song singing in their heart. Suspended in a mirror-backed shadowbox frame, the label on the 45 also displays a customized message from yourself about whatever you may fancy, be that a birthday, marriage, or simply a bit of fun.


Baseball Stadium Blueprints Team Colors

For a friend who is a baseball fan, a gift of these wonderful blueprints of their favorite major league stadium will tug at their sports’ heartstrings. Printed on museum grade, archival paper, presented like old style drawings, these prints highlight the major events at each location which may be tied to an experienced event.


Skinny Mini Bar Necklace

This delightful necklace makes a great personalized gift for a friend as it features an engraved bar hanging from a dainty and shimmering necklace. The bar is made from either 14k gold or sterling silver and there are endless possibilities about what you can say, be it a significant birthday or other celebration.

Prices vary

Personalized Initial Necklace

Everyone loves a keepsake that they can hang around their neck to remind them of a favored person or memory. This rose gold plated letter necklace is personalized with your appropriate letter and is hanging from a rose gold plated brass chain and comes in an individual gift box.

Prices vary

Personalized Dog Blueprints

We love our pets and one great way to remember them is with a blueprint of the breed of your dog. Created in the style of mid-century blueprints, and finished in a distressed fashion to look like an authentic document, the print shows “design specs” and documentation about the breed origins and temperament.


Engraved Oak Wood Keyring

This nifty keyring is made just for you as it will have your text engraved on the gorgeous piece of solid oak. You can even get a further inscription on the other side. The text will be laser engraved into the wood and each piece is finished in a clear protective varnish.

Prices vary

Family Necklace

This dainty necklace is made from high quality solid 925 sterling silver and is finished in either sterling silver or 18k gold or rose gold. The design can be personalized with roman numerals, messages, co-ordinates or names and the piece is custom made by hand. Great for birthdays, weddings or even baptisms.

Prices vary

Personalized Leather Journal

For a friend who likes to travel or investigate areas of the world, this personalized journal will be a perfect gift. Coming in 3 different colors and made in full grain leather, these refillable journals are designed to hold one stitch bound notebook at a time inside simple elastic binding.

Prices vary

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

This delightful decanter set is personalized with the name of your choice and is a great gift for a groomsman, or even best man. There’s also a set of matching glasses to go along with this heavy base decanter and which can hold up to 850ml of liquid.

Prices vary

Custom Beach Cufflinks

For many of us the beach holds fond memories and now we can be reminded of them every time we wear a set of cufflinks. These unique sets carry sand from a beach of note in your past so that the distinct memory is brought back into focus time and again.

Prices vary

Personalized Yarn Bowl

Many friends have a happy pastime of knitting and it’s to these friends that this keepsake is aimed. This stoneware bowl not only holds the yarn they knit from but also carries their name on the side, adding a touch of color to their sewing or side table.


Personalized Passport Cover

These personalized passport holders have the name of their owner engraved on the cover and also have 2 additional charms attached to the front. Handmade, the passport cover is made from good quality leatherette and features 4 card slots, giving you a swish appearance at any passport control.

Prices vary

Custom Beach Heart Necklace

Sometimes beaches or island areas contribute to a special part of our lives, bringing back joyous or poignant memories. Now they can be remembered in this heart shape pendant that holds sand from the beach area you hold dear. There’s over 1,800 shorelines to choose from or send in your own.

Prices vary

Custom Morse Code Necklace

Sometimes you want to hold a secret message close to you and now with this Morse code necklace you can. With sterling silver representing dashes and gold indicating the dots, you can have a custom message or favorite mantra placed on this chain either for yourself, or as a personalized gift for friends.


Personalized Gemstone Eternity Necklace

These circular pendants all contain up to six birthstones in a ring to reflect each of your loved ones. Handcrafted from sterling silver, this is an understated piece that will always be a constant reminder of those close to you as the stones shimmer and sparkle. Handmade in California.

Prices vary

Personalized Bar Necklace

Sometimes a gift needs to say something that will stay close to your friend, and with these bar necklaces you can say whatever you need to. Handcrafted in gold, rose gold, or silver plated, these smart imprints look great around your neck but also convey heartfelt messages.

Prices vary

Stackable Gold Name Ring

These stackable mother rings mean that you can hold the names of all your dear ones on your finger as a reminder throughout the day. Made from solid 925 sterling silver and finished in a range of styles, each ring holds up to 8 characters and comes in a beautiful gift box.


Personalized Velvet Throw Pillows

These adorable velvet pillows make a wonderful housewarming present or indeed a great wedding gift. With the recipient’s name finished in black, gold, rose gold, silver or white, this makes these pillows especially poignant and guarantees they will be used for a long time to come. Pillow sizes available, 16×16 inches and 12×18 inches.

Prices vary

Custom Quote Cross Stitch

Cross stitch is adored by many people but to receive a personal message in the medium is another step. With this delightful product, you get a cross stitch pattern with a floral design surrounding words you have written, and framed in a 5 inch hoop, ideal as a gift for older parents.


Custom Wood Name Sign

When you want to make a space your own then reach for a wooden name sign that says just who it belongs to. Perfect for nurseries or even dad’s shed, this sign is made from stained birch or maple plywood, or from MDF if a color paint finish is required.

Prices vary

Personalized Whiskey Barrel

More than just a gimmick, this oak barrel actually ages spirits to peak flavor as its larger siblings do. Due to its smaller size, the liquor of choice will reach its prime up to ten times faster than if it had been a standard size. Handmade by coopers in Virginia.

Prices vary

Horse Blueprint

For lovers of equestrian pursuits there will always be a favorite horse, and one great way to remember them is with a blueprint of their breed. Created in the style of mid-century blueprints, and finished in a distressed fashion, the print shows “design specs” which details all about the breed origins and temperament.


Custom Name Mug

For a simple gift to acknowledge a friend or child then this personalized mug is perfect. Made via a sublimation process that ensures the image is permanent and will not crack or fade, this mug comes in 11 or 15oz size. The mug is ceramic but microwave and dishwasher safe.

Prices vary

Our Nest

For a new mom or one with an established family, this gift for the wall will touch her heart. In a shadow frame box sits a swirling version of a nest, handmade in pewter, and within it lies a glass bead egg for every child that family has. Something to be cherished.


Football Stadium Art

When it comes to personalized gifts for friends, if that friend is a football fan then this superb framed print will be for them. Multi layers cut from white birch plywood help to highlight their football team’s ground while a hosts of facts and figures are displayed alongside.

Prices vary

Personalized Hashtag Necklace

In this modern take on personalized jewelry, you can place your message or name after a hashtag on this gold plated and sterling silver necklace. Cast to give each letter a 3D feel, your recipient will look stylish and modern and have great fun showing your gift to others.

Prices vary

3 Personalized Diy Gifts

Diy Antro Inspired Initial Mug

In this fun blog you’ll learn how to personalize a white mug for a friend by getting their initial printed on in gold to make a great gift. With helpful photographs and an easy writing style, you’ll be picking up your crockery and stylizing it in no time at all.

Diy Personalized Tote

Learn how to make a tote for a bridesmaid which is personalized with their name. With some excellent photography to help you see the concept, this blog will take you through all the steps to make a great bag to house all the favors you wish to give to your bridesmaids.

Diy Scrabble Coasters

Learn how to make your own funny coasters with this amusing blog. By taking scrabble letters and then sticking them onto cork sheets, you’ll be able to come up with appropriate funny comments for any of your friends as shown in clear detail by this handy mom.

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