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30 Adorable Personalized Easter Baskets for Kids

When we take our children on egg hunts, they need to have something to put their finds into. And can you imagine the uproar if your child then lost their basket with all their treats in? Get them one of these personalized Easter baskets this year and they’ll always know where their chocolate is.

Diy Frozen Tutu Easter Basket

Personalized Name Easter Pail

There’ll be no mistaking whose Easter basket this is. In a choice of colors, this super simple design will have your child’s name written across the front which is easy to read. Whether you use it for their annual egg hunt or to put some gifts in, they’re sure to love it.


Personalized Plush Girl Easter Bunny Basket Tote

This gorgeous personalized basket comes with the Easter Bunny herself! Her plush head and arms will guard the loot they’ve found during the egg hunt. The bunny has a purple flower on her head and your child’s name will be in pink, this Easter bunny’s favorite color.

Prices Vary

Pink Princess Tutu Personalized Plush Treat Bag

All fans of ballet need personalized Easter baskets in the shape of a tutu. Your child will love carrying this adorable basket around, filled with chocolate eggs and goodies. The basket is made from super soft plush and will have your child’s name embroided onto it.


Personalized Geometric Pattern Easter Basket

In blue and white, this cute Easter basket is ideal for any child who loves to go out on egg hunts. With a geometric pattern which looks a little bit like eggs, your kid’s name will be in the middle; they’ll know for sure which Easter goodies are theirs.

Prices Vary

Monogram Easter Basket

Personalized Easter baskets should be made with your child in mind. You have so many options to choose from with this item, from color to font and even whether or not you want a plush toy included and if so, which one? You can even choose the thread color of your child’s name or initial.

Price varies

Personalized Plastic Easter Basket

Perfect for putting their Easter gifts in for them to find on Sunday morning, these personalized Easter baskets are made from durable plastic so they’ll last year after year. Choose which color you’d like and which name you want on it, then all that’s left is to fill it.


Custom Shimmer Childrens Fabric Bucket Tote Bag

They’ll be the center of attention at your annual egg hunt with this super shimmery tote bag. Big enough for filling with chocolate eggs, your little diva will love strutting around with their new accessory and then tucking into their goodies when the hunt is over.

Prices Vary

Easter Fun Embroidered Soft Baskets

Choose between the two color options – pink and purple or blue and green – and then add their name in your choice of thread color and font. It’s padded lightly and it’s collapsible when it’s not in use, making it easy to store every year.


Felt Bunny Basket Tote Bucket Embroidered

No Easter is complete without the Easter Bunny. These tote bags are shaped like the bunny’s head and your child’s name will be embroided onto one of its ears. You can choose between pink or blue, depending on your child’s favorite color. All they need to do is fill it with chocolate.

Prices Vary

Seersucker Easter Bucket

Made from canvas, these personalized Easter baskets come in a range of colors from pink to blue or maybe even camo. It’s up to your child to choose which color they’d like. Add their name or initial and this can be their annual bag to fill with eggs and gifts.

Prices Vary

Easter Chick Embroidered Basket

Get these baskets for your little chicks this Easter. Shaped like gorgeous baby chickens, they can be personalized with your child’s name in a color of your choice. Their bodies are made from soft plush and they’ve got a fluffy tail with orange webbed feet.


Personalized Girls Plush Pink Bunny Basket

A cute plush bunny is exactly what your child wants on their Easter basket this year. In pink and white, this personalized basket will have their name embroided in the middle of the handle, so they’ll know which basket full of chocolate goodies is theirs.

Prices Vary

Personalized Willow Easter Basket

These personalized Easter baskets look more traditional and will be suitable for either gender. The basket is a natural color, allowing you to choose from over 9 liners, solid or checked pattern, the thread color and font in which you want your child’s name to be.


Easter Basket with Personalized Wood Egg

The ideal way to display their gifts for them to come down to on Easter morning. This simple brown wicker basket comes with a laser engraved wooden egg, which you can personalize to have your child’s name on it so they know what the Easter bunny has left them.


Plush Blue Bunny Personalized Easter Basket

Adorably cute, your child will fall in love with this bunny basket right away. With a knowing smile, the bunny will hold their Easter goodies until they’re ready to eat them. Made from velour type fabric, your child’s name will be embroided down one of the ears.


Egg Hunter Easter Personalized Petite Tote Bag

Made from 100% cotton canvas, this natural colored tote bag will be ideal for them to take on their Easter hunts this year. The words “Egg Hunter” are printed on the bag and underneath, and you can add your kid’s name in either a pink or blue colorway.


Personalized Easter Basket

Get your kid one of these personalized Easter baskets for their annual egg hunts this year and they’ll be the envy of all their friends. In a blue polka dot pattern, their name will be embroided on the front in metallic gold thread. It’s collapsible too so it can be stored easily to be used every year.


Animal Fabric Personalized Easter Basket

This basket will not only have your child’s name embroided on it but there will also be an animal added too. Choose from traditional Easter animals such as a bunny or chick or maybe they’d prefer some farm animals like a pig or a cow.


Embroidered Easter Bunny Basket

What’s cuter than a ballerina bunny? The ideal personalised basket for a ballet mad child, the basket body is a rabbit with floppy ears wearing a pink tutu. Of course, no bunny is complete without a fluffy tail and you can add your kid’s name to the front in pink thread.


Personalized Plush Boy Easter Bunny Basket Tote

You’ll be able to bring the Easter bunny along to any egg hunts you go on this year with this Easter basket. Pop your chocolate goodies inside the basket which is shaped like a rabbit and the plush bunny arms will look after your finds.


Bunny Tail Basket

Choose exactly how you’d like these personalized Easter baskets to look. The carry handle and the bunny outline will be in the color you choose, and your child’s name will be in the font and color you’d like too. The bunny also has a cute fluffy tail which is white, just like a real one.


Customized Tractor Easter Basket

The perfect basket for your farm or tractor loving child. Choose from a number of colorway options for this Easter basket. There’s a tractor and trailer carrying some Easter eggs embroided on one side and your child’s name will be added to the other side.


Pink Monogram Easter Basket

Pretty in pink, this polka dot basket has an adorable white ribbon attached to one side. You can have whichever name you like embroided on the front in green thread which looks great with the pink fabric of the basket and the white of the ribbon.


Easter Bunny Personalized Mini Treat Bucket

Available in 5 colors, these cute pail style buckets can be filled with small Easter gifts or they could be taken along to egg hunts to carry what they find. You can have the rabbit silhouette in 4 colors and then personalized with any name you like.


White Willow Easter Basket with Liner

Use these white willow personalized Easter baskets year after year. Choose from pink, blue, green or purple gingham liners and then decide which thread color and font you want your kid’s name in. All they have to do next is fill it with delicious treats.


Personalized Burlap Easter Basket

These burlap style sacks will be sturdy enough to hold all of their Easter gifts and treats on Easter morning. It has bunny style ears which you can choose the liner color of, then add a name onto the front of the bag so you know whose bag is whose.

Price varies

Personalized Linen Bunny Easter Basket

Petite and adorably cute, this blue linen basket will be a hit with whoever you give it to. The brown lacy center of the basket has the outline of a bunny on it which is perfect for Easter and your child’s name will be embroided at the top so it’s easily visible.

Prices Vary

Monogrammed Burlap Easter Bunny Basket

You can choose from a number of different personalized Easter baskets with this shop. Burlap sacks with bunny ears and faces, cute plush rabbits and silhouettes of bunnies with fluffy white tails, you can truly tailor this basket to suit your child and their favorite colors and design.

Price varies

7 Diy Easter Baskets to Make Them Feel Special

Diy Trolls Movie Easter Basket

Your child will sing and dance their way through Easter if you make this DIY Trolls Easter basket for them. The Princess Poppy style hair on the top makes it unmistakeably Troll-esque and then you can fill it with Trolls themed goodies and gifts. It’ll look like it came straight from Troll Village.

Rain Boot Easter Basket Idea

Make one of their Easter gifts this year the basket to put the rest of them in. Buy them a new pair of rain boots to keep up with the April showers. Fill the boots with pretend grass or green straw and then add all of their goodies. They’ll be so pleased with it!

Diy No Sew Easter Baskets

We’re not all a dab hand with a needle and thread but why should our kids miss out on awesome homemade things? No sew Easter baskets are definitely the answer. Follow this DIY tutorial and you’ll soon have a load of these awesome baskets, ready to fill with delicious treats.

Easy Diy Easter Basket

Let’s face it, Easter baskets can be expensive. Especially personalized ones. Take the print out bunny silhouette from this tutorial and add it to any basket or bucket you pick up at the store. It’ll save you some money but it’ll look just as good.

Diy Popscicle Stick Easter Basket

Their Easter goodies will look great in these sweet DIY baskets. All you need to make them are some popsicle sticks, pastel colored ribbon and a hot glue gun. Follow the instructions in this tutorial and soon you’ll be making loads of them just to decorate your house.

Diy Personalized Easter Basket

Pick up some brightly colored plastic buckets at your local store and follow the video tutorial to make some personalized Easter buckets for your children. Cheaper than the store-bought ones, you’ll be able to add your own touch to their baskets this year. Your children are sure to love them.

Diy Frozen Tutu Easter Basket

If Frozen Fever is still taking over your house, your children will love this Frozen themed basket. Add a blue tutu to the bottom of the basket and adorn it with snowflakes, making it fit for Elsa to wear. Put Easter goodies and gifts into it and your children won’t be able to “Let It Go”.

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