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28 Best Personalized Christmas Gifts of 2018

The holidays are coming! Aside from trees, good food and the hope of snow, you should also be thinking about gifts. If you would like to make someone feel extra special, use this list of personalized products that will all make excellent Christmas presents for every member of the family.

personalized christmas gifts

Actual Handwriting Bracelet

Handwriting is extremely personal; no two people have the same handwriting. If you are looking to get a gift for a loved one in your life, this could be the way to do it. This stunning bracelet is available in a choice of colors and will be made to match the handwriting that you give to the seller.

Prices vary

Personalized Family Love Cufflinks

Do you know someone who loves their family more than anything else in life? Brilliant, then these cufflinks are the perfect present for them. Sterling silver in construction, these cool cufflinks can be stamped with the initials of your choosing, allowing them to keep their loved ones close…a true keepsake.


Personalized Unicorn Bathrobe

Does the little one in your life absolutely adore all things unicorn? They are not alone. If you’re searching for the perfect Christmas 2018 gift for them, consider this. Handmade and available for personalization, these waffle print robes feature an image of a unicorn and the child’s name. They will love it!


Personalized Headphone Stand

Headphone stands make super useful gifts, and if there is someone in your life that uses their headphones for work or hobbies, they are in need of a safe and suitable place to store them when they are not in use. This handmade wooden stand can be personalized with their name and would make a truly thoughtful gift.

Prices vary

Personalized Embroidered Kids Apron

Aprons are a necessity when it comes to messy play. Whether your child likes to paint, bake or create, they need their very own cover-up. With Christmas 2018 on the way, you should pick them up one of these high quality, personalized aprons that will keep them clean and dry.

Prices vary

Tech Gift Docking Station

Wow! Take a look at this. This brilliant docking station comes with a beautiful finish and doubles up as an organizer, with space for watches, wallets and more! Stunning to look at and extremely useful, the station itself can even be customized with a wonderful engraving on the front.

Prices vary

Personalized Key Holder

Key ring holders are great; everyone in the family gets their own hook, meaning keys will never be lost again. With mounting hardware included, this wooden key ring holder is ready to go to a new home and can be printed with the sublimation of your choosing.


Personalized Name Puzzle

Perfect for helping children with their development, this handmade wooden puzzle will give them hours of educational joy. Have the puzzle made with their name and watch on as they fit the colored letters into the gaps, learning how to read and spell their own name as they go.

Prices vary

Personalized Hat

In the winter months, headgear is essential! Icy winds will not penetrate your child’s delicate ears if they are wearing one of these cool hats. Fully customizable, you decide the color, pattern and even the text that is embroidered onto the hat. How cool is that?

Prices vary

Personalized Family Mugs

Family mug shots have never been funnier. If you are on the hunt for the perfect Christmas present that the entire family will be able to benefit from, why not grab a set of these fantastic mugs? With each family member’s name printed onto their mug, along with artwork depicting them, it’s a guaranteed hit.

Prices vary

Personalized Wine Table

Do you and your other half love to go camping? Or do you know somebody that can’t resist a picnic? Either way, this is the ideal Christmas gift. With the option for it to be personalized, this foldable and portable wine table will provide the perfect place to enjoy a bottle of wine whilst out and about.

Prices vary

Motherhood Tree Of Life Custom Necklace

Still not found a gift for the mother in your life? Not to worry, as this necklace will make her smile. The tree of life pendant can contain up to 4 birthstones of your choice, representing her children or even grandchildren, and a beautiful text engraving that she will appreciate.

Prices vary

Mens Personalized Leather Bracelet with Coordinates

Simple yet extremely stylish in design, this bracelet would make a delightful present this Christmas. With a choice of colors available, the leather band dons a personalized charm that can be engraved on either one side, or both with the text or design of your choosing – the type of gift that will never be forgotten.

Prices vary

Custom Map And Pen Desk Set

Everyone has a special place that they hold dear to their heart, so it only makes sense for you to keep this in mind when gift shopping. This desk set contains a chrome pen holder, alongside a base featuring a custom map of your choice; whichever place they love on this planet, give them a constant reminder.


Personalized Wallet

A wallet is a great gift, and has been for many many years. These delightfully stylish genuine leather wallets can be made even more special thanks to the fact they can be customized on both the inside, and the outside. Simply request the text of your choice and it will engraved into the leather.

Prices vary

Dainty Initial Necklace

Sometimes, the smallest gifts can be the best. If you are looking for a simple way to show someone just how much you care about them, think about picking them up one of these heart necklaces that can be customized with their initial. Rose gold in design, the recipient will adore it.

Prices vary

Custom Sand Bijoux Bracelets

Are you looking to make a great impression? Wonderful, then you should definitely look at this. If the recipient has a favorite beach or stretch of coastline, this Bijoux silver charm bracelet can be customized with beads made from sand from that very place and will leave them with a constant reminder of this special location.

Prices vary

Little Digger Construction Personalized Diner Set

Personalized gifts are great; if your child is in need of a gift for Christmas, follow this here link and take a look at this fun digger diner set. With a permanent digger picture and the child’s name printed onto the plates, they won’t be able to wait for dinner time.

Prices vary

Dad’s Fishing Buddies Keychain

Hand stamped and adorable, this fishing themed keychain has been made using copper and stainless steel and has been designed to look just like a fishing hook, bobber, and even little fishies! Add the names of their children or grandchildren to the keychain to make it extra special.

Prices vary

Personalized Yarn Bowl

Stitching and knitting can become extremely aggravating when the yarn itself starts to tangle. Treat the stitcher that you know and love to this beautiful, customizable bowl that has been designed to keep it untangled. The stoneware bowl is delightful to look at, and can have their name painted on the side.


Personalized Children’s Book

Does your child love bedtime stories? Perfect. How would they feel about being the main character? This book allows exactly that to happen. Simply choose the finish, add in your child’s name and enjoy reading the personalized adventure specific to your little one’s name – they won’t believe their eyes!

Prices vary

Family Linked Circle Necklace

No matter the recipient, this eternity necklace will make them smile. Choose the amount of rings that you would like to be included, and add names, dates, or just about anything to each of them to make it truly personal. With different colors to choose from, it’s a gift they will hold close to their heart forever.

Prices vary

Custom Pet Illustration

Do you know someone that takes hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of their favorite pet? If they live for the furry friend in their life, they deserve the very best present this Christmas. If you can get hold of a photo of their pet, you can have it turned into a great looking custom pet illustration.


Travel Bag

Does the man in your life like to travel? Whether he has to for work, or leisure, he needs a sturdy and high quality travel bag for himself. This Christmas, gift him one of these classic looking leather travel bags that can be personalized with a monogram of his initials – truly stylish.


Personalized Family Pillow

Looking for a gift for the family woman or man? Do not fret, as this hemp cushion is a guaranteed hit. Hand embroidered, you can have the cushion itself customized with cool illustrations of the entire family (even the pets); you just know it will be treasured for years to come.


Personalized Men’s Leather Wallet

Handwritten messages can mean so much. If you are looking for a truly personal gift to buy, consider choosing one of these awesome handmade leather wallets that can be personalized with not only your words, but your actual handwriting; keeping you close to them at all times.

Prices vary

Custom Name Necklace

Custom name necklaces are fantastic, and a definite win when it comes to gift giving. Head over to the following web page and choose your desired necklace length, metal color and, of course, the name required! Then simply wait for the smile on their face when you get to give it to them.

Prices vary

Personalized Look What I Made Sign for Artwork Display

‘Look what I made’ signs are a great way to showcase your child’s work and achievements. Handcut, stained, and even painted, these incredibly cool signs can be decorated to read just about anything, and will arrive supplied with 7 clips ready to display your little one’s masterpieces.


3 Meaningful Diy Personalized Gifts

Diy Personalized Glitter Ornaments

Tree ornaments are readily available at this time of year; however, how much cooler would it be if your child could have their very own named ornament? If you would love for this to happen, you simply need to follow this handy link and read through the listed instructions to find out how to make one.

Diy Fingerprint Jewelry

No two fingerprints are the same, so if you are looking for a unique gift for a loved one in your life, you could spend a little bit of time making them their own fingerprint jewelry. Inexpensive and simple to do, this article will guide you through the entire process.

Diy Personalized Photo Clock

Trying to think of a way to make a big impression on someone this holiday season? Perfect, then this is definitely the DIY gift for them. With just a few simple steps and a little of your time, you’ll be able to make them their own custom photo clock with the picture of your choice!

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