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26 Unique Gifts for People Obsessed with Penguins

These cute little birds from Antarctica can’t fly, but they sure make our hearts soar with joy. There’s a penguin gift on this list for just about everyone. So bundle up, prepare to smile, and let your penguin love show when you stock up on your penguin paraphernalia.

The perfect gifts for anyone obsessed with penguins.

Penguin Mug

Say hi to your black and white buddy every morning with this ceramic penguin mug. It holds over ten ounces of hot goodness. It can double as a pen holder for the office or a nice decoration for that empty kitchen windowsill over the sink.


Penguin Ladies Scarf

Penguins spend their whole life in the ch-ch-chilly climate of Antarctica. You don’t have to be cold like they are, though. Not with this stylish turquoise scarf, printed all over with lovable penguin friends. Over six feet of arctic delight awaits.

Prices Vary


You can’t have too much penguin in your life—and in this version of the classic Monopoly game, you win by collecting the most penguins. Gather them, turn them in for “oceans”, and turn the cards over to learn penguins facts. Careful not to get lost at sea!


Penguin Kitchen Timer

This guy can be your kitchen taskmaster. He can time your penguin cupcakes in the oven, kid’s homework in the afternoon, or your power naps between all your daily duties. There are seventeen types of Penguins. Call this one “The Boss.”


Penguin Corkscrew

If penguins could talk and laugh, they’d be great to share a bottle of wine with. You can do the next best thing with this corkscrew. The wings go up when the screw goes down. Maybe this lucky fella will be the first one to fly when you push the wings down to pop the cork.


Wave Paperweight

Give yourself a nice warm smile at work with this liquid penguin paperweight. Move it side to side, and watch your little friends surf the waves. Penguins can carve a boss swell, no doubt—this paperweight proves they’d be right at home in the tropics.


Copper Wind Chimes

The most tasteful of all penguin gifts is this set of copper wind chimes. Hang them out on your porch and every time the wind blows, you can think of penguins swimming, fishing, and diving in the crisp, cold southern seas.

Prices Vary

Penguin Toe Socks

Each and every one of your toes has its own individual place to keep toasty and comfy with this pair of winter socks. They’ll never be cold again, we promise. Who knows better how to keep warm than a penguin? No-birdie at all.


Keep Calm Travel Mug

All the “Keep Calm and…” fill in the blank memes, t-shirts, and sayings have completely missed the point. What can they be thinking? The best way to deal with any adversity in life is summed up by the saying on this travel mug: Keep Calm and Love Penguins.


Penguin Cookie Jar

Don’t get caught with your hands in the cookie jar! But if you do, you can just say you were trying to pet the penguin and keep it company. This comes loaded with yummy Christmas cookies. When you’re done chowing down, you’ll have a forever keepsake jar.

Prices Vary

Penguin Slippers

You thought Happy Feet was just a movie about dancing penguins, but the truth is you can have happy feet—for real—all year around with these adorable penguin slippers. They’re furry on top with no-slip soles so when you do your happy dance, you won’t have to worry.

Prices Vary

Killer Penguin Mouse Pad

Bet you didn’t know that penguins are dangerous killers when provoked. You don’t need a trained guard dog on the premises when you can have the Assassin of Antarctica at hand. This mouse pad reads


Three Warm Things

Penguins are some of the most versatile birds on the planet—except for the whole flying thing, of course. This three in one bundle of penguin joy combines a hat, a scarf, and a pair of penguin gloves. It’s a true penguin trifecta.

Prices Vary

Penguin Snuggie

Stop the press! All your penguin dreams are now fulfilled. The inspired designer at Snuggie put their heads together and made everyone’s favorite blanket with three holes in a playful penguin theme. This one even has pockets for a remote control and penguin snacks.

Prices Vary

Gift Bags

Gift the gift of penguin inside a penguin. These felt drawstring bags come in a variety of Christmas colors. Outdo anyone at your office party who claims to be a penguin lover when you show up with your penguin gift in a penguin bag.


Club Penguin

This one is for the kids. Disney’s Club Penguin is a wildly popular online game where children create their own custom penguins and interact with their friends. Decorate an igloo, go to penguin parties, play penguin games, and collect penguin coins to have more penguin fun.

Prices Vary

The March of The Penguins

Mysterious, strong, dedicated, dependable. The calm, soothing voice of Morgan Freeman takes you on the amazing journey that penguins make in order to mate every year. Why do they leave the safety of solid ground to swim out onto the ice floes to meet their partner? No one knows.


Penguin Tote

One side is black and one side is white—just like your favorite flightless, tuxedo wearing bird. This canvas tote with a zip top is big enough to be a shopping bag, a gym bag, or your go-to “I love Penguins and I’m Proud” shoulder bag.

Prices Vary

Penguin Flash Drive

Data piracy is a thing. Identity theft is real. This is the perfect way to keep all your sensitive digital information safe from snoopers. No one would ever in a million years think that your secrets are in a cute little penguin. You can even hang this flash drive around your neck. James Bond has nothing on you.

Prices Vary

2016 Calendar

Penguin tennis, penguin tea, penguin book clubs, penguin dinner dates. Keep track of every single important penguin appointment you have with this 2016 penguin calendar. Twelve beautiful color photos celebrate these southern sea birds and their delightful babies.

Prices Vary

Penguin Duct Tape

Duck, duck, penguin! Every household needs plenty of two things: penguins and duct tape. It sticks to everything, from wood to plastic to leather to metal. Patch up anything that needs patching with this roll of heavy duty duct tape printed with penguins along the entire length.

Prices Vary

Glitter iPhone Case

It’s like having a virtual .gif on the back of your phone. The penguins swim and play all day long on this iPhone case. Watch them dive and dash through stars and glitter against a wintery ocean background. It’s got cutouts in all the right spots for your camera, switches, microphones, and speakers.

Prices Vary

Nat Geo Penguin Edition

Without National Geographic, we probably wouldn’t know close to half of what we know about penguins. Trust the experts to dedicate an entire volume of Nat Geo Kids to these lovable birds. This edition is library bound, so you can keep it for years.


Giant Stuffed Penguin

Five feet of penguin love awaits you. It’s soft, furry, snuggly, and did we mention this baby is five feet tall and almost three feet around? We’re not lying. A life size penguin has nothing on this. Put him on the couch, take him outside—go anywhere with this giant penguin. No one will ever doubt your penguin love again.


Happy Feet 1 & 2

What could possibly be better than a tap-dancing penguin? Thousands of tap dancing penguins, of course. The pinnacle of penguin joy has to be these two movies. Sure, they’re animated, but this is the best way to spend a few hours with penguins. Young or old, if you don’t love Happy Feet, you don’t have a pulse.


8 DIY Penguin Gifts

Penguin Ornament

Deck your tree with hanging pine cone penguins! Make a wintry Christmas break day of it with the kids and create a set of brand new—to you—tree ornaments. This four step tutorial takes no time at all, and all you need is pine cones, felt, string, and some got glue.

Penguin Treats

These yummy penguin treats are based in store-bought chocolate mints, like York Peppermint Patties, but you can use any kind of mint you like. Make them for the holidays by adding your won flair. They’ll be an adorable addition to your holiday spread.

Stuffed Penguin

Meet Mr. Penguin. He’s an unbelievably cute homemade stuffed penguin with a goofy little face. He’s made from black, white and orange corduroy, stuffing material, and just a bit of thread. The tutorial uses a sewing machine, but Mr. Penguin is achievable by hand, too.

Skating Penguin Cookies

These cookies have to be seen to be believed. They’re sugar cookies with light blue icing and penguins skating around on the top. The recipe takes you through every step. They’re so cute you might not want anyone to eat them, so practice “letting go” ahead of time.

Hooded Towel

Make your little penguin lover the towel they’ve always wanted. With a regular black bath towel, a small black hand towel, an orange hand towel and a few pieces of black and white fabric, this tutorial teaches you to make a bath towel with a penguin head your kids are sure to love.

Penguin Planter

Combine your green thumb with your penguin love. This eight easy steps in this creative instructional are accompanied by cute illustrations to make sure you get it right. The end result is a square flower pot with a penguin face.

Penguin Hat

The cuteness just does not stop. Take an old black beanie and an inexpensive pair of penguin mittens, put them together with a little thread, and what you get is a penguin hat to die for. This will keep your little ones warm all winter, and all their friends will want one just like it.

Tiny Plush Penguins

Running out of materials? Running out of time? Running out of ideas? Here’s a way to take the leftovers in your sewing kit and whip up a couple penguin plushies for your collection. This tutorial shows you how to make them in black or pink.

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