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42 One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Gifts for Her

Jewelry is the way to go if you want to take that next big step in your relationship. It’s not something edible or something that will wear out or that you dispose of after awhile. It’s something that she can wear for years and years and she’ll think of you each time she does. Here’s a list with jewelry that’s unlike the stuff you find at a jewelry shop, and allows you to pick something that is in tune with her unique sense of style.

Next time you are stumped for a gift idea, give her one of these one-of-a-kind jewelry gifts.

Purple Leather Heart Pendant

This pendant shimmers royal purple in the light. Slip it around her neck this Valentine’s Day and she’ll feel like your one true princess—or even maybe queen. It’s made from antiqued silver tone alloy and comes on a high-grade leather cord. It’s twenty four inches long—contact the seller if you want a different length.


Crackle Pink Earrings

These cool earrings are painted pink on an arte metal blank, but the paint job is so good they look like they’re made from distressed wood. A dark, heart-shaped pendant sits in the middle. No one else will have a pair of earrings like these.

Prices Vary

Coral Beaded Bracelet

Fill her up with magical, mystical energy this Valentine’s Day. This deep red, Indian inspired coral bracelet is based on traditional Mala meditation bracelets. The properties of the coral stimulate natural energy, and the maker gets a Reiki Master to charge the bracelet with positive vibrations.

Prices Vary

Freshwater Pearl Neckace

Handmade and one-of-a-kind, this pearl necklace is the right choice for her this Valentine’s Day. The deep luster of the floating coin pearl will stay beautiful through the years. The artisan will mount it on a gold or silver chain of sixteen or eighteen inches.

Prices Vary

Love Birds Jewelry Box

She’ll think you’re giving her a plain old jewelry box for Valentine’s Day, but she’ll get an awesome surprise when she opens the lid—it plays “your” song! This is personalized to the Nth degree: tell the artisan what song you want and what message you want on the back of the box.


Queen of Hearts Choker

Off With Their Heads! That’s what she’s going to want to command—just like the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland—when you give her this Valentine’s choker. But she won’t be mad, she’ll be playful, because this necklace is going to make her feel red hot and powerful.

Prices Vary

Personalized Guitar Pick Bracelet

Bohemian guitarist non-girlie girl? If that describes the woman in your life, shopping on a lace and frills holiday like Valentine’s Day can be tough on a guy. We’ll have you singing her song with this personalized leather guitar pick bracelet, though. Top it off with a love message, and you’re in.


Vintage Filigree Locket

Here’s another one for a woman who doesn’t want things all hearts and red and gold this Valentine’s day. This vintage brass and turquoise locket comes on a brass chain and has room for two photos inside. Make it personal by finding portraits of both of you to slip inside before you give it to her.


Love Kittens Ring Tray

Your wedding rings will have a perfect place to stay—right where they belong, right next to one another on this quirky and cute ring tray. It’s small, rectangular, and turquoise, with a boy and girl cat nuzzling whiskers in the corner. A great gift for a married man to give to his wife.

Prices Vary

Personalized Promise Ring

Back off, fellas, she’s taken: make this Valentine’s Day “The Day” with a promise ring. This simple aluminum ring can be personalized with your initials on the inside. The outside is engraved with the word “Taken.” Let her—and the whole world—know what’s up. She’s yours.

Prices Vary

Sparkly Heart Post Earrings

This pair of heart earrings is a great Valentine’s Day gift for any little girl in your life—your daughter, your niece, or the daughter of a friend. The plastic post won’t irritate sensitive skin, and the heart design looks like a collection of deep red garnets.

Prices Vary

Spoon Bracelet

Classy and unique. Traditional but not boring. This bracelet is made from a set of Roger’s Brothers sterling silver flatware, circa 1953. Two spoon handles joined at their ends, linked by a stainless steel chain that comes in your choice of four sizes.


Murano Glass Heart

Mi amore, te amo, te amo—evoke the feeling of old Italy this Valentine’s Day with this Venetian glass heart. You can play the gondolier and she can play your Mediterranean beauty. Sing her a love song as you fasten the gold clasp at the back of her neck.

Prices Vary

Glow in the Dark Crazy Skull

One hundred and eighty degrees in the opposite direction from the traditional Italian lovers is this glow in the dark skull and crossbones pendant: it’s for the Goth Girl in your life. Or maybe she’s a punk rocker or a metal head—one thing you know is that sweet love songs are not on the playlist this Valentine’s Day.

Prices Vary

Carved Jewelry Box

This handmade, personalized wooden jewelry box is not necessarily your standard Valentine’s Day gift, but it’s not too far from traditional as to be dangerous. Deep, dark walnut tones and elegant floral patterns accent the top, and inside the lid you can it personalized with a date or romantic message.


Glass Dangle Earrings

Firmly back in the traditional-but-unique sphere of Valentine’s Day gifts for her, these deep red Italian glass Murano bead dangle earrings are a sure-shot. The swirl design makes them mysterious, and the gold beads and clasp make them sparkly and majestic.

Prices Vary

Guitar String Pendant

Is she a rocker with a penchant for a pretty pendant? Then go no further, because dude, you just found her Valentine’s Day gift. This cool, heavy-metal inspired pendant is made from a re-purposed guitar string and studded with funky Czech crystals. Guaranteed one-of-a-kind Valentine’s jewelry.

Prices Vary

Silver Birthstone Heart

Go big or go home, Bro—this Valentine’s Day put it all on the line. Mount her birthstone inside a heart shaped pendant made from Argentinian silver of the highest purity. The design is timeless and classic—if you’re down for a big-time profession of love this year, this is your choice.

Prices Vary

Peackock Feather Ring

Bringing it back down from the vaunted heights of romance, this sterling silver peacock feather ring has an eye-catching allure that’s hard to match. Each one is custom made upon ordering, so you can be sure she’s getting a unique piece of jewelry this Valentine’s Day.

Prices Vary

Yin Yang Heart

Hippie girls love hearts as much as sorority girls, they just want them to be a little more understated, and maybe…less red. Like this Valentine’s Day gift, here: it’s a heart that’s light pink on one side, and black on the other—two halves of a whole. Balanced, like the universe.

Prices Vary

Jewelry Display Case

Talk about creative—this Valentine’s Day gift takes the cake. Forget that, it takes the whole box of chocolates. It’s a kitchen drawer re-purposed as a wall or desk mounted jewelry display case. The outside is buffed and distressed, and the inside is lined with colorful handmade paper.


Guitar String Bracelet

Here’s another one for the non-traditional Valentine’s Day rocker. It’s pretty, it’s metal, it’s pretty metal—Czech out the cool, rich tones of the jewels worked into this piece. Guys, this is a good choice, because you can keep adding bangles—everything from this artist is designed to complement everything else.

Prices Vary

Red Cube Necklace

Modern, vintage, retro, techie—somehow this red cube necklace is everything at once. Red for Valentine’s Day, plastic for the mod in her, mounted on blue nylon for the retro angle, and the cube—well it’s not a cube. It’s more like and eight-side RPG die: there’s your vintage. This Valentine’s Day gift has it all.


Be My Valentine Earrings

Meow! Cute and romantic is what she likes, so that makes this set of earrings an awesome Valentine’s jewelry gift for her. Two black cats framed in silhouette in front of a crescent moon on a Parisian rooftop—she’ll be purring and ready to snuggle when she sees these.

Prices Vary

Jewelry Tree

For the woman who has a thousand and one necklaces and pairs of earrings cluttering up the dresser-top already. Guys, we won’t tell her this Valentine’s Day gift is actually for you, so you can reclaim some space in the bedroom—at least a little spot to put your wallet at night. Good luck!


Personalzed Bracelet

Dainty and solid at the same time, this personalized pewter bracelet is a romantic way to say “I Love You” this Valentine’s Day. It’s a quarter inch wide and six inches long. Contact the artist to let them know exactly what you want stamped on the piece—your names, a quote, a date—the choice is yours.

Prices Vary

Dried Flower Necklace

Wildflower meadows, windswept beaches, wild mountaintops—this Valentine’s Day necklace is for the Nature Girl in your life. It’s all natural ceramic face has real, dried flower’s pressed and secured under a layer of durable varnish. It comes mounted on a rough purple suede cord.

Prices Vary

Earring Display Stand

The coolest way to organize jewelry, ever. It’s a hip, earth mama whose sole reason for existence is to hold her jewelry while she’s not wearing it. Guys, this is a practical Valentine’s Day gift she’ll absolutely love—but we think you should get a pair of earrings or two just to be safe.

Prices Vary

Tagua Nut Bracelet

Valentine’s Day jewelry that’s colorful, fashionable, and socially conscious—score! This bracelet is made from Ecuadoran Tagua nuts, and every purchase includes a donation that helps indigenous children complete high school. There’s a whole of love and good will packed into this one little piece of wrist-art.


Funky Heart Earrings

Say Happy Valentine’s Day and I Love You in a funky, sweetheart kind of way this year. These two and a half inch heart-shaped dangle earrings are red, black, and baby blue, mounted on sterling silver hoops that accent the shape and color of the heart magically.

Prices Vary

Special Message Necklace

A custom, rustic, personalized necklace with a love message from you is what she needs this Valentine’s Day. Guys, your message of up to one hundred and five characters will be typeset into a copper, brass, silver, or metal ally square inside a glass pendant, then mounted on a twenty four inch chain.

Prices Vary

Mama and Baby Charm

Dad, if you’re looking for something family oriented to give your wife this Valentine’s Day, then stop right here. This charm will be an instant family heirloom. The parent birds sit on top of a gold perch, and the babies are mounted below—each charm can be personalized with an initial for each family member.

Prices Vary

Hard Polished Ring Stand

Ancient tribes of nomads used to carry their wealth on their person, in the form of gold and silver necklaces and rings. This Valentine’s Day, get your Nomad Love this deep red polished ring stand so she can join the 21st century—it’s shaped like an oil lamp right out of Arabian Nights.

Prices Vary

Love Bird Earrings

Tweet, tweet—I love you. These love bird earring are a sweet, romantic way to show her how you feel this Valentine’s Day. They’re made from a vintage photo print of bluebirds against a floral background, mounted on brass colored nickel alloy wires. They come in a cute little gift box.

Prices Vary

Silver Origami Crane

Fold your way into her heart! This tiny silver crane effortlessly evokes femininity. It comes on a sixteen to twenty inch chain (your choice) and makes a lovely Valentine’s Day jewelry gift for her. We bet it will become her every day necklace.

Prices Vary

Shabby Chic Jewelry Box

Vintage, timeless, and classy. If that describes your girl, then this is the Valentine’s Day gift for her. It looks like a miniature antique chest of drawers, but it’s tricked out for jewelry. The outside is mint green, and the draws are lined with red—and there’s a mirror in the top.

Prices Vary

Red Heart Ring

No beating around the bush, here: this is a Valentines’ Day ring. It’s bright, it’s glossy, it’s red, it’s a heart. But what can you do? It’s Valentine’s jewelry with no excuses. You can get a small one or a big one, depending on her personality.

Prices Vary

Mommy and Me Necklace Pair

Men in the house: the two most important ladies on earth (after mom, of course) are your wife and your little girl. Get them this matching necklace set this Valentine’s Day and they’ll both fall in love with you all over again. They’re both one hundred percent handmade from clay and mounted on metal chains.

Prices Vary

Topaz Hoop Earrings

Show her you love her with these dazzling sterling silver hoop earrings. They’re studded with Mystic London Blue Topaz rondelles. These earrings make a stylish Valentine’s Day gift for the woman who’s not afraid to wear a big, bold set of hoops.

Prices Vary

Daughter’s Bracelet

We can’t leave the tomboys off the Valentine’s Day list, because they have their girly side, too. And they want to know that dad sees that side of them, under the dirt on their cheek and past their skinned knees. One of these pink, red, and white friendship-style bracelets will get her right in the heart.


Travel Jewelry Organizer

Wrap it up and hit the road! Guys, if you have a busy-busy, traveling woman who’s always on the go to shop for, this one is for you. This Valentine’s Day you gift is an “EcoHip” way to keep all her jewelry organized when she’s on the road. You’re a practical dude and she loves you for it!

Prices Vary

Bohemian Wrap Watch

This watch is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Perfect for an off-beat, bohemian woman with a flair for the rustic and distressed looked. The traditional face has a different color for each hour, and the white leather band comes with brass tags etched with “choose” and “joy”—but you can personalize them, too.

Prices Vary

8 DIY Jewelry Gifts for Her

Heirloom Collage Necklace

This is a great idea for Dad to do with the kids, then give to mom for Valentine’s Day. Take her old jewelry—especially the stuff that she’s inherited from her mom or grandma—and follow the instructions on this tutorial to make a lovely heirloom collage.

Cupid’s Arrow Pin

Ready, aim—loose! Shoot Cupid’s arrow straight through her heart and you’ll win her heart. Take the time to make her some DIY jewelry for Valentine’s Day, and she’ll be yours forever. All it takes is six steps and a couple of downloadables, and you’re in.

Heart Necklace

This ridiculously simple hear necklace only requires a wooden heart, an electric drill with a 1/16” bit, red paint and paint brush, a pair of pliers, two small mounting rings, and a 30” gold chain. Four steps and less than half an hour later, you’ll have a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for her.

Textured Heart Earrings

These stud earrings are just too simple not to try to do. The only materials you’ll need are wire, pliers, and earring backs. Follow the instructions provided and your end result is a pair of heart-shaped stud earrings she’ll want to wear all the time—because you made them for her.

Braided Suede Necklace

Just scissors and a couple of lengths of suede is all it takes to make her a necklace this Valentine’s Day, guys. There’s nothing gaudy or over-the-top about this one. This will make the perfect homemade jewelry gift for your girl—and you’ll actually feel like a man while you do it, cause you’re working with leather.

Wire Heart Earrings

We’ve got you covered with the wire stud earrings, but if your girl is more the big hoop earring type, this is the DIY for you. It’s just as simple as the other one, and there’s a double extra bonus: you can stop halfway through if you just want to make the earrings, or keep going and make a wire heart garland.

Pink Bow-tie Necklace

Go for a hipster, androgynous, David Bowie-tie necklace this Valentine’s Day, guys. If it sounds complicated, it’s really not. This nine step tutorial will hold your hand every step of the way, and your reward—and hers—is one totally cool gift that no one else will have.

Midi Ring

Have you noticed a theme for the DIY’s on this list? They’re for guys to make for girls, and we don’t want to scare them away with too many materials or too much artsy-craftiness. Wire and pliers—we want you to work inside your comfort zone, and that’s right where this DIY keeps you. Seven steps later, you’re an jewelry maker. Who knew?

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