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29 Affordable Office Gag Gifts Your Coworkers Will Love

When you’re looking for gifts to buy for your co-workers, should you be sensible or silly? We think there’s not nearly enough playfulness in the world, which is why we have compiled this awesome list of office gag gifts for you to peruse. From daft to downright dirty, your gift choosing will be a doddle.

Knock Knock Shit List Pad

When you have a lot of grudges to bear, it can be hard to keep up with who’s done what. This S**t List Pad is like your own personal grievances assistant. With spaces to note names, violations, and plan of action, this is a great office gag gift for the moaner of the workforce.


I See Dumb People Mouse Pad

Dumb people – they’re everywhere, and now you can remind someone of that fact with this gift that will be just right for someone in the office whose tolerance levels are low when it comes to stoopid. Useful and direct, this mouse pad will up their productivity and make them smile when they use it.

Prices Vary

F Bomb Paperweight

For foul mouthed friends and curse happy colleagues, this F Bomb paperweight really is da bomb. Made from recycled steel, this sculpture is perfect for saying exactly what you want to say, without saying a word. Makes a unique gag gift for office workers, or anyone whose vocab is permanently in the gutter.


Boss Lady Desk Plate

Leave other people in no doubt as to who’s in charge by giving this awesome gift to the chief. This name plate will take pride of place on her desk, with the words “Boss Lady” etched in white on a vibrant purple background, and framed in silver. Now that’s what we call girl power!


Funny Novelty Memo Pads Bundle

Show solidarity with other members of the rat-race by giving them this scarily accurate pack of notepads for their desk, depicting the various states of mind encountered by office workers on a daily basis. With various scenarios, from “Everything is fine” to “This is my life now” each are accompanied by sad and sorry cartoons.


The Screaming Goat Book & Figure

When you’re buying gifts for co-workers, are you serious or are office gag gifts your ‘goat-to’? You’ll be loved and loathed in equal measures with this hilarious Screaming Goat. Standing on a tree stump, just one gentle push will have him shattering the silence with his goat-like yell – it’s enough to drive colleagues baaa-rmy.

Prices Vary

Slang Flashcards

Is there a golden-oldie among the office in-crowd? Make their life easier by introducing them to the baffling world of slang. These flashcards each contain a current slang word along with examples of when to use it, so that even the oldest team members can get down with the kids and hang with the fam.


Fred The Daily Mood Desk Flipchart

If one of your colleagues’ moods change like the wind, this makes THE perfect office gag gift. The Daily Mood is a fun flip chart that will show the rest of the office whether it’s safe to approach or not, according to the picture of the day. You’ll never have to ask “How are you?” again.


The Official BS Button

Do you call BS on a daily basis? Are you surrounded by people who like to ‘embellish’ the truth? Stick this BS button on your desk, or give it as a gift to a co-worker, and every time you hear something that makes your eyebrows lift, bang the button for a loud siren and BS announcement.


Knock Knock WTF Nifty Notes

How many times do you say “WTF”? Save your voice box and let these handy little notes say it for you. The Knock Knock WTF Nifty Notes have a multiple choice list, all preceded by “WTF”, along with space for other elaborations on whatever is confusing you. The perfect gag gift for your office BFF.


Tech Tools The Butt Office Supply Station

When it comes to tidiness, there are no ifs and butts – except for this super fun The Butt Office Supply Station. This great office gag gift will appeal to anyone with toilet humor, and features a man on the John, holding on to your pens, notepad, paperclips and sticky tape.

Prices Vary

The Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit

If you must partake in the rat race, make sure you’re armed with the right lingo so you can at least understand what’s going on! The Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit will decipher the baloney that bosses and co-workers frequently spout in order to baffle you with BS – a must-have read for you and your colleagues.

Prices Vary

I’m Too Smart for This Job Mug

Make sure someone knows their own worth with this fun and functional office gag gift. Available in 11oz or 15oz, this mug bears the message “I’m too smart for this job”, meaning every mouthful the recipient takes is like a slap in the face to the rest of the office! We’ll drink to that.


Tears of my Staff Mug

No-one gets to the top without some blood, sweat, and tears, and while we can’t bring you blood or sweat, we can bring you the rest. This 11oz ceramic mug is covered in teardrops, and the legend “These are the Tears of my Staff” is emblazoned on both sides. A perfect gag gift for bosses.


Blah Button

When a coworker’s mouth is moving but all you can hear is “blah blah blah”, you need the Blah Button! In a vibrant blue and yellow design, this button can be bought as an office gag gift and placed within easy reach so everyone can hit it when the mundane mumblings start.


Have a Great Day with Middle Finger Mug

Give someone the gift of annoying everyone else without lifting a finger, literally. Great for office gag gifts, these innocuous looking red mugs feature a pleasant “Have a great day” on the side, but as the drinker drains the contents there is a raised middle finger etched onto the bottom. It says what it means!


Mini Basketball Hoop for Office

When the boss is away the cats will play, and this portable basket head is the perfect way to do it. A great gag gift for a co-worker, or for yourself, players can take it in turns wearing the basket on their heads while the others shoot hoops and try to score. Use balls, not paperweights!


Someecards Office Mad Libs

Mad Libs makes gossiping about your colleagues acceptable, because you don’t really know what you’re saying about them! With 21 stories included, you can fill in the blanks and make outrageous tales about who’s been stealing food, and who’s wearing what to the office party. The perfect gag gift for those times when you’re bored.

Prices Vary

Awkward Moment at Work Card Game

Engineer those OMG moments at work without having to suffer the embarrassment of a fatal faux pas. The Awkward Moment at Work Card Game is a hilarious game which sees players matching a reaction to a scenario, with the best reaction winning according to the decider card played. What a way to spend your lunch breaks.


Funny Nose Pencil Sharpener

In every office there is usually at least one annoying person whose nose you would love to shove something up! Pick this nose pencil sharpener as a great office gag gift, and whoever you give it to will be able to take nasal revenge whenever they like, without being arrested. It’s snot a bad idea!


Zany Toys No Sound Button

Do you know someone who is always saying yes to co-workers’ demands, even when they don’t want to? Now they can respond to unreasonable demands with one bash of the button, which will result in a resounding “No” every time. And just to soften the blow, that negative comes in 10 different styles, just for variety.


Kikkerland Magnetic Decision Maker

Take those vital decisions like “is it time for coffee?” and “should I ask for a raise?” out of your hands with the Kikkerland Magnetic Decision Maker. Perfect for fidgets and ditherers, just ask the question and swing the pendulum – whichever answer the ball magnetically sticks to is the one you should give.


Helpless without Her Sticky Notes

The perfect office gag gift, this sticky note pad contains 100 sheets of Anne Taintor retro inspired paper, printed with the words “she was comforted by the knowledge that they were helpless without her”. Give it to the office agony aunt or problem solver to confirm what she already knows – that she is totally indispensable.


Oh, The Meetings You’ll Go To! Parody

Like Dr. Seuss for grown-ups, “Oh, the meetings you’ll go to!” by Dr. Suits depicts post-grad life in a humorous manner, perfect for those about to embark on their working life. Just like the famous children’s author, Dr. Suits delivers a few life lessons along with the fun, for newly grown adults whose work life’s begun.

Prices Vary

Yes, I Talk To Myself Mug

When you need sensible advice, who do you ask? Yourself? Of course you do, because no-one knows you like you do, which is why this mug makes a great gift for yourself or for someone else. Available in either 11oz or 15oz sizes, this mug embraces your inner voices for all the world to see.


Finger Yoga

For those times when you can’t roll out your yoga mat and do the downward-facing dog, this finger yoga set will allow your fingers at least to reach their inner Zen. Set includes finger yoga pants, mini yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, and a book of finger yoga, making it the perfect office gag gift.

Prices Vary

World’s Okayest Co-Worker T-Shirt

It can be tough knowing what to get for co-workers when it comes to birthdays – cash seems a bit impersonal, and gifts can be a bit hit and miss unless you know them well. That’s where this t-shirt comes in. “The World’s Okayest Co-Worker” lets them know you like them, without being OTT.


Barwench Games’ Desktop Punch Ball Stress Buster

We’re pretty sure landing a right hook on an annoying co-worker, or even worse your boss, will get you fired. Take the safe option and stick this Desktop Punch Ball to your workspace – small enough to be neat, sturdy enough to absorb all your stress and irritation. Makes the perfect office gag gift for colleagues.


Sound Machine with 16 Hilarious Sound Effects

For the office clown who has everything, this sound machine will bring workplace antics to a whole new level. Boring meeting? Set off the applause. Vague promises of a performance related bonus? Cue the canned laughter. With 16 sound bites particularly suited to the office environment, this gift definitely deserves a drum roll (also included).


8 Brilliant Diy Office Gag Gifts

Diy Happy Pills and Chill Pills

Candy as a gift? Now you’re talking! But don’t just give any old candy, make it extra special by sorting different colors and types into a bead or organizer box, downloading and printing this free label, and giving someone their own prescription of chill pills and happy pills. A sweet gag gift idea.

Diy Poo Fragrance Spray for the Bathroom

It’s no joke when you have to share the toilet with someone who is…shall we say…a tad on the stinky side. Solve the problem under the guise of an office gag gift, with this DIY Poo Fragrance Spray. Using rubbing alcohol, essential oils, and water, it’s more of a gift for you, but ssshhhh.

Diy Dinosaur Serving Dish

No office is complete without cookies and other goodies, but who wants to eat out of a ripped packet? This DIY Dinosaur Serving Dish would make a great gag gift for the office, makes a change from boring plates, and is a lot of fun to look at and make. It’s a roarsome idea!

Pet Dust Bunnies Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how to recycle the lint that comes from your dryer? No, neither have we! But if you have here’s a super cute DIY idea for a gag gift that’s dried and tested. Simply fashion some lint into shapes, add googly eyes, pop them in a baggie and attach a printed label. Easy.

Diy Anti-Stress Kit

Life is stressful, so why not put together one or both of these homemade stress-busting kits as a little light relief from toils and troubles. One contains items such as a Snickers (for laughs) and confetti (for throwing), and the other contains bubble wrap, because have you ever tried it? Includes link for printable labels.

Diy Office Emergency Survival In a Jar

This DIY gift idea is perfect for co-workers at the office, and can be tailored to suit each recipient. Just fill a Mason jar with small goods such as tampons, gum, and chapstick for females and a razor, deodorant, and nail clippers for a man, print off a label, and finish up with a ribbon. Simple.

Diy Marshmellow Shooter Kit

Perfect for fun at the office, or just for playing at home, these DIY marshmallow shooters are quick to make and delicious to play. Check out this step by step guide to making a DIY shooter, print off the included downloadable label, and when the boss is out of the office, play away!

Diy Stess Balls

Stress balls should be mandatory for everyone – after all, stress doesn’t discriminate. Now you can make your own stress balls for yourself and/or everyone around you by following this marvellously easy tutorial, using water beads and a balloon. Sensory fun for youngsters, and stress-releasing fun for adults, they make great gag gifts or stocking stuffers.

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