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24 Gifts for People Who Love Mulled Wine

Whether ‘tis or ‘tis not the season, mulled wine gifts are lovingly welcomed and valued beyond compare. Rife with fragrant, spicy herbs, and zesty fruit that grace red wine, white wine, or apple cider, mulled wine adds serenity, bliss, and spice to festive celebrations, family gatherings, and affectionate get-togethers.

Easy Mulled Wine Diy Gift Idea

Adagio Teas Mulled Wine Blend

Indulge while not indulging when you sip a hot cup of mulled wine tea. Touted by some as a gorgeous version of non-alcoholic Gluhwein, this tea offers a delightful blend of rose hips, cinnamon bark, aniseed, and cloves, all designed to relax, inspire, and soothe. Select from three sizes: sample, three-ounce pouch, or five-ounce tin.

Price varies

Old English Wine Wassail Mulling Spices Kit

When your gift basket begs for one perfect addition, add mulled wine gifts. This historic Old English wassail spice blend is created from a 1,000-year-old recipe and the fortunate will rejoice at the simplicity, captivating aroma, and amazing flavor that is mulled wine. Enjoy three muslin spice bags filled with cloves, cinnamon, allspice, and affection.

Prices Vary

Mulled Wine Soap

Delight in every joy that is mulled wine when you bathe yourself in handmade soap, lovingly and carefully crafted of mulled wine essential oils. Heavenly, fragrant, and divine, this beautifully soft soap is available in four shapes and sizes, is an ideal gift for the holiday season, and an affordable treat for you too!

Price varies

TAMUME Mulled Wine Decanter

For your friends who seemingly have everything, treat them to extra-special mulled wine gifts and celebrate the spirit of the season in a different light! This gorgeous crystal wine decanter is specifically designed for mulled wine with easy-pouring, anti-tip capabilities, and a sealed cork stopper. Easy to hold, easy to clean, and magnificent to display.

Prices Vary

Mystix London Mulled Wine & Clove Scented Candle

The scent and warm light of a candle adds warmth, serenity, and comfort to any living space. Add the fragrance of mulled wine and cloves, and nirvana is within reach. These 100% hand-poured beeswax and soya wax candles offer these benefits along with cotton wicks, 20-hour burning time, reusable glass jars, and restful sojourns.


Simpkins Mulled Wine Flavor Fruit Drops Tin

What a delightfully simple way to sneak a treat of mouthwatering mulled wine treats! Consider it done with a 200-gram re-sealable tin of Simpkins Mulled Wine Flavor Fruit Drops. The classic vintage design is beautiful, the candy is mouth-wateringly delicious, and the Simpkins are world-renowned for their mastery of confectionery: indeed an art form.

Prices Vary

Organic Lush Mulled Wine Mix

Escape wintery nights and seek sweet solace and superb bouquets in a glass of Lush Spiced Wine. Abundant with fruit essence, cinnamon and cloves, and enhanced by star of anise, the cider-like wine beverage is uniquely enticing. Savor incredible flavors as you rejoice with loved ones and express appreciation for many with mulled wine gifts.


Traditional Mulling Spices by Merchant Spice Co.

Blend the nature of the season with the unbelievably gorgeous scents, spices, and pleasures of mulled wine and cider, and the spirit of giving, caring, and warmth is revealed. These muslin bags are well-stocked with mulling spices – all-natural and preservative-free – then wrapped in gold organza for extra vitality. Delightful, exquisite, and ideal mulled wine gifts.


Olde Tradition Spice Mulling Spices in Tea Bags

Imagine the wonders of enjoying a beautiful cup of tea infused with cinnamon, allspice, star anise, cloves, and more. Sound familiar? Olde Tradition Mulling Spices allow you to enhance a pot of tea, your favorite apple cider, a newly discovered fruit juice, or a bottle or two of red wine. Pleasure guaranteed with each composition.


Mulling Spices Instant Gourmet Mix

Searching for supreme stocking stuffers, great little office gifts, or both? These mulling spices may be your answer! With each gift pack, you’ll find two mulling spice packets, one recipe booklet, and several ideas for making spiced apple cider, hot mulled wine, and more. Entertaining and gifting promises warmth, smiles, gratitude, and cheers.


Warm Mulling Spice Wine Slushy Mix and Cocktail

Certain rules are meant to be broken: these mulled wine spices are bending rules. When blended with red wine and served hot, the drink is undeniably delicious. The rebel in you wants to mix it with liquor or water because the label invites a different approach. So, seize the moment, try it, and love it.


Davidson’s Loose Mulling Spice

When it’s teatime, treat yourself to Davidson’s Loose Mulling Spice. Acclaimed for outstanding herbal teas, their USDA Certified Organic blend is a wonderful combination that adds mulled wine tastes to apple cider, fruit nectars, and more. Available in a 16-ounce re-sealable pouch, the loose leaf tea will bring seasonal spices to your teacup for weeks.


Mulled Wine Spices

Your friends will thank you repeatedly when they discover these charming mulled wine gifts. These one-ounce packets contain a secret blend of mind-boggling, extraordinarily distinctive, and fragrantly piquant flavors, that when added to red or white wine, or cider, will leave you and others in a state of absolute bliss. Purchase one, two, or dozens.

Prices Vary

Sagaform Glass Mulled Wine Pot Warmer

The consummate gift for any mulled wine enthusiast is a wine warmer, complete with spirit, function, and style. Find this, and more, within this simply perfect centerpiece which includes a decorative, Scandinavian-style glass decanter and metal warmer. Raise a warm glass of heavenly mulled wine and toast to friends, family, happiness, and life’s many blessings.

Prices Vary

Mystic Moments Mulled Wine Fragrant Oil

Diffuse and suffuse the many wondrous scents of mulled wine within the 10ml bottle of this aptly labeled Mulled Wine Fragrance Oil. Add it to soaps, candles, or skin and hair care products and know that the rich, complex, and long-lasting scents and oils offer abundant uses and are listed as cosmetic grade. Treat yourself!


Mulled Wine Soy Candle

The thought of a warm candle and other pleasantries serve to allay one or more anxieties. Add the alluring and complex scents of mulled wine and bid adieu to tension. With blends of orange, lemon, apple spice, cranberry, and more, these soy candles are fragrant and environmentally friendly, also ensuring stress-free comforts to our planet.


Mulling Spice Set

Packed within a charming Must-Open 100% recycled paper pulp box, the four glass jars that are filled with All-Organic cinnamon chips, whole allspice, orange peel, and cloves are accompanied by a recipe card that beckons action. So, whether your preference is cider or wine, mix and toast to great mulled wine recipes and dear friends.


New England Mulling Spices

Stock your pantry with the delightfully versatile New England Mulling Spice. Tea lovers can enjoy a cup of cinnamon spice tea, while those seeking these fragrant spices for other purposes can add liberally to apple cider or red wine and sip, cheer, and celebrate with a glass of mulled wine. Agreeable, multi-functional, and must-have spices.

Prices Vary

Mulled Wine Lip Balm

Treat your lips and those of your mate to Mulled Wine Lip Balm, a spiced holiday favorite in a tube. Made of beeswax, cocoa butter, and flavored oils, these balms are handmade, made-to-order, and lip-safe. Stock up and reward yourself throughout the year with soft lips and the flavors of mulled wine. Ooh la la!

Price varies

MGC German Specialty Mulled Wine Candy

A jar filled to the brim with bonbons you were told you should not eat taunts, teases, and calls for sampling. Made of real sugar, filled with mulled wine flavors – lactose and alcohol free! – these German mulled wine candies need to grace your home, or better yet, a friend’s table with whom you visit often.

Prices Vary

Mulled Wine & Clove Wax Melt

Grace your coveted space with the scents of mulled wine and clove. Made of 100% natural beeswax and soya wax and infused with pure, premium fragrance oils, these 12-gram wax melts fill a room with tranquil scents and blissful serenity. Available in five-packs, treat yourself to true quietude by familiarizing yourself with product counsel.


Heat, Drink and be Merry: 40 Hot Toddy and Mulled Wine Recipes

Imagine this: the spices that grace red wine and transform it into the ultimate winter drink – mulled wine – also add style, zest, and esprit to tequila, rum, whiskey, and more! With a copy of Heat, Drink and be Merry, you will have 40 mulled wine recipes to make, share, and sip. Cheers to them all!

Prices Vary

Whittard Tea Mulled Wine Loose Leaf

The mesmerizing aroma of mulled wine is a pleasure beyond compare. This merry medley of fruit and festive spices comprises a delicious mulled wine loose leaf tea, an ideal accompaniment to a winter feast of mince pies, while in warmer months, it becomes a delightfully refreshing iced fruit punch. Indeed, a tea for all seasons.

Prices Vary

Sagaform Winter Mulled Wine Jug with Warmer Gold Coloured

Treat yourself to a swank Scandinavian-style mulled wine decanter. Elegant in design, practical to use, and simple to store, the glass decanter is 45 ounces in size, while the metal warmer will accommodate tea lights. It’s the perfect centerpiece and your friends will compliment your style and celebrate you with your own mulled wine creation.

Prices Vary

5 Diy Mulled Wine Gift Kits

How to Make a Mulled Wine Kit Tutorial

When invited to a friend’s for dinner, this quick tutorial will elevate you to new heights! Along with the obligatory Bottle-of-Wine, it adds a simple, lovely, and thoughtful touch: A mulled wine kit. Cheesecloth, a handful of ingredients, handwritten instructions, twine, gift label, a few minutes, and voilà: A beautiful, memorable gift. Do it!

Hostess Gift: DIY Mulled Wine Kit

On a search for a hostess gift? This DIY mulled wine kit offers options for ladies who prefer smaller offerings as well as those of the Go-Big-Or-Stay-Home variety. With both simple and deluxe kits outlined, the possibilities are easy to select. Please check out this site, as the delightful style is easy to follow.

DIY Mulled Wine Kit Gift with Printables

For an enchanting view of How to Put Together a Mulled Wine Kit, please check out this site. The materials are easy to find, the suggestions are brilliantly flexible, and the guide/hostess offers downloadable, printable gift tags and more! The photos highlight the beauty of these kits and the endless possibilities. Definitely a go-to site.

How to Make a Mulled Wine Kit to Give as a Gift

This recipe for mulled wine spices hits the mark: it’s easy to follow, there are downloadable instructions, and ingredients are easy to find. The spices are stored within a 5.4-ounce mason jar, adorned with cheesecloth, and decorated at will. As the information originated on BuzzFeed, it’s likely be searchable, available, and worth a bookmark.

Easy Mulled Wine Diy Gift Idea

The charm alone begs for a visit to this site, along with the lead up to the recipe for mulled wine, which intimates: “Try it!” So, in short, both recipe and process are easy, and at the end of it all, mulled wine is fabulous and you may want to hang out with this person.

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