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111 Most Unique Christmas Gifts of the Year

In this list you will find gifts that are unique, rare and even confusing but they are all amazing gifts that are perfect for the person that seems to have it all. There is definite value in unique products that have more character than the ones you see every day.

I love to give really unique gifts to everyone on my list, and I got my whole list done just by looking through these unique Christmas gifts of the year.

Flexible, Unbreakable Wine Bottle

Fits a full 750ml wine bottle with room to spare. Beautiful design “Best Wines Are The Ones We Drink With Friends” that will make you smile every time you drink from the bottle, and will make you want to take it everywhere with you!

Prices Vary

Natural Cork Bow Tie

Bring a truly organic touch to your haberdashery with this natural cork bow tie. Incredibly thin and flexible layers of cork adorn this handsome tie, displaying the warm, buff color, organic variations, and inviting softness of natural cork.


Infuser Water Bottle

Tired of boring old water, but don’t want to be constantly drinking juice or soda. Well with the infuser water bottle you can enjoy the health benefits of water and fruit without adding any extra calories! great gift for someone who is always on the go.

Prices Vary

Night Light Plane

A Great novelty gift that everyone will love. Suitable for adults, kids and babies that comes alive in the dark. 7 color LED light which does not get hot. See through Acrylic 3D effect light that doesn’t need much space so it’s very flexible

Prices Vary

Heavy Duty Key Chain

This product is a unique and heavy duty chain that is eco-friendly and made wih advanced integrated molding technology. The design cool and elegant with a mix of simplicity and complexity to make it even more unique and rare.

Prices Vary

Snow Cone Ice Machine Maker

Perfect kids for young children or someone who has young children. This snow cone maker is easy to use and delivers great fruity drinks within minutes of starting the process. Very basic assembly is required.

Prices Vary

Unkinkable Garden Hose

This is the only garden hose with a unique double helix construction that will not kink. Made from pliable, ultra-lightweight polypropylene with intertwining helices that increase its strength and helps maintain its shape, this hose is easier to handle than cumbersome ones constructed from thick, heavy rubber.


Pen Screwdriver

This lightweight multi-tool includes pen, tablet stylus, ruler (cm & inches), bubble level, Phillips & flat head driver bits. Great gift for the gadget lover who loves to take on do it yourself projects with an end goal in mind.

Prices Vary

Beverage Cooling Sticks

Must have For beer lovers! Simple to use – just freeze it for 45 min, insert it into your beer bottle and keep your beverage cold to the last sip! Clean it easily and restore back into the freezer. It fits most of the long neck beer bottles and some soft drink bottles.

Prices Vary

Snow Ski Wine Rach

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur or an expert skier to appreciate this innovative way to display your favorite vino. The bottles are stored on their sides to properly maintain the wine’s integrity, while the reclaimed skis, slightly weathered from use, add a touch of fun and excitement.


Heirloom Seeds – Home Gardening

These heirloom seeds are unique and valuable – In this set you will find more non-gmo organic heirloom seeds than most vegetable seed packets at comparable prices and choices guaranteed to be a hit with even the most seasoned gardener.

Prices Vary

Handmade Leather Journal

Handcrafted using 100% Genuine Goat Leather. Rustic Town is connected with a number of Organizations within India which work to bring employment to artisans and keep alive traditional skills. This journal contains 200 pages and helps you organize all of your thoughts.

Prices Vary

Single Serve Ice Cream Machine

This dual single serve ice cream machine is able to make two different flavors at once! You can add your favorite ingredients to make the perfect treat for yourself and others. Great gift for anyone who enjoys dessert.

Prices Vary

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Food grade Himalayan Pink Salt; molded into a glass with the elegant, finely-veined, translucent appearance of rose quartz. Colors range from pale cream to deep red, depending on the minerals in the batch of salt used to make your glass.


Hockey Puck Chillers

This set of hockey-themed whiskey stones offers an alternative to ice “rocks” that can dilute the perfect dram or glass of beer. Simply freeze the recycled soapstone pucks and place them in your spirits or favorite beverage to chill the drink without unnecessary water.


Vintage Light Bulb

Highly decorative and stylish for decorations; Warm, soft and romantic lights glitter in darkness; Cute and comfortable light bulb fit for living room, bedroom, office, study room, or college dorm. Easy and inexpensive way to add this trend to your existing decor. Great gift for a college student!

Prices Vary

“Psychedelic” Drop & Dangle Earrings

These earrings come in an elegant jewelry gift box. These are a perfect for a girlfriend, wife, daughter, mom or friends on Christmas Day. It adds an irresistible sparkle to your everyday look or a refined touch to a work outfit.

Prices Vary

World Globe Desk Clock

This unique clock is a great gift for anyone who loves to historic value to furniture and vintage items. This clock is made with an antique style from high quality quartz. Great gift to put in a study or an office.

Prices Vary

Night Vision Video Binoculars

These are the digital binoculars that let you clearly view, photograph, and record videos of subjects in near total darkness from up to 100 meters away. Great gift for anyone who loves to bird watch or enjoys studying nature with a close view.


Beer Holster

Funny gift for dad! This Convenient holster for all standard size 12 oz. beer/soda bottles and cans. It is able to fit around all belts and it is simply put through the belt loop to stay in place. It is made handmade from leather and great for barbecues or parties when you rarely have a hand free.


Copper Vase or Pot

This beautifully made copper pot is a great gift. It is 100% pure copper and can be used in many different ways. The food safe lacquer coating that is put on helps to preserve the beauty and the luster look of it.


Heart Marimo

Marimo is a rare lake moss native to Japan. Even more coveted and precious is the heart-shaped marimo. Only 1 out of 1000 marimos are heart-shaped. Let your loved ones know that they have your heart with this one of a kind gift!

Prices Vary

Home Planetarium

This is the desktop planetarium that projects an accurate view of 8,000 stars and simultaneously plays music from your smart phone. Its built-in LED illuminates the ceiling and walls of a room with an accurate view of 61 constellations. Great gift for the science lover!


Shower Speaker

Your bathroom will easily be turned into a live concert every time you take a shower or bath with this shower speaker! It streams high-fidelity stereo sound with crystal clear vocals and rich, orchestral music range.



Funny gift for kids that is not dangerous at all. It shoots a completely harmless ball of air up to 20 feet away. Funny gift that kids will love and there is no worry involved since it is only shooting air.


Bendable Headphones

With all of the headphones that are around today, you have to bend over backwards to find a good deal on a durable product. With these bendable headphones, you don’t have to worry about them breaking easily because they are made to bend at an affordable price!


Compact Monocular Telescope

Eyepiece focus and Lens focus which makes more clear and bright image, and you can observe objects near 6.6 feet. Other telescopes do not have this feature as they are more focused on images in the distance. Great gift for someone who loves to sight see!

Prices Vary

Whole Body Pedaler

This is the low-impact exercise machine that provides a complete cardio workout from the comfort of your favorite chair. This full body pedaler combines a bike-simulating workout for the legs with an upper-body workout as well. Great total body workout from the comfort of your home!


Unique Cellphone Holder

This cell phone holder allows you to place your phone in the most convenient spot possible. With a powerful sticky gel pad, your phone will stay put while you are driving. Looking down at your phone is incredible dangerous, so mount it on the windshield to keep your eyes toward the road!

Prices Vary

Glow in the Dark Frisbee

This Frisbee has an amazing built in LED light which lights up and can be easily seen. Frisbee is a fun game, especially at the beach but it is hard to play when the sun goes down. Not anymore with the glow in the dark Frisbee!

Prices Vary

Hockey Stick BBQ Set

This BBQ comes with three pieces that are made from recycled hockey sticks. Great gift for the hockey lover who can’t get enough of the sport! Tools are very durable makes you think of being on the ice while doing some grilling in the backyard.

Prices Vary

Desktop Golf

Ideal gift for the golf lover. This set features and adjustable green and a specially designed putter for lefties or righties. Fun desktop game that can be played anywhere that the game set can fit in.


F Bomb Paperweight

This handmade paperweight is a play on the famous word. It takes the letter F and matches it up with a bomb to make the famous “F-bomb”. This paperweight is great for an office (that will allow it) or anywhere around the house to add a laugh to your busy work!


Tea From Around the World Set

Explore a world of flavor without ever leaving the comfort of your favorite chair. Your passport is this international set of ten, single-estate, loose leaf teas. This set offers a great value from teas around the world.


Bath Bomb Set

This bath bomb set contains 6 bath bombs that are handmade. Each bath will make your senses come alive with the beautiful smells and feeling of Lavender, Vanilla, Roses, Sugar, Strawberry and Mellow Amber. Great gift for the bath lover.


Funny Eyeglass Holder

Funny and unique gift for a man or a woman. This eyeglass holder holds glasses perfectly to make it look like a person wearing glasses. This gift is sure to bring some laugh and chuckles for as long as it is used!

Prices Vary

One Night Stay in Bubble Hotel

This bubble hotel is extremely unique and it is in France! There are spectacular views of the stars above from where you are in the bubble. Amazing gift for anybody who loves to travel and try out new things.


Playstation 4 Bundle w/ Call of Duty

Playstation 4 is one of the most popular game consoles that millions of people play all over the world. With this purchase, not only will you receive the Playstation but it also comes with the new call of duty game, which is perhaps the most popular game out right now.


Bottle Loft

This set comes with 2 strips to keep your beer bottles hoisted in the air! Each strip features three super-strong neodymium magnets–two strips secure a six pack of your favorite beverage bottles to the ceiling of your refrigerator, keeping them handy and freeing up space.


Unique Keepsake Box

This lovely keepsake/jewelry box would be a perfect gift for your best friend and one that could be enjoyed all year around. This is a heartfelt gift that is perfect for anyone who has been by your side for a long time.


Vibration Massage Mat

This is the full-body cushioned mat that simultaneously delivers a Shiatsu massage to the back and an invigorating vibration massage to the upper legs. This massage mat is amazing and will have anyone feeling great in no time!


Bonsai Tree Kit

Unique gift for someone who loves to garden and watch plants grow! This set contains 4 seed packets of Bonsai trees: Jacaranda Mimosifolia, Pinus Aristata, Delonix Regia & Picea Mariana; 4 peat soil discs; 4 biodegradable growing pots, 4 plant markers and a detailed step-by-step instruction manual.


Wine Aerator

The wine Aerator is a perfect to any wine lover! Simply pour your red wine through the Edgy Wine aerator giving your wine a fuller body and smoother finish eliminating the wait required for your wine to breathe.

Prices Vary

25 Pair Shoe Turntower

This is the elegant wooden tower that neatly stores up to 25 pairs of shoes and rotates a full 360° for easy access to all footwear. Great gift for the shoe lover who never seems to have enough room for everything that they have. This turn tower gives incredible storage space and can be used for anything!


Golf Ball Cuff Links

Perfect gift for the golf lover in your life. These cuff links are crafted from authentic balls recovered from the water surrounding the 17th Hole Island Green at TPC Sawgrass, one of the most famous courses in the world.

Prices Vary

Gourd Amplifier

The amplifier is powered by a single 9V battery, and an LED light lets you know when power is on. The curvaceous shape and vibrant color transform a functional object into a playful, eye-catching work of art.


Wooden Watch for Women

This Maui Kool wood watch is guaranteed to be a talking point wherever you go. The watch is presented in an elegant bamboo box and will enhance almost any outfit. Great historical watch while also being very fashionable.

Prices Vary

Car Escape Emergency Kit

This is a great gift being it is tremendously useful to anyone who is spending a lot of their time in the car. This kit comes with everything you will need to make sure you are in good hands if something unfortunate were to happen.

Prices Vary

50 Things to do Book

Great book for anyone turning 50. This is a funny book at first, but once you start reading you realize the awesome ideas that are within this book. A must read for those turning 50, this book will help you make the most of a milestone year.


Live Feed Video Drone

This is the flying camera drone that sends live video to its remote from up to a half-mile away. The drone has a remote control with a 5″ color LCD that shows live aerial views as the drone cruises through the air.


Clear Glass Oil Lamp

The Bliss Liquid Candle appears to be floating in the hurricane candle holder. The Gift Set includes 16 oz. of paraffin lamp oil and a small, plastic funnel for effortless refilling. Great gift for anyone who would enjoy a clear glass oil lamp.


Unique Scarf Hanger

For the person who loves scarves but has nowhere to put them, this unique scar hanger is certainly for them. It has a unique design and is not only for scarves, it can store scarves, ties, belts, shawls, pashminas, accessories and more.


Silicon Wine Glasses

These unique wine glasses are a twist to what we may think of as an everyday wine glass. These glasses are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe. They are great for a day outside where you can have fun without having to worry about breaking a nice glass.

Prices Vary

Rajasthan Stone Chess Set

Very unique chess set that looks like it carries so much historical value. The chess board and the pieces are both made of stone and the pieces are hand-carved by the artisans of Jaipur!


Windshield Heads-up Display

This is the device that projects important data onto the windshield directly in front of a driver’s line of sight, enabling continuous road awareness. No need to look at your phone because the screen will be broadcasted right onto the windshield.


Kabob Grilling Baskets

These baskets are a necessity to anyone who loves kabobs and makes them frequently. This set comes with 4 kabob baskets and each basket is made of a nonstick heavy gauge steel to ensure dependability.

Prices Vary

Gardener’s Tool Seat

For the gardener who is always leaving all of their tools on the ground while they work, the gardener’s tool seat is the perfect solution. This seat contains 21 different seized pockets for different tools and it can hold up to 250 pounds!

Prices Vary

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle is made from genuine Indian Wood handicraft and the is handmade in India out of the finest sheesham hardwood. Great gift idea for any kids or adults who enjoy trying out a new style of game.

Prices Vary

Moscow Mule Muge

This set of Moscow mugs is a great gift for Christmas. This Gift Set comes with 2 Mugs with no lining so you can taste the authentic copper to citric acid reaction. Drinks will stay cold longer and any ice melt will be reduced.


Cordless Reading Lamp

This is the rechargeable reading lamp that provides bright light anywhere without requiring proximity to a power outlet. An internal rechargeable battery powers the lamp for up to 10 hours after a 10-hour charge.


Wine Bottle to go

Sometimes the toughest thing about wine is finding where to keep when you are bringing it somewhere else. With the wine bottle to go, you can fold, roll and flatten you wine and bring it on down to the beach or the pool!

Prices Vary

Car Trunk Organizer

Do you always have trouble finding the right spot to put things in your car without it making a huge mess? Well the car trunk organizer is the perfect solution to clutter and messes in your vehicle rear, backseat, home, or garage! The Starling’s Cargo Organizer expands up to 2 Feet Long with plenty of compartments to put your Car tools and Equipment, groceries, grocery bag,


Foot Massage Roller

This Chinese foot massager roller stimulates circulation with 10 acupressure wooden rollers. Great gift for the person who works hard and deserves some stress free relaxation at the end of the day.

Prices Vary

Hidden Storage Side Table

This is the slim-profile side table with hidden storage that keeps clutter at bay, while keeping indispensable items close at hand. This table’s slim design fits easily tucked between two chairs, beside a sofa, or in an entryway.


Rainbow Vision Sand Picture

This rainbow vision sand picture is handcrafted to create a new picture with each turn. This picture is able to bring hours of enjoyment because the form that the sand takes is different with every movement. There will never be two of the same picture!

Prices Vary

Tea Drops Sampler

This is a great gift for any tea lover. These sets come with organic tea that dissolves in water and requires no steeping. Great chance for anyone to try out some of the teas they have tried before!


Smart Phone Projector

This projector is designed to project from any phone or tablet that is able to plug into it. Great for someone who is technologically savvy and enjoy items like this. This can be used to watch TV from your phone or to work on something with a larger screen.

Prices Vary

Campfire Popcorn Popper

Great for campfires! This product makes 4-quart popcorn in just a few minutes. It is an innovative cool tube handle that is able to extend 2-feet to keep you safe and away from the fire while making great popcorn.


Olde Book Messenger Bag

Imagine how popular you’ll be amongst all the kids with your new book bag, quite literally. This satchel looks like a leather-bound book from the outside, and pays tribute to our favorite hobby. Great gift for someone going back to school or even someone who just always needs a backpack.


Oven to Table Entertainment Platter

Great gift for anyone who always has company over for dinner parties or anything similar. This platter can be used to chill or heat depending on what you will be serving and it is very easy to clean being that it is dishwasher safe.

Prices Vary

Six Pack Beer Cooler

This tote is perfect for bringing your favorite craft beer or home brew to social gatherings, picnics, tailgating or the beach. It can also be used for carrying sodas or water. This cooler keeps beverages cool when you are on the go.


Tea Bag Pocket Holder Mug

This mug is designed to hold the tea bag right beside the mug and the mug can hold up to 16 ounces of your favorite tea! Perfect size for you to enjoy your favorite tea while also having a place to hold the bag.


Desktop Cornhole Game

This desktop cornhole bean bag game includes a wooden board and beans bags and it makes a perfect gift for all ages. It is ideal for an office or for a lunchroom. It can be played individually or against another player.


Star Trek Swimsuit

One-Piece Swimsuits modeled after the ST:TNG uniform. Choose Blue, Gold, or Red, whichever suits you. Multiple sizes are available. Great gift for the star trek lover who enjoys to show her pride wherever she goes, including the beach or the pool!


Hand Cream Set

This elegant hand cream collection comes with a unique design and distinctive scents that make a great gift for a loved one. These creams will nourish, hydrate and repair to leave your hands feeling smooth and rejuvenated after each use.


Vegan Approved Hand Bag

This cross body bag is a great gift for the woman in your life. It has one back wall with 2 slip pockets and one zipper pocket. It is made from the most durable material to keep it a sturdy and protective interior.


Colonial Kitchen Wall Clock

Unique kitchen wall clock that is made with real wood veneers. This maple clock has a very distinct look to it and will enhance any room where you put it. It is also environmentally friendly and only requires one AA battery to get started.

Prices Vary

Vintage Spy Plane

Built entirely of welded reclaimed metals, this vintage spy plane is more than a sculptural desk accessory – it serves as an ingenious pen holder. The pens provide the missiles and the nose of the plan making it look official. Great gift for the aviation lover.


Bike Wheel Coaster

Show your pedal pride with these bike wheel coasters for the cycling enthusiast. Trimmed in upcycled bike inner tube and made of powder-coated steel, these designs feature a playful spoke print and bicycle icon in vintage red, blue, green, and black, giving each one a different and excitable color.


Phone Charging Alarm Clock

This radio has two full range speakers with all of the necessary stations, but it also includes two USB ports for phones and other devices. You are able to plug your phone right into this alarm clock and charge.


Stealth Com Walkie Talkies

Great gift for kids who love to play spy. These walkie talkies are whisper sensitive for the best stealth communication. They can communicate up to a range of 100+ feet and are always on for a continuous live audio feed.

Prices Vary

Wine Purse

Much like any bagged win you would find in the store, however this bag allows you take your wine on the go without carrying just a big bag of obvious wine. The material is thick and lightweight which makes for a comfortable and easy carry. Great gift for the wine lover!

Prices Vary

Complete Course in Magic

From one of the world’s premier practitioners of classic magic, with years of experience instructing younger readers in the magical arts, comes this new revision of his complete guide to learning and performing fantastic feats of prestidigitation.

Prices Vary

Bedside Smartphone Vase

Part smart phone dock, part vase, this bloom box functions as a convenient phone dock as it brightens up your bedside table. Perfect gift that will end up on a bedside and enhance the ambiance of the room all together.


Family Tree Picture Frame

Literal family tree. This frame is shaped like a tree and lets you put pictures of relatives and your entire family to create an actual family tree. Very cool idea and it is a great gift for possibly a grandparent or someone with many family members.


Pulse Tracker

This pulse tracker will track steps, elevation, distance, running and even calories burned based on heart rate. It will evaluate your heart rate and blood oxygen level and give you the reading right away. Great gift for an avid biker or fitness enthusiast.

Prices Vary

RampShot – Backyard Game

Great gift for kids to encourage physical activity. 3 out of 4 players are involved in every play, this inspires increased physical activity. Highly interactive game that develops motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and great fun.


Petnet Smartfeeder

The SmartFeeder lets you manage feeding times, portion sizes, proper ingredients, and have your pet’s food delivered to your doorstep. This product is available only for Iphone users at this time.

Prices Vary

Shanxi Granite Hearth Table

Unlike grouted tile patio tables subject to mildew, cracks, and discoloration, this hearth table has a solid granite top cut from the mountains in China’s Shanxi province. Each handcrafted tabletop is unique, so no two grain patterns or colorations are the same.


Smart Lock

This smart lock is safe and secure and allows keyless access into your home using either an IOS or Android smartphones. You are able to control who has access to your home and how long their access lasts. Great gift for anyone looking for a different way to secure a safe home than just a key.

Prices Vary

Fitness & Yoga Shoe – Women’s

Great shoe for the active woman who loves yoga. These shoes are imported and have a nice rubber sole for dependability. They are form fitting are very comfortable and will keep you performing your best at every yoga class.

Prices Vary

Candy Chemistry

This kit gives you the ability to make rock candy, chocolates, gummy bears, wintergreen candies and more all by yourself. You can learn about heat and temperature for the specific foods and personalize your own candy with your favorite ingredients.


Educational Toy Robot

This robot is an amazing gift to anyone interested in electronics and software development. One of the world’s smallest programmable robots measuring in at just over 1 inch. This robot can be programmed to dance, race and so much more!

Prices Vary

Instant Wooden Deck Table

This is the wooden table that instantly mounts over a deck or balcony railing to provide a platform for al fresco dining, a party’s drink station, or a card game. Great accessory to an outdoor entertainment area.


Handboard for Bodysurfing

Gives anyone better ability to body surf. It will heighten the excitement of body surfing by proving more lift, faster rides and a greater control of your body in the water. Great gift for all ages and all skill levels.

Prices Vary

Golf Live Tracking System

This golf tracking system is a real time GPS automatic shot tracker. With this product you can get precise measurements to the green, hazards and other notable aspects of an upcoming shot. Great gift for a golf lover.


Digital Massager

Latest portable electronic snap-on neck massaging device for wellness and well being as well as prevention and treatment of cervical neck pain, headache, shoulder pain. In total, there are 505 different combinations you can use with this digital massager.

Prices Vary

Segway Minipro

The segway minipro is able to connect to an app for many amazing features. You are able to connect to the free mobile app using Bluetooth for features like remote control operation, anti-theft alarm, speed control, customizable lights, vehicle diagnostics, and firmware updates.

Prices Vary

Battery Powered Salt/Pepper Shaker

One of the firs battery powered salt and pepper shakers! All you need to do is tilt the grinder upside down and it automatically turns on. The technology then begins to grind up the peppercorns, salt and other spices making a perfect mix of any ingredient.

Prices Vary

Smart Sleep Mask

The Neuroon is an intelligent sleep mask that analyzes and optimizes people’s sleep. The Neuroon measures all important biological signals, including brain waves, pulse, body temperature, body movement during sleep. Great gift for a family member.

Prices Vary

Avocado Tree Starter Kit

Avocados are the gift that keeps on giving, and this avocado tree starter kit makes it easy to double your green. Simply insert the shiny seed of your last avocado into the pod, float it in a water bath, and patiently watch your windowsill set-up sprout signs of life.


LED Bike Wheel Lights

These LED bike wheel and frame lights are the biggest new thing to hit Southern California and trend-setting cities across America. Your bike is guaranteed to turn heads. Each box covers 1 wheel so you can mix and match colors.


Recipe Holder

This recipe holder is uniquely shaped and it is the perfect thing to hold all of your important recipes. It can hold up to 8 full pages and it is ideal for an office because it does not have to be recipes that are being held. They can be reports or anything that needs a secure spot.


Analog Quartz Watch

Beautiful watch that is a perfect gift for the man in your life to show him how much you truly care. This is an original citizen Japanese quarts movement watch made with high quality leather and durable stainless steel.

Prices Vary

Home Storage Cubes

Perfect for organizing and cutting down on clutter, the Collapsible Storage Cubes add fun and functionality to your cube organizer! Great gift for anyone who needs organization and storage for all of their belongings.

Prices Vary

Baseball Board Game

Bring the thrill of America’s favorite pastime home with this old-fashioned game that’ll be a hit with family and friends. To play, move the first batter to home plate and roll the dice. Locate the dice combination on one of the two outfield billboards and move your players accordingly.


Global Views Chandelier

This chandelier is incredible unique, rare and valuable. It will perfectly into any luxurious room and will enhance the class and style of any environment it is placed in. Incredible gift for anyone with the room for it.

Prices Vary

Personal Oxygen Bar

This personal oxygen bar produces 30% enriched oxygen for pure oxygen with every breath. Soothing music is built into the system with your choice of song mode and repeat. Great gift for anyone who enjoys oxygen bars.

Prices Vary

Unique Multi Pocket Jacket

Unique jacket that will keep you warm and fashionable during the colder months. This jacket is surely make people turn their heads and wonder about what you are wearing and where they can get one for themselves.

Prices Vary

Mobile Foodie Survival Kit

For foodies, nothing is scarier than being in a strange place where you’re subject to sub-par food. With this handy Mobile Foodie Survival Kit, you can doctor up even the most repulsive meal. Simply carry a pack with you and sprinkle any of the seasonings onto your food for a better taste!


Portable High Chair

This is a great gift for anyone with younger children. This high chair is portable so it can be brought wherever you are going in a simple carrying bag. It is very lightweight at only 8 pounds and there is no assembly required upon arrival.


14 Most Unique DIY Christmas Gifts of the Year

Blendo Breakfast bowls

Start every morning off with style with these Blendo Breakfast bowls. These bowls are made with beautiful colors that really bring out the excitement out of you in the morning. This tutorial is easy to follow and requires minimal supplies.

Sea Glass Windchime

DIY Sea Glass Wind Chime Suncatcher is a unique outdoor decoration you can make to hang in the backyard or garden. Using glass beads and small cowbells makes this a simple beaded homemade craft. Great gift that gives the feeling of the beach and sunshine.

Gilded Geometric Votives

These votives look amazing unlit, with their simple but stunning gilded triangles. Great gift for someone who has old glasses that some revitalizing. Drop some scented votives in them and light them up, whether you’re with company or not!

Star Shaped Drying Rack

This amazing star shaped drying rack is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to air dry their clothes. This rack is beautiful and useful. You are able to fit so many clothes on it due to its unique design!

Solar System Pillow

Perfect gift for children who love to relax and love space. This pillow is a perfect addition to any room where your child likes to hang out and relax. It is useful because of how comfy it is but also interesting cool because of its design.

Coffee Sachet

Great gift for the coffee lover in your life. This coffee sachet sewing tutorial makes a beautifully designed sachet to hold any coffee grounds like an old fashioned sack that would be found where coffee was originated. This tutorial contains a video.

Stitched Wooden Cuff

This stitched wooden cuff can be made with any old cuff and some determination. It is easy to make and can be made right from the comfort of your home. There is nothing like homemade jewelry because you know that nobody else will have the same piece!

Mini Bouquet Magnet

This mini bouquet magnet is the perfect gift for anyone that needs to add some flair and style to their refrigerator! It will surely bring compliments and praise when people see how well it is made and how great of a gift it is.

Abstract Pillow

We all know someone who would absolutely love this gift. People are trending toward different kinds of houses and different kinds of furniture. The usual stuff you may see at a furniture store just doesn’t cut it anymore. This pillow has easy to follow steps and makes for a great gift.


Lanyards are great, especially for college students and people who always need their keys on them. The lanyard tutorial below makes a quilted lanyard that is 32″ in length. Great gift for young adults.

Canvas Art

This cut out canvas art is a great gift for any room in the house. It is unique and relatively easy to make and will stand out and bring style to your room. Great gift for a young adult or someone in their teenage years.

Candle Centerpiece

This is a very unique centerpiece that is designed for a kitchen or dining room table. The candles in the inside make it even more beautiful than it already is. The design is sleek and modern and the easy to follow steps will have you with a new centerpiece in no time!

Globe Makeover

This do it yourself project only takes an old globe and some other small ingredients to make this beautiful home decor come to life! Great gift for anyone who enjoys unique and different decorations for their home.

Fur Stockings

Perfect Christmas gift! The best part about this “mixed print” stocking design is that you can get away with using scrap material that you already have lying around the house. Or, you get the opportunity to visit the store and explore a variety of new fabric choices.

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