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23 Comfy and Omg-worthy Monogram Shirts for Adults and Kids

Monogram shirts can be a little bit blah, unless you choose one of these OMG-worthy versions which are all super comfy and perfect for both adults and kids. Go for glitter and glam for the girly girl, or keep it simple and stylish for the minimalist man – you can even get cute and clever creations for the kids on your list, but whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.
Monogram Shirts

Comfort Monogrammed Pocket Shirt

These comfort shirts are available in an incredible 33 colors, and have a generous chest pocket on the left hand side which will arrive monogrammed in the font of your choice.


Monogrammed Sweatshirt

Super soft and perfect for lazy days and Sundays, this crew neck sweatshirt comes in over 30 colors, and there is an array of thread colors and fonts available for the personalization.


Mandala Monogram Shirt

Mandalas are very ‘du jour’, which makes this monogrammed shirt extremely in vogue, as it features a large mandala pattern with a three letter personalization across the center circle.


Bleached Monogram Shirt

For the ultimate in distressed clothing, check out this bleach wash tee which comes with a colored vinyl monogram and a splashed bleach effect in the color of your choice.


Bright Monogram Pocket Tee

Beautifully made and supremely comfortable, these tees – of which there are many pretty colors – can be embroidered in a range of styles and colors, including glitter for an eye catching effect.


Monogram Pullover

Whether it’s for the school run or the park jog, this quarter zip sweatshirt will arrive embroidered with the monogram of your choice which is available in several style and font options.


Monogram Tie Dye T-Shirt

Add a truly personal touch to hippy chic by choosing one of these super bright tie dye t-shirts, and including a fancy schmancy monogram in either black or silver glitter.


Monogrammed Kids Polo Shirts

There are so many choices of styles when it comes to the monogram on this boy’s polo shirt – including several nautical themes – that you might need to buy more than just one.


Monogram Mermaid Shirt

If she likes the mermaid theme but likes to keep things subtle, the monogram on this shirt might be just what she needs, as it’s designed around beautifully colored mermaid scales.


Monogram Navy Sweatshirt

There’s nothing subtle about this navy or maroon sweatshirt, because it boasts her three initials in big bright lettering across the front (or there’s a smaller pocket version for a less obvious design).


Leopard Monogram T-Shirt

She can take a walk on the wild side every time she wears this colorful monogram shirt, because the initials are printed in a vibrant leopard print design.


Pineapple Monogram Shirt

She’ll be a real cutie patootie in this tropical-themed tee, because it comes with a juicy looking pineapple emblazoned on the front, complete with her first, middle, and last initials.


Patriotic Monogram Shirt

Add a personal touch to 4th of July celebrations with this crisp, clean looking tee, on which you will find a red, white, and blue monogram in the style of the American flag.


Beach Monogram Shirt

Whether she’s going to the beach or you want to bring the beach to her, this pretty tee will make her stand out from the crowd with its own ocean-themed monogram on the front.


Tribal Monogram T-Shirt

If tribal patterns are more her thing, how about giving her this simple but standout monogram shirt which comes in 18 different colors and a choice of plain, metallic, or glittery text.


Orange Polka Dot Monogram Shirt

Orange is such a happy color, and she’ll be over the moon with this comfortable t-shirt which boasts an orange polka dot monogrammed design on the front.


7 Diy Monogram Shirt Ideas:

Diy Monogrammed Pocket T Shirt

Buy or make a monogram out of iron-on material and you can create one of these fun pocket t-shirts – add patterned to plain or vice versa for a brilliant contrasting look.

Glittery Monogrammed Shirt

If you have a Silhouette machine this DIY will be a cinch, as it allows you to design and create a customized monogram which can then be ironed on to a tee.

Monogram Shirt for Kids

Have fun creating an abstract monogram for a kids’ or an adults’ t-shirt by masking off the chosen letter with washi tape, and then painting inside the lines with colorful fabric paints.

Diy Black Cat Monogram Shirt

This project shows you exactly how to turn a plain pocket shirt into one any cat lover would love with a pair of iron-on ears, some whiskers, and the monogram of your choice.

Monogrammed Sweater

Add some glamor to her wardrobe by following this step by step guide to creating a dazzling jewelled and sequinned initial to a cardigan, sweater, or tee using special jewel glue.

Pocket Pattern Monogram T-Shirt

Jazz up a plain tee by adding a contrasting, monogrammed pocket, just like the pretty patchwork version in this tutorial which shows you exactly how to achieve the look.

Diy Iron On Monogram Shirt

You can really stretch your creative muscle with this easy DIY, by choosing fabrics which either coordinate or clash for an unusual, one-of-a-kind monogrammed shirt using iron-on adhesive.

More Monogrammed Gift Ideas:


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